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McCain Presses for Immigration Overhaul This Year [Schumer Doppelgänger?]
Wall St J ^ | February 16, 2014 | Jonathan House

Posted on 02/16/2014 10:31:32 AM PST by Steelfish

Feb 16, 2014 McCain Presses for Immigration Overhaul This Year

By Jonathan House

“I won’t give up,” said Mr. McCain, who has long supported overhauling the nation’s immigration system. “We have the broadest coalition of support of any legislation I’ve ever been involved in: big business, small business, evangelicals, the Catholic Church,” Mr. McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Mr. McCain was a chief architect of legislation the Senate passed last year that would that would toughen border security, provide a path toward legal status to those in the country illegally and greatly expand the number of visas granted to foreign workers.

After signaling the House might finally push forward with the overhaul by passing legislation of its own, House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) threw cold water on the idea earlier this month, saying House Republicans didn’t trust President Barack Obama to enforce any law they pass.

Mr. McCain warned that waiting until next year would be a mistake since immigration is “going to have to be addressed,” and doing so “would not be a viable scenario” in 2015 when it could hurt Republicans in the 2016 presidential election.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: aliens

1 posted on 02/16/2014 10:31:32 AM PST by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish

Senile old bass turd.

2 posted on 02/16/2014 10:33:25 AM PST by FlingWingFlyer (As government expands, liberty contracts. - President Ronald W. Reagan)
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To: Steelfish



3 posted on 02/16/2014 10:33:59 AM PST by Cringing Negativism Network (
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To: Cringing Negativism Network

Juan...please go home and drink your Budweiser.

4 posted on 02/16/2014 10:36:15 AM PST by Don Corleone ("Oil the the cannoli. Take it to the Mattress.")
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To: Steelfish; All
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5 posted on 02/16/2014 10:39:59 AM PST by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: Steelfish

The donor class has given an ultimatum: get this turkey through congress or you’re fired.

6 posted on 02/16/2014 10:44:27 AM PST by Menehune56 ("Let them hate so long as they fear" (Oderint Dum Metuant), Lucius Accius (170 BC - 86 BC))
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To: Steelfish

Nancy Pelosi and John McCain.... Who is more senile? Who is more egotistical? Who is more wacko?

7 posted on 02/16/2014 10:49:18 AM PST by dennisw (The first principle is to find out who you are then you can achieve anything -- Buddhist monk)
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To: Steelfish

An open letter to the GOP Members of the House

As a Representative in Congress, you took this Oath:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

"Support and defend the Constitution" it says. Did you see that? That document requires, per Art.4, S.4, that

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence."

An invasion is what we are suffering. That invasion has accelerated with each "comprehensive immigration reform" previously enacted. Instead of another disastrous reform that yet again increases the incentives for millions more to try their luck crossing the southern border, a Representative who took his Oath and the Constitution seriously would be pressing for what the American people have repeatedly said they want - not what Senators Schumer and McCain, Mark Zuckerberg, Mexico, some border state farmers and homebuilders or the Chamber of Commerce rent-seekers want. That is:
  1. secure the border in a transparently verifiable way;
  2. end the anchor-baby interpretation of the 14th Amendment;
  3. enforce eVerify without exception and with severe penalties;
  4. no government benefits beyond critical emergency care (and that ought to be billed back to the home government); and
  5. NO "Path to Citizenship" - ever - for anyone who has entered the US illegally.
Any bill that does not accomplish these five things is unacceptable. It is de facto amnesty. And it will inevitably encourage millions more illegal entries.

If the GOP is complicit in this amnesty fiasco, either by taking up the Senate bill or through some piecemeal slight of hand with a series of House bills such as we hear are being cooked up of late, the GOP will cease to exist. It will not survive through the 2016 elections. The people will shun the over-tanned, glad-handing, backslapping quislings and look elsewhere for leaders who actually have the spine for the fight. Make no mistake - to me and to many, many others, amnesty is the GOP's Rubicon. Cross it at your electoral peril.

8 posted on 02/16/2014 10:49:43 AM PST by Paine in the Neck (Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor)
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To: Steelfish

The democrats have high regard for their useful idiots.

9 posted on 02/16/2014 10:55:00 AM PST by Iron Munro ("Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime." - Lavrentiy Beria (& Eric Holder))
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To: Nuc 1.1

Ah Nuc? you absolutely sure about this guy being better than a Dem? Might want to re-evaluate that.

10 posted on 02/16/2014 11:12:49 AM PST by Norm Lenhart
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To: Norm Lenhart

I would say he is better than current dims. But I will keep an open mind.

11 posted on 02/16/2014 3:45:44 PM PST by Nuc 1.1 (Nuc 1 Liberals aren't Patriots. Remember 1789!)
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Rand Paul's immigration speech
...The Republican Party must embrace more legal immigration.

Unfortunately, like many of the major debates in Washington, immigration has become a stalemate-where both sides are imprisoned by their own rhetoric or attachment to sacred cows that prevent the possibility of a balanced solution.

Immigration Reform will not occur until Conservative Republicans, like myself, become part of the solution. I am here today to begin that conversation.

Let's start that conversation by acknowledging we aren't going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants.

If you wish to work, if you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you...

This is where prudence, compassion and thrift all point us toward the same goal: bringing these workers out of the shadows and into being taxpaying members of society.

Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers.12 million more people assimilating into society. 12 million more people being productive contributors.
[Posted on 03/19/2013 7:04:07 AM PDT by Perdogg]
Rand Paul calls on conservatives to embrace immigration reform
Latinos, should be a natural constituency for the party, Paul argued, but "Republicans have pushed them away with harsh rhetoric over immigration." ...he would create a bipartisan panel to determine how many visas should be granted for workers already in the United States and those who might follow... [and the buried lead] "Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers...
[Posted on 04/21/2013 1:52:42 PM PDT by SoConPubbie]
[but he's not in favor of amnesty, snicker, definition of is is]
12 posted on 02/16/2014 7:20:23 PM PST by SunkenCiv (
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