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Harry Reid's Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth
RCP ^ | 4/24/2014 | Adam O'Neal

Posted on 04/24/2014 5:03:29 AM PDT by RoosterRedux

Harry Reid has spent more than 40 years in government, starting as a small city’s attorney and eventually becoming the most powerful senator in the country. He has raised tens of millions of dollars in political contributions, established himself as an institution in Nevada politics along the way, and made himself a very wealthy man. His humble roots -- from growing up in a remote desert town to working six days a week as a Capitol police officer while in law school -- are legend in Washington and Nevada. Reid exhibits the toughness of a once destitute boy who completely transformed his life through determination, hard work -- and good luck.

Some who have watched Reid closely over the years, however, say that his political and economic ascendance has made him increasingly willing to use his power (and apparent electoral resilience) in ways that appear unsavory or nepotistic. The jewelry purchases are only the latest example.

David Damore -- a University of Nevada, Las Vegas professor whose research focuses on Silver State politics -- has closely followed Reid for years. He said that the balance between helping family and constituents is a common tension for powerful politicians. “I’m going to put this politely: Their personal interests, they seem to see, represent the common good. They don’t differentiate those two.”

Another longtime Reid-watcher believes that the latest string of incidents, stretching over the last decade, is just a result of more coverage of Reid -- and not a product of him changing his style.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Nevada
KEYWORDS: corruptreid; reid

1 posted on 04/24/2014 5:03:29 AM PDT by RoosterRedux
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To: RoosterRedux

Is that why leftists give such paltry sums to charity?

2 posted on 04/24/2014 5:11:23 AM PDT by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: RoosterRedux

“Their personal interests, they seem to see, represent the common good. They don’t differentiate those two.”

3 posted on 04/24/2014 5:11:54 AM PDT by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: RoosterRedux

a crook is a crook is a crook...... or a us senator
lets not kid anyone. if a legit investigation took place .... someone is going to prison.

4 posted on 04/24/2014 5:15:15 AM PDT by zzwhale
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To: All
BACKSTORY The development of lucrative Nevada solar farms is why the tax-financed BLM--- whose director is Reid’s former Capitol Hill senior advisor----is colluding w/ Reid to push Cliven Bundy out of the Gold Butte area the Bundy family has worked for over 140 years.

Shockingly--without fear of retribution for gross conflict of BLM/Reid interests---the BLM specifically stated that it wanted Bundy and his cattle out of the area as part of the federally-financed agency’s “regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone.”

The federally-financed BLM brazenly attempted a cover-up by deleting public documents exposing its plans from its web site. It is suspected---but, unfortunately, could not be fully determined as of this writing---if Harry Reid or Rory Reid had colluded with BLM in the brazen cover-up.

However, astute FReepers from the up-to-the-minute news site, Free Republic, were able to capture, and save the documents, to publicly expose the federal agency's nefarious plans.


SOURCE First Solar Media press release: “First Solar is thrilled to celebrate this important milestone with Sen. Reid and distinguished guests,and honored to work with the Moapa Band of Paiutes on this landmark project,” said Jim Hughes, the CEO of First Solar.

Signaling the first day of construction of the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project, which is about 35 miles from the Bundy homestead in Bunkerville, Nevada, Sen. Reid (far right) hoists shovel, joined by representatives from the Moapa Band of Paiutes, executives from First Solar, Inc. and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for the groundbreaking ceremony on March 21, 2014.
PIC/First Solar


REUTERS EXCERPT/EDITED BY POSTER: In 2003, Harry Reid made a show of publicly banning relatives from lobbying him or his staff after newspaper reports showed that Nevada industries and institutions routinely turned to Reid's sons or son- in-law, lawyers at prominent area law firms, for representation.

Now, Harry Reid and his oldest son, Rory, are both involved in Chinese Energy giant's ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar farm and solar panel manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert.

Reid himself helped recruit the solar company during a 2011 Senate junket to China.ENN is headed by Chinese energy tycoon Wang Yusuo, who made a fortune estimated by Forbes at $2.2 billion distributing natural gas in China.

Wang escorted Harry Reid and a delegation of nine other U.S. senators on a tour of the company's clean energy operations in Langfang, and Reid featured Wang as a speaker at his 4th annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas last year.

Rory, a lawyer with a prominent politically-connected Las Vegas firm that is representing ENN, helped it locate a 9,000-acre (3,600-hectare) desert site that it is buying well below appraised value from Clark County, where Rory Reid formerly chaired the county commission.

The Langfang, China-based ENN Energy Group hopes to build what would be the largest solar energy complex in America. The site----chosen with Rory Reid's guidance----is in tiny Laughlin, Nevada, a gambling town of 7,300 along the Colorado River, 90 miles south of Las Vegas.

5 posted on 04/24/2014 5:18:33 AM PDT by Liz
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To: RoosterRedux

D Moody said if you lift up a bum stealing bolts from a train yard and give him an education without changing his heart when next you see him he will be stealing the whole train. Dingy Harry is the best example one could hope for. Someone posted it the other day, Proverbs 23 IIRC. “When you sit to dine with a king choose over his delicacies carefully and then put the knife to your throat.”
Reid’s lust for power certainly puts him at the table.

6 posted on 04/24/2014 5:19:46 AM PDT by wastoute (Government cannot redistribute wealth. Government can only redistribute poverty.)
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To: demshateGod

I can sort of see the reasoning in that... except that they always pay for the common good out of someone else’s pocket!

Leftists have turned the admonition to give to the poor into steal from the rich, and then use that money to give to the poor and claim credit for it.

7 posted on 04/24/2014 5:21:09 AM PDT by TexasFreeper2009 (Obama lied .. the economy died.)
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To: TexasFreeper2009

They use SOME of that money for the poor. They pocket most of it.

8 posted on 04/24/2014 5:23:33 AM PDT by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: All
Reid's economic ascendance, and his electoral resilience, has made him all too willing to use his govt power and privileged position in ways that appear unsavory or nepotistic. Reid's assistance to his family are legendary---his jewelry purchases----laundered campaign funds--- to his grand-daughter---are the latest example.



(1) Harry Reid's son Rory is in business w/ the Chi/Coms on a multi-billion dollar solar energy project; Bundy and his land are standing in the way.

(2) Reports say Bill Clinton recently went to China to panhandle for his tax-exempt foundation, "The Clinton Global Initiative."

(3) The Clinton Global Initiative (NOT KNOWN for giving out grants)---gave Harry Reid's granddaughter a grant for a Brooklyn, NY theatre she runs (what is the theatre's connection to "global initiatives?"

(4) A Nevada energy company also gave Reid's granddaughter's theatre group a grant.


"Money laundering" comes to mind. Could the Chinese be financing the Reid's solar project through donations to the Clinton Foundations....which is then laundered to Reid's granddaughter?


REFERENCE----HARRY REID IS LIVID THAT HIS GRAND-DAUGHTER HAS BEEN OUTED AS A RECIPIENT OF LAUNDERED CAMPAIGN CASH---Reid lashed out at reporters, saying, “My granddaughter has been the target of harassing phone calls, strangers tracking her down, knocking on her door and negative, unwanted attention on the Internet.” “This has gone too far and it needs to stop now,” Reid said. “I deeply regret any role I had in creating this situation but now, as a grandparent, I say enough is enough.”


Besides the "jewelry company" financed by her grandfather, Ryan Elisabeth Reid runs the Sprat Theater Company, a small theater in Brooklyn, which is also coming under scrutiny. According to Sprat’s Theatre Company Web site, it has received grants/contributions from:

<><> the Clinton Global Initiative (connected to global terrorism via Muslim Brotherhood employee),
<><> two major Las Vegas foundations:
Caesar’s Foundation, and the NV Energy Foundation.

NOTE NV Energy Foundation---is a non-profit division of NV Energy (a public utility). The NV Energy utility is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company which took over in 2013.

NEED TO KNOW Did Harry Reid use US government power, US govt agencies, his Senate office, and/or tax resources to enrich any of the above-named energy-related entities?


email: enforcement


The SEC and IRS should examine every document filed by (a) The tax-exempt Clinton Global Initiative, (b) the tax- exempt Caesar's Foundation and (c) The tax-exempt Nevada Energy Foundation, (d) Reid granddaughter's theatre group.

Every official tax-exempt document needs to be scrutinized in conjunction w/ possible connections to govt fraud, corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. Perjury and forgery, need to be considered.

Falsifying Official Public Documents involves altering, changing, or modifying a document for the purpose of deception.......can also involve forgery and/or passing copies of false documents. Falsifying documents is usually done in connection with broader criminal aims, such as extortion, government fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, financing terrorism........


L/E should to get ahold of Rory and Harry Reid's: (1) check copies, (2) wire transfers, (3) account statements, (4) invoices, (5) bills, (6) delivery tickets, (7) correspondence including e-mail, contracts, loan agreements, and, (8) any other books or records.

L/E should also explore (a) monies Reid paid to brokers, sub-brokers, (b) family members, (c) mortgage brokers, (d) financial managers, and, (e) real estate agents, brokers, and developers.


BTW, here's Harry w/ his grand-daughter....the one who got $31,000 in laundered campaign funds for her "jewelry company" and grants from Clinton and Nevada energy foundations.

Reid and granddaughter Ryan Elisabeth Reid.


NOTE The Clintons' shady tax-exempt foundation financing is unveiled in a recent NYT expose of corruption, greed, entitlement, nepotism, and cronyism. The tax-exempt Clintons' Foundation even had their very own Muslim terrorist to carry out presidential orders.

9 posted on 04/24/2014 5:28:04 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz
Reid said. “I deeply regret any role I had in creating this situation...

No ya don't. You're just sorry you got caught.

but now, as a grandparent, I say enough is enough.”

No it isn't, keep the pressure on the corrupt dirtbag.

10 posted on 04/24/2014 5:33:31 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate "Republicans Freed the Slaves" Month.)
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To: RoosterRedux; All

Is the recent bloody Cattle Massacre at Nevada Cattle Rancher Bundy’s Pioneer Corral damaging the Democrat Party in eyes and words of the Democrat Left Stream Media?

To put this latest Medieval “Kill for Sport” event in historical context, all one has to do is remember that the Democrat Party was the Founding Party of the KKK.

Is the modern day equivalent of the KKK the Bureau of Feudal Land Management, (BFLM) ?

If so, then Feudal Lord Reid would then be “The Grand Dragon of the BFLM.”

Feudal Lord Reid’s Rustlers are hired guns, who are furious but not fast, which also applies to their bitter, vengeful, senile, multimillionaire Leader: Feudal Lord Reid.

With the past Democrat-based KKK, and now the present Democrat-controlled BFLM, ethics be damned, as abject fear is the main goal of both of these ethically Medieval Outlaw Gangs, past and present.

“Ethics” will be justified later by Liberals who will write the “revised” PC History of these times, past and present; of powerful men with outlaw hatred toward free people in America, Black or White, poor or rich.

The Jackboot Heel of Democat Tyranny is now upon us, AGAIN !



Occupy Wall Street people were volunteer shock troops for The Democrat Federal Government of Obama, Pelosi, Holder and Schumer.

Reid’s Rustlers were hired shock troops for the Democrat Federal Government of Reid, Obama and Holder.

Occupy Wall Street people attacked businesses in large cities.

Reid’s Rustlers attacked cattle in an isolated Nevada Corral.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers destroyed private property and private jobs.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers were financially supported, (indirectly and directly, respectively), by the Democrat Obama Administration.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers were publicly encouraged by the Democrat Obama Administration, and the Democrat Left Stream Media.


11 posted on 04/24/2014 5:37:08 AM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: RoosterRedux

he is the new ted kennedy and as such is just as dangerous.

he just doesn’t have a bridge in his background like ted did.

12 posted on 04/24/2014 5:37:12 AM PDT by ealgeone (obama, borderof)
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To: Liz
Elisabeth Reid

Isn't there a song about her?

13 posted on 04/24/2014 5:41:11 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate "Republicans Freed the Slaves" Month.)
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To: RoosterRedux
I would like to think that someday, Harry Reid will end up in Hell - face to face with the very mobster who either ordered or put that explosive device under his car - and when he does, I think that mobster will kill him everyday. Enjoy your afterlife, Mr. Cleanface, you certainly earned it.
14 posted on 04/24/2014 5:48:30 AM PDT by liberalh8ter (The only difference between flash mob 'urban yutes' and U.S. politicians is the hoodies.)
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Let’s ask Hillary-—what with her encyclopedic State Dept accomplishments——she’ll know for sure. (cackle)

15 posted on 04/24/2014 6:08:09 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Allman brothers, Idlewild South, Dickey Betts.

16 posted on 04/24/2014 6:13:52 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate "Republicans Freed the Slaves" Month.)
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To: RoosterRedux

No wonder Harry Reid does not want hearings about the BLM raid
in Nevada. He is afraid his over flowing corruption will be exposed.

17 posted on 04/24/2014 6:39:53 AM PDT by tennmountainman (Just Say No To Obamacare)
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To: Liz

Your post makes me wonder about an aspect seemingly upstream of most media coverage. The quote from the BLM “plan” sounds like language descended from an Environmental Impact Report: “Regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone”.

Providing regulatory approvals, including an EIR, would be a huge part of making the solar energy venture viable. Since an EIR involves approval by dozens of federal, state, and local agencies, a powerful politician, with pervasive federal and Nevada political connections and a close advisor installed atop BLM, might “earn” big fees, payable to his son, by delivering on this. The ranch clearance is likely only a visible and downstream effect of this process.

Do you know of any information that touches on the following speculative questions:
1) Is there an approved Environmental Impact Report for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone (or the specific solar projects Reid wants)?
2) If so, did the EIR find that the proposed solar development destroyed desert tortoise habitat and further endangered it?
3) If so, do the EIR’s “mitigations” (required conditions of approval) for the solar development include protecting desert tortoises ELSEWHERE by replacing habitat lost to the development by clearing out ranching and other land uses on other BLM land?

This strikes me as an avenue of corruption that would leave fingerprints and hard-to-explain coincidences.

18 posted on 04/24/2014 7:06:16 AM PDT by Chewbarkah
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To: Chewbarkah
No question----Harry is calling the BLM/EPA shots; his son Rory is aiding and abetting----and they both got lots of help in high places.


To advance the Nevada solar project, the behemoth Chinese energy company, ENN, retained Nevada's largest and most prestigious law firm--Lionel Sawyer & Collins--where Rory Reid works. The law firm is headed by Richard Bryan, a former Nevada attorney general, former governor, and Harry Reid's colleague as a former member of the U.S. Senate.

Harry's eldest son, Rory Reid, faced a one-year cooling off period from lobbying the Clark County commission after leaving his post there in January 2011, so law frim principle, and ex-Sen, Bryan took the lead on ENN's negotiations with the county. Since the one-year ban expired, Rory Reid has been ENN's primary representative before the county, according to Steve Sisolak, the board's vice chairman.


Two months after Harry Reid's China junket subsidized by taxpayers, Lionel Sawyer registered ENN Mohave Energy LLC as an American subsidiary of the Chinese company. The firm negotiated with the county to buy the land rather than lease it, as the county's staff had recommended.

In December, Clark County commissioners voted unanimously to sell up to 9,000 acres of public land to the subsidiary at pennies on the dollar. The deal spurred local controversy. Separate appraisals valued the land at $29.6 million and $38.6 million. The commission agreed to sell it to ENN for $4.5 million.

The county did build in certain conditions before the project could begin, including milestones for jobs creation and investment. ENN also must assure the county that it has a power company willing to commit to buying energy from the solar farm. But in the eight months since the commissioners approved the deal, no utility had signed a power purchase agreement.

However, Harry Reid stepped in to flex his political muscle. Reid used an online discussion related to his annual energy summit for an as-yet unsuccessful effort to pressure Nevada's largest power company, NV Energy, to sign up as ENN's first customer.

In the July 30 online discussion, Reid said the project "would start tomorrow if NV Energy would purchase the power." The utility controls "95 percent of all of the electricity that is produced in Nevada and they should go along with this." Reid's online comments were first reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The power company responded by saying it had exceeded its minimum renewable energy requirements both last year and this year, though it would consider buying power from ENN in the future. A spokesman for NV Energy declined to discuss the matter further.

Ex-Sen Bryan, the head of Rory Reid's law firm, did not return Reuters repeated phone calls and emails. An official with ENN in Langfang, China, did not respond to Reuters emails.

Rory Reid acknowledged representing ENN at both the county and state levels. He declined to discuss the project with Reuters.


NEVADA'S LARGEST LAW FIRM---Rory Reid cites energy as one of his specialty areas at the law firm---Lionel Sawyer & Collins. The law firm is headed by Richard Bryan, a former Nevada attorney general, governor---and former colleague of Rory's father, Harry Reid----when Bryan was a member of the U.S. Senate.


RORY REID---Shareholder---Lionel Sawyer & Collins Law Firm

Practice Emphasis--- Administrative Law and Regulatory Law; Government Affairs

Professional Experience---Former Clark County Commissioner Rory J. Reid is a shareholder at Lionel Sawyer & Collins. He is in the Firm's Gaming and Regulatory Law Department and his practice focuses on government relations, renwable energy and gaming. Rory's experience is community-driven.

Rory served as Chairman of the Clark County Board of Commissioners, and was named "Best Local Government Official" the by Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Rory was the (unsuccessful) 2010 Democratic nominee for Governor of Nevada. Rory also worked on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide. He served as Chairman of the Nevada Democratic Party and a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Rory was recently appointed an Adjunct Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he teaches a master's degree course in public administation.

At the age of thirty, he became Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Lady Luck Gaming Corporation. During his tenure, the company experienced significant growth. In addition, Rory was Vice Chair of the Nevada Taxicab Authority.

Rory was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in the Las Vegas Valley. His choice of a legal career was probably pre-ordained – his father and three brothers also chose law. Rory and his wife, Cindy, are the proud parents of three children.

Education •J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, J.D., 1988 •Brigham Young University, B.A. in International Relations and Spanish, 1985

Bar/Court Admissions •State Bar of Nevada •Bar of the District of Columbia

19 posted on 04/24/2014 7:24:11 AM PDT by Liz
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