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Why Silver "Dropped the Hammer" on Sterling (Long Article)
Rush ^ | April 30, 2014 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 04/30/2014 5:54:09 PM PDT by Kaslin


RUSH:  I'm gonna make a prediction to you.  Brendan Eich, Mozilla, gay marriage, we got the Sterling thing.  This is all the Democrats have to get vote turnout in November.  Every policy initiative, every idea of theirs is crashing, including their president.  The New York Times, Maureen down has even now written a piece about the lack of manliness of Barack Obama.  Maureen, you're six years too late.  This is the kind of stuff you should have ferreted out in 2007 and 2008.  It's no big deal for you to figure this out six years into this mess. 

Everything that the Democrat Party has touched is falling apart.  The only thing they've got that can give them any hope of winning an election is War on Women, racism, gay rights, gay marriage.  So you wait.  Every two, three weeks there's gonna be a story like this.  And guess what?  The New York Times finally has a story, why, let me get the headline here for you.  "After 33 Years of Sterling, a Boiling Point -- Why did it take a tape recording aired on a gossip website to ignite nationwide ire against Donald Sterling?

This is the point I made on Monday.  While everybody else was in a race, everybody in the media was in a race to see who could be the most sensitive, the most hurt, the most outraged, the most angry, who could be the most eloquent in expressing all of that, I came to the Golden EIB Microphone and said, "Did anybody not know that this guy has been who he is for 30-plus years?"  And if you'll recall, I recounted stories, visits to LA, subject came up every time I went out there.  And one of the reasons why it was overlooked -- when I first heard about it was on the golf course in Los Angeles.  Somehow the guy's name came up, the Clippers came up, and I said, "Who owns this team, the Clippers?"

I don't know the NBA much, and they said, "Donald Sterling." I said, "Never heard of him," and that's when I started hearing about the reprobate the guy is.  I said, "How in the world does this guy survive?"  I mean, I heard song and verse.  I heard all of the racist stuff, the slumlord stuff.  When I first heard about it, had to be 1997, maybe a little bit earlier than that.  And everybody I asked in LA, "How does the guy survive?" "Well, you know, the Lakers own this town. The Clippers are an also-ran, they never win anything.  The guy's a joke, Rush.  Nobody takes his seriously.  He's an A-list wanna be hopeful who's never gonna get there.  He's just a joke." 

Well, you know what that tells me. A lot of this outrage that we have witnessed since Saturday has gotta be fake.  It has to be because the same people have known about this for 30 years.  (interruption)  I was just asked a pointed question, an interruptive question in the IFB. "Is it okay to be a racist if you're not successful?"  I guess you mean since his team was never taken seriously, since his team was an also-ran, does that mean it's okay to be a racist?  He was successful in what he did.  The guy's a billionaire.  He's one of these guys that wanted to be in the "in" crowd. He wanted to be Mr. Cool, Mr. Hip. He's never gonna be.  He was always joke. 

But yesterday Adam Silver, and I gotta tell you, I was a little chilled, I must admit. Not over what he did, but the reaction.  This guy drops the hammer and the media, folks, do you realize the happiness over one guy dropping the hammer and sending this guy packing?  Oh, man.  I've got a montage of it to play for you.  Adam Silver said yesterday (paraphrasing), "This has nothing to do with anything in the past.  This has only to do with what we learned on that tape starting Saturday."  Well, that let a lot of people off the hook.  All the other owners, the former commissioners.  There were a lot of people that knew this.  And a lot of people who knew it were ginning up their outrage and anger over the weekend, as though they're just learning of it for the first time. 

Anyway, by the, Rush Limbaugh, great to have you here, folks.  I forgot to intro the show, but you know who I am when you hear my voice.  Telephone number, if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882.  And the e-mail address,

V. Stiviano. Grab sound bite number four.  Did you see...? I'm wondering if I should repeat the story that I told you, Snerdley.  (interruption)  Well, it might have been told to me in private.  I don't know.  I'll have to think about it.  Anyway, did you see this babe walk out of whatever she walked out of with this hood, this reflector helmet on her face to hide her face?  (interruption) 

You didn't see that?  (interruption)  It wasn't TMZ; it was everywhere.  This V Dot Stiviano walks out of somewhere and there's a media horde waiting for her and she's got this contraption on her head that goes all the way down to her neck, covers her neck, and it's a reflector. (interruption) A welder's helmet. It looks like a welder's helmet.

That was the strangest thing. She was trying to hide her face, and when they caught up with her, she took time to talk to them. It was outside a restaurant. She's wearing this sun visor thing, but it's more than a sun visor. It does look like a welder's helmet. And she stopped to take questions from the media.  This is nine seconds, but here she is.

STIVIANO:  One day, I will become president of the United States of America, and I will change the legislation and laws, modern-day history, civil rights movement.

RUSH:  So she said that one day she's gonna become president and "will change the legislation and laws, modern-day history, and the civil rights movement." She's gonna change it all.  That... (interruption)  Yeah.  I tell you what, if I were a political candidate and had eyes on the White House, I would be scared right now.  This babe could win!  


RUSH: By the way, Rachel Nichols, formerly of ESPN and now of CNN, has told us who the next target is, the next NBA owner who is the target.  It's the owner of the Orlando Magic, Rich DeVos.  And you know why he's a target?  Because he doesn't agree with gay marriage.  He's the next target of whoever it is that's going to clean up the NBA.  

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1 posted on 04/30/2014 5:54:09 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin
Great. The gays and libs are going to "scandal" their way all the way past the 2014 elections ..... smother the newspapers in extraneous b.s. until people forget to go to the polls .... or something.

Or they're just going to "bigot" their way to the polls, maybe that's it.

2 posted on 04/30/2014 6:11:34 PM PDT by lentulusgracchus
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To: Kaslin

The visor is actually somewhat commonplace in California, only among Asian women. You see them driving with them all the time.

Apparently they want the full face visor to protect not just the eyes but the skin. Suntanned skin is considered a problem by them.

3 posted on 04/30/2014 6:11:48 PM PDT by Regulator
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To: Kaslin
While everybody else was in a race, everybody in the media was in a race to see who could be the most sensitive, the most hurt, the most outraged, the most angry, who could be the most eloquent in expressing all of after three hundred plus years, the US is just being true to its Puritan roots - it's just that we no longer brand adulterers with a scarlet "A", we now brand racists with a prominent "R" - and the puritanical judgmental-ism, moralistic intolerance, and punitivness go on and on.....
4 posted on 04/30/2014 9:08:46 PM PDT by Intolerant in NJ
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