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Cry Havoc (Racism) and Let Slip the Dogs of War ^ | March 7, 2014 | Mona Charen

Posted on 03/07/2014 5:43:00 AM PST by Kaslin

When seven Democratic senators voted with all of the Republicans to reject Debo Adegbile's nomination to serve as head of the Justice Department's civil rights division, Harry Reid cried racism. It's as if Reid was on autopilot, and the aide who usually touches his elbow to correct him wasn't available. If the aide had been there, he would have whispered, "Um, Senator, you're accusing your own side of racism."

Adegbile had been rejected, the majority leader explained, because "he stood for civil rights," and "Republicans have done everything they can, for a number of years now, to stop people from voting ... "

So welcome to the club, Sens. Chris Coons, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, Robert Casey, John Walsh, Joe Donnelly and Mark Pryor. By disagreeing with Reid, you're all honorary racists, which is the same thing as being a Republican, according to the Democratic defamation machine.

It's almost funny, this reflexive character assassination by the left. Republicans have grown so accustomed to it that they tend to shrug it off.

When autoworkers at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant voted against joining the United Auto Workers, an analyst on MSNBC explained to viewers that it was racist. "The opposition, I gather, portrayed this as a kind of Northern invasion, a refighting of the Civil War. Apparently there are not a lot of black employees in this particular plant, and so that kind of -- waving the Confederate flag -- was an effective strategy," said Timothy Noah.

Isn't it odd, then, that in the days preceding the vote, this "refighting of the Civil War" didn't make it into news coverage, including on MSNBC? A round-table discussion on that network before the vote featuring Eugene Robinson, Howard Dean, Chuck Todd, Harold Ford and Joe Scarborough, among others, didn't mention race at all. Only afterwards was the hoary old racist libel trotted out.

"Racist" has become the synonym for "conservative" among liberals. The tea party, a spontaneous eruption of disgust with Washington's big-spending, bailout-doling ways, was dubbed "racist" by Democrats from the outset. When the movement failed to provide the necessary evidence of its racist motivations, lies were concocted. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus paraded through an anti-Obamacare demonstration on the way to vote for the measure so that they could later claim that they had been called the N-word. Alas for the slander, lots of participants recorded the entire melodrama, and no racial slur was to be found on the tapes.

In 2008, liberal journalists who chatted together on a site called "JournoList" plotted strategies to deflect criticism of Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Pick one of Obama's conservative critics, Spencer Ackerman wrote, "Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares -- and call them racists."

Republicans are wrong to ignore the smears. For every one person who is repelled by the false and libelous accusation, there are probably two others who think that where there's smoke, there's fire. A failure to demonstrate outrage at the accusation might be taken as evidence of guilt.

The senators who voted against Adegbile, Democrat and Republican, were not voting against him because of his race. They disagreed with him. It's obviously impossible for Democrats to acknowledge honest differences. That's why they wind up even calling their fellow Democrats racists when things go against them. They don't know how to frame arguments free of personal smears. They don't know how to evaluate policy choices without reference to evil motives by their opponents.

Every senator wrongly tarred by Reid should demand an apology. Republican leaders should demand that Democrats distance themselves from Reid's slander, or explain why they refuse.

There is still some real racism in America. It is found among all racial groups, but is no less ugly for that. The false accusation of racism is just as despicable. Republicans have let Democrats get away with slander for too long.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: dingyharryreid; racism

1 posted on 03/07/2014 5:43:00 AM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Cry Racism and Let Slip the Dogs of Demagoguery.

2 posted on 03/07/2014 5:45:23 AM PST by WayneS (Respect the 2nd Amendment; Repeal the 16th (and 17th))
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To: Kaslin

He would have been correct had he said “republicans have ineffectively for several years now tried to prevent voter fraud.”

3 posted on 03/07/2014 5:45:48 AM PST by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: Kaslin
There is still some real racism in America.

WTH does that even mean? In almost all instances it defies definition. Otherwise it is some type of mantra used in a war against whites and is used as a battering ram to attempt destruction of the Western World.

4 posted on 03/07/2014 5:58:47 AM PST by Altura Ct.
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To: Altura Ct.

“There is still some real racism in America....WTH does that even mean?”

It means people still vote for a president based on the color of his skin. That’s real racism.

5 posted on 03/07/2014 6:07:46 AM PST by Reddy (bo stinks)
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To: WayneS
Cry Racism and Let Slip the Dogs of Demagoguery.

>Hitler blamed the Jews. Harry blames the racists. Same tactic.

6 posted on 03/07/2014 6:11:38 AM PST by Don Corleone ("Oil the the cannoli. Take it to the Mattress.")
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To: Reddy

One question for Harry Reid: Who annoited you with the power to declare which person or group of persons is a racist?

Civilized societies have a term for that. It is called pre-judging, or prejudice.

7 posted on 03/07/2014 6:12:59 AM PST by Hillary'sMoralVoid
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To: Kaslin

So where was McConnell or ANY other pubbie calling Reid’s accusations raw bullshlt?

Where is the response to this acid?

Don’t say you won’t “stoop to their level”...their “level” is winning.
And all that happens is some rope-a-dope bs...meanwhile you still LOSE...because you won’t FIGHT.

8 posted on 03/07/2014 6:15:38 AM PST by Adder (No, Mr. Franklin, we could NOT keep it.)
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To: Kaslin

It’s as if Reid was on autopilot

I’ve got the liberals’ number: They project.

You’ve heard that to a liar, all men are liars, and to a man that cheats on his wife, all men probably cheat on their wives.

I was arguing homosexual marriage with a friend of a facebook friend who is 18. I explained my postion regarding it being a perversion of sex (and went into detail on why). I explained that I’ve been studying it since before AIDS was called GRID. That I had several acquaintences in Seattle that are homosexual, that I read the homosexual magazine in the 80’s and 90’s and studied the international history of homosexuality.

Her response? I’m ignorant.

i.e. it is the only talking point she has. If you are anti homosexual marriage or in any other way opposed to treating homosexuality as normal, you are “ignorant”.

And if you dislike obama you are “racist”.
ANd if you are a Global warming “denier” you “hate science”.

And on and on.

But the fact is that they are actually accusing you of their own overt sin.

Lets be frank: Who would have voted for Obama if he was white? Yellow dog democrats only. A huge percentage of the vote and support he recieves is due to his race. They are racist.

And why are “joe sixpack” people in favor of homosexual marriage? Ignorance of what it really is and its impact on real people.

And the Global warming chicken littles say things like “the science is settled” and otherwise criticize any real science that attacks their AGW religious views.

And Ried crying racism? It’s all he’s got because, in fact, the only thing the appointee had to offer was his race - at least that was the important thing in Ried’s eyes.

The projection is very strong with liberals today on pretty much all controversial issues, and I call ‘em out on it daily on various internet sites. The responses are actually quite comical.

9 posted on 03/07/2014 6:32:43 AM PST by cuban leaf
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To: Kaslin

I think Ol’ harry has been smoking the same brand of tainted Crack as Nancy Pelosi. Dey is both bat $h!t crazy.

10 posted on 03/07/2014 6:38:36 AM PST by Bloody Sam Roberts (Truth sounds like those who hate truth.)
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To: Kaslin

The “race card” is getting tiresome. Screw’em and the horse they rode in on. These anti-Free-America morons need to be called for their idiocy and ignorance. Racists all.

11 posted on 03/07/2014 7:04:35 AM PST by hal ogen (First Amendment or Reeducation Camp?)
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To: Hillary'sMoralVoid

I think in Harry’s case it would be called bigotry. :)

12 posted on 03/07/2014 9:10:16 AM PST by Reddy (bo stinks)
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