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Ut, oh. Did somebody say "Hillary and Nigeria" in the same sentence?
VARIOUS | 5/10/14 | vanity

Posted on 05/10/2014 10:11:34 AM PDT by Liz

THIS JUST IN Politico reports that next week Hillary will host a campaign fundraiser for Chelsea's MIL who is running for Congress.

Marjory Margolies Mezvinsky (Dem-PA) was a Congressman when Bill Clinton was president. The then-buzz is Billy cajoled Marjory into voting for a tax hike---she promptly got voted out at the next election. But she had a bigger mess on her hands.

Marjorie's husband (Chelsea's FIL), Edward Mezvinsky, is a convicted felon. Edward, a lawyer and himself a former Congressman, got conned into several notorious several Nigerian-based email financial frauds guaranteed to make you rich. So in his haste to get rich quick, to raise money to get in on these "heaven-sent" investment schemes, Edward defrauded many of his friends and business contacts. Alas, when the Nigerians got their hands on Edwards' money, they did a 23 skidoo. Having failed to come up w/ his ROI, Edward got nabbed by the long arm of the law. Mezvinsky pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony counts.. He did hard time----spent 7+ years in a federal prison w/ no chance of parole, and still owes millions in restitution.

Congressman wannabe Marjory Margolies is also no stranger to the dollar disease. Because of her husband's felony convictions, she filed for bankruptcy. But the court would NOT discharge her of her debts, finding that she could NOT explain where some $1 million in assets had vanished, in the previous 4 year span.

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WIKI Mezvinsky's Criminal activities: Mezvinsky was involved in a series of business transactions that ultimately led to his downfall.

Beginning in the early 1990s Mezvinsky fell prey to a wide variety of infamous Nigerian 419 scams. According to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky was conned by "just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen." In order to raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes he was being offered, Mezvinsky became, himself, a conman, tapping his network of contacts and dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness defense. He served his time at Federal Prison Camp, Eglin. Mezvinsky, Federal Bureau of Prisons # 55040-066, was released in April 2008. He remained on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims.

1 posted on 05/10/2014 10:11:34 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Why, it’s been YEARS since we’ve seen someone on the left with such a distinguished resume! She should just be GIVEN the office; no election needed!


You know it’s true. She’s most likely gonna win...

2 posted on 05/10/2014 10:15:12 AM PDT by Diana in Wisconsin (I don't have 'Hobbies.' I'm developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set...)
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To: Diana in Wisconsin
Nobody mentions the charity she heads and pays herself $600,000 per year from, funded by federal government grants. This was just last year folks.

When audited, she claimed the salary was approved by the board's directors, of which she is the director. The accounting firm had a problem with that, but the DOJ doesn't.

3 posted on 05/10/2014 10:18:15 AM PDT by blackdog (There is no such thing as healing, only a balance between destructive and constructive forces.)
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To: Liz

All I know is that the left gets enraged if you ridicule their pointless #Hashtag diplomacy and point out that it should have been prevented in the first place.

Sad as it is, few of these girls will ever return home because nobody cared when they were burning boys.

4 posted on 05/10/2014 10:19:18 AM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin.)
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To: Liz

Oh, that was like 15 years ago, dude.

At this point in time, what difference does it make?

5 posted on 05/10/2014 10:20:37 AM PDT by NTHockey (Rules of engagement #1: Take no prisoners. And to the NSA trolls, FU)
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To: NTHockey

The entire federal government is apparently a Crime Family. no wonder they worked so hard to wipe out the other ones.

What I would like to know, is HOW IS IT that the wife is somehow not responsible for any of this. You know, had this been a “commoner”, they would be on her a#$# like a bad rash for restitution. They’ve even gone after women who were DIVORCED before any crime was found to be committed.

6 posted on 05/10/2014 12:16:09 PM PDT by The Antiyuppie ("When small men cast long shadows, then it is very late in the day.")
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To: Diana in Wisconsin

“”Excerpted from - Jessica Parks - 4/12/14

PHILADELPHIA Former President Bill Clinton delivered a rousing speech Thursday to promote Marjorie Margolies’ congressional campaign, assuring the audience that “I would be here even if her son weren’t my son-in-law.”””

If the picture of her on Wikipedia isn’t an old one, I can see why Bill Clinton is still hanging around. Other than her giving him the deciding vote on a budget bill when she was in Congress, what was the tie between she and her husband with the Clinton’s before then? The (ex) husband reportedly threw his name around to convince people to throw in with him on the Nigerian scams! WHY?

And there appears to be millions missing from those schemes? Hmmmmm....follow the money! If there’s money involved, can the Clinton’s be far behind?

7 posted on 05/10/2014 4:38:58 PM PDT by Thank You Rush
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To: The Antiyuppie

The best description of the DC power hogs is “oligarchs”. The dudes in Ukraine have nothing on our elitist crooks.

8 posted on 05/10/2014 4:42:45 PM PDT by grania
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To: Thank You Rush; ken5050
Then-Congressman Marjory Margolies gave then-Pres Clinton the deciding vote on a budget bill---after which she was promptly voted out of office.

The Mezvitsky's and the Clintons were thick as thieves, and were frequent guests at the WH. Mezvitsky reportedly dropped the Clinton name to con people into throwing in with him on the multiple Nigerian scams he was involved with.

Mezvinsky used those funds to travel to Nigeria to pursue one hare-brained scheme after another. He ultimately lost more than $3 million to the scammers, falling especially hard for the notorious "black money" scam, where victims are told millions of dollars have been coated with black ink so the money could be smuggled out of Nigeria. The scammers then offer to sell a special, expensive chemical to clean the ink off of the money. Prosecutors say Mezvinsky fell for at least three separate "black money" schemes.

Mezvistsky, a lawyer, and a former Congressman, told the Des Moines Register from prison in 2003, that he found the Nigerians convincing. "The man later came out with a chemical, threw it on the money, and it all turned to $100 bills. He gave me 10 to have them tested back home. And they were real," Mezvinsky told the Register.

Mezvinsky pleaded guilty to more than 30 counts of fraud, and was sentenced to 80 months in federal prison.

After Mezvitsky went to jail, Marjory tried to declare bankruptcy, but the judge refused---saying she could not account for large amts of monies apparently accumulated during Mezvitsky's crime spree.

If there’s money involved, can the Clintons be far behind?

9 posted on 05/11/2014 5:16:20 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

But I can’t help but wonder what drew them together in the first place - the Clintons and the crooks. HA! That didn’t come out exactly as I meant but it fits. Why was her (Margolies) husband thick with Clinton before his wife was elected to Congress? What did her husband and Bill Clinton have in common? Was he also an easy touch to vote the way Clinton wanted him to? Have to wonder if the Clintons gave him money also.

BUT - what difference - at this point - does it make?

10 posted on 05/11/2014 6:55:18 AM PDT by Thank You Rush
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To: Thank You Rush

I don’t think the Clintons gave him money-—I think they got some of the money he was scamming.

Let’s check the campaign contribution AND the three Clinton tax-exempt foundations.

11 posted on 05/11/2014 7:03:34 AM PDT by Liz
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