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Obama: Yeah, a lot of you won’t be able to keep your doctor after all
Hotair ^ | 03/14/2014 | Ed Morrissey

Posted on 03/14/2014 7:58:37 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

Voters in November might be ready to show Democrats what they think about removing choice and hiking costs, as well as their arrogance in determining that a few politicians in Washington know better about their choices than they do. Unfortunately, Barack Obama doesn’t appear to have figured out this problem. In an interview with WebMD, Obama finally acknowledged that, contra his promise, people might not be able to keep the doctors they liked, but that they probably shouldn’t have liked those doctors in the first place:


“For the average person, many folks who don’t have health insurance initially, they’re going to have to make some choices. And they might end up having to switch doctors, in part because they’re saving money,” said Obama in an interview with the medical website WebMD.

“But that’s true if your employer suddenly decides we think this network’s going to give a better deal, we think this is going to help keep premiums lower, you’ve got to use this doctor as opposed to that one, this hospital as opposed to that one. The good news is in most states people have more than one option and what they’ll find, I think, is that their doctor or network or hospital that’s conveniently located is probably in one of those networks. Now, you may find out that that network’s more expensive than another network. And then you’ve got to make a choice in terms of what’s right for your family.”

More than one option? Not in Covered California, which replaced preferred doctors with no one at all, or sent people tens of miles away from their own communities for the few options left. When employers changed insurers, moreover, they had a big incentive to find plans that also included their employees’ current providers — the employees themselves, who could walk away from the employer to find better coverage. In GovernmentCare, as Californians are discovering, that option doesn’t exist.

Americans who get health-insurance coverage through their employers have mostly avoided the market disruptions in the rollout of ObamaCare, but that’s probably going to change — and sooner than they think. A survey of large businesses, which should have the greatest stability in the market due to their clout in the market, shows that most businesses have already started forcing employees to pay higher deductibles, or will soon in order to cover the increased costs of the ObamaCare mandates (via the Daily Caller):

Four of five U.S. companies have raised deductibles or are considering doing so as health costs increase, according to a survey of more than 700 employers.

About one-third of the companies have already increased deductibles or other cost-sharing provisions like copays, and 48 percent are considering similar moves, the survey by New York-based consulting firm Mercer LLC found.

It’ll be difficult for Democrats and the White House to escape accountability for this, too, since one major driver for this impulse is an explicit goal of ObamaCare. The so-called Cadillac tax on high-end plans aimed at reducing higher provider demand created by highly-subsidized plans, which makes sense when attempting to add a large number of new risk-pool members at lower premium rates who might be inclined to make great use of the system in the first year or two. However, the disruptions caused by the Cadillac tax are both much broader than Democrats indicated, and will hit Americans much earlier than they hoped:

Employers with coverage exceeding $10,200 for individuals and $27,500 for families will be taxed 40 percent starting in 2018, on the theory that the plans boost medical costs.

About 62 percent of employers surveyed had concerns related to the so-called Cadillac tax. According to Mercer, 42 percent of employers would be subject to the tax in 2018 if they made no changes to their current plans.

Employers aren’t waiting to make changes, the survey found. Almost one in five employers have already dropped the plans and another 33 percent are considering dropping the coverage. Employers are turning instead to private exchanges, or consumer-directed health plans, which give employees personal health-care accounts.

Democrats had enough trouble with the individual-market disruptions, so much so that Barack Obama has been trying to postpone practically every other mandate in ObamaCare so as to avoid the political retribution. However, businesses have to plan for the future, not just react to the present, and the law clearly shows what the costs and risks will be in continuing with these plans — which probably produced a high degree of satisfaction with those consumers. Now they’re getting kicked out of those plans and will have to pay more for their medical care, not because of their employers’ greed but because Democrats are forcing them to do so.

By the way, guess what group of people are most responsible for ObamaCare enrollment failures. If you guess Republicans in Congress, you’re very, very wrong:

States that embraced the Affordable Care Act and created health care exchanges were supposed to lead the way in enrolling their residents in health insurance, but some of them are responsible for the federal government falling behind in its projections.

Only 18 days remain before the March 31 enrollment deadline, and the government is about 1.8 million behind its goal of 6 million new health insurance customers.

That’s because states such as Hawaii, Maryland and Oregon, all run by Democratic governors and legislatures supportive of the law, have had their exchanges falter and at times collapse.

Update: Edited the paragraph about Cadillac plans for clarity.

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And oh yeah, Great news: 80% of employers may raise deductibles or end plans.
1 posted on 03/14/2014 7:58:37 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

or limit participation to just the employee.

They need to keep wrapping this issue around the necks of every democrat. Every time his excellency speaks, someone must interrupt him with a question: what about keeping our doctors and where is that $2500 we are saving.

In an ideal world, Kid Carney would be blasted off the podium every day with such a question too.

2 posted on 03/14/2014 8:05:00 AM PDT by Mouton (The insurrection laws perpetuate what we have for a government now.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Where is that little Mexican Bandito saying, “Doctors, we don’t need no stinkin’ doctors!”?

3 posted on 03/14/2014 8:06:51 AM PDT by Don Corleone ("Oil the the cannoli. Take it to the Mattress.")
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To: SeekAndFind

Damn scam artist. Notice how he stutters when he tells the worst ones?

4 posted on 03/14/2014 8:09:14 AM PDT by The_Media_never_lie (The media must be defeated any way it can be done.)
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To: Mouton

This liar needed every Democrat vote in the Senate to pass this destructive bill, so every Democrat Senator was the deciding vote in causing the suffering of American families. Nice try, Manchin, Landrieu, Hagen, Begich, who are trying to tun away from their support for ObamaCare by promising to “fix” it. There is no “fixing” this debacle.

5 posted on 03/14/2014 8:10:31 AM PDT by txrefugee
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To: SeekAndFind

6 posted on 03/14/2014 8:11:20 AM PDT by Daffynition ("If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." ~ Henry Ford)
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To: Mouton

I pay $601 p/m for catastrophic with a $5,000 deductible for all 4 family members. We are in good heath and I used to be able to get us into another “health pool” every 3 or 4 years for a significant reduction. Not any more.

I’ve talked with several companies that claim they can beat my current payment. They’ve all said “stay where you are. We can’t help you”. “Your insurance will likely go a lot higher next year”.

We live(d) in a country where anything was possible through good credit, good health, good reputation. That’s not happening anymore.

7 posted on 03/14/2014 8:13:07 AM PDT by albie
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To: SeekAndFind

Oh, I am going to keep whatever the Hell I want to keep, runt.

You ain’t the boss of me.

8 posted on 03/14/2014 8:13:43 AM PDT by chris37 (Heartless.)
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To: SeekAndFind

My employer ended our plan, put us into individual policies, much higher premiums, higher copays and deductibles, and, oh, yeah, I cannot keep my doctor of over 30 years. The way it was set up, the employer still provides a subsidy for one insurer, 3 choices... or you can go off and get something completely on your own and no subsidy.

9 posted on 03/14/2014 8:14:31 AM PDT by NEMDF
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To: SeekAndFind

Doctor? Ha! Better get used to the words “Nurse Practitioner”.

10 posted on 03/14/2014 8:17:44 AM PDT by FrdmLvr ("WE ARE ALL OSAMA, 0BAMA!" al-Qaeda terrorists who breached the American compound in Benghazi)
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To: SeekAndFind

11 posted on 03/14/2014 8:26:53 AM PDT by smokingfrog ( sleep with one eye open (<o> ---)
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To: SeekAndFind

The first thing HR does (at my company) when considering a new health insurance company is to run a comparison of how many doctors that the employees actually used in the past year are common to both insurance plans. That number is usually above 95%. If it is much lower, that new insurer is simply not considered.

Since Obama never actually worked at a company, these concepts are foreign to him.

12 posted on 03/14/2014 8:27:46 AM PDT by dan on the right
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To: chris37

“You ain’t the boss of me.”

LOL - Haven’t heard that one in awhile... my son used to tell his older sister that ALL THE TIME!

13 posted on 03/14/2014 8:31:11 AM PDT by RebelTXRose
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To: SeekAndFind
“For the average person, many folks who don’t have health insurance initially, they’re going to have to make some choices. And they might end up having to switch doctors, in part because they’re saving money,” said Obama

Wait a minute. If they "don't have health insurance initially," where'd they get the doctor they're going to have to switch? And how are they saving money under Obamacare? If they were already paying for doctor visits out-of-pocket, wouldn't catastrophic coverage be better than Obamacare? If they weren't paying before (i.e., Medicaid), then how are they saving money now?

Whenever Obama opens his mouth about healthcare, it's either lies or nonsense (e.g., his comment about amputations).

14 posted on 03/14/2014 8:31:19 AM PDT by MUDDOG
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To: SeekAndFind

Obama may as well have said, in addition: “So What!”

He sure as heck doesn’t care!

15 posted on 03/14/2014 8:33:58 AM PDT by Dudoight
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To: FrdmLvr

We got a flyer from a group we used to see - a MD and FNP.

The dr we had been seeing lately died in January. Still looking around for his replacement. A friend who had been seeing him for over 20 years is in a bad spot: the guy who bought the practice apparently isn’t taking the Medicare patients and his office staff are pretty snotty about sending records elsewhere. She is almost 70 and has a broken foot, high BP and BAD arthritis. Such a bad time to hunting a DR. Pray for her and all the others affected by this event.

16 posted on 03/14/2014 8:36:12 AM PDT by RebelTXRose
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To: SeekAndFind

It’s actually YOUR fault for liking a doctor who is not approved by Obama...

17 posted on 03/14/2014 8:39:36 AM PDT by WayneS (Respect the 2nd Amendment; Repeal the 16th (and 17th))
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To: SeekAndFind

Our already outrageously high insurance has gone up another outrageous amount. The deductibles make it pointless, should anything catastrophic happen. We still have our doctors though. Whenever we have to go through control to sign up for this ripoff, we will go without.

18 posted on 03/14/2014 8:50:33 AM PDT by pallis
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To: RebelTXRose

It seems like a fitting retort for President Stompy Feet :D

19 posted on 03/14/2014 8:50:52 AM PDT by chris37 (Heartless.)
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To: SeekAndFind
The other shoe drops. The Dems are still playing desperately at class warfare but the ones doing the defending are a little too obviously the ones who are not affected. Because it turns out - mirabile dictu! - that the ones with the real "Cadillac" plans are exempt. Decent healthcare is now reserved for the ruling class and the people keeping it in power. Now who could have predicted that?

Nearly everybody, as it turns out. What is amusing is that quite a number of Dems apparently felt that screwing this up badly enough would be a sure route to single-payer, begging the question of "if you couldn't do that, why should we trust you to run single-payer?" by simply being the only game in town. But the question isn't begged, it's on everybody's lips and there actually is an alternative answer - tear the whole rotten structure down, now.

20 posted on 03/14/2014 8:56:56 AM PDT by Billthedrill
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To: SeekAndFind

We had a raise in deductible from Blue Cross. Five years ago I was paying less for my far (nearly 50%)...with zero deductible. Now we have a $2000 deductible and are paying more than 50% more per policy than prior to Obamacare. We have had to ask our employees to pay 25% of the tab which is a good chunk of money out of their pay every week.

The middle class is absolutely hurting from this new law. And they are spending less on other things...including shutting off the cable and extra cell. Hope your happy OBLAMER. I sure have no hope and NO CHANGE (money that is)

21 posted on 03/14/2014 8:58:54 AM PDT by ThomasMore (Islam is the Whore of Babylon!)
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To: Billthedrill


I hate calling it single-payer. It’s socialized medicine! It is sooooooo unconstitutional. But the low info voters out there have no clue. We also need to stop using the word GOVERMENT funded. Hell, those are our tax dollars. It’s TAX PAYER FUNDED! Not OBUMMER”S STASH!

22 posted on 03/14/2014 9:03:00 AM PDT by ThomasMore (Islam is the Whore of Babylon!)
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To: SeekAndFind
23 posted on 03/14/2014 9:30:25 AM PDT by AngelesCrestHighway
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To: AngelesCrestHighway

Now be nice Wookie....

24 posted on 03/14/2014 9:31:27 AM PDT by 1217Chic
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To: smokingfrog

Would you buy an Medical Insurance Policy from Hussein Obama?

His sales pitch has been simple:


25 posted on 03/14/2014 9:33:53 AM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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