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UKRAINE: Two weeks in captivity of terrorists ^ | May 24, 2014 , 15:35 | Maria Lebedeva

Posted on 05/24/2014 6:56:19 PM PDT by

GOOGLE TRANSLATION: "Milan had been in captivity for 14 days. It seems like she smiles all the time, but in fact it suffers from severe headaches, she can not look at the light. She is short of breath constantly. All in captivity Milan beat and stabbed by unknown substances on her hands - needle marks. There, in the torture, she saw other prisoners of people, men who kidnapped called "right sector" (like they called Milan). Their fate presently unknown.

The girl - a professional photographer, a concerned citizen. In winter, she, like many other Ukrainians went to the Maidan. In Donetsk went to pledge with the locals and "see with your own eyes." On May 5, in the center of Donetsk she was grabbed and dragged into a black minibus.


What were you doing in Donetsk?

Doing interviews with people from the district administration. Pictures of what was happening, was asking what people think about the upcoming referendum, whether they are for a united Ukraine. Most, of course, were for a unified Ukraine.

How did the kidnapping?

I was going to the station. Saw that under my windows go people in black uniform. I waited for the moment when one of them was not, and went out. Was carrying a bag and camera, as always. I was out on one of the main streets, do not know her name. I overtook a minibus black, with a sliding door. Two men grabbed me and dragged me inside. Then I realized where I was, these people were security guards. Tall, fit all, sports. The car did not have seats empty. Immediately a dark rag bag was put on my head.

What happened in the car?

They were silent. I was very scared. The car stopped, they went out for about 15 minutes. Then came back and suddenly hit me in the head.

I woke up in a room. My hands were tied behind my back, in front of - eyes tight bandage.

Nearby there were people?

Yes. Such as I.

What did they do?

Everyone sat in silence. We could not communicate with each other.

There was a security guard?

Yes, always.

What orders were given?

If their chief came, we had to sit with our eyes closed .

You interrogated?

Yes, they asked who I was, where I came from. But on the first day of interrogation I just sat there.

Photo: Maria Lebedeva

Did you hear how others questioned?

I heard cries of strong, masculine, they came from other rooms. Every night.

All the nights I was there, always screaming. Very much screaming.

The first day I was not allowed to drink, even though I asked. "What do you want ... be quiet." Yelled at me: "It brought benderovku", I was called legendary Nazi and named Scout, and fascist "right sector." Then he threw me into a room and started questioning. "First name , last name, where you live, what do you do ..."

What is the manner of communication?

There were Ukrainians, but many Russian. I thought so, because of their conversations with each other, it was clear that they do not know who is who in Ukraine. Do not know our politicians. Heard the phrase: "It's you", "You like that, and we have different, other rules" , "What we have there now will be" ...

What did they want to know about you?

Asked contacts "Right silverside," as they called it ... They asked what was I doing on the Maidan, why come to Donetsk, whom work ... insulted. When you do not know what to say, given a slap hit on the head with a rifle.

The worst thing - laid next to a man, and if I did not answer the question - what, they started beating him. So I felt like it hurt, listened as he screams. Beaten badly.

And they asked, "Tell me the number for someone with whom you work in Independence" or "Who pays the Maidan, the Americans?". They have always attributed to Americans all issues. "How much is paid to each ?", "Why there?" And "Have you, lived in tents?","who Yarosh cooperating with?","who pays him? where he got the money?" asked such questions that really do not know the answer .

Photo: Maria Lebedeva

You answered them what they want?

I didn't know what to answer. The feeling was that now, and the Maidan still stands. I responded that stood for freedom and for the future of their country. And they said, "So you are a patriot of Ukraine". I answered, "Yes." They said, "well, will you pay for your patriotism. Beaten on the head, threatened.

Said: "If you're not going to say a lot here, and you will be with each of us. They let me go in a circle. Occasionally required to remove her blouse. Could feel the person behind the body pinch. Dragged/pulled by the hair.

There were more women ?


The room was one and the same every time?

No, there were two. One smaller, the other - larger. In the greater, more people. 7 people in small and big up to 12.

What ended the questioning? If you do not answer, they beat you and this all ends?

Yes. Interrogated me chetyrea times. Approximately two hours. I had no strength thirsty. On the second day began to lose consciousness. Then started giving water. I just fell. On the third day untied my hands and eyes, then tie up again. Could only sleep sitting up. Some sat on the bench. There were still people led for interrogation too. Someone released ..

5 days, I was blindfolded and hands. Initially hands were tied behind, then bandaged front, at my request. By shouts, you know when the night.

Some of the days me and even some men pushed into a car and taken somewhere, perhaps in the forest, there was very quiet. We were pulled out of the car, and made to kneel down, a man walked over and put a gun to your head. Told to read the prayer. If you read quietly, would strike and demanded to read louder. And then there were shots fired in the air.

I was shaking, I'm probably fainted because woke up already on the ground. The men were beaten. I do not know, shooting in the air or in someone. But we were five, and returned back with only me and another man. I do not know what happened to the rest.

So drove 2 times 4-5 people. They wanted you to hear how the other people are suffering. And when carried away, I thought - maybe this time I will get shot, I'm sit here a long time, there is no sense to interrogate me more. I had no idea that I would be released.

Photo: Maria Lebedeva

As the days passed in the dungeons? You heard any conversations? Someone said something to you?

Every time someone entered the room, kicking and saying something like : "How to sit still, banderovka ?". Called names "zhidobanderovka", "fascist scout", "zhurnoshlyushka." I sat quietly. In the early days it was very scary, was hysterical. Beat, to silent. Said, if you scream, we will beat the other.

And beat you when others questioned?

I could get slap. Hit in the stomach. Time lying, something hit me on the soles of feet. And the cramps were all over my body. After 5 days, I my hands untied. And the eyes. The main interrogation ended. I could get up, walk a bit. But the room was small, not spending. On the day when I unleashed my eyes, I saw 6 people in the room. Three of them were tied hands and eyes. We were forbidden to communicate. If someone asked me: " ow are you? "And I replied," OK ,"immediately shouted: "Shut their mouths!"

Did you learn about some of those people that you sat with?

I do not know them. There were 20 to 50 years old people. They all called them "right sector." No windows in the room. Concrete walls. Downstairs there was nothing, just concrete. Shop on the square. Angle. Turquoise walls. On the top half gray. The ceiling is low. Unshaded bulb.

Do you remember any of the people captive?

There was a young guy, brand new, probably because he was tied up and blindfolded. It was around 7 - 9th day. Took it at night, led to the dawn, he had a broken face, the whole shirt in the blood can be damaged lungs, he was breathing heavily. Lying on the floor. And so he remained untill evening , he was taken away and never brought back.

We were not allowed to approach beaten. I asked his name, he replied that Sergei. To me right guard came up and hit me.

On behalf of someone called?

There was a man in his forties, his name was Vladimir. So he replied, when asked him "special." Maybe he was released. None of us knew Cho happened to the other. Some have asked the guard to were our neighbors had gone. They replied: "They were released." One said: "Do not worry, and you let go."

What guards talked among themselves?

They remembered the DNI. "We are already in the DNI. Now it's ours." The majority spoke with a Russian accent. "What' instead of 'sho'. The guards were always masked. Only his eyes and mouth open. They have military clothing dark green, sometimes camouflage. Injections made "special."

Photo: Maria Lebedeva

Entered the guard instructed gun to the head, said: "If rypneshsya, we shoot", and the second made prick/shot. In the shoulder, in the vein, in different ways. Not every day. 10-15 minutes passed, I was lost in space, I heard worse. Part of the information in my memory was lost. It was impossible to stand, sit, too, and I was lying on the floor concrete. It was very cold, but when you throw in the heat - it was easier on the floor.

How do you let go?

It was in the morning. Me and two other people seated in a car. I was blindfolded. Drove for about an hour. Simply pushed out of the car and said: "Do not open your eyes until we leave." Released only me. Put something in the pocket of my jeans when we stopped, it turned out to be a passport.

I heard that the car had left, and opened my eyes. Not immediately orient, wandered to the houses. I asked a passer-by what city, turned out to Donetsk. At first I was not trying to ask for help, wanted to know where I am, and pull yourself together. Approach to multiple people, please call, I was denied. Said no phone ... Then I went to a public road, asked where the train station, and went that way. Was 40 minutes to an hour. Stayed, it was hard to walk.

To whom are you asked for help at the station?

Went to the police, explained the situation as best I could. Policeman introduced lieutenant. And he said, "Excuse me, we will can not help you in any way. It is not within our control." The hotel at the station asked for a call, I was refused. Telfon I gave the waitress in a cafe. I phoned relatives (Milan lives in Kiev with grandmother - Ed.) , Went to the internet from your phone, written in facebook status, asked for help to contact me. Just 3 minutes after I wrote the man said with a May 6th a man named Victor. He got in touch with the people who came after me and took me to a safe place.


Immediately upon arrival in Kiev Milan was examined in one of Kiev's hospitals. She was given medical assistance for that special thank volunteers from Maidan SOS - help promptly. Now she is trying to fix her health, to forget what happened. She needs help, including , and material. Milan willing to help can contact the editorial office.

*** Milana story suggests that on the territory of Ukraine is a real concentration camp where people are maimed and killed. And there are still prisoners. Only a few people have been released from captivity, including Sergei Lefter, Artem Deynega, Milan. The state has paid great attention to the release of the members of the OSCE, but it seems that the fate of ordinary people are only interested in ordinary people."

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1 posted on 05/24/2014 6:56:19 PM PDT by
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So.. a sad story and some pictures of a young chick.

Seems legit.

2 posted on 05/24/2014 7:08:08 PM PDT by humblegunner
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To: humblegunner

I think so. These are not nice people in Donbass.

3 posted on 05/24/2014 8:51:55 PM PDT by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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