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Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 30 March 2014
Various driveby media television networks ^ | 30 March 2014 | Various Self-Serving Politicians and Big Media Screaming Faces

Posted on 03/30/2014 3:27:47 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!

The Talk Shows

March 30th, 2014

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Sens. Angus King, I-Maine; John Barrasso, R-Wyo.; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.; Michael Leiter, former White House adviser on counterterrorism.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): NCAA President Mark Emmert; Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and the National Security Agency; Michael Morrell, former deputy CIA director and member of NSA Surveillance Review Group; Cmdr. William J. Marks, U.S. Navy 7th Fleet, which is involved in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Assemblyman John Wisniewski, D-N.J.; White House senior adviser David Plouffe.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events; US: California; US: Maine; US: Michigan; US: New Jersey; US: Oregon; US: Wyoming
KEYWORDS: angusking; barrasso; cia; davidplouffe; diannefeinstein; emmert; feinstein; guests; hayden; johnbarrasso; johnwisniewski; king; leiter; lineup; markemmert; marks; mh370; michaelhayden; michaelleiter; michaelmorrell; mikerogers; morrell; navy; ncaa; nsa; plouffe; plouffefeinstein; rogers; ronwyden; sunday; talkshows; usn; williamjmarks; williammarks; wisniewski; wyden
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To: Alas Babylon!

ABC & CNN apparently have no GOP guests this morning...

21 posted on 03/30/2014 5:30:19 AM PDT by PghBaldy (12/14 - 930am -rampage begins... 12/15 - 1030am - Obama's advance team scouts photo-op locations.)
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To: Fishtalk

Seems Dingy Harry’s senility is catching up to him. Must be sad to get stuck with a name like Dingy Harry(courtesy of Limbaugh) since you don’t come up to the standards of a true Dirty Harry!

22 posted on 03/30/2014 5:31:42 AM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon)
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To: shalom aleichem

GAtors rock and rule!

23 posted on 03/30/2014 5:32:38 AM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon)
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To: Fishtalk

So I wrote a column. Well I’m always writing stuff, it’s what I do.

But while I was writing that column my heart took hold of me and I let it all hang out.

For Delaware is evidently a “test” state for those Communists in the White House to ram through all kinds of legislation nobody wants that will ties our heads and hands with endless red tape.

Like the song goes.

THIS law, after weeks of every kind of gun law known to man being proposed and local citizens yelling and screaming to stop them , including Markell, with an IQ of maybe 50 or so, and Beau Biden who’s had THREE strokes and jabbers and Carper who I hear has Alzenheimers are all determined to grant Obama his due.

The law is the so-called “Charity bill” and folks, it’s nothing but the IRS being sicced on such as Tea Party groups only on a local level.

EVEN A PANHANDLER would be subject to charity regulations according to the endless rules and procedures that will stop us for the never ending paperwork.

Now PAC’s are exempt from Delaware’s proposed charity law, understand, but an organization like “Pat Fish’s group of Blog readers” would be subject to endless rules, lists of all donors, their jobs, their religion, when they lost their virginity, the CEO and CFO and Janitor.

Somewhere in the bill is the establishment of a Bureau of Funny Walks.

Endless, the law is endless and brutal. The people here went nuts.

The Wise I got just sooooooo upset I was crying. WHY IS MY COUNTRY DOING THIS TO ME?

So I wrote the column, link below for those interested.

The Runaway Delaware Law Makers Are At It Again! Now they want to police the charities, which would include all Tea Party organizations for a start!

At one point in the column I got a bit emotional but just damn, it was all Democrats who introduced this bill and I asked, HOW CAN THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES???

For it is THEIR children who will be hampered and tied by the bills they la-di-da pass today for Obama who will go down in history as the second worst president ever, Carper who jabbers, Markell who plays solitaire all day, Coons who never worked a day in his life and Beau Biden who is not functioning at full capacity.

Well I didn’t say the above but just for insider info, thank me very much.

One of the groups I quasi belong to-Campaign for Liberty-Rand Paul’s group, is very active here in Delaware and very successful at exposing these guys to the light of day.

The guy at the head of the CFL gave us the names and phone numbers of those Dems who sponsored that bill for the Village Idiots and so I called every one of them and asked them WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Delaware citizens are not storming their phone lines demanding all this stupid info on charities here in Delaware, names of every one who ever bought a girl scout cookie, they should be ashamed of themselves.

So Senator Brian Townsend of Wilmington….he called me back for the message I left him.

“You left me a very nice message so while I am not your representative, I wanted to call you personally and discuss this with you,” he said one sunny afternoon of his call.

He read my column is what he did but I did leave a nice message but so….

“You need to understand that there have been many amendments made to this bill and it’s not near as lengthy and involved as the one you read,” he said.

How would I know that except they’ve been getting angry calls and they’re scared to death….that’s the ticket and I knew it.

“I’m not buying any of it,” I said, not knowing Sen. Townsend from anybody but I hear he’s a big deal guy up north that should be part of Philadelphia.

“Listen, I know it’s a bit wordy but we’re fixing it,” he said, with a sigh.

He was a really nice guy, he was defending his party’s vote, he KNEW, he KNEW it was wrong and it would be HIS children affected, just trust I knew what was going through this man’s mind. Because I was right, they were holding their cheeks and bending over for Markett/Obama and screw future generations needing to live with this mess.

Because Markell calls up whoever is leader up there and says he just got a call from the White House to push through this charity bill and it will stop citizens from free speech and assembly that Citizens United allowed, just put it up for vote.

And they say….ok, we’ll do this….it’s small matter.


Well the above was the gist of our conversation and by the time I got done Townsend was sighing, trying to assure me that the legislators were going to drastically change the bill, that it’s not as bad as I think…..

“I ain’t buying it,” I said, softly, because I knew that HE knew that it was crap and he was weakly trying to justify crap that would affect HIS children and know that my Delaware column is read by everybody in Delaware, including Markell if he could read.

Townsend sighed….I was quite emotional.

We talked about a half hour...hey I reached across the aisle. And I really think I made a difference. Though it might be wishful thinking.

Those people in the Ruling Class need to be reminded, by the human beings they seek to control, that what they are doing as a political favor for slobbering and retarded politicos affects ordinary law-abiding people like me.

They need to hear us sob.

We shall see….we shall see what Delaware State Senator Townsend does.

I think I moved the guy and all by being sincere and saying the truth.

Those guys rarely meet sincerity, got to illustrate every once in a while.

24 posted on 03/30/2014 5:35:21 AM PDT by Fishtalk (Join me on Facebook-
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To: NautiNurse
Great post NN!

Throw in those now being placed Medicaid because there are no standards anymore and you have the perfect storm to destroy health care in the U.S and the beginnings of single payer.

You and Dr.Ben Carson have the same idea:

Medical savings accounts should be started when young people join the labor force. Medical savings accounts should be heralded as the primary insurance for healthcare. MSA should be pre-tax dollars, no maximum annual limit, with annual rollover. Only when the finances are back in your pocket, will you make informed and sound healthcare decisions, rather than left to an anonymous insurance adjuster who will lord over which tests and treatments you may or may not receive.

You are in some very good company. MSA's are a great idea. Great to hear from you.

25 posted on 03/30/2014 5:38:55 AM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon)
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To: SkyPilot

Actually what pootie has on zero is what hillary has on him. The real BC and all it means. Zero is a plant possibly Russian plant and is subject to blackmail every bit as much as Judge Roberts. You remember he made zerocare a tax? And, who knows whom else in govt.

26 posted on 03/30/2014 5:42:56 AM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon)
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To: NautiNurse

OH you must be talking about tort reform! Never gonna happen! Look who rules us! they are all corrupt lawyers! Think they will ever do anything to disrupt their cash flow? Not gonna happen.

27 posted on 03/30/2014 5:44:46 AM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon)
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To: Alas Babylon!
Looks like a Spring Break line-up, with most of regulars on vacation -- or out looking for MH370.


Interesting 'situation' Friday. The son of Juan Williams was accused of being white by some unknown writer/editor. The son, Raffie [isn't that cute? well, it would be if he were 3 years old] is said to be a staunch conservative. [No wonder Juan lost his Lib License at NPR -- if he couldn't even raise his son right Left].

Anyway, Raffie works for Priebus at the RNC.

Maybe there is some hope for Juan, or maybe FoxNews doesn't really know what the definition of 'conservative' is. I don't recall Priebus or the RNC ever being accused of being 'conservative'.
28 posted on 03/30/2014 5:53:39 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: rodguy911

Democrats attack capitalism as a failed policy. The problem with that is any failure is from Democrats imposing socialist, fascist and communistic controls on capitalism.

My dog gets better medical care at one heck of a less cost to me. Heaven help us if vets ever get 0bamaCare for pets. Same is pretty much true for my getting glasses, dental work done and physical therapy. Paying cash and/or filing for our MSA ourselves reduces costs and improves quality every time.

29 posted on 03/30/2014 5:54:42 AM PDT by Morgan in Denver (Democrats: The party of unintended consequences.)
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To: NautiNurse
Imagine the cost of automobile insurance if every oil change, tune-up and new tires were "covered services."

This is the exact description of the problem we have. Throw in "free" car washes - and see how many people then wash their own vehicles, or go to the drive-thru at their local gas station. Oh no, the "free" car wash will be done at the fancy detailing operation.

If our elected representatives really wanted to improve the cost/payment structure of medical services in the USA, delinking from employment should be the basic step. Personal control of insurance dollars is the only answer.

30 posted on 03/30/2014 5:59:45 AM PDT by maica (We are seeing an interesting mixture of malice and incompetence at
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To: Alas Babylon!; bray

Obamacare was intially sold as a plan to help cover the 30 or 40 million uninsured.

Supposedly, only some 3 million or so previously uninsured have enrolled, making the intent a massive failure.

Considering the $millions and $millions of dollars that have been wasted on websites and plan initiations and policy delays, Congress would have saved money by just appropriating money to pay for pre-Obamacare catastrophic policies and given them to the uninsured, and we would still have our healthcare systems and insurnaces.

Ah, but the original ‘intent’ was never the real ‘intent’ of Obamacare. It was an outright lie by the administration and every Congressperson who voted for it.

31 posted on 03/30/2014 6:02:26 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: Morgan in Denver
Reince Priebus is doing that now by saying the GOP won’t bow down to the media’s version of fairness for debates.

Wanna bet? from the Party of Folding Spines?

The MSM will set the presidential debates, as they always have. The GOP is in no position to challenge them. For example, what CNN moderator is going to be fair to the Pubbie candidate? The MSM have the media wrapped up. Priebus knows it. The GOP knows it. The Dems know it. The MSM knows it.

32 posted on 03/30/2014 6:08:27 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: Alas Babylon!

Angus Bang-gus!

I don’t know if I can stand to watch the phony-baloney plastic-banana lying POS.

33 posted on 03/30/2014 6:09:30 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate "Republicans Freed the Slaves" Month.)
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To: All

ABC - Russian ambassador spouting propaganda about Crimea. Says Russia has no interest in crossing border into Ukraine. They are exercising normal exercises in part of the Russian Federation (Crimea).

Hopes there will be a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine. (They want their Constitution revised to the liking of the Russians, and no alignment with the West)

34 posted on 03/30/2014 6:10:20 AM PDT by Girlene (Hey, NSA!)
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To: Girlene

On Christie’s Bridgegate - Bridget Kelly wants to talk to Federal prosecutors with the guarantee of immunity. ruh-roh.

35 posted on 03/30/2014 6:13:46 AM PDT by Girlene (Hey, NSA!)
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To: TomGuy

Only to disagree, we’ll have to wait and see. Priebus has already limited the numbers of debates and he did make noises over who the GOP would accept as moderators.

I’ll know you’re right if Candy Crowley is picked to moderate one.

36 posted on 03/30/2014 6:14:47 AM PDT by Morgan in Denver (Democrats: The party of unintended consequences.)
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To: NautiNurse

Unless newer rules have changed, those attorneys are paid out of anticipated future SS/Disability payments. Thus, applicant must win disability. If the applicant loses through the appeals process, the attorney gets nothing and cannot bill the applicant.

If the applicant wins, the attorney is paid out of the 'waiting year' the applicant had to endure before he/she could apply. Payments are pre-dated to the date when the applicant filed, less 4 months (IIRC) and less the legislated amount allocated to the attorney.
37 posted on 03/30/2014 6:18:01 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: SkyPilot

CNN dodged a bullet regarding MH370. The Chinese ship that picked up some debris yesterday determined that the debris was NOT from MH370.

Whew! Now, CNN has another week of potential wall-to-wall coverage of the missing flight MH370.

38 posted on 03/30/2014 6:20:33 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: Alas Babylon!

FNS plays the clip of Obama saying ‘Russia/Putin is operating from a position of weakness, not strength’.

[Hear that, Crimea?]

39 posted on 03/30/2014 6:22:06 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: rodguy911
Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator

I have no doubt that is true. However, if the mainstream media prostitutes and the low information voters cannot bring themselves to watch a video that is 7 minutes and 48 seconds long that proves without a shadow of a doubt that the "official" Obama birth certificate that is posted to the taxpayer financed website was faked (and badly) in Adobe Illustrator, then it won't matter.

The video was put together by a 20 something in Georiga who works with Adobe Illustrator for a living, and has 1.5+ million hits. He goes through just a few of the multiple layers found when converting the document from PDF using bridge software in Adobe, and blows the entire ruse apart in 7 minutes and 48 seconds. Seven minutes, and forty eight seconds. But apparently, that is just "too hard" for the media and the contemptible Obama takers to conceptualize.

Putin could produce more evidence, but it would not matter.

Obama took money from Communists and foreign governments. He went to college as a foreign students. That is all true. His goals today seem to be to normalize homosexuality (he referred to them as "brothers and sisters" in three different speeches this week), destroy the American military, distribute wealth, create millions more voters as a permanent underclass, fund the Muslim brotherhood, and destroy Israel. Those seem to be his immediate goals. He cares not a whit about Ukraine, excepting the fact that Putin is sinking his "legacy" and making life (for now) difficult for Obama before the cameras.

For Putin to truly blackmail Obama, he must possess truly shocking sex videos of Obama and other men, and I believe he has them. Again, it is the way Putin operates. He has a proven history of doing so with his enemies. Obama, through his disgusting homosexual lifestyle, has handed Putin a goldmine.

I do not possess concrete evidence that Putin has these tapes and/or picture mind you. But I am supremely confident that Putin has them.

Anyone who has conducted serious negotiations with people can tell, with once glance at the way Putin stares down Obama at meetings, that Putin has the goods on Barry.

40 posted on 03/30/2014 6:24:59 AM PDT by SkyPilot
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