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Hillary’s Sugar Daddy Socialism Is Fair Game ^ | February 24, 2014 | Kurt Schlichter

Posted on 02/24/2014 6:06:49 AM PST by Kaslin

It’s now officially sexist to hold someone accountable for her legacy of failure – as long as she is a liberal. Nonsense. Rand Paul was absolutely right to declare open season on Hillary’s track record of actively enabling Bubba’s grotesque satyrism.

Naturally, her mainstream media cover-up crew swung into action, decreeing that examining her record is verboten. It’s adorable how, in the age of the internet, these has-beens still think they get to decide what we can and can’t discuss. Give it another year or so until these dinosaur hacks are at the bottom of off-ramps with signs reading, “Will gatekeep for food.”

Hillary proves the old adage that a liberal feminist needs a man like a fish needs water. We just aren’t supposed to say that either.

Ah, the wonders of liberal feminism. What can’t it do – besides actually improve the lives of women who don’t manage to hook up with a powerful man who will hand them a career? Here’s the cold, hard truth: If Hillary hadn’t kept her part of the bargain with Bill Clinton by putting up with his serial abuse, she’d be just another grim liberal matron scowling at the thought that somewhere, out there, a man isn’t apologizing.

Liberal feminism was always about the liberalism, never about the female. Like every liberal pose, it is based upon a lie. Women, to liberal feminists like Hillary, are simply a means to an end. Hillary’s end was personal power, and all she had to do was destroy the occasional Paula Jones or Kathleen Willey if they protested being her hubby’s glorified sex toys.

We aren’t supposed to talk about how liberal feminism messed up our culture for women who aren’t married to a rich former presidents, and we aren’t supposed to mention that Hillary embodies liberal feminism better than almost anything except Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile.

Real feminism should be concerned with women having the same opportunities as men. But liberal feminism is only concerned with turning women into a perpetual left wing voting block. The left doesn’t woo them by promising to build a society without arbitrary discrimination where, with hard work, they can realize their ambitions. Instead, liberals promise to hook them up with Uncle Sam – he’s older and not so hot, but he’s got a lot of dough and will take care of all you helpless Julias!

That’s Hillary in a nutshell, the poster gal for Sugar Daddy Socialism.

Lisa De Pasquale of Townhall illustrates the collateral damage in her new book Finding Mr. Righteous. Lisa (a friend who shares my agent and publisher) writes about her life as a single women in modern America with agonizing honesty. As she goes from guy to guy, we see that women today have career opportunities but not the traditional structures that create opportunities for personal happiness.

But hey, ask liberal feminists, who needs traditional structures? Well, we do – something else we’re not supposed to say. Where is the social structure that protected and enabled women – and that gave purpose to men? In its place, as Lisa shows us, is a world of young people who spend an extraordinary amount of time alienated and alone. Much of her human interaction is actually electronic, even her intimate interaction. If Helen Reddy wrote her big hit today, it would be called “I Am Women, Hear Me Sext.”

Helen Smith’s Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It Matters showed us the cultural forces – many of them spurred on by liberal feminists like Hillary – that incentivize males to remain man-children. The men in Lisa’s world (at least until the end of the book) seem largely beaten and weak, drained of confidence and ambition – in other words, they turned out exactly as feminists hoped. Lisa shows us how this impacts women. The gallant Knight in Shining Armor is now a patriarchal relic; here comes the broke Dude in Torn Cargo Shorts asking if his date can spot him $25 for dinner because his mom finally started making him pay rent.

And when they try to act like men, it’s often only a parody of masculinity that confuses the kind of seedy priapism exemplified by Bill Clinton with true manhood. After all, Hillary and her fellow feminist enablers gave such cheesy sexual aggression a big thumbs up, and Lisa demonstrates that young men were watching. There are no cigar antics, thankfully, but Lisa’s no-holds-barred peek into reality is quite terrifying. And I know terrifying – I watch Girls.

Maybe Lisa should have done what Hillary and her pal Wendy Davis did – latch onto a successful guy and had him create a career for her. It’s totally empowering.

No, we’re not supposed to comment on how Hillary has accomplished absolutely nothing by herself, except Benghazi.

Wanna see a liberal squirm? Ask him to name Hillary’s greatest success as Secretary of State. You’ll get: “Uh, she raised awareness of women’s issues around the world.” Apparently, until she dumped a zillion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere jetting around from “Reset” fiasco to Arab Spring disaster, the world was unaware of women.

As Secretary of State, foreign potentates understood her as a mere flunky. But if the American people elect this empty pantsuit president, how will they treat her? They know Bill used her like a doormat. They will too. Why would anyone have any respect for her – or fear of her?

You won’t hear that from the slobbering sycophants of solidarity in the mainstream media. After all, when it comes to protecting Hillary’s façade of accomplishment, it takes a takes a Potemkin Village.

Wait, can we say that?

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KEYWORDS: 2016issues; feminists; hillary; hillary2016; hillaryclinton; socialism
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1 posted on 02/24/2014 6:06:49 AM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Were she to be elected President, we’d have another 4 years of someone who can’t be criticized. Anyone who disagrees with Obama is dismissed as a “racist”. Anyone who would disagree with a president Hillary would be “picking on the woman”.

We don’t need any more “protected minorities.”

2 posted on 02/24/2014 6:32:24 AM PST by pioneerstakethearrows
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To: pioneerstakethearrows

If that psycho skank was president now, you wouldn’t be reading this.

3 posted on 02/24/2014 6:36:41 AM PST by IMR 4350
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To: Kaslin
HRC accomplishments as SOS:

Fly somewhere. Eat and sleep. Board plane and fly somewhere. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

4 posted on 02/24/2014 6:52:56 AM PST by JPG (Yes We Can morphs into Make It Hurt.)
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To: IMR 4350

Right you are.
BIG difference between Hillary and obozo.
Hillary is not lazy. She doesn’t play golf or take lots of long vacations. She would be dedicated to her task and wouldn’t “call it in”.

IMHO, she is much more dangerous than the existing psycho we have now. Add to that, she would have all the people in place.

5 posted on 02/24/2014 6:56:21 AM PST by Texas resident
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To: Texas resident

Hillary is a complete psychopath.

She not only enjoys the killing itself, she enjoys the thrill of having people know what she has done but being able to “outsmart” enough people to get away with it.

6 posted on 02/24/2014 7:05:37 AM PST by IMR 4350
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To: IMR 4350

Like Vince Foster?

7 posted on 02/24/2014 7:06:54 AM PST by Texas resident
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To: IMR 4350

“Hillary is a complete psychopath.”

Why do so many people in the electorate lover her?

Just wondering.


8 posted on 02/24/2014 7:11:33 AM PST by ripley
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To: Kaslin
"...Hillary’s track record of actively enabling Bubba’s grotesque satyrism."

I'm in awe of this wordage. Srsly.

9 posted on 02/24/2014 7:44:00 AM PST by Albion Wilde (The less a man knows, the more certain he is that he knows it all.)
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To: Kaslin

Don’t let rove see this article. He gave orders that no one should say anything bad about Hillary. I’m still trying to figure out who gave him the authority to tell anyone what to do.

10 posted on 02/24/2014 7:49:28 AM PST by Linda Frances (Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.)
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And take china if noboby is looking.

11 posted on 02/24/2014 7:58:52 AM PST by Vaduz
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To: Texas resident

Vince Foster’s job was to surround Clinton with people that needed the US Attorneys fired, just like Clinton need them fired, to cover up what was in some FBI files.

VF’s so called suicide note were he said “destroying peoples lives is considered sport” is a reference to Kimba Wood and Zoey Baird.

They were brought in, the Clintons then derailed their nominations blaming it on the republicans hating women, so Janet Reno could be brought in without opposition.

Reno needed the US Attorneys fired because she was involved in covering up police corruption.

Clinton, Reno, Christopher, Brown, Cisneros all need the US Attorneys fired.

The news media was too busy paying attention to the Clinton’s killing 80 people at Waco to pay any attention to the firing of the US Attorneys and the NON release of the review of 15,000 FBI files on police abuse and corruption.

VF started spilling his guts on the firing of the US Attorney’s then they found him belly up.

12 posted on 02/24/2014 7:59:45 AM PST by IMR 4350
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To: ripley

I don’t know.

My best guess is some people simply refuse to believe what is in front of their face.

We are seeing the same thing with Zippo.

People simply don’t want to believe he would intentionally destroy the US.

13 posted on 02/24/2014 8:04:13 AM PST by IMR 4350
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To: Kaslin

Hillary and Obama are the biggest frauds since P.T. Barnum - though Barnum would have been a better president since he understood capitalism; Hillary and Obama don’t have a clue. All hot air and bravado that raises them up, but sinks America.

14 posted on 02/24/2014 12:13:38 PM PST by Seeing More Clearly Now
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BINGO - The only noticeable thing she has done in representing our country is to get on and off airplanes and attend sumptuous banquets.

15 posted on 02/24/2014 1:24:56 PM PST by Baynative (Got bulbs? Check my profile page.)
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To: IMR 4350

Everything in Hillary’s history should be fair game if she runs. The media will try to hide it all, so it will take someone of courage to speak pout over and over. I doubt there are many (if any ) republicans with that courage.

16 posted on 02/24/2014 1:40:56 PM PST by Baynative (Got bulbs? Check my profile page.)
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To: Baynative
Everything in Hillary's and Bills history should be fair game.

Besides the “war on women” and B. Clinton's long history of sexual harassment and rape, there is the Clintons history of racism.

BC got sued for both “racial profiling” because he didn't like “people of color” traveling through his state and “voter disenfranchisement” because he didn't like the way blacks voted.

There is absolutely no reason republicans should continue to sit back and let the Clinton's and the dems. make claims of “republican” racism” when it's a proven fact it's the Clintons that are the racist.

Time to shove it back in their face and never let up.

17 posted on 02/24/2014 4:54:06 PM PST by IMR 4350
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To: All
 photo hillary20urinal.jpg

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18 posted on 02/24/2014 4:56:55 PM PST by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: Texas resident

Remember though that Caliph Baraq is just the figurehead. While he’s out playing golf, ValJ is busting b@lls on Capitol Hill.

19 posted on 02/24/2014 5:03:01 PM PST by nascarnation (I'm hiring Jack Palladino to investigate Baraq's golf scores.)
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To: ripley
Why do so many people in the electorate love her?

Probably for the same reason young girls love Kim Kardashian -it isn't what they've actually done or look like, it's what they symbolize.

Hillary is the Great Unfulfilled Hope of Womanhood - no matter how old or ugly or incompetent, or downright mean she is in real life. Just as Obama was the Great Unfulfilled Hope of Blackness. Even attempting to run for office against them is racist, sexist, and just plain rude. :)

20 posted on 02/24/2014 5:07:39 PM PST by Mr. Jeeves (CTRL-GALT-DELETE)
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