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Far-Right National Front Wins EU Vote in France: exit polls
New York Times ^ | 25 May 2014 | Reuters

Posted on 05/25/2014 11:36:22 AM PDT by docbnj

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To: Regulator
It's framed in terms of people who want an ethno-state and culture vs. those who want to flood the country with Third World immigrants

And that's the key point. All European governments engage in state support or control of industry; the question is the degree.

Exactly. Just like in this nation. Who stands up for us? The GOP? Not hardly. On that matter far too many on the so called right are in bed with the left. Are we going to continue to allow massive unchecked anti white immigration and the destruction of our culture is what it ultimately boils down to. IMO almost all other questions are moot til that is settled.

81 posted on 05/26/2014 10:41:47 AM PDT by Altura Ct.
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To: Regulator

“But when push comes to shove, it remains to be seen if the rest of France can stomach the shoving.”
I hope it can otherwise the gypsies trying to pick pockets in the square in front of Notre Dame or the Africans accosting people on the way to Sacre-Coeur will be the least of their problems.

82 posted on 05/26/2014 11:48:10 AM PDT by 05 Mustang GT Rocks
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To: ek_hornbeck


A little story.

A friend of mine is ex-French Army Special Forces (yeah, they have them!) and he had a hilarious story: coming back from the Middle East a few years back he was greeted by one of the first African Police National members in the arrival corridor at CDG. The PN guy said, “Welcome to France!”, and he said, “Same to you!”

83 posted on 05/26/2014 12:04:24 PM PDT by Regulator
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To: BlueLancer

As opposed to an international socialist. Comintern, etc.

And it’s easy to be labelled far right these days - just point to how much better things were before change was forced, or hornswaggled, on western civilization over the last few decades. All it takes now is pointing out the errors continually made since then by the powers that be, even while they terminally argue for more of the same. Then you’re an extremist.

84 posted on 05/26/2014 3:12:32 PM PDT by OldNewYork
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To: docbnj

The Nazi Party of France isn’t on the right.

The best political spectrum isn’t right/left (an invention of the communists), but liberty v. slavery. It’s clearer.

We need to circulate this video again for a reminder:

85 posted on 05/26/2014 4:11:20 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: The Right wing Infidel

If MLP doesn’t want to be considered neo-fascist or neo-Nazi, she should stop being the guest of honor and dancing at neo-nazi balls as she did last year in Vienna. She is also linked up every bro-fascist and skin head group in Europe, and has been for years.

86 posted on 05/26/2014 6:05:35 PM PDT by Cincinna ( *** NOBAMA NO CLINTON ***)
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To: Regulator

Unfortunately for you, you are not in touch with the history and roots of the National Front, let alone with the people who run it.
I lived in Paris and the South of France for more than 12 years, went to school there, and visit friends and family regularly.
There is part of the French population, many former extreme leftists, who find the FN and their Soviet style totalitarianism appealing, others are outright anti-Semites and racist. Others look at the mess France is in now, ruled by Hollande and the Socialists, an incompetent bumbling group of elite, over privileged, over indulged children of the 60’s (BoBo soixante huitards) and how their cultural identity has been subsumed in the mega-bureaucracy of the EU, far away from their everyday lives. Add to that uncontrolled immigration, very high unemployment, high taxes, class warfare, and you have the poisonous brew in which movements like the FN prosper. We have seen it all before, and it never ends well.
Nobody in my milieu votes FN, almost all are on the Right. We all realize the FN offers no real solutions for reforming the French system, are virulently anti-American and anti-Capitalist.

87 posted on 05/26/2014 7:35:50 PM PDT by Cincinna ( *** NOBAMA NO CLINTON ***)
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To: PGalt

Fortunately, they are a dying breed. The PS in France is on life support. How Hollande with a popularity rating of less than 15% can govern for the next three years is beyond me, and a huge problem.
MLP will make every attempt to define herself as the opponent of, and alternative to Hollande. Fortunately, Nicolas Sarkozy is waiting in the wings, prepared for this moment, riding high and a wave of support and popularity with huge popular support.
Right now Sarko is in Israel, meeting with their leaders, and attending his wife, Carla’s concerts, where he is cheered and applauded. He can pick up the phone, call any world leader, and have his call answered or returned immediately. We witnessed this ourselves at Carla Bruni’s concert at Town Hall in NY a month ago. It was like a huge campaign rally, and a very good concert as well. Sarko shook hands with everyone, took pictures with people, and stayed for half an hour talking to anyone who wanted to shake him hand. Open and accessible.

88 posted on 05/26/2014 7:51:42 PM PDT by Cincinna ( *** NOBAMA NO CLINTON ***)
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To: Cincinna; All

Thanks for the post. Interesting thread. Thanks to all posters.

Vive la France!

89 posted on 05/26/2014 8:14:46 PM PDT by PGalt
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To: Cincinna

A pity you have no one to vote for then.

Like i said, the French may not have the stomach to watch as what needs to be done.

But it may not matter. The birthrate and Christiane Taubira will finish them off far too quickly.

Perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us....will it be “France” in 30 years?

Even if they can’t wear the Burkha?

90 posted on 05/26/2014 9:07:40 PM PDT by Regulator
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To: Bogey78O

In the Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway the main opposition to the EU and immigration comes from parties who support smaller government.

91 posted on 05/26/2014 9:49:32 PM PDT by rmlew ("Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.")
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To: Regulator

I am American, and I vote here.i love France, but I am an American conservative.
I have known Nicolas Sarkozy for many, many years, since he was Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, and am a longtime supporter. In my view he is the only one with the stature, experience, political savvy and correct world view to bring France out of the present situation. Mobocracy and the anti-American class warfare and anti-capitalism of the FN are abhorrent to me. They are the flip side of Socialism, and neither would ever get my support.

Like the guy said “I’m proud to be an American, where a at least I know I’m free”

92 posted on 05/27/2014 12:48:35 AM PDT by Cincinna ( *** NOBAMA NO CLINTON ***)
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To: Noamie
The far left end is all totalitarian ideologies.

These encompass socialism, communism, monarchies and other tyrannical forms of concentrated government.

It's the basis of the argument for conservatism, the true moderate ideology.

93 posted on 05/27/2014 4:11:20 AM PDT by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: GeronL
NAZI is not on the right at all, they were competitors for the same supporters as the commies

Without getting into the actual political platform, this is the most accurate comment I've seen so far.

At the time Hitler came to power, Socialism was on the rise in Europe. "Socialism" was incorporated into the party name, expressly to attract all the budding socialists.

But even Hitler said in 1930: "Our adopted term 'Socialist' has nothing to do with Marxist Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true Socialism is not."

Nazi doctrine was both anti-capitalism and anti-communist. You probably wonder how that's possible, but the only way I know to explain it is: "you keep your private property, but must use it to perform your duty to the country".

94 posted on 05/27/2014 10:25:01 AM PDT by justlurking (tagline removed, as demanded by Admin Moderator)
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To: Caipirabob

Your straight-line political spectrum is absolutely correct.

The reason that it’s so hard in real life to see that straight line is related to what you say about anarchy, that “most activity described as being anarchist is actually intent on bringing about a more severe form of totalitarianism”.

In the real world there are few or no true proponents of pure anarchy and in history the only possible instances of true anarchy are temporary and local and the result of some incredible upheaval (natural disaster or war-related).

Because true anarchy is so rare as to be invisible, the anti-conservative, anti-capitalist antics of ultra-left bomb-throwers often get mis-characterized as anarchy, when in reality, as you point out, the perpetrators are actually fighting for a Supreme Totalitarianism.

95 posted on 05/27/2014 10:41:13 AM PDT by samtheman
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To: samtheman

Thank you - great commentary - cheers!

96 posted on 05/28/2014 7:57:09 AM PDT by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: GeronL
Most anarchists and some Libertopians are actually socialists who want to crash the system and rebuild utopia.

Absolutely! It's a highly slandered ideology savagely used by the left as a mechanism to bring about a more severe form of totalitarianism.

In perspective though, "leftist anarchists" are not truly anarchists, they are socialist terrorists trying to bring about a change in government through acts of reprehensible violence.

97 posted on 05/28/2014 8:03:35 AM PDT by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: Cincinna

That’s nice, but you didn’t answer the question: Will it be France in 30 years if Arab/African immigration continues at its present rate, and their birthrate does not moderate, and they continue to get State benefits out of the pockets of Europeans?

Did Sarkozy change any of that?

I can show you massive public housing developments outside of Cayenne, along with expensive schools there as well. Paid for by EU and French Euros.

Who populates them? Haitians, Surinamese, Brazilians and of course people from French Guyane. The foreigners illegally immigrate and eventually get on the welfare lists by managing to not be deported for a few years at which point they claim residency. The local administration usually goes for that.

These were built under Sarkozy. It actually accelerated under his administration.

Do the citizens of France know that they are subsidizing tens of thousands in the Caribbean and South America?

And they all have one goal: eventually to be given the Metropolitan France immigration visa so they can move to Europe where the goodies are even better.

Somehow that works out for a lot of them. Did UMP and Sarkozy change that?

If not, now you know why people voted for the FN. Clearly UMP doesn’t have the will power to do anything other then symbolic moves.

Perhaps you are not concerned. Perhaps you think it will be France even though the French are gone: at least the buildings will remain, right?

Think it’s obvious I disagree with that concept.

98 posted on 05/28/2014 12:19:27 PM PDT by Regulator
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