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To: BlueDragon

A European Conservative commentator said yesterday: “This is the kind of uprising that the people of the West are no longer capable of!”

Because don’t forget that the corrupt oligarchy of Ukraine had been democratically elected. Just like ours.

21 posted on 02/23/2014 11:13:36 AM PST by Revolting cat! (Bad things are wrong! Ice cream is delicious! We reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone!)
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To: Revolting cat!

There were irregularities in regards to the last elections to the Ukraine Parliament.

It's as if the forces leaning towards Russia, learned the lesson of not being so blatant in Presidential election, but found an end-around.

Then the constitutional reforms put in place by the previous parliament (remembering here that Ukraine is somewhat new at all of this) were overturned on a technicality, by what passes for Ukraine supreme Court.

The reason that Court gave for overturning the reforms was that itself (that Court) was not brought into process of approval, for the Court claimed the Ukraine Constitution required it.

There was no other reason given,, which indicates the reforms were not otherwise unconstitutional. This came also with there being pressure put on judges, some of which resigned.

The "corrupt oligarchy" you speak of --- does have influence. But those oligarchs got what they have in much the same way the Russians who ended up with control of what was State industry in Russia did.

As an aside--- I was flabbergasted during the times preceding the fall of the Soviet "system". We had commentators in the U.S. saying that the Russian "people" would rise up and embrace self-sufficiency, and even "capitalism" (whatever that is). But who could purchase State industry, in a land where most all Industry was owned and controlled by a State who had long ago become totalitarian but not in a [ahem] good way, as in "holistic", for no State can successfully micromanage unless they have the Power to pick who the winner and losers in any given situation are to be, and is able to enforce that with the power of the gun.

Even George Washington, long before there was idea of "communism" as in Marxist-Leninism or Chinese flavored Maoism knew that all government had inherent evils, for men (mankind itself) was still living in a fallen-from-Grace estate, generally.

Now that Russia has gone through it's phases where they can see that Marxism didn't work (for it did not take well enough into account certain negative aspects of human nature --thinking instead that establishment of so-called worker's utopia would address all ills) they now turn back to "church" and some sense of morality. That can be (and is) a positive development in many regards, yet it is one also borne of a certain desperation, and one that does not appear to be able to upset the Russian business/mobster mentalities, for those entities have co-opted the resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church, using it for mixed political ends (a method of control, as in be with us, your Overlords as we join against those sinners-- over there) with that entity having long been in control of KGB types, with some of those same (KGB) still having as much or more influence upon it, than perhaps vice-versa?

Putin, and the Russia gangster/mob control freaks, now drape themselves with Russia nationalist flag (Russian pride) and the Russian Orthodox pennants at the same time, as they go along trying to figure out what 'government' should be, which for the present time, is themselves against the world.

There are no recent Western parallels for this sort of thing, unless one goes back to the way the pies were divied -up in Europe, when State & church were intermingled.

From the changes away from of rule of kings (and appointed dukes, earls, and what-have-you) came so-called "capitalist" systems (everyman being as king of sorts over his own finances, or at least have some say regarding those, and what else one would chose to believe be best suited to his own interests?) with that word capitalism itself much used as an epithet by Marxists, who claimed that "crony capitalism" was what was going on, or would be the inevitability. But that's what the Russians, and to a large degree the Ukrainians also, ended up with. Their versions of crony capitalism almost make the Western versions (when that is what is in play) appear almost honest. So who is kidding who?

The Marxists more or less said that no man could determine what was in his own interests -- if that conflicted with State group-think. Which interestingly enough, was what the Russian Marxists were bitching about in regards to being ruled over by Czars (kings) and Church in the first place! All they did was change who was in control. Now, they want their kings/church/state combo back, it seems.

2 Corinthians 11

Look at Russia today. Is is not the worst "crony capitalism" outside of Islam, and the Chinese Far East?

Or are men better off to live under rule of "churchy" kings?

Not here in the United States. Only over my dead body...

As to the not-so-churchy would be tyrants -- do we not here on these pages wage a form of rhetorical warfare against them?

Many of us perhaps need to get out more? Yes, but let us have clear enough focus...not all this confusion we've been seeing a Soros-like hand behind every discontented Ukrainian bush. It's simply all, not all that simple.

The world continues to struggle over what form of government is best...while here in the U.S., we seem to be squandering what goodness we once had, even as we've always had criminals & scallywags in public office, along with (thankfully enough) those not so criminal.

It still boils down to individuals needing to be individually born of the spirit of God, even if they need "religious" corporation (church) in order to have that transpire.

Without that new life living within a person -- then all bets are off, the darkness (in whichever form) will prevail.

I put it this way, for regardless of what or how many man-written laws are on the books, if people do not do what is right (even when no one is looking, or when they can get away with "it", or self-justify their own evils) then according to immutable spiritual laws, sins (of all type, not just sexual immorality) will continue to breed even more sin, with the results bringing death in the end, if just the death of peaceableness & honesty.

Our present laws still do reflect this search for and requirement of honesty. But Diogenes is being worn out...

For what? Why hide from that weary traveler? To win for ones self --- a gold encrusted toilet?

58 posted on 02/23/2014 2:01:36 PM PST by BlueDragon (Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.Proverbs 29:18)
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