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The Regime Survives on Good Intentions
Rush ^ | May 21, 2014 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 05/21/2014 1:24:09 PM PDT by Kaslin


RUSH: Just a couple more things on the VA and I want to move on to other things. The one common denominator in all of the things Obama is so mad about is Obama himself. If you stop and think about it, the one common denominator -- it seems to me, anyway -- in all of the things Obama is so mad about, is Obama himself. I mean, he pretends to be angry now but in a few months, you know, after the midterms, he'll announce there wasn't even a smidgen of corruption at the VA. Just like there wasn't a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.

This is how these things are dealt with, folks. He's gonna look into this. He's got the low-information crowd now believing, accepting, that this is unacceptable. It's intolerable. He's mad about this. This is not the way to treat people. This isn't equality. This isn't fairness. Even if the left is not that crazy about uniformed military personnel, still. So he's mad. He's properly mad. He's gonna get to the bottom of it. And he will. And just like he is now saying about the IRS that there was not a smidgeon of corruption -- didn't he say that to O'Reilly? Yeah, there was not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS. And after this mythical investigation at the VA, there will not be a smidgen of corruption found there.

Washington Post story yesterday: "This memo shows that the VA knew of records manipulation in 2010 -- Robert Petzel resigned last week as the top health official for the Department of Veterans Affairs, just one day after testifying before a Senate committee that he knew VA health clinics were using inappropriate scheduling practices as early as 2010." Never mind that Petzel is another of the Obama administration's patented phony resignations. We previously noted Petzel had announced his retirement last September. Obama announced his replacement in early May of this year, this month.

So less than three weeks ago Obama announced Petzel's replacement, and yet Obama last week is running around acting like something had to be done and this guy had to be fired, and we've done it, we've replaced him, and we're moving forward. He resigned. He announced his retirement last September. Now, this memo the Washington Post is talking about that shows the VA knew of records manipulation in 2010. It spells out precisely what the VA hospitals were doing in order to cover up how they were not meeting their Obama-mandated goals.

Now, that's another point in the phoniness of this administration. They publish and are very public about their new, improved, streamlined operation at, in this case, the VA. And they talk about how they're gonna really make it better. Previous administrations had let it languish and let it fall by the wayside because they didn't care or they weren't sufficiently compassionate, but Obama is on the case and they are going to reenergize the VA and institute brand-new mandated goals. But that's where it stops, because, you see, the reality is never the news. The intentions are the only thing that ever make the news, either before or after an event has happened.

So in this case the Regime mandates brand-new streamlined goals. "Yay! Yay!" And Obama gets credit for doing it just by announcing it. And that's it. Then when it doesn't happen, when the excrement hits the fan has it has now, then it's time for Phase 2. "I am so mad about this. I can't believe it. I'm not gonna tolerate it. We're gonna get to the bottom of it," blah, blah, blah, blah. This memo spells out precisely what VA hospitals were doing in order to cover up how they weren't meeting Obama's mandated goals, 'cause they couldn't. But the mandated goals were not intended to be met. The mandated goals were just in existence for the purpose of the announcement of the mandated goals.

The mandated goals, in other words, served to, as far as people were concerned, actually achieve new goals. Whether they did or not didn't matter. Obama announced his intentions, and that's where it stops. Except records were kept, and the memo spells out exactly how the VA hospitals were covering up not meeting the goals. Petzel admitted he knew about that memo, and he says that efforts were made to put a stop to it, but he couldn't cite any specifics that he did. Nobody was fired, despite Shinseki trying to make it sound like 6,000 people were fired. But nobody's been fired. Nobody's heads have rolled. None of that's happened.

So it's clear the VA had no problem with this going on because what was really going on was not the point. They were always attempting to cover up half-assed behavior with good intentions to fix it, is how it works in this administration. You go out and announce you got these massive new goals, massive new plans, gonna streamline, gonna improve it, and that's it. Whether they happen or not is irrelevant. The credit to Obama accrues with the announcement of his intention to make it better. They knew the goals were not being met so they had to cover it up somehow. They had the secret waiting list, any number of things to make it look like Obama's goals are being met, but they couldn't be.

In fact, they're probably doing what they thought Obama wanted done, just like the IRS people did. And just like anybody involved in Obamacare does. They're probably out doing what they think Obama would want done, and that is cover up reality so that the image survives. (interruption) Right. It's not about the veterans, folks. It's not about the people involved. It's not about their health care. It's not about the streamlined goals. It's about Obama and the perception of the administration.

That's all it is, be it the VA, be it Obamacare, be it the IRS. I don't care what it is, everything is about how Obama is doing. And if news surfaces that he's not doing well, then that's when the playbook of, "Oh, my God, this is going on? I had no idea. I just found out about it, and I'm as mad as you are." is rolled out, which we got today on the VA. But there's a memo that basically shows the VA knew that these records are being manipulated all the way back as far as 2010, probably prior to that.

From our 50,000-watt blowtorch affiliate in St. Louis, KMOX: "Dr. Jose Mathews says he’s paying the price for being a whistle-blower at the VA hospital in St. Louis.

He didn’t hold back as he told his story to KMOX. Mathews was head of psychiatry at the VA before he came forward to say that doctors were treating only half the mental health patients they had the capacity to handle. After, he says he was promptly removed from his position and specifically instructed not to contact any of the psychiatrists he was leading.

This sounds like bullying, to me. And yet Eric Holder still refuses to have the DOJ investigate. Here you have the VA whistleblower in St. Louis, says he's been demoted, says he's been bullied because he came forward to say that doctors were treating only half the mental health patients they had the capacity to handle. He went off script. He risked blowing this entire image that Obama has all these wonderful intentions and cares so much about all of this.

"Even though he was re-located to a basement office, Mathews continues going to work at the VA as scheduled."


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1 posted on 05/21/2014 1:24:09 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin; All

Will “the punishment” extend all the way to the top of the Federal VA Chain of Command?

Or will “the punishment” be deflected downward, as usual, to those who are at “the bottom of this?”

If past performance stays true, there will be NO punishment, only another tongue-lashing by Obama for those at the bottom who made bone-headed decisions, and new permanent, oppressive, Federal Regulations “to make sure that this never happens again.”

2 posted on 05/21/2014 1:31:39 PM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: Kaslin

The Left’s epitath

‘They meant well.’

3 posted on 05/21/2014 1:32:06 PM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi - Revolution is a'brewin!!!)
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To: Kaslin
That so many people are stupid enough to believe they have good intentions is proof of just how bad government run education really is.

No one who ignores a problem for years has good intentions. They are either deliberately ignoring the problem hoping it goes away or they don't think it's a problem. When it's a systemic problem like the VA even a trained monkey knows it'll get worse, not go away, unless something is done about it which pretty well proves no one in this administration thinks killing off Vets is a problem.

Even now that it's in the news they think keeping Barry from looking bad is the problem, killing Vets doesn't bother them a bit.

4 posted on 05/21/2014 1:47:09 PM PDT by Rashputin (Jesus Christ doesn't evacuate His troops, He leads them to victory.)
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To: NormsRevenge

Well, well, well, how mean they were.

5 posted on 05/21/2014 2:06:35 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Embrace the Lion of Judah and He will roar for you and teach you to roar too. See my page.)
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To: Kaslin

Narrating the presidency. The MSM loves it and will never follow up.

6 posted on 05/21/2014 2:12:21 PM PDT by VRW Conspirator (Global Warming is caused by illegal immigrants!)
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To: Kaslin

The road to HELL is paved with good intentions.

7 posted on 05/21/2014 5:08:15 PM PDT by Ruy Dias de Bivar
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To: Kaslin
All the scandals, IRS, Benghazi, VA, F&F, AP, Rosen. . you name it, all get The Limbaugh Theorem treatment.

Quotes from Rush on the Limbaugh Theorem:

"Basically I evolved the Limbaugh Theorem to explain something that didn't make any sense to me. I saw polls which showed the American people by vast majorities supported Obama's agenda, and yet every aspect of it they opposed. They didn't associate him with it. It was a New York Times story. I'll never forget it. The American people opposed the direction the country's going, and issue by issue by issue they opposed everything Obama was doing. Every element of the Obama agenda, a majority of the people oppose it, and yet they support him by 50, 55%. I said, "How can this be?""

"There's only one answer. People do not associate Obama with his agenda, and that's because he's permanently campaigning. He's running against his own agenda, by design, on purpose. He's running against what's happening. He makes people think that he doesn't like what's happening and he's trying to fix it when in fact everything that's happening is precisely because he wants it to and has made it happen."

"I'm telling you, that's because low-information voters are in these polls, and they think that what's happening in the country has nothing to do with Obama. Because he's out campaigning against things. He's perpetually campaigning. He's not seen as responsible for any of this."

"This is the Limbaugh Theorem on display here. This is Obama's "I'm madder than you are." This is Obama when he first learns about these things and how he does it, how he treats it, how he reacts to it, and how mad he is."

"All they need is to know that there aren't any obstacles in their way. All they need to know is that if the worst thing happens and they are discovered, that this is gonna be the result, that Obama's gonna feign ignorance. He's gonna act like he had no idea it was going on. He's livid as he can be, and he's gonna look into it."

"And nothing else happens because the mission, as far as the president's concerned, is simply let the low-information crowd know he's outraged like everybody else is. He's gonna get to the bottom of it. He's gonna find out what happened, and that's it; that's enough. There doesn't need to be any follow-up on whatever investigation. There doesn't need to be presidential action dealing with whatever was learned, because reality is not the point. Image, PR, buzz, packaging, all that is the point."

" The image that Obama's mad and is really offended and he was not told that people hoodwinked him and they're taking advantage of him and he's gonna get to the bottom of it, that's it, that's all that needs to happen. And then it is confirmed that he's got good intentions, and he really cares, and he's really upset about this, like you are. Everything about this scandal is the result of Obama administration policy, and that's why it is a flat-out, insulting joke when the president goes on TV and acts shocked and surprised that he didn't know this was going on and that now that he does, he's gonna get to the bottom of it, after an investigation, 'cause he's just as mad as you are. That is fatuous. That is sophistry."

" And that's why we all try to point out the phoniness of the president acting mad and ignorant and outraged as though he doesn't know any of this is happening and he doesn't know why it's happening, and he's gonna get to the bottom of it. He knows exactly why it's happening. He put it all into play."

I hope people are starting to get it. Another week and another scandal. This is all building to where it's staring every American in the face.

I would love to see the White House Press Corps ask Obama what he thinks of the Limbaugh Theorem.

8 posted on 05/21/2014 8:45:37 PM PDT by Art in Idaho (Conservatism is the only Hope for Western Civilization.)
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