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Useful Idiots and the Strange Release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
Conservative HQ ^ | George Rasley

Posted on 06/02/2014 8:36:48 AM PDT by don-o

The Washington Post is now reporting what many sources inside the US military have been saying about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for most of the five years he’s been a captive of the Taliban in Afghanistan: Bergdahl is believed to have slipped away from his platoon’s small outpost in Afghanistan’s Paktika province after growing disillusioned with the US military’s war effort.

But the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance from his post, which some of his former comrades in arms have termed desertion, may not be as important as what happened during the announcement of his release and where he and his family go from here.

As Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the Major General Horner Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University and National Security Affairs Editor for observed, when Robert Bergdahl appeared with President Obama at a news conference announcing his son’s release, Bergdahl sported the full beard typical of fundamentalist Salafi Muslims and said “bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim,” a common Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of God, most gracious, most compassionate” and then spoke a few words in Pashto, a language of Afghanistan (translation from The New York Times).

As might be expected of any parent, the elder Bergdahl has spent the past five years keeping the pressure on official Washington not to forget his son and to do everything possible to bring Sgt. Bergdahl home.

But over time Robert Bergdahl’s attitude appears to have morphed from lobbying for attention to his son’s case to advocating for the release of all Taliban and jihadi prisoners held at Guantanamo and supporting the radical anti-western doctrine of the jihadi movement.

Some of Bergdahl’s most telling comments have come through the social media and through his Twitter account he has posted a variety of troubling messages [16] (since deleted) claiming that he is working to free all Guantanamo prisoners and including the jihadi slogan “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen!”

As our friend Lt. Col. Allen West noted in an interview with Breitbart’s Jordan Schachtel and Raheem Kassam, there is no precedent for the Taliban detaining American soldiers: “Our troops are brutally, ritually, and savagely murdered — to include American security contractors (remember the Fallujah bridge) — not held for five years.”

Schachtel and Kassam remind us that in 2010, the Taliban claimed Sgt. Bergdahl had converted to Islam and had taught them bomb-making techniques. The Taliban also claimed Bergdahl had changed his name to Abdullah, which means “Servant of God” in Arabic.

The mainstream media largely ignored the story of Bergdahl’s alleged conversion to Islam, seeing it as comparable to the tale of Sgt. Brody in the fictional Homeland television series on Showtime, but we are starting to wonder if there isn’t something to this, particularly in light of Robert Bergdahl’s behavior.

As Schachtel and Kassam document, Robert Bergdahl’s behavior seems to point to the possibility that he also may have converted to Islam and has embraced radical elements.

In May of 2011, Robert Bergdahl released a video [17] that pleaded for his son's release. He said, "Strangely, to some, we must also thank those (Taliban) who have cared for our son for almost 2 years... We understand the rationale of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) has made through videos." The reference to the Taliban as the ‘Islamic Emirate’ is, by way of prior evidence, the preserve of sympathizers according to Schachtel and Kassam.

As recently as April of 2014, just a little over a month ago, Robert Bergdahl tweeted his support for former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, who was re-arrest and detained in Great Britain. Begg is the man once called “Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban” by Amnesty International’s Gita Saghal.

Nothing illustrates the folly of Obama’s foreign policy better than his administration’s attempts to “reach out” to the radical Islamists of the Taliban in the hopes of negotiating a peaceful end to the civil war in Afghanistan while at the same time announcing a date certain for the withdrawal of American troops.

Let’s be real. The Taliban have no interest in “peace’ in the sense that at the conclusion of negotiations a stable political settlement based on the democratic principles of majority rule and rule of law will prevail.

Such sub-rosa negotiations as the U.S. may have conducted with the Taliban have always been intended to be a political fig leaf for the Obama administration to declare victory and come home, much as the U.S. did at the conclusion of the Paris peace negotiations that led to the American pullout from Vietnam.

And why would the Taliban want to negotiate with the U.S. anyway? Their goal is not to gain political power in the remote country of Afghanistan, but to re-establish a base from which to prosecute a worldwide jihad against western culture and values.

Americans are uniquely handicapped when engaged in a religious war. The very idea of a religious war goes against our history as a sanctuary for the religiously oppressed – the Pilgrims coming to New England and Catholics coming to Maryland to find religious freedom – and many, if not most, Americans would say a religious war goes against the Constitution that enshrined that history in the very law that governs our government.

If we Americans are ill-equipped to fight a religious war, our leaders must at least be smart and realisitic enough to recognize the war radical Islamists have declared on us as a war of ideas against what is the twenty-first century’s most dangerous totalitarian movement.

In this war, the West is in a war not just with the Taliban in Afghanistan, but with concepts deeply embedded in Muslim culture. These are ideas that even many so-called “moderate” Muslims are prepared to use violence to impose upon the entire world – if that doesn’t fit the definition of totalitarian what does?

It is time for Americans to join the war the jihadis have declared on us on realistic terms. We can start by recognizing that to succeed, totalitarian movements always require “useful idiots,” like Robert Bergdahl, to help convince the people about to be enslaved that their soon-to-be totalitarian masters are saviors, not oppressors.

Hat tip to our friend Frank Gaffney for reminding us of the term “useful idiots” in this context.

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1 posted on 06/02/2014 8:36:48 AM PDT by don-o
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To: don-o

Actually they are useless idiots.

2 posted on 06/02/2014 8:41:06 AM PDT by Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
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3 posted on 06/02/2014 8:41:09 AM PDT by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: don-o

Stop Jihad NOW!

4 posted on 06/02/2014 8:42:42 AM PDT by Paladin2
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To: musicman


5 posted on 06/02/2014 8:43:57 AM PDT by onyx (Please Support Free Republic - Donate Monthly! If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, Let Me know!)
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To: don-o

wow...what a scam of a president.

6 posted on 06/02/2014 8:44:13 AM PDT by fabian (" And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo in laughter")
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To: don-o

thanks for posting this; I thought something stank in the state of Denmark as Hamlet said. for further review later

7 posted on 06/02/2014 8:45:04 AM PDT by JoyjoyfromNJ (everything written by me on FR is my personal opinion & does not represent my employer)
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To: don-o
The first faint whiff of BS was when his parents just happened to be in DC for the photo-op.

Of course, I thought that just maybe they had been summoned there to get some of BO's other scandals off page one and what parent wouldn't miss such an opportunity?

Now, it turns out that Daddy shares the same political philosophy as BO and possibly the same religion as well. And maybe sonny boy too!

8 posted on 06/02/2014 8:45:12 AM PDT by Vigilanteman (Obama: Fake black man. Fake Messiah. Fake American. How many fakes can you fit in one Zer0?)
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To: don-o

Quote from the movie “Platoon”, “-Someone needs to frag his ass..”

9 posted on 06/02/2014 8:45:49 AM PDT by Nachum (Obamacare: It's. The. Flaw.)
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To: don-o

I can not believe that this adminstration took this risk at this time, opening up, yet, another scandal. Is Obama being blackmailed by terrorists that know who he really is or maybe his involvement in Benghazi? This is sheer lunacy, six months before the mid terms and the Dems already over their heads in defending him.

10 posted on 06/02/2014 8:46:26 AM PDT by Toespi
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To: Nachum
The approved method is court martial and then firing squad.

But that will not happen.

11 posted on 06/02/2014 8:49:15 AM PDT by fireforeffect (A kind word and a 2x4, gets you more than just a kind word.)
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To: Vigilanteman

One screwed-up, anti-Free-America family. Their son is a deserter and, probably, traitor. They are useless idiots and should be exiled.

12 posted on 06/02/2014 8:49:39 AM PDT by hal ogen (First Amendment or Reeducation Camp?)
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To: don-o

An excellent article.

I am surprised, but shouldn’t be, that many Americans are viewing these revelations about this deserting POS as simply an attempt to strike at Obama and his administration.

I knew of this years ago (that there were “irregularities” with his “capture”) but the fact that so many Americans DON’T know is telling.

13 posted on 06/02/2014 8:51:06 AM PDT by rlmorel ("A nation, despicable by it"s weakness, forfeits even the privilege of being neutral." A. Hamilton)
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To: don-o
Isn't it amazing how, when Obozo is up to his a$$ in alligators, some news event drains the swamp. You don't suppose...
14 posted on 06/02/2014 8:52:05 AM PDT by econjack (I'm not bossy...I just know what you should be doing.)
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To: don-o

Susan Rice believes he some sort of war hero...what’s up.

15 posted on 06/02/2014 8:52:33 AM PDT by 1Old Pro
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To: don-o

These stories need to get out before the “hero” story line takes hold, because once it does no amount of proof to the contrary will be tolerated.

16 posted on 06/02/2014 8:53:50 AM PDT by clintonh8r (Soon, "the grateful dead" will be more than just the name of a crap band...)
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To: don-o
Obama Honors List just in:

CMOH To be Awarded:

Tokyo Rose
General Benedict Arnold
La Brigada de San Patricio
Lord Haw Haw (VC for him)
Kim Philby
The Rosenbergs
Che Guevara

Hope you can make the ceremony. Reggie Love will speak.

17 posted on 06/02/2014 8:57:12 AM PDT by Kenny Bunk (Vote for a gay African Marxist for POTUS? Sure. What could go wrong?)
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To: Toespi
I can not believe that this administration took this risk at this time, opening up, yet, another scandal. Is Obama being blackmailed by terrorists that know who he really is or maybe his involvement in Benghazi? This is sheer lunacy, six months before the mid terms and the Dems already over their heads in defending him.

That sounds tinfoil hat bat s--t crazy. However, I have believed this for a long time. Why in the hell have we have not killed and or captured those guys that attacked us in Benghazi????? The media has done interviews with one of the leaders. We know where they are! Obama is afraid of these guys for some reason. Blackmail?? I think yes.

18 posted on 06/02/2014 8:58:33 AM PDT by cpdiii (Deckhand, Roughneck, Mud Man, Geologist, Pilot, Pharmacist THE CONSTITUTION IS WORTH DYING FOR!)
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To: Toespi

This is the conundrum of Obama: is he an idiot or is he an evil genius? I suspect he thought this would be a feel-good story and it, yet again, blew up in his face. Is he so stupid as not to notice that Daddy Jihad would give most Americans the creeps? That a little Jihadi lingo would not go over in the Rose Garden? It would be funny if not so frightening.

19 posted on 06/02/2014 8:58:42 AM PDT by miss marmelstein (Richard Lives Yet!)
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To: don-o
Another 0bama stunt that makes you say "UNBELIEVABLE!", but this move by 0bama is clearly grounds for impeachment.

We're being told Bergdahl "forgot how to speak English".. This is a CROCK OF BULL SHIITE!!! This is a ploy to prevent Bergdahl from being interviewed by the media, thus preventing us from finding out from the horses mouth HOW MUCH HE HATES AMERICA.

0bama the America-hater traded five terrorists who hate America for one America hater. And Susan Rice has the gall to open her lying mouth on the Sunday news programs, as if she has any credibility anymore.

20 posted on 06/02/2014 8:59:26 AM PDT by CivilWarBrewing
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