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King Obama Vows to Go Around Congress on Student Loans
breitbart ^ | 6/7/14

Posted on 06/07/2014 12:16:26 PM PDT by bestintxas

In this week's address, President Barack Obama underscored the importance of helping to lift the burden of crushing student loan debt faced by too many Americans and highlighted the efforts he's taken to ensure we uphold America's commitment to provide a quality education for all who are willing to work for it.

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KEYWORDS: abuseofpower; obama; obamalawless; studentloans
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Comment #1 Removed by Moderator

To: bestintxas

There is no way the gov,t should be involved in student loans.

2 posted on 06/07/2014 12:18:47 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: bestintxas
It seems real obvious that Obama is now governing in a new way. He's been moving in this direction from the very beginning, but something changed recently.

The House? The Senate? The GOP? The Democrats? His cabinet? The Constitution?

None of that matters.

He's gone "all in".

3 posted on 06/07/2014 12:19:15 PM PDT by ClearCase_guy (Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!)
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To: All

can you blame him? these students had no idea how much they were borrowing or that they would have to pay it back.

I think.

4 posted on 06/07/2014 12:19:25 PM PDT by willywill
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To: bestintxas

The real problem with Obama is that he hacks at leaves, never goes for the roots. The real problem with higher education is what lurks at the foundation for making university/collegiate tuition so expensive in the first place, not the fact that we need to loan out money. That’s the big problem with the ACA as well, it never makes any attempt to look at the foundation to the high cost of care, just throws out money at the problem. If I ran a business that way, my suppliers could screw me royally with exorbitant prices. But since Obama hasn’t been a businessman, he doesn’t think about that principle of going for the source of the problem, and it’s hurting the rest of us.

5 posted on 06/07/2014 12:20:25 PM PDT by Morpheus2009
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Comment #6 Removed by Moderator

To: Paladin2

So what in the sam hill is he going to do? Forgive the loans?

So, will the taxpayers be left holding the bag? What’s another trillion or so dollars added to the national debt, or added to unfunded liabilities of government????

I don’t get this. We have encouraged student loan debt to accumulate, as we have had government involved in granting and subsidizing loan programs. There is evidence that college costs have increased so much, adjusted for inflation, precisely because these loans are out there to pay the freight.

Government does all it can to encourage student loan debt, then Obama comes along and declares that the student loan debt is a burden to the country.

OK, so what is the solution? For government to get out of the student loan business altogether? For government to just forgive these loans? I’m all ears.........

7 posted on 06/07/2014 12:22:46 PM PDT by Dilbert San Diego (et)
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To: bestintxas

in other words he wants to “forgive” student loans that will cost many billions of dollars.... without Congress....

8 posted on 06/07/2014 12:24:22 PM PDT by GeronL (Vote for Conservatives not for Republicans)
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To: Paladin2

Or the banking industry, auto industry, healthcare.

9 posted on 06/07/2014 12:24:27 PM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose o f a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: bestintxas

George Washington
pneumonia, aggravated by weakening of immune system (caught cold while riding on his estate, developed pneumonia, Doctors were called in and they bled him profusely with leeches [because that’s what they did] to the point where he could not fight the disease. Probably would have survived with different treatment. Today, doctors believe Washington died of an acute streptococchal infection of the larynx, which caused a painful swelling of the interior of the larynx resulting in suffocation. A tracheostomy probably would have saved his life, and indeed one was suggested by the youngest doctor in attendance, Elisha Dick, but the technique was new and considered unsafe by the elder physicians.)

John Adams
debility (old age; most likely heart failure caused by arteriosclerosis)

Thomas Jefferson
debility (most likely dehydration resulting from amoebic dysentery)

James Madison

James Monroe
debility (most likely tuberculosis, caught after the onset of a cold)

John Quincy Adams
paralysis (stroke), at his desk in the House of Representatives. Adams had risen and loudly exclaimed his “No!” vote to a resolution to present swords to veterans of the Mexican War (which Adams had strongly opposed) when he became flushed and unable to speak. He then clutched his chair and fell into the arms of his fellow House members.

Andrew Jackson
comsumption, dropsy, tubercular hemorrhaging

Martin Van Buren
asthmatic suffocation

William Harrison
pleurisy, pneumonia (gave his inaugural address in snow and freezing rain without adequate clothing; caught a severe cold that developed quickly into fatal pneumonia, because he failed to heed the chills and fever that developed immediately after the speech, instead appearing, dancing, and drinking at all of the inaugural balls)

John Tyler
bilious fever, respiratory failure

James Polk
cholera morbus resulting in debilitating diarrhea (nutritive expulsion and dehydration; buildup of excretive acids in bowels and intestines)

Zachary Taylor
heat stroke, bringing on bilious fever, typhoid fever, and cholera morbus. (Taylor dressed himself in a black high-collar suit for the July 4, 1850 dedication of the Washington Monument, got overheated, then shocked his system by consuming copious quantities of iced milk and cold cherries, and his internal organs began to shut down — basically, he waterlogged himself to death. William Henry Harrison “got too cold and died,” and Zachary Taylor “got too hot and died.”)

Millard Fillmore
paralysis (cerebral hemorrhage, stroke)

Franklin Pierce
stomach inflammation, caused by years of alchohol’s effects on the walls and linings of his internal organs

James Buchanan
respiratory failure, rheumatic gout

Abraham Lincoln
assassinated (actually, probably killed by doctors probing for bullet, but he would have been a “vegetable” at best had he lived)

Andrew Johnson
paralysis (stroke)

Ulysses Grant
carcinoma (cancer) of the tongue and tonsils

Rutherford Hayes
heart disease

James Garfield
assassinated (Actually, Garfield was definitely killed by his doctors probing for bullet; he would have completely recovered otherwise — the doctors who thought the bullet went where in fact it did were overruled by their elders who thought otherwise, and who stuck unclean metal probes into the President’s wounds in vain attempts to locate the bullet, introducing infection and making brand new holes and paths that just confused them all the more. The metal detector they tried would have worked to find the bullet, but they didn’t think to move him off the metal bedsprings, so instead they kept poking, believing that Alexander Graham Bell’s invention was useless.)

Chester Arthur
Bright’s disease, apoplexy (cerebral hemorrhage, stroke)

Grover Cleveland
debility, coronary sclerosis, stroke, or intestinal obstruction (doctors differed as to the cause)

Benjamin Harrison

William McKinley
assassinated. McKinley may have been saved if doctors knew where the bullet was lodged. Since he was shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY there was an interesting new invention on display only a few yards from where McKinley lay — the X-Ray machine! If they had carried him those few yards to this exhibit, doctors could have determined the exact location of the bullet, and would have probably been able to save his life. But as fate would have it, they did not consider the possibility and he died some days later from his wounds.

Theodore Roosevelt
coronary embolism (assumed), inflammatory rheumatism

William Taft
heart attack

Woodrow Wilson
apoplexy, paralysis (stroke) — had survived a number of minor and at least two major strokes.

Warren Harding
apoplexy (rupture of brain artery, stroke), pneumonia, and enlargement of the heart, all brought on by high blood pressure (his “friends” basically killed him with the scandals that racked his presidency)

Calvin Coolidge
heart failure (coronary thrombosis)

Herbert Hoover
massive internal hemorrhaging, bleeding from upper gastrointestinal tract; strained vascular system

Franklin Roosevelt
cerebral hemorrhage (stroke)

Harry Truman
minor lung congestion; complexity of organic failures; collapse of cardiovascular systems

Dwight Eisenhower
heart disease (coronary thrombosis) (One month before his death, Ike underwent necessary surgery to unblock his intestines. Doctors feared that the surgery would weaken his heart, but without it, he would die of self-poisoning. The month he lived after the surgery was possible only through the use of extraordinary life support measures, for which his doctors were later fiercely criticized.)

John Kennedy

Lyndon Johnson
heart failure

Richard Nixon
paralysis (stroke), swelling of the brain

Gerald Ford
cerebrovascular disease and diffuse arteriosclerosis

Ronald Reagan


All of the above are far too good for Obama. I hope he survives the terrible two years in power that he has remaining (not that I have any love for the evil man, but I don’t want him to become a martyr and continue harming our country after his death), and I hope he survives to see America survive and thrive despite his efforts to destroy a free country. Beyond that, I’m indifferent whether he dies slowly, in pain, and bitter that he was unable to destroy something good, or he repents and dies regretting that he wasted his life on the side of evil.

10 posted on 06/07/2014 12:26:05 PM PDT by Pollster1 ("Shall not be infringed" is unambiguous.)
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To: Dilbert San Diego

So what in the sam hill is he going to do? Forgive the loans?So, will the taxpayers be left holding the bag?

The students(taxpayers) will be the ones holding the bag with all that debt ,they will not get off free

11 posted on 06/07/2014 12:26:21 PM PDT by molson209 (Blank)
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To: bestintxas

The constitution is meaningless with a dictator in the White Hut, morons in congress, and activists in the judiciary.

12 posted on 06/07/2014 12:26:41 PM PDT by Oldeconomybuyer (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.)
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To: bestintxas

Hey Congress means NOTHING to a Dictator..which is what Obama is..he knows he only has 2 more yrs to do whatever necessary to transform America into the Communist Utopia he envisions..that way no matter which Republican runs, or won’t matter, they will never be able to undo what has been done, that is what Obama is banking on

13 posted on 06/07/2014 12:26:48 PM PDT by Sarah Barracuda
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To: Paladin2

“There is no way the gov’t should be involved in student loans.”

It will morph into another welfare program billions of dollars in the red. This is precisely why Obama took it over. Another giveaway for a largely Democrat constituency.

14 posted on 06/07/2014 12:27:56 PM PDT by headstamp 2 (What would Scooby do?)
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To: bestintxas

“...lift the burden of crushing student loan debt...”

Billions to Egypt. Probably billions in Air Force One costs for vacations and world tours. Billions for half-baked schemes and cost overruns. More billions in earmarks and yadayada. How many could go to college on the money the gov’t. squanders?

15 posted on 06/07/2014 12:28:27 PM PDT by beelzepug (You can't fix a broken washing machine by washing more expensive clothes in it.)
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To: Pollster1

Good comments and I was reading to see Garfield and McKinley’s assassination stories from back when practicing medicine really meant something.

16 posted on 06/07/2014 12:29:27 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: bestintxas
give the minds of mush a free ride and come work for govt. ltd.

I have no research to back me up, but it seems to me there is a large percentage less blue collar, testosterone jobs than in the 50's and 60's ... meaning guys are channeled into white collar work where they can drive a relatively nice car, dress like a metro and look at girls all day long ... only to go home with an identity crisis roiling inside

What to do ?

I know ... go to a club, get laid and fool yourself into thinking you're a man.

Yeah ... that's the ticket

17 posted on 06/07/2014 12:31:33 PM PDT by knarf (I say things that are true .. I have no proof .. but they're true.)
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To: bestintxas

The prez has no power to forgive debt owed to us. Impeach him.

18 posted on 06/07/2014 12:32:27 PM PDT by txrefugee
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To: ClearCase_guy

It’s because he has done increasingly outrageous things and nobody has been able to stop him.

19 posted on 06/07/2014 12:35:28 PM PDT by livius
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To: bestintxas

This will cause so much consternation among the middle class people who did not attend college due to belief they could not afford it. And now they see the people majoring in art appreciation, attending maybe 9 years to get their BA, having all their “education” paid for by the guy who forwent college.

Totally sickening and unfair.

20 posted on 06/07/2014 12:40:29 PM PDT by shalom aleichem
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