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6 Signs That The White House's Susan Rice Is Clueless About Africa
Forbes ^ | 2-28-2014 | Richard Miniter - OP/ED

Posted on 02/28/2014 9:38:59 PM PST by smoothsailing

February 28, 2014

6 Signs That The White House's Susan Rice Is Clueless About Africa

Richard Miniter

Susan Rice said this Sunday she had “no regrets” about trotting out her flawed Benghazi talking points last year, touching off a predictable storm of controversy.

Certainly Rice’s talking points deserved more scrutiny than they got from reporters. There are simple questions that Rice could have been asked: If the Benghazi attack was a protest that went awry, why did it begin at night? Protests are daylight affairs, where broadcast cameramen can see their signs and banners. Attacks begin at night. And where were the signs and banners? Why did the crowd of nearly 100 arrive with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns? If the “protest” was triggered by an Internet video, where is the evidence that any one in Libya saw that video? Much of Libya lacks 24-hour electricity, Internet access is scarce and costly when half the population earns less than $2 per day, and only a fraction of Libyans speak English (the language of the offensive video). Plus, there is not a single mention of the video on any social media in any language in Libya prior to the attack, a recent study shows. The only mentions in Libya occur after Rice appeared on the Washington Sunday talk shows. How does Rice explain that?

Beyond Benghazi, a bigger and more important question looms: As national security advisor, what has Rice done to reinvent America’s relationship with Africa? In other words, how is Rice doing her job, aside from Benghazi? On the available evidence, not very well.......

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Editorial; Foreign Affairs; Government; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: africa; benghazi; clueless; rice; susanrice

1 posted on 02/28/2014 9:38:59 PM PST by smoothsailing
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To: smoothsailing

But, she is Afro-American and therefore should be an expert on here homeland.

2 posted on 02/28/2014 9:46:41 PM PST by doc1019
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To: smoothsailing
They are not clueless. They are shrewd and absolutely committed to the neutering, emasculation, weakening of, and fundamental change of America.

Obama, Holder, Rice, the whole lot of 'e,.

We have sappers not only within the perimeter, they absolutely control the command bunker.

They are accomplishing what they have set out to do. I pray to God in Heaven that we can stop them...staring here in 2014, and then finishing the job in 2016 and getting the nation back on track.

It's going to be a tall order.

America at the Crossroads of History

3 posted on 02/28/2014 9:46:41 PM PST by Jeff Head
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To: smoothsailing

She’s not very smart. But very obedient.

4 posted on 02/28/2014 9:49:28 PM PST by bigbob (The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly. Abraham Lincoln)
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To: smoothsailing

To prominently place SOOOOO much stock in “Afrocentrism” and then be accused by a well-known and mostly MSM publication of knowing NOTHING about Africa....!


Just wow!

5 posted on 02/28/2014 9:51:30 PM PST by gaijin
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To: smoothsailing

I’m sure this is racist.

6 posted on 02/28/2014 10:05:05 PM PST by jocon307
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To: smoothsailing
So she is a proud liar. The liar part we already knew. Someone needs to tell her that she is not a good liar no matter how proud she is of being a puppet liar for Obama.
7 posted on 02/28/2014 10:05:21 PM PST by oldenuff2no
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To: oldenuff2no

She doubles down, just like obie. To attack her will renew charges that it a war on women. I hope she goes to jail, soon. o

8 posted on 02/28/2014 10:24:44 PM PST by DISCO
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To: Jeff Head

Agree 100% with your analogy:

In his own book he described his brief and lucrative time at a Wall Street bank as being like “a REBEL OPERATIVE WORKING SECRETLY BEHIND ENEMY LINES”.

I am convinced he has always and to this very day sees himself that way.

9 posted on 02/28/2014 10:31:59 PM PST by gaijin
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To: smoothsailing

Susan Rice is a sock puppet who is paid to lie not think.

10 posted on 02/28/2014 10:39:29 PM PST by TigersEye (Stupid is a Progressive disease.)
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To: doc1019

Her homeland is the USA.

11 posted on 02/28/2014 11:12:03 PM PST by rdb3 (Get out the putter, this one's on the green.)
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To: gaijin
Could you put that quote on other Obama threads?? It's VERY telling!!

And no, these people are NOT dumb, they are Conniving, Evil, Vile people that are Determined to bring down America.....and they have SUCCEEDED beyond all their dreams as to how FAST they did it!!

12 posted on 03/01/2014 2:09:22 AM PST by Ann Archy (Abortion......the Human Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: smoothsailing

Clueless about Africa? She’s clueless, period.

13 posted on 03/01/2014 2:53:30 AM PST by Rummyfan (Iraq: it's not about Iraq anymore, it's about the USA!)
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To: smoothsailing

We have a regime that is dragging us to disaster

14 posted on 03/01/2014 3:12:46 AM PST by ronnie raygun (zippy the a##clown sez..............................)
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To: smoothsailing

She is not clueless She is in league with the Devil imho

15 posted on 03/01/2014 3:50:48 AM PST by Jimmy Valentine (DemocRATS - when they speak, they lie; when they are silent, they are stealing the American Dream)
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To: smoothsailing

The 7th is that she is part of the Obama administration, which means they don’t care about anything, unless it is a way of ruining America.

16 posted on 03/01/2014 5:15:17 AM PST by ExCTCitizen (2014: The Year of DEAD RINOS)
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To: All
HOW DESPERATE IS SHE? Oh, please....Rice is pimping her resume....again? Heaven help us. This loser will do anything to save her frickin' a**....after her infamous Benghazi lie-a-thon.

She and hubby showed up on "60 Minutes," whining about being victims b/c they are interracial. Compliant 60 Minutes always gives lock-stepping Democrats a chance to show their party loyalty.

Why CBS does not require the Dem lock-steppers to wear brown shirts, I'll never know (cackle).

make sure the cameras get this staged photo-op to pump your resume."

RICE: "60 Minutes is helping me pump my resume, too."


Obomba hustled Hillary onto 60 Minutes to gaze in
adoration, after her arrogant dismissal of the Benghazi
massacre before Congress.

17 posted on 03/01/2014 7:42:42 AM PST by Liz
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To: Jeff Head
I pray to God in Heaven that we can stop these lock-stepping
nation wreckers in 2014, 2016 to get our nation back on track.

Amen. We have to factor in that evil party loyalists will not cede power easily----once they've tasted power it will not be easy to dislodge 'em. The massive fraud machine is already in motion. The power-crazed Obomba minions are colluding as we type:

<><> Obama EO's all illegal's to be legalized voters

<><> opponents will need to overcome massive fraudulent ballot counts.

<><> Obama could even launch a false flag canceling the 2014 midterms.

<><>lock-stepping loyalists have already pressured the IRS to launch political war against Tea Partiers (more below).

<><> NSA has reams of blackmail ready to roll-out.

<><> Obomba orders the FCC to "regulate" the I-net preventing
truths to be posted---impairing Tea Partiers ability to
coordinate candidates/rallies.

18 posted on 03/01/2014 8:03:58 AM PST by Liz
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To: All
The IRS (a tax-funded L/E agency) takes its marching orders from Democrats.

The FBI, ATF, the IRS, and OSHA harassed True The Vote leader, Catherine Englebrecht, as she valiantly strived to improve the US voting system.


DEMS STOOP TO CONQUEUR--- Vulnerable Dems want IRS to step up
by Alexander Bolton, The Hill, 2/13/14

Senate Democrats facing tough elections this year want the IRS to play a more aggressive role in regulating outside groups expected to spend millions of dollars on their races. In the wake of the IRS targeting scandal, the Democrats are publicly prodding the agency instead of lobbying them directly.

Dems are also careful to say the IRS should treat conservative and liberal groups equally, but they’re concerned about an impending tidal wave of attack ads funded by GOP-allied organizations. Much of the funding for those groups is secret, in contrast to the donations lawmakers collect, which must be reported publicly.

One of the most powerful groups is Americans for Prosperity, funded by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. It has already spent close to $30 million on ads attacking Democrats this election cycle.

“If they’re claiming the tax relief, the tax benefit to be a nonprofit for social relief or social justice, then that’s what they should be doing,” said Sen. Mark Begich (D), who faces a competitive race in Alaska. “If it’s to give them cover so they can do political activity, that’s abusing the tax code. And either side."

Asked if the IRS should play a more active role policing political advocacy by groups that claim to be focused on social welfare, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) responded, “Absolutely. Both on the left and the right,” she said. “As taxpayers, we should not be providing a write-off to groups to do political activity, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Shaheen called the glut of political spending by self-described social welfare groups that qualify under section 501(c) (4) of the tax code “outrageous.” Shaheen is in a good position now but could find herself embroiled in a tight campaign if former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) challenges her.

Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.), the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent, said the IRS has jurisdiction over 501(c)(4) groups, as well as charities, which fall under section 5/01(c)(3) of the tax code and sometimes engage in quasi-political activity.

“That whole 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) [issue], those are IRS numbers. It is inherently an internal revenue matter,” he said. “There are two things you don’t want in political money, in the fundraising world and expenditure world. You don’t want secret money, and you don’t want unlimited money, and that’s what we have now.” --SNIP--



<><> Seven US Senators ask the IRS to “Investigate” political opponents....

<><> Elijah Cummings led the Democrat pack in smearing Englebrecht....

<><> Obama said Tea Parties were a "threat to democracy."


Democrat Sens Mark Begich, Jeanne Shaheen and Mark Pryor went whining to the IRS to save their sorry ***es as 2014 approaches.

They are among the loyal Democrats who voted in lockstep to throw Americans off their health plans. The lock-stepping Democrat drumbeat --- "keep your plan" ---- rang throughout the land --- in the historic straight Dem party-line vote for Obamacare.

FACTS ON FILE As far back as 2008, at the presidential debate in Nashville, Democrat candidate Obama advanced his signature plan that was ultimately enacted (by an historic straight Democrat party-line vote) into the "Affordable Care Act:

OBAMA: "No. 1, let me just repeat, if you’ve got a health care plan that you like, you can keep it. All I’m going to do is help you to lower the premiums on it. You’ll still have choice of doctor.”

Repeated over and over ---- with the promise that every American would be saving $2500.00 on healthcare costs.


19 posted on 03/01/2014 8:07:53 AM PST by Liz
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