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UN SECURITY COUNCIL: Speech by Mustafa Cemil which he terribly angered Russians ^ | 2014-04-01 13:54

Posted on 04/01/2014 8:34:21 AM PDT by

On March 31 the UN Security Council on the initiative of Lithuania held an informal meeting on the Crimean crisis. Spoke at the meeting one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jamil. His speech literally angered Russian representatives at the UN, they made a scandalous statement declaring it" an odious figure "session itself" low-brow event."

Publish the full text of the speech of Mustafa Dzhamileva , which is promulgated on the website of the Mejlis, so the reader can understand itself and to draw conclusions . "Dear ladies and gentlemen! The dramatic events in Ukraine - heavy clashes people on Independence with the ruling regime in Kiev, protesting citizens overthrow corrupt clan Yanukovych and the ensuing invasion of Russian troops on our territory, the occupation of the Crimea, holding the occupation regime of so-called "referendum" on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, accession these territories to Russia rightly attracted attention and concern of the world community.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to evaluate these events from the point of view of the representative of the indigenous people of Crimea - Crimean Tatars, in any case, the vast majority of these people, because I represent the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people - single and supreme representative body of the Crimean Tatars, democratically elected by the Crimean Tatars.

Yanukovych regime - corrupt from top to bottom and almost gangster, had a reputation at the same time very hostile and against Crimean Tatars, as they were considered by the authorities and the Security Service of Ukraine in the Crimea as a major and highly organized, the main opposition force to the ruling regime. They did not vote in the presidential election of President Yanukovych 's candidacy and traditionally cooperated mainly with the national- democratic forces in Ukraine. Therefore Yanukovych regime almost completely withdrew from solving the social problems of the Crimean Tatars, contributed to the further reduction of the already extremely minimal representation of Crimean Tatars in the executive branch of autonomy held against them is extremely discriminatory and hostile. For example, if you are currently Tatars constitute about 14% of the population of autonomy, in the executive branch of the ARC their representation does not exceed 2-3 percent.

Yanukovych regime carried out an intensive policy to split the environment of the Crimean Tatars , ie there was an attempt, however, is not entirely successful , to encourage all sorts of privileges and positions of those Crimean Tatars, who contrary to the interests of his people would carry out the will of the authorities .

Authorities did not recognize themselves elected representative body of the Crimean Tatars Majlis and tried to expose the true representatives of the people created by the small political groups from among the Crimean Tatars.

About the same relation to the Crimean Tatars and their Majlis was the attitude of official Moscow and who treated them, as is evident from the FSB operational documents as "a major political force, preventing the implementation of strategic interests in the Crimea", so the Crimean Tatars, understandably, actively Independence and maintained despite the large costs on , hundreds came to Kiev to support the protesters against the regime, their fellow citizens, the more that power Autonomy sent to Kiev for the budget trains and buses columns thousands of public employees to organize pro-government "antimaydanovskih" provocative rallies and clashes with peaceful demonstrators citizens on Independence .

Yanukovych regime change, which followed after the shooting "Berkut" about a hundred wounded and several thousand of our patriots, creating a new democratic government in Kiev, the Crimean Tatars has given great hope. But as you know, in late February, the invasion of the territory of Crimea Russian troops. First organized gang of Russian Black Sea Fleet, the so-called "self-defense groups" and "Cossacks" captured the public institutions in the Crimea, in the first instance, BP and SM Crimea SBU , prosecutors and the police, and then come and do the Russian troops.

The main arguments to justify these actions, as we know, is the assertion that if Ukraine would establish the actual "Bandera power" that supposedly oppresses and discriminates against ethnic Russian. Of course, this is completely untrue. First, in the new government, and in key positions, there are quite a lot of people of other nationalities, including Russian, Jews, Armenians and others. Nobody clocked and parliament, where as you know, Russian and pro-Russian deputies, including a fairly large fraction of the pro-Russian Communists were the majority.

But it was especially cynical assertion of harassment Russian in Crimea, where, in fact, the invasion of Russian troops.

To cite just a few numbers. 58% of the population is ethnic Russian Crimea, about 24% - are ethnic Ukrainians, most of which can also be counted among the Russian, as a result of Russification policies, rarely one of them speaks and thinks in their native language. Media, which are published in the Crimea, including for the budget, are Russian. Ethnic Russian are not less than 90% of chief executives in the Crimea. Of the approximately 600 school educational institutions in the Crimea only 14 years teaching in the Crimean Tatar language, a 7- Ukrainian, and in all the other Russian.

In order to justify the invasion of Russian annexation of the Crimea and the wax is known in the Crimea and Sevastopol, March 16, 2014 were carried out so-called "referendum" on the subject of whether they want to join the inhabitants of these territories to Russia. It makes no sense to talk about the illegality and absurdity of this "referendum" in the occupied territories without any admission whatsoever of international observers. Absurd at all to solve the question of ownership of a particular region , area or village to a State based on the local "referendum" - if you want, in the same Crimea, you can probably find a few towns who would like to join the more prosperous economically other states, such as the United States, to neighboring Turkey, Switzerland or Japan.

Absurd and approval of the occupation authorities that by "referendum" they wanted to reveal the will "of the Crimean people" and meet his "right to self-determination" in accordance with international standards, for there is no such "Crimean people" and the right to self-determination can only belong to indigenous peoples. And indigenous people of Crimea - Crimean Tatars overwhelmingly boycotted this "referendum". Found that about 0.5% of Crimean Tatars took part in the referendum and not the fact that they certainly voted for annexation to Russia. The general part of the Crimean population in this "referendum" on the information available to us, was not 82%, as stated by the occupation authorities, but only 32.4% .

A few words about what position now were Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians and many ethnic Russian who wish to remain part of Ukraine and are unwilling to take Russian citizenship.

In accordance with the rules of the occupying forces, all residents within a month must obtain Russian passports. Citizens who refuse to do so will be treated as foreign nationals will not be eligible to vote, the right to work in state institutions and, accordingly, will be deprived of their livelihood. Thus, they will be forced to leave their homeland. Can you imagine what it's like for the Crimean Tatars, who after deportation and genocide in 1944 a few years fighting for the right to return to their homeland.

Among them is extremely high levels of anxiety and concern for their future and even their lives as authorities and organized patrol paramilitary group calling itself the troops "self-defense" or "Cossacks" are openly talking about the need to re deportation of the Crimean Tatars. Very high level of possible bloody ethnic conflicts, more precisely, the massacre of the Crimean Tatars and ethnic Ukrainians who can turn around in the near future in the Crimea. There are facts, and this is a lot written in the press, that the house, living dispersed Crimean Tatars, unequivocally, at night, unknown persons marked with crosses or other marks.

Pretty ordinary steel in Crimea beating vykradyvaniya and killing people who on one form or another to express their disagreement with the occupation regime. In addition, it is no secret, and that people who have taken one Russian citizenship in the future will be completely deprived of the opportunity to even discuss the issue of the status of its territory and holding on this score any referendums, because, in accordance with Article 280 of the Russian Criminal Code, any discussion on this topic will be considered as a call for separatism, provide up to 5 years imprisonment. To date, according to the representation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine, the Crimea has left about 5,000 Crimean Tatars and, apparently, not fewer people of other nationalities.

Citizens of Ukraine, of course, welcomed the sanctions of Western countries to impose sanctions aimed at aggressor to withdraw its forces and freed the occupied territories. But these sanctions by the overwhelming majority of citizens are perceived as clearly inadequate and reminiscent only as "pinpricks" Elephant. Worrisome and the recent increase in the statements of various Western political scientists and statesmen in the sense that Crimea has lost, it is unlikely that in the coming years it will be free, and that all efforts should be made to ensure that the Russian troops moved further inland Ukraine. If such a position will prevail, for the citizens of Ukraine will mean that the great powers that signed the 1994 Budapest Memorandum guaranteeing the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for abandoning nuclear weapons, simply deceived. Already in Ukraine grows mood that the country at any cost must restore its nuclear status, as it is quite obvious that no country would dare so brazenly occupy the territory of a nuclear power.

We very much hope that the world community will be taken sufficiently effective measures to liberate our country from occupation and prevent such aggressive actions against sovereign states. "

Recall the Russian Mission to the UN ignored the human rights meeting in the Crimea, where Mustafa Cemil and made his report.

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The Tartar people were persecuted under Stalin and fear Putin will do the same.

2 posted on 04/01/2014 9:57:57 AM PDT by RicocheT (Where neither their property nor their honor is touched, most men live content, Niccolo Machiavelli)
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