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Hunter Biden [son of US VP Joe Biden] joins the team of Burisma Holdings [Ukraine gas producer]
Burisma website ^ | May 12, 2014 |

Posted on 05/12/2014 8:45:51 PM PDT by CMB_polarization

Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, has expand edits Board of Directors by bringing on Mr. R Hunter Biden as a new director.

R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment, he commented: “Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Mr. Alan Apter, noted: “The company’s strategy is aimed at the strongest concentration of professional staff and the introduction of best corporate practices, and we’re delighted that Mr. Biden is joining us to help us achieve these goals.”

R. Hunter Biden is a counsel to Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, a national law firm based in New York, USA, which served in cases including “Bush vs. Gore”, and “U.S. vs. Microsoft”. He is one of the co-founders and a managing partner of the investment advisory company Rosemont Seneca Partners, as well as chairman of the board of Rosemont Seneca Advisors. He is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Masters Program in the School of Foreign Service.

Mr. Biden has experience in public service and foreign policy. He is a director for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, The Center for National Policy, and the Chairman’s Advisory Board for the National Democratic Institute. Having served as a Senior Vice President at MBNA bank, former U.S. President Bill Clinton appointed him an Executive Director of E-Commerce Policy Coordination under Secretary of Commerce William Daley. Mr. Biden served as Honorary Co-Chair of the 2008 Obama-Biden Inaugural Committee.

Mr. Biden is a member of the bar in the State of Connecticut, and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Court of Federal Claims. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

R. Hunter Biden is also a well-known public figure.He is chairman of the Board of the World Food Programme U.S.A., together with the world’s largest humanitarian organization, theUnited Nations World Food Programme. In this capacity he offers assistance to the poor in developing countries, fighting hunger and poverty, and helping to provide food and education to 300 million malnourished children around the world.

Company Background: Burisma Holdings is a privately owned oil and gas company with assets in Ukraine and operating in the energy market since 2002. To date, the company holds a portfolio with permits to develop fields in the Dnieper-Donets, the Carpathian and the Azov-Kuban basins. In 2013, the daily gas production grew steadily and at year-end amounted to 11.6 thousand BOE (barrels of oil equivalent – incl. gas, condensate and crude oil), or 1.8 million m3 of natural gas. The company sells these volumes in the domestic market through traders, as well as directly to final consumers.

For more information contact the press office at

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1 posted on 05/12/2014 8:45:51 PM PDT by CMB_polarization
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To: CMB_polarization

If Rhunter Biden is so famous, how come I ain’t ever heard of him ?

2 posted on 05/12/2014 8:50:03 PM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (Resist We Much)
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To: CMB_polarization

3 posted on 05/12/2014 8:50:21 PM PDT by CMB_polarization
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To: CMB_polarization

Incest knows no bounds.

4 posted on 05/12/2014 8:51:25 PM PDT by Lurkina.n.Learnin
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To: Jet Jaguar; NorwegianViking; ExTexasRedhead; HollyB; FromLori; EricTheRed_VocalMinority; ...

The list, Ping

Let me know if you would like to be on or off the ping list

5 posted on 05/12/2014 8:52:18 PM PDT by Nachum (Obamacare: It's. The. Flaw.)
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To: CMB_polarization

new world order, woo hoo.

6 posted on 05/12/2014 8:53:44 PM PDT by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves)
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To: CMB_polarization

......”Joe Biden’s SON will be in charge of the Ukraine’s Gas Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations”.....

Well, we do have our own ‘Oligarchs’ now don’t we.......who are continuing to do just what Ukraines former Oligarchs have ......Added McCain and his interests there....and the Oligarch Pres. candidate marked to win....and there you have it.

This is so rich...pardon the pun.

7 posted on 05/12/2014 8:54:25 PM PDT by caww
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To: CMB_polarization

Culture of corruption.

8 posted on 05/12/2014 8:56:25 PM PDT by Hoodat (Democrats - Opposing Equal Protection since 1828)
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To: CMB_polarization

Pretty much the same as Patrick Daley.

The new generation of Crony Capitalist-Fascist.

9 posted on 05/12/2014 8:59:29 PM PDT by bakeneko
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To: PieterCasparzen
...."new world order, woo hoo.".... Ah yes indeed....and people thought Ukraine was all about the peoples freedom...lolol. No wonder Biden was over there playing footsy with the Kiev Gov....setting up the next generation of Oligarchs!

Evil is as evil does..and the apple never falls far from the tree.

10 posted on 05/12/2014 9:01:17 PM PDT by caww
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To: Lurkina.n.Learnin

Nor does pubic-to-scalp hair plugs.

11 posted on 05/12/2014 9:08:14 PM PDT by fieldmarshaldj (Resist We Much)
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To: CMB_polarization

Funny how that happens shortly after Biden visits Ukraine, eh??

12 posted on 05/12/2014 9:20:06 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: CMB_polarization

How CONveeeeenient. (Thanks for posting. Very interesting.)

13 posted on 05/12/2014 9:23:01 PM PDT by PGalt
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To: CMB_polarization

Has Hunter had brain surgery like his papa?

14 posted on 05/12/2014 9:23:56 PM PDT by Scooter100
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To: PGalt
Main Burisma website

15 posted on 05/12/2014 9:28:16 PM PDT by CMB_polarization
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To: tcrlaf

There were also a lot of mutterings a few months ago, based on leaked State Dept. conversations, that the US was behind the Kiev coup that ousted the pro-Russian former leader. Vice President Biden was the point man on the operation. I guess this is his reward.

16 posted on 05/12/2014 9:28:51 PM PDT by binreadin
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To: CMB_polarization
Since 2002 Burisma has grown to be Ukraine’s leading independent energy company. With the ever growing demand for fuels including oil and natural gas, Burisma is poised to be the market leader. Applying cutting-edge technology, human initiative and forward thinking, Burisma is Ukraine’s future.

Burisma Holdings
33 St. James Square
London SW1Y 4JS
United Kingdom
+44 207 873 23 82

17 posted on 05/12/2014 9:29:34 PM PDT by CMB_polarization
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To: CMB_polarization

Always follow the money.

18 posted on 05/12/2014 9:34:39 PM PDT by RginTN
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To: caww

Thats a Grinchy-look if Ive ever seen one. Just paint him Green.

19 posted on 05/12/2014 11:04:57 PM PDT by Gasshog (DemoKKKrats: Leaders of the Free Sh!t World)
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To: CMB_polarization

My memory is that he made $1.6 million a year as a lobbyist.

When his dad was picked for VP they decided it wasn’t seemly so he resigned as lobbyist and was hired as a rookie fund broker for $1.2 million a year.

Now, as his dad’s government is making decisions to defend Ukraine, he takes a position on the board of a Ukrainian gas company.

No one writes a check directly to Joe Biden, and he can claim to have no money. They check goes to his son.

Thats the way Harry Reid does it. If you want to talk to him, you write a check for $250k to one or both of his sons.

I remember some of the shenanigans involving the Clintons. Somehow after a lifetime of public service they managed to retire from office with several hundred million in the bank.

20 posted on 05/12/2014 11:36:04 PM PDT by marron
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To: CMB_polarization

- Show Joe the money!

21 posted on 05/13/2014 12:03:45 AM PDT by devolve (-Tell VLADIMER after my ERECTION I have more 90% more FLEXIBILITY - pre-1899 Colt SAA frames needed)
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To: CMB_polarization; WhiskeyX;

Interesting thanks for the posting. Those holdings sound like they’re in the eastern Ukraine. Maybe he can compare notes with Gerhart Schrader.

22 posted on 05/13/2014 12:55:33 AM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: caww

Surprise, surprise...

Out with the old boss, in with the new boss. Even worse than the old boss.

23 posted on 05/13/2014 10:46:36 AM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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"Freedom is the sure possession of those alone
who have the courage to defend it."


Please support Free Republic
click the pic

24 posted on 05/13/2014 10:47:34 AM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: little jeremiah

Imagine if this were one of Cheney’s relatives.....Impeachment hearing would already be starting.

25 posted on 05/13/2014 10:47:56 AM PDT by dfwgator
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To: dfwgator

Some animals are better than other animals.

May their karma hit ‘em fast and furious...

26 posted on 05/13/2014 11:28:34 AM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: CMB_polarization

Could be a good gig.

27 posted on 05/13/2014 2:29:23 PM PDT by Mike Darancette (Do The Math)
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To: Hoodat

That is the first thing I thought about too. Michelle Malkin nailed these bastards down in her book.

28 posted on 05/13/2014 7:12:15 PM PDT by Americanexpat
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To: CMB_polarization

With Obama and Biden running or ruining our foreign policies, I wonder if there were be any Ukraine left for Plugs Junior to work in, or will he have to learn Russian?

29 posted on 05/13/2014 8:10:41 PM PDT by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: CMB_polarization

I don’t mind corruption. I expect it. What bothers me is how open it is, and how nobody cares.

30 posted on 05/13/2014 8:33:47 PM PDT by Brae Jager (You cannot erase God with an edict)
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To: Americanexpat


- payola pigs


31 posted on 05/14/2014 1:16:44 AM PDT by devolve (-Tell VLADIMER after my ERECTION I have more 90% more FLEXIBILITY - pre-1899 Colt SAA frames needed)
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To: All
Biden's son Hunter was once a lobbyist who earned a cool $1.8 million. Hunter said it was legal because, when he had to lobby his dad, he sent someone else from the lobby office. When Biden ran for VP, they made Hunter quit the lobby gig. Hunter went to work as a rookie broker at a hedge fund at a salary of $1.2 million.

Then Hunter Biden and Biden's brother launched a take-over of the hedge fund and it all gets murky after that. We always hear that Biden is broke but there is apparently more to it than that. Harry Reid has the same deal; his sons are “lobbyists”. You hire them if you want to talk to their dad.


REFERENCE Biden's son Hunter Biden was previously a top official at PARADIGM Global Advisors, a hedge-fund holding company founded with Vice President Biden’s brother, James, and marketed by convicted finance fraudster Allen Stanford.

As Paradigm chairman, Hunter Biden oversaw half a billion dollars of client money invested in hedge funds while remaining a lobbyist. Cooper chipped in $2 million for the ill-fated venture, which went down in flames amid nasty fraud lawsuits." (NOTE Stanford is now in jail but the Biden's got off scot-free.)

"Hi there, Americans. Obama put me in charge of the trillion dollar stimulus.
My son and brother are gonna help me disperse the money. "


Offshore Fraudster had links to offshore fund run by VP Biden's relatives
Reuters on Yahoo | 2/23/09 | BY Ajay Kamalakaran

(Reuters) – A fund of offshore hedge funds run by two members of VP Joe Biden's family was marketed exclusively by offshore firms controlled by Texas financier Allen Stanford, charged by regulators with an $8 billion fraud, the Wall Street Journal said.

The Bidens $50 million fund was jointly branded between the Bidens' Paradigm Global Advisors LLC and the offshore Stanford Financial Group entity headquartered in Antigua, and was known as the Paradigm Stanford Capital Management Core Alternative Fund, the paper said. Stanford-related offshore companies marketed the Biden fund to investors and also invested about $2.7 million of their own money in the fund, the paper said, citing a lawyer for Paradigm.

Paradigm Global Advisors is owned through a holding company by the vice president Biden's son, Hunter, and Joe Biden's brother, James, according to the WSJ. Paradigm's attorney, Marc LoPresti, who represents Hunter Biden and James Biden, as well as Paradigm, told the paper he did not know which Stanford entity invested the roughly $2.7 million. (Excerpt) Read more at ...

NOTE A lawyer for Hunter Biden and James Biden told reporters the Bidens NEVER met or communicated with Stanford. (/snicker)

32 posted on 05/14/2014 3:03:21 PM PDT by Liz
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To: All
VP Biden Vacations in Virgin Islands for Second Time in Three Months /Daniel Halper / FR Posted on Friday, March 07, 2014 by Sub-Driver

The White House announced that Vice President Joe Biden would spend the weekend vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It's his second vacation there in three months.

His White House schedule reads: DAILY GUIDANCE FOR THE VICE PRESIDENT / Fri, March 7 – Sun, March 9 ---- The Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden will visit the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are no public events scheduled.

Geoff Earle of the New York Post reported on December 27, the vice president spent New Year's on the U.S. Virgin Islands. "Vice President Biden doesn’t have to worry about playing second fiddle to his boss when it comes to tropical vacations," Earle reported.

"President Obama’s No. 2, and 2016 presidential prospect, jets Friday to the U.S. Virgin Islands aboard Air Force Two, the White House announced Thursday night. He’ll be there through New Year’s.

"That puts Biden just steps away from some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling at the same time Obama is strolling Hawaii’s spectacular golf courses and hiking trails."


FREEPER REALTIME REPORT CIRCA 2012 "I just returned from a Caribbean cruise. In St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, the guide pointed out a waterfront mansion and said it belonged to Biden’s (cough) brother. He also said Air Force 2---the VP plane--frequently flies in and out."

33 posted on 05/14/2014 3:06:07 PM PDT by Liz
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To: marron
......the financial shenanigans involving the Clintons are legendary. They held no other jobs but public office (and in Arkansas did not even own their own home). Somehow after a lifetime of public service retired with several hundred million in the bank....

The Clintons are experts at gaming the system for themselves.

CLINTON POLITICS AND PROFITEERING: Boeing CEO questioned on donations to Clinton foundation Boeing's CEO faced pointed questions about its charitable donation to the tax-exempt Clinton Foundation in the same year that then-Secy of State Hillary Clinton advocated on its behalf on an official tax-financed trip to Russia.

(POSTER'S NOTE: Some might say it was common to advocate for US business---but then very few previous advocates had a presidential campaign on the burner----nor did they have three tax-exempt foundations panhandling donations from corporations.)

David Almasi, shareholder and representative of the National Center for Public Policy Research think tank, asked Boeing the question, and gave an indication of the kinds of challenges that companies could face as Hillary weighs a run for president. Dozens of major corporations have made charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation in recent years.

Almasi called the Boeing donation a "clear conflict of interest" that seemed "reckless and unnecessary." (According to Almasi's notes, CEO McNearney called an implication that the donation might have been legally questionable "beyond the pale.")

Boeing contributed $900,000 to the Clinton family foundation (there are three) just months after Clinton had traveled to Russia, where she made what she called a "shameless pitch" for a state-owned Russian company to buy Boeing passenger jets. Boeing won the $3.7 billion Russian contract in June 2010. (Some facts excerpted from report.)


Mmmmmm....Hillary's incessant globe-trotting raises new questions about her motives....since it is well-known her global travels contributed nothing to US foreign policy.

Hefty corporate donations to the Clintons' tax-exempt foundations are nice...... but exchanging valuable US ntl security info for campaign contributions......that could really add up.


And just who cleaned out the State Dept's bank accounts? News reports say the State Department announced it has "no idea" what happened to $6 billion used to pay its contractors..... a special “management alert” warned “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at State has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years....under Hillary's watch.

Now we know how Hillary always$ get$ tho$e wonderful poll number$----why $he's always at the top of the pre $idential pack (cackle).

34 posted on 05/14/2014 3:22:32 PM PDT by Liz
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To: All
BACKSTORY Billy Boy Clinton was grinning like a simpering fool at the annual meeting of the tax-exempt "Clinton Global Initiative Foundation"....even Boobomba was there hugging Billy like they were old pals.....all in the wake of the bombshell news:

<><> NYT reported that the tax-exempt Clinton Global Initiative Foundation uses shady financing,
and gets hefty donations from cronies who profited from Billy's presidential initiatives;

<><> the tax-exempt Clinton Global Initiative had employed an active Muzzie terrorist named Gehad el-Haddad (The stupid Clintons did not know Gehad was Farsi for "jihad"?)

Gehad also knows how the Muslim Brotherhood launders money to finance terrorism, using "tax-exempt foundations."


Muslim money-laundering modalities finance global jihad. (EXCERPT)---the American Freedom Law Center, has been engaged in a long and drawn out lawsuit againstHamas front group, CAIR. Hamas-CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of Washington, DC. "The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR's former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised."

THE MODUS OPERANDI To avoid reporting these millions of dollars from the dubious Islamist sources and to avoid registering as an agent for a foreign sovereign as required by federal law, CAIR created a separate company called CAIR-Foundation, Inc---an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

CAIR itself quit filing any federal tax returns from 2008-2010 and allowed the IRS to withdraw its status as a 501(c)(4), converting itself to a regular for-profit corporation. CAIR also stopped all of its operations and became simply a holding company, transferring, at least on the books, all of its employees and equipment to CAIR Foundation. --snip--



Oh, BTW, when Obama and Hillary launched the military invasion of Libya, they had access to the Libyan Bank w/ deposits of solid gold bars.

35 posted on 05/14/2014 3:24:14 PM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

Nicely done, pulling all of this together.

Just an aside that is apropos of nothing. You know I never cast aspersions. I accuse no one of illegality; I assume that these guys are all lawyers and law-makers and know very well to observe all the legal niceties.

But I always remind myself is that no one has any reason to bribe an ex-president. So when exaggerated sums of money come flowing in to various foundations after they leave office, I have to assume that this is money earned before leaving office. The problem is to find the means to bring it into daylight. Friends will no doubt donate it to you in exchange for a percentage. Almost like the Nigerian email gambit, except it probably involves neighboring bank accounts in Saudi banks. Or small bizjets and Caribbean foundations.

36 posted on 05/14/2014 5:05:16 PM PDT by marron
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To: Liz
"The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR's former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised."

The way my mind works, I would assume that the "former clients" were simply the sources or conduits for the laundered money, and the "promised legal services" would be the cover to explain the transaction. But having been forced to detail what services were rendered, they have had to roll over on CAIR and claim they were defrauded... because no services were rendered.

Which makes me think of something I often see with retiring public officials, ex-senators maybe whose names we know, who accept employment with some famous legal firm for several million a year but no duties. I always assume its their own money being laundered into daylight.

Thats just the way my mind works.

Something else comes to mind. I remember Clinton and others going after banking secrecy hard... but never Saudi banks. So I always assume thats where these people have their money. And when I see big donations to their foundations from Saudi sources, it just confirms it to me. Again, thats just the way my mind works. And again, I cast no aspersions. These guys being lawyers and all, I'm sure they have dotted all the legal "i's" and crossed all the "t's".

It could make a difference to your foreign policy if not only were you bought by Saudi money, but they were holding it for you until you left office. And they've got all the records forever.

Just the way my mind works, I can't help it.

37 posted on 05/14/2014 5:23:07 PM PDT by marron
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To: marron
Funny you should mention the Nigerian email gambit.....

To show that her leadership is unquestioned--this week, Hillary will host a campaign fund-raiser for Chelsea's MIL who is running for Congress, again. Bill has already campaigned for their friend Marjory.

BACKSTORY Marjory Margolies Mezvinsky (Dem-PA) was a Democratic Congressman when Bill Clinton was president. The then-buzz is Billy cajoled Marjorie into voting for a tax hike---she promptly got voted out at the next election. But she had a bigger problem on her hands.

Marjorie's then-husband (Chelsea's FIL), is a convicted felon. Edward Mezvinsky, a lawyer, and, himself, a former Congressman, got conned into several notorious several Nigerian-based email financial frauds guaranteed to make you rich.

So in his haste to get rich quick, to raise money to get in on these "heaven-sent" investment schemes, Edward defrauded many of his friends and business contacts and dropped the Clinton's names to get people to give him money.

Alas, when the Nigerians got their hands on Edward's money, they did a 23-skidoo. Having failed to come up w/ his ROI, Edward got nabbed by the long arm of the law. Mezvinsky pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony counts..

He did hard time----spent 7+ years in a federal prison w/ no chance of parole, and still owes millions in restitution.

Congressman wannabe Marjory Margolies is also no stranger to the dollar disease. Because of her husband's felony convictions, she filed for bankruptcy. But the court would NOT discharge her of her debts, finding that she could NOT explain where some $1 million in assets had vanished, in the previous 4 year span, during her husband's crime spree.


WIKI Ex-Democrat Congressman and lawyer Mezvinsky's Criminal activities: Beginning in the early 1990s Mezvinsky fell prey to a wide variety of infamous Nigerian 419 scams. According to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky was conned by "just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen."

In order to raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes, Mezvinsky became, himself, a conman, tapping his network of contacts and dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness defense. He served his time at Federal Prison Camp, Eglin.

Mezvinsky, Federal Bureau of Prisons # 55040-066, was released in April 2008. He remained on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims.


The Mezvitsky's and the Clintons were thick as thieves, and were frequent guests at the WH. Mezvitsky reportedly dropped the Clinton name to con people into throwing in with him on the multiple Nigerian scams he was involved with.

Mezvinsky used those funds to travel to Nigeria to pursue one hare-brained scheme after another. He ultimately lost more than $3 million to the scammers, falling especially hard for the notorious "black money" scam, where victims are told millions of dollars have been coated with black ink so the money could be smuggled out of Nigeria. The scammers then offer to sell a special, expensive chemical to clean the ink off of the money. Prosecutors say Mezvinsky fell for at least three separate "black money" schemes.

Mezvistsky, a lawyer, and a former Democrat Congressman, told the Des Moines Register from prison in 2003, that he found the Nigerians convincing. "The man later came out with a chemical, threw it on the money, and it all turned to $100 bills. He gave me 10 to have them tested back home. And they were real," Mezvinsky told the Register.

Mezvinsky pleaded guilty to more than 30 counts of fraud, and was sentenced to 80 months in federal prison.

In bankruptcy court, Marjory could not account for large amts of monies apparently accumulated during Mezvitsky's crime spree.

If there’s money involved, can the Clintons be far behind?

38 posted on 05/14/2014 5:23:38 PM PDT by Liz
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