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This Is a Test, Rank for Racism Bundy, Spike Lee, Sterling and Jay-Z
American Uncensored News Network ^ | 5-3-2014 | Dana Allen

Posted on 05/03/2014 9:04:52 PM PDT by ScamFix

There are great videos in this showing that Clinton and Obama are pro racist. ********************************

The reason for the worst racism, the racism that murders and takes rights away from others, is enabling. When one race has lower standards and more social acceptability for racism, than others. The first step is to define racism.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says: rac·ism

noun \ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi-\

: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

: the belief that some races of people are better than others

That is a good definition of racism. For example the fellow on the $20 bill, Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party, was a racist. He bought and mistreated black slaves (known to be crueler than most slave owners). He was the kingpin of the Cherokee Trail of Tears, ignoring land deeds and the Constitution and the Supreme Court, killing thousands to steal their land. Overseas Hitler murdered millions, with racism being the motive.

There are lesser forms of racism. In the USA, in some States, all the way up to the 1960s, blacks were treated as inferiors in terms of schools they could attend and where they could sit on a bus. Here is a speech by Governor George Wallace in that regard with his famous line, “Segregation forever”. As politicians tend to, he “spun” it, as a good thing with a good motive.

The truth is that KKK had corrupted justice and the rule of law in his State. The head of the police in Birmingham, Bull Conner, was closely associated with America’s most deadly terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, who murdered about 6,000 people, mostly blacks. Bull Conner looked the other way to assist the KKK in their murders. This helped him politically as the Democratic Party, and the base of that party, were so anti-black racist at that time. In 1960, Bull Connor was elected Democratic National Committeeman for Alabama.

So extreme and murderous racism does happen, here and abroad. The common theme is that society and the news media allow double standards. If a black person in Democratic Party dominated Alabama in 1960, said and did the same things Bull Conner did, he would be arrested and vilified in the newspapers. But a white person like Bull Conner, was honored in the news media and the Democratic Party, for the very same deeds. We have the same situation today in many ways, as there is a double standard today, just as there was in 1960.

For historically perceptive on this, Bill Clinton gave a speech to honor a Ku Klux Klan Grand Cyclops. Below is the video of Clinton’s eulogy for that KKK Grand Cyclops. In it Clinton indicts himself, Byrd and the base of the Democratic Party. He first lies by saying the chief recruiter (Kleg) for the KKK in West Virginia and a Grand Cyclops (that is a honor in the KKK similar to being named Super Bowl MVP in the NFL) had a “fleeting” association with the KKK. Then Clinton says in effect it was OK that he joined the most murderous terrorist organization in the history of our country (they murdered more that Bin Laden did), because he had to in order to get elected. In saying that, Clinton first was saying its okay to join a murderous terrorist/racist organization, if that is necessary to get elected. It is not. And he was also saying that the base of Democratic Party was so racist that Byrd would not have been elected, unless he did join the KKK. This is something to think about. You will see that Obama and Biden agree and applaud. Clinton also lied about the Grand Cyclops trying to make up for it the rest of his life, Byrd led the charge against Civil Rights for a decade in the US Senate after being a leader of the KKK.

Now on to the test: Let score Bundy, Spike Lee, Sterling, and Jay-Z on their level of racism. Questions:

1. Do they ever say inflammatory things that do or could lead to race riots or racially motivated murders?

2. Do they belong to racist organizations, like the KKK or National Socialists (Hitler), that believe one or more races is inherently evil?

3. Are they opposed to allowing people of one race to move into a neighborhood or apartment?

4. Do they believe in prejudice in hiring and schooling, that there should be racial barriers to being hired or accepted to a school, based solely on race?

Scoring: Since (1) and (2) are much more harmful than (3) and (4), they are scored two points each, and (3) and (4)are one point. The more points, the more racist that person is. You score it yourself, then AUN-TV will score it and explain our ratings.

BundySpeech Cliven Bundy Do any of the 4 questions apply?

SpikeLeeObamaAirJordans Spike Lee Do any of the 4 questions apply?

DonaldSterling+Friend Donald Sterling Do any of the 4 questions apply?

ObamaJay-zOnlyForward Jay-Z Do any of the 4 questions apply?


Cliven Bundy: There is no evidence he qualifies for any of the four questions, so he get 0, a perfect score.

Spike Lee: He did make inflammatory remarks that could have led to riots and killings, that he would not have done, if Zimmerman was the same race as he is.

Spike Lee was so blinded by rage towards Zimmerman … he tweeted the address of an elderly couple, believing it was Zimmerman’s … and they claim Spike put their lives in grave danger. David and Elaine McClain claim in a new lawsuit Lee was so filled with hate he got the wrong address and carelessly threw it up online … just days after the shooting. In the lawsuit … the McClains say they received numerous death threats and hate mail … and feared for their lives as their address was re-Tweeted countless times. The McClains say Lee’s Tweet of their address encouraged “a dangerous mob mentality.” Now they want a lot more for their troubles and grief.

Conclusion: Lee was successfully sued for big bucks. 2 Points He does not belong to a racist organization that we know of, but Lee is upset that white people are moving into Harlem, and that they have to “respect black culture”. Reverse that being said by a white person and it would be a scandal. 1 Point

Today as in 1960 there is official racial discrimination in hiring and schooling, and Lee is in favor of that by his political associations. 1 Point Total Racist Points for Lee, 4.

Donald Sterling: He has no hits on 1 and 2 but does on 3, he received a huge fine for discriminating against blacks in his apartments, so 1 Point there. On 4 there is no knowledge, although he is a big contributor to NAACP that does believe in anti-white/Asian discrimination in schooling and anti-white discrimination in hiring. Based on his statements to his girl friend he is more likely to be against blacks than in favor of anti-white discrimination, but his actions with NAACP count, so we will give him 1/2 point on (4).

Sharpton+SterlingNAACP Total Racist Points for Sterling, 1.5. Jay-Z:


On first and second question the medallion he is wearing means he believes in a racist cult called the 5% Nation. They believe:

“The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally. The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: F–- white people. Seriously. White people are devils. Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.” 2 Points for KKK like org, and wearing that is the same as wearing a NAZI swastika, it encourages racial violence, 2 more Points.

On 3 he has no known position and on 4 his political associations and 5% Nation status indicate he is in favor of anti-white discrimination in jobs and schooling, so 1 Point. Total Racist Points for Jay-Z is 5.

Racist Standings of Four Selected for Testing:

Worst Racist to Least Racist: Jay-Z: 5 Spike Lee: 2 Donald Sterling: 1.5 Cliven Bundy: 0 So why is Cliven Bundy even being talked about? Because he is a threat to Federal power overreach, and has to be neutralized. Why is Jay-Z so racist that he believes in a KKK/NAZI like super racist cult? For the same reason Bull Conner associated with the KKK and why so many college professors were NAZIS in Germany in the 1930s. It is/was easy. This is where all the truly damaging racism comes from, when there are dual standards. There is no such thing as reverse racism, racism is racism. For 190 years there was prevalent anti-black racism in America, then it was neutral for a while and for the last 40 years there has been official anti-white racism in America and just as whites were given a free pass to be anti-black, as Bull Conner had for years, today blacks have a free pass to be anti-white, as Jay-Z being close to the President without a murmur proves. Would any recent President party in public with a KKKer in a hood? Obama is doing exactly that today.

The key to truly ending racism is when the double standards, no matter in which direction, are ended. When Jay-Z and Bull Conner’s super racist behavior are both not acceptable, at the same time, then Martin Luther King’s dream has come true.

TOPICS: Editorial; Government; News/Current Events; Philosophy
KEYWORDS: bundy; jayz; racism; sterling

1 posted on 05/03/2014 9:04:52 PM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

Excellent article, everyone should go to that webpage, Uncensored News and look at the test, 4 questions applied to Spike Lee, Bundy, Sterling and Jay Z and the rest of the reading.

2 posted on 05/03/2014 9:12:46 PM PDT by BeadCounter
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To: ScamFix

Petition to end black racism in the NBA.

3 posted on 05/03/2014 9:13:08 PM PDT by doug from upland (Obama and the leftists - destroying our country one day at a time)
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To: BeadCounter

Thanks Bead, it may open some eyes.

4 posted on 05/03/2014 9:15:04 PM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

This test has been rejected by the government for failing to meet the new COMMON CORE STANDARDS.

5 posted on 05/03/2014 9:16:41 PM PDT by UCANSEE2 (Lost my tagline on Flight MH370. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
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To: ScamFix
Now on to the test: Let score Bundy, Spike Lee, Sterling, and Jay-Z on their level of racism. Questions

Why does everyone go silent when Oprah Winfrey is mentioned. She beats 'em all.

Yes I know. Some are tired of seeing this but..

Oprah Winfrey didn't just say, "Don't bring 'em to my show," she said:

"There are still generations of older people who were born and breed and marinated in that prejudice and racism and they just have to die."
And she was not referring to the victims of racism.
6 posted on 05/03/2014 9:18:42 PM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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Ucansee, So you must think it is a good test ;-)

7 posted on 05/03/2014 9:24:41 PM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

There is the superiority complex racism and the inferiority complex one of liberals and black liberals in particular.

8 posted on 05/03/2014 10:08:12 PM PDT by lavaroise (A well regulated gun being necessary to the state, the rights of the militia shall not be infringed)
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To: lavaroise

I think most liberals cry racism because it’s THEY who have a superiority complex. Playing the race card makes them think they’re holier-than-thou, that, or their projecting to cover up there own personal bigoted attitudes.

9 posted on 05/03/2014 11:59:52 PM PDT by Impala64ssa (You call me an islamophobe like it's a bad thing.)
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To: Impala64ssa

Indeed, liberals do think they are going to end up the Royalties at the end of the day when they are going to be shocked to figure that crypto-Marxists governments like these tend to think of them as useful idiots... kind of like that Police K9 abused by its own handler.

10 posted on 05/04/2014 2:09:49 AM PDT by lavaroise (A well regulated gun being necessary to the state, the rights of the militia shall not be infringed)
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To: ScamFix

I’ve argued these points about Lee and Jay-Z being racists on sports forums, and the usual reply from self-identified blacks and liberal whites is that somehow blacks can’t be racists. So Lee and Jay-Z get a pass. It’s like arguing with people living in glass houses throwing stones at other people. They, liberals, perceive themselves to be above criticism because they believe in “social justice.”

11 posted on 05/04/2014 2:20:13 AM PDT by driftless2
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To: ScamFix

IMO, the most glaring double standard is exemplified by black actor Jamie Foxx gloating on Saturday Night Live, about his leading role in the movie Django Unchained,where he:

“gets to kill ALL the white people! How great is that! How black is that!

No problem. Not even a bump in the road for his Hollywood career. Ironically, he has been chosen to portray Martin Luther King, a champion of non violence, in an upcoming movie.

Compare that with the destruction of Paula Dean who became a social outcast and lost most of her corporate sponsors when it was revealed that she had used the N word 30 years ago when describing a black bank robber to her husband who had terrorized her in a bank robbery.

The worst of all is Eric”my people” Holder, Obama’s black Attorney General, who openly stated that White Americans are not covered by federal hate crime laws when violent attacked because of their race because they are not in one of Holder’s “protected groups”. He said this at a time when racially motivated black on white violent crime is epidemic compared to the reverse.

And he is true to his word totally ignoring many hundreds of mob beatings,assaults,hate rapes, and murders against white Americans while prosecuting the one white on black “knock out” attack as a hate crime.

12 posted on 05/04/2014 3:01:44 AM PDT by Uncle Lonny
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To: ScamFix

Racism is now calling someone black!

13 posted on 05/04/2014 3:38:35 AM PDT by ronnie raygun
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To: driftless2

I’ve had that same discussion with them ad nauseum. I’ve also been told that it’s perfectly OK for them to lash out at those they perceive to be “bigots” or “haters” i.e., Christians, Southerners, Republicans etc., not hypocritical because those people somehow “have it coming”.

14 posted on 05/04/2014 5:22:44 AM PDT by Wildcat Stevens
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To: ScamFix
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says: rac·ism

1. poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race

2. the belief that some races of people are better than others

It should be noted this is an unusual definition.

Racism is more commonly defined as the belief in significant mental/intellectual/character difference between "races," usually with a superior/inferior relationship stated or implied.

Hatred or violence against people because of their race is usually very much a secondary definition.

Personally I prefer the definition in this article, but it is not the common one.

Also, leftists normally claim "racism" means a position or exercise of power based on race. By their definition, members of minority groups have no such power, only white people do. The whole bit about white privilege. Therefore, non-white people are quite incapable of being racist, whereas whites are almost incapable of NOT being racist.

15 posted on 05/04/2014 6:00:15 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: ScamFix
He (Jackson) was the kingpin of the Cherokee Trail of Tears, ignoring land deeds and the Constitution and the Supreme Court

Technically speaking, the Cherokee, or most of them, were expelled under Jackson's successor, Van Buren. But he was continuing policies put in place by Jackson.

16 posted on 05/04/2014 6:02:47 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: ScamFix
America’s most deadly terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, who murdered about 6,000 people, mostly blacks.

Nope. The KKK, as an organization, was responsible for nothing near this number. The amount probably comes from the total killed in lynchings from the 1880s, which is around 6000.

The First KKK lasted only from 1865 to about 1871 before the federal occupation authorities crushed it, though it was replaced by numerous other groups of similar ilk but less dramatic name. It went out of existence well before anybody started keeping count of lynchings. There was a lot of killing during this period in the South, but the idea that it was all controlled by the KKK as an organization is just silly.

The second KKK was in operation in real terms only from 1921 to about 1925, before it collapsed due mainly to the criminality and venality of its leaders. It was by far the most powerful of the incarnations. The total lynchings during this period added up to less than 200.

In the 50s and 60s and thru to today, there have been a bunch of rather marginal organizations using the name. Their total body count is probably well under 100.

Lynchings were mob activities. They were generally spontaneous actions, and blaming all of the killings or even most of them on a single organization is ludicrous. The vast majority of recorded lynchings took place during periods when the KKK didn't even exist.

Quite a few lynchings were related to industrial disputes and many of them had nothing at all to do with race.

It should also be noted that a large but indeterminate number of lynchings were of murderers or rapists who did indeed, under the laws and customs of the time, deserve to die. They should have received a fair trial, but their execution in and of itself was not unjust.

17 posted on 05/04/2014 6:34:24 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: driftless2
somehow blacks can’t be racists.

See post 15. That blacks and other persons of color cannot be racists is an article of faith on the left, though it requires redefining the word. Not something that has ever disturbed leftists.

By the usual primary definition of racism, someone who hates and mistreats people of other races is not necessarily racist unless he also believes the group he is attacking are inferior to him. My limited perspective is that many blacks who really, really hate white people don't necessarily believe in black superiority.

18 posted on 05/04/2014 6:40:44 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: ScamFix

Don’t forget Jesse Jackson-—Sharpton-—Dingell-—Cummings-—Sheila Lee—Holder-—and a whole raft of other members of Congress who are darker than a sun-deprived Swede.

19 posted on 05/04/2014 7:37:26 AM PDT by ridesthemiles
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To: WilliamofCarmichael

You are correct. Oprah is one very hate-filled witch.

20 posted on 05/04/2014 7:40:11 AM PDT by ridesthemiles
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To: doug from upland

You are asking for CONSISTENCY from liberals? That’s the biggest problem.

21 posted on 05/04/2014 8:17:35 AM PDT by Moseley (
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To: ridesthemiles

Hi Rides, Indeed it is pervasive, just as the Democrat Party was stuffed with anti-black racists in 1960 like Bull Conner, Byrd, Wallace, etc. that same organization is stuffed with anti-white racists today as you list.

And people like the Grand Cyclops Byrd have played both sides of the racist game. The game is the same, use racism to get people to vote for you because you are going to hurt other people to give you unearned benefits. That is the rational appeal, we will discriminate against others for you.

There is also the using racial hatred and paranoia to get votes, as Obama did over Trayvon. Racism has been the bread and butter of the Democrat Party since its founding, their #1 vote getter for 180 years. They have just changed the target race.

22 posted on 05/04/2014 8:51:37 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: Sherman Logan

Hi Sherman,

I am basing that number on Historian David Barton, 4,500 blacks and 1,500 whites murdered by KKK over their history. Mostly the first version of KKK.

Wikipedia exerpt:
The Klan attacked black members of the Loyal Leagues and intimidated southern Republicans and Freedmen’s Bureau workers. When they killed black political leaders, they also took heads of families, along with the leaders of churches and community groups, because these people had many roles in society. Agents of the Freedmen’s Bureau reported weekly assaults and murders of blacks. “Armed guerrilla warfare killed thousands of Negroes; political riots were staged; their causes or occasions were always obscure, their results always certain: ten to one hundred times as many Negroes were killed as whites.” Masked men shot into houses and burned them, sometimes with the occupants still inside. They drove successful black farmers off their land. “Generally, it can be reported that in North and South Carolina, in 18 months ending in June 1867, there were 197 murders and 548 cases of aggravated assault.”[50]
George W. Ashburn was assassinated for his pro-black sentiments.

Klan violence worked to suppress black voting. More than 2,000 persons were killed, wounded and otherwise injured in Louisiana within a few weeks prior to the Presidential election of November 1868. Although St. Landry Parish had a registered Republican majority of 1,071, after the murders, no Republicans voted in the fall elections. White Democrats cast the full vote of the parish for Grant’s opponent. The KKK killed and wounded more than 200 black Republicans, hunting and chasing them through the woods. Thirteen captives were taken from jail and shot; a half-buried pile of 25 bodies was found in the woods. The KKK made people vote Democratic and gave them certificates of the fact.[51]

In the April 1868 Georgia gubernatorial election, Columbia County cast 1,222 votes for Republican Rufus Bullock. By the November presidential election, however, Klan intimidation led to suppression of the Republican vote and only one person voted for Ulysses S. Grant.[52]

Klansmen killed more than 150 African Americans in a county in Florida, and hundreds more in other counties. Freedmen’s Bureau records provided a detailed recounting of Klansmen’s beatings and murders of freedmen and their white allies.[53]

Milder encounters also occurred. In Mississippi, according to the Congressional inquiry:[54]

23 posted on 05/04/2014 9:00:49 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: driftless2

Drift, indeed have heard that racist axiom before,that it is impossible for one race to be racist. Wonder how someone could be so racistly blind to believe that. You might use 1 million Tutsi in Rwanda being murdered by Hutu in a week to wake them up.

Did Bull Conner ever say he was a racist? Not to my knowledge.

24 posted on 05/04/2014 9:23:57 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

Thanks for the response. I apologize if I jumped to the conclusion that the 6000 figure was based on the number of lynchings. I have seen claims before by others that all lynchings were the work of the KKK, which is of course quite untrue.

Lynching was quite common in the years before the Civil War. In fact, Lincoln’s first real (1838) public speech denounced the practice and encouraged devotion to the laws rather than the outburst of public outrage of a lynching.

I realize a lot of people were killed during the time of the early KKK, though no doubt a lot of the killing was by people not directly affiliated with the organization, albeit sharing a basic worldview. There were numerous other groups doing much the same thing, at the time, though they didn’t get nearly as much press, probably because they didn’t have as cool a name.

I have never, however, seen a compilation of exactly how many people were killed during this period, quite possibly because the chaotic south of the time didn’t allow for getting those numbers together.

I think it is reasonable to point out that the violence was not always entirely one-sided, that many blacks fought back, particularly those who had served in the Union Army, and no doubt not all of their violence was in proper self-defense.

A lot of people riding around the south at night in robes at the time were not necessarily part of the KKK at all, but were freelance criminals taking the opportunity to attack their enemies or rob and kill randomly.

25 posted on 05/04/2014 9:31:06 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: Sherman Logan

Agree Sherman, JMHO is that most people want to feel superior, without effort, hence the appeal of KKK, 5%ers and Hitler. It is the sin nature.

But the hate can come from different angles. Picking on those with the least money and status, such as blacks in 1930s, or having fear another race/group might just be more accomplished then there own (Jews in Germany that had higher % of doctors and scientists than general public).

The world would be better place without racism. It is the big stuff, not the little stuff that counts, we should concentrate on the Jay-Zs, Hitlers and KKKers.

26 posted on 05/04/2014 9:33:07 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: Sherman Logan

Hi Sherman,

I had already agreed with another of your posts before seeing this one. You are right, since it was illegal the KKK was not putting up scorecards on there murders, and race riots are by nature chaotic.

In the gap between the 1st KKK and the Hollywood KKK (United Artist was funded and created via Birth of a Nation) there were non KKK racist riots, one of the worst being 1998 Wilmington. The true history has been hidden because it makes Hollywood and one political party look so bad. Here is a video on Wilmington 1998 and Zimmerman parallels.


27 posted on 05/04/2014 9:40:31 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

Whoops, meant 1898 Wilmington Insurrection,not 1998, where the city government was taken over by force.

28 posted on 05/04/2014 9:48:25 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix
You might use 1 million Tutsi in Rwanda being murdered by Hutu in a week to wake them up.

A good point. I have a few to add.

A lot of Hutu were killed by their own tribal members, for the crimes of being "moderate," married to a Tutsi, or just "looking Tutsi." It's estimated about 100,000 Hutu were murdered.

The really high rate of killing continued for about six weeks, after which it dropped off, in most areas because the killers were running out of Tutsi, not because they came to their senses.

It's also probably not reasonable to call this killing "racist," in the sense used in American politics. Most Americans would consider Tutsi and Hutu to be members of the same race. As indeed most reasonable people consider the Nazis and Jews members of the same race.

Hutu massacres of Tutsi were based on ancient tribal antagonisms, mixed up with class hatred, since the Tutsi were the traditional ruling class, resented, not entirely illogically, by the Hutu. It was certainly ethnic, but calling it racist is somewhat of a stretch.

It is interesting that during the height of the killing the Hutu managed a murder rate at least 10x that of the Nazis at the height of the Holocaust, which to my mind makes the claim that "industrial methods" or technology are needed to kill a lot of people quickly look as stupid as they deserve.

All you need to kill a lot people in a hurry is a lot of willing killers.

29 posted on 05/04/2014 9:57:07 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: ScamFix

Birth of a Nation - 1915. United Artists - 1919.

No doubt Griffith used some of the money from BOAN to finance his 20% investment in UA, I think tying UA directly to the movie is a bit of a stretch.

Even at the time, BOAN caused so much uproar that the next year Griffith produced Intolerance.

30 posted on 05/04/2014 10:05:49 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: ScamFix

On one sports forum one self-identified black person said blacks can be bigots and haters, but they can’t be racists. Because blacks don’t have any power. They actually believe that. As if I, a white person who has a lot less than a million dollars in total wealth, have as much power as billionaire Oprah Winfrey or black multi-millionaire rap pseudo-musicians and Hollyweird movie stars. The whole idea that blacks can’t be racists is laughable.

31 posted on 05/04/2014 10:08:15 AM PDT by driftless2
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To: Sherman Logan

It has been a while, so will guess your 6 weeks is more accurate. Have talked to a survivor. People went insane. They said afterwards they had no memory of committing the murders.

It seems like it was spiritual, like a satanic event. Mothers killed their own children if they were half Tutsi. Scary how fast something like that can happen. On racism to an American it might not seem so, but to them it like Swedes and Italians. It is likely easier to tell to them than a Jew in Germany. I personally do see it as racism. Japanese viewed Chinese racistly in WW2 to justify their actions.

It has been proven with genetics that all people came from just one woman, there was an Eve, so we are all relatives. But even small genetic variations. such as English, Scottish and Irish on same island, have assisted wars being started.

32 posted on 05/04/2014 10:16:20 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

Wondered about that 1998 date. :)

I have always found it interesting that Reconstruction ended in 1877 but there was a considerable delay in many southern states in full imposition of Jim Crow.

Obviously in NC that didn’t occur till 1998. That 20 year interim is really interesting, but seldom gets mentioned. The standard story is that KKK-types immediately imposed full white supremacy immediately after the troops pulled out.

33 posted on 05/04/2014 10:18:54 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: ScamFix

Or Serbs and Croats. Common language (though it’s hard to get them to admit it). Quite impossible to discern any physical difference between the groups.

But they massacred each other with great enthusiasm.

34 posted on 05/04/2014 10:23:01 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: Sherman Logan

Sherman, you are a very knowledgeable fellow. It was the biggest movie blockbuster ever, on a relative basis. He confessed they had trouble counting the money (no credit cards then).

Did not know it was 20%. At the same time since recreating the KKK was acceptable to his UA partners then UA and Hollywood are both tainted IMHO with the KKK. The movie capital might have been elsewhere if not for Birth of Nation, as in Niles Canyon.


35 posted on 05/04/2014 10:24:06 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: Sherman Logan

Wilmington was the model of racial harmony in South, black middle class, blacks could vote, there was peace and prosperity. All bad for Democrats, so they took over the government by force and ended black voting rights.

Terrible for justice, terrible for America, wonderful for Democrats, they had total control of NC for 70 years after that insurrection.

36 posted on 05/04/2014 11:33:32 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: Sherman Logan

Looked it up:

The most easily recognizable feature that distinguishes the three ethnic groups is their religion, with Bosniaks predominantly Muslim, Serbs predominantly Orthodox Christians, and Croats Catholic Christians.

A Y chromosome haplogroups study published in 2005 found that “three main groups of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in spite of some quantitative differences, share a large fraction of the same ancient gene pool distinctive for the Balkan area”.[1]

Looks like it is culture and religion, not race. Has happened before. Will give south america credit, very few wars in last 100 years despite bigger differences on race.

37 posted on 05/04/2014 11:40:25 AM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ronnie raygun

JUST noticed on YAHOO Noos.

Bundy’s new first name is now Racist.

His whole name is now

Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy. Leave it to the MSM to give you a new name if you oppose the Left.

Cliven Bundy has been Alinskyed.

38 posted on 05/04/2014 12:50:07 PM PDT by Gasshog (DemoKKKrats: Leaders of the Free Sh!t World)
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To: Gasshog

Ronnie, have noticed that. Before people can read the article they have been “officially” told what to think.

That is the real purpose of the Pretend Media, to tell people what to think, just like in Soviet Union.

39 posted on 05/04/2014 2:01:58 PM PDT by ScamFix
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To: ScamFix

Whoops, that was in response Gashog, not Ronnie

40 posted on 05/04/2014 2:03:30 PM PDT by ScamFix
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