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Armed & Dangerous: The Terrorism of the LGBT Radicals ^ | June 8, 2014 | Joanne Moudy

Posted on 06/08/2014 2:56:24 PM PDT by Kaslin

When the word ‘terrorism’ is used today, most people equate it with Muslim extremists, radical bombings and hijacked aircraft. But there’s another form of terrorism happening right here in America, and the perpetrators are out to destroy the very fiber of our Judeo-Christian heritage and U.S. Constitution. Welcome to the bloody LGBT battlefield where everyone is fair game in a relentless, multifaceted assault on our humanity.

Make no mistake about the LGBT intentions. No longer content to ‘fit in’ or simply be ‘accepted’ by others for living an odd lifestyle, today they are out to castrate the minds and hearts of others into supporting their deviant faith – or crush those who might oppose their ranting into oblivion. As per the LGBT website, their goal is “…to seek to change the hearts and minds of Americans to ‘equality’…” – unless you happen to be an American who doesn’t want to be brainwashed.

Elaine Huguenin, owner of Huguenin Photography, found out the hard way. When she got an email inquiry from Vanessa Willock requesting photography of her union with another woman, Elaine didn’t realize that Vanessa had sent similar emails to other photographers and had already received positive responses from several who were willing to film Vanessa’s lesbian union. Neither did Elaine realize that at least one of those photographers was less expensive. In fact, Elaine had no idea that Vanessa was on a fishing trip – an expedition to find the one photographer who could not do the work, for religious reasons.

By the time Elaine figured out she’d been used as a guinea pig to promote the radical LGBT agenda, it was too late and she was embroiled in a devastating court battle which all but cost her and her husband their business and home.

In another case, Barronelle Stutzman is the owner of Arlene’s Flowers and Gifts and had been personally serving her gay client Robert Ingersoll for over ten years, whenever he came into her shop. In fact, she enjoyed his company and they had become well acquainted. It didn’t bother Barronelle he was gay, just the same as it didn’t bother her that a few of her employees and other customers were gay/lesbian.

But when Rob finally approached her and asked her to do the floral arrangements for his upcoming union to Curt Freed, she respectfully declined, saying “I am sorry. I can’t do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.” That was the first wedding Barronelle had turned down in 37 years.

Although Rob was disappointed about Barronelle’s decision, they hugged each other and he left the shop. But Curt wasn’t so forgiving and posted the details on Facebook. A few days later the shop’s five phone lines began ringing non-stop, flooding her business with vile hate calls from LGBT members all over the country. Those calls were followed by hundreds of threatening emails and dozens of vicious letters, eventually stacking over three feet high.

But least expected of all came an attack from Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson. According to Alliance Defending Freedom, the state of Washington suffered from over 200 murders, 2,100 rapes, 5,700 robberies, and 12,200 aggravated assaults in 2012, one would think the state’s AG would have serious business to attend to. But Mr. Ferguson took time out of his ‘busy’ schedule to check Facebook, single out Barronelle, and charge her with discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

The best part about this is, that at the time of Ferguson’s lawsuit against Barronelle, the two gay men, Rob and Curt, hadn’t filed a complaint with anyone. But that didn’t seem to matter to Ferguson because he filed the suit against the florist anyway, without a plaintiff. This situation had never before occurred in Washington and gives rise to the obvious question, “Why, with all the other serious infractions happening within the state, was Barronelle such a priority?”

The obvious answer is simple. Ferguson is out to rid Washington of God, teach Barronelle a lesson, and make a name for himself in the process. And he’s gone after God and Barronelle with a vengeance.

According to the Huffpost Gay Voices, Ferguson said, “It’s my job to enforce the laws of the state of Washington. Under the Consumer Protection Act, it’s unlawful to discriminate against customers on the basis of sexual orientation.” Ferguson went on to sue the florist for declining to act contrary to her faith. Apparently all those murderers and rapists are less threatening than a 68 year-old Christian businesswoman.

But now with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, not only is Barronelle defending herself against the ridiculous claims of Ferguson, she also recently filed her own countersuit against him. As Dale Schowengerdt, ADF’s Senior Legal Counsel points out, “In America, the government is supposed to protect freedom, not use its intolerance for certain viewpoints to intimidate citizens into acting contrary to their faith or convictions.”

If the Attorney General prevails, the fines and charges he hopes to impose will cripple Barronelle and put her out of business, all for believing in Jesus Christ and following her faith.

And most recently in Colorado, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner, Jack Phillips, was sued by two gay lovers, Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig, because Jack respectfully declined to create a wedding cake for the couple’s union.

It didn’t matter that same-sex marriage is illegal in Colorado, or that the couple got hitched in Massachusetts to circumvent the Colorado law. Nor did it matter that the gay couple had offers from other bakers to do their ‘union’ cake, or that several of those offers were for considerably less money. All that mattered was that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) jumped at the chance to unite with the LGB-Terrorism movement and destroy another Christian-run business and bash religious freedom in the process.

But in order to be successful in destroying Jack’s livelihood, the complainants had to have a sympathetic Administrative Judge and a Civil Rights Commission with no understanding or regard for our Constitution. As Americans are seeing all too often these days, the seven-member panel ignored Colorado law and legislated from their bench. Then they threw down their heavy-handed decision full of petty, punitive punishment purposefully intended to embarrass and humiliate the bakery owner.

The good news is that Jack’s business is booming with freedom-loving supporters who prefer cookies, cupcakes, and croissants to those controversial ceremonial delicacies. In fact, Jack’s so busy he hasn’t had time to even think about baking wedding cakes. If business holds steady, maybe Jack can focus his talents on Thanksgiving favorites like steamed cranberry puddings and fruitcakes, although he’d probably get sued by the ACLU for baking anything with such a questionable name.

All humor aside, the LGBT movement in America isn’t new and it isn’t unorganized. Quite the contrary, it’s extremely well organized with campaigns running on every front. At the LBGT, Human Rights Campaign Website, they clearly state what every homosexual should be on the lookout for, and they encourage their subscribers to ‘report offenders’.

If our elected officials don’t take a firm stand immediately and get actively involved to halt these non-stop assaults on our Constitutional rights, we’re doomed. Conservatives and Republicans must raise their voices before it’s too late.

As Arizona Congressional candidate for D-2, Chuck Wooten recently wrote, “In this era of extreme political correctness, it’s almost surreal that such a small fraction of our society is allowed to torment average citizens over something as fundamental as the Constitutional right of religious freedom. The ACLU’s predictable tactic is “death by a thousand cuts,” but it’s seldom successful. The time for sanity in these situations is at hand and Americans of faith must stand strong and fight tyranny in whatever form it takes.”

The LGBT has systematically embarked on a violent war against anyone who doesn’t tow the line and jump into bed with their sexual promiscuity and deviance, and it’s refreshing to see some serious candidates step up and say, “Enough is enough.” But sadly, if more elected officials don’t defend our constitutional rights in a timely fashion, the hour of opportunity will pass and our religious freedom will evaporate before our eyes.

TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: equality; homosexualagenda; religiousfreedom
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1 posted on 06/08/2014 2:56:24 PM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

The two percent (I’m being generous) may soon find themselves in open bloody warfare with the other ninety eight percent, if that’s how they really want it.

2 posted on 06/08/2014 2:59:20 PM PDT by elcid1970 ("In the modern world, Muslims are living fossils.")
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To: elcid1970

So I guess that problem would be resolved in a weekend?
‘Cause being outnumbered 49-to-one is not a good place to be.

3 posted on 06/08/2014 3:11:00 PM PDT by Farmer Dean (stop worrying about what they want to do to you,start thinking about what you want to do to them)
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To: elcid1970

> The two percent (I’m being generous) may soon find
> themselves in open bloody warfare with the other ninety
> eight percent

Unfortunately, the 2% have support from more than 50% of the rest of the population. We are in the minority here.

4 posted on 06/08/2014 3:14:13 PM PDT by Westbrook (Children do not divide your love, they multiply it.)
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To: elcid1970

The tenacles of Satan are covering our country.

The Churches have failed and issue absolutely no sign of correcting. We have been turned over to ourselves.

What comes next will take many children. God help us get our kids out of the public schools while we work for “stuff”.

I think we are not broke enough yet. The more impoverished will try a different track to care for their children, with spirit and truth forming them.

5 posted on 06/08/2014 3:15:17 PM PDT by RitaOK ( VIVA CHRISTO REY / Public education is the farm team for more Marxists coming.)
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To: elcid1970

Or will it be more of the Night of the Long Knives? Will their overlords decide that they have been used well enough and now must go? In this case, it will be Islamists getting rid of them not Nazis. On the other hand, what is the difference?

6 posted on 06/08/2014 3:24:57 PM PDT by miss marmelstein (Richard Lives Yet!)
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To: Kaslin

Sorry, folks, the headline is wildly misleading.

Harassment and lawsuits are not armed terrorism, despicable though they might be.

7 posted on 06/08/2014 3:25:10 PM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: Westbrook

“Unfortunately, the 2% have support from more than 50% of the rest of the population. We are in the minority here.”

I do not believe that to be the case. There may by a few polls here and there that claim a majority of the people support gay marriage, but those polls must be falsified.

8 posted on 06/08/2014 3:26:14 PM PDT by Oliviaforever
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To: Kaslin
When the word ‘terrorism’ is used today, most people equate it with Muslim extremists, radical bombings and hijacked aircraft.

Except for Eric al-Holder who equates it with little old ladies who make potato salad for a picnic of Tea Partiers.

9 posted on 06/08/2014 3:28:04 PM PDT by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: Kaslin; Lowell1775; JPX2011; NKP_Vet; Jed Eckert; Recovering Ex-hippie; KingOfVagabonds; ...

Freep-mail me to get on or off my pro-life and Catholic List:

Add me / Remove me

Please ping me to note-worthy Pro-Life or Catholic threads, or other threads of general interest.

10 posted on 06/08/2014 3:33:50 PM PDT by narses (Matthew 7:6. He appears to have made up his mind let him live with the consequences.)
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To: Farmer Dean
I think you're not getting that the 2% who are homosexuals are not all punishment-minded lawfare-waging aggressive activists. That might be --- I have no idea --- less than half of the 2%. We're talking about <1%.


The complicating factor is that a whole lot of the "straight" 98% are gay allies for a variety of reasons. Because they are sentimentalists and thing gay couples are so loving and cute. Because they are denatured and think sex has no intrinsic value, it's just how you scratch an itch. Because they have soaked all their normal human values in a solvent bath of hedonism and cynicism, and now it's all gone except "I want what I want, so you want what you want." Because they are heedless of what's going to be drilled into their kids and grandkids.

The gay "problem" was never, primarily, a "gay" problem. The project of the deconstruction of gender, the disorientation of sex, and the de-norming of natural marriage started a long time before the "Gay movement". which came on the scene with the "straight allies" already pre-deformed.

11 posted on 06/08/2014 3:44:37 PM PDT by Mrs. Don-o (Pray for the %^* SOB. It's the only way to help him, or you, become a bit worthier as a human being)
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To: Westbrook

The homos are very good at coming out to their friends & family, and then manipulating them from there. People go weak when it’s a son or daughter coming out as a homosexual, instead of trying to do the right and hard thing in Christ’s plan.

12 posted on 06/08/2014 3:45:02 PM PDT by MarkRegal05
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To: Oliviaforever

I think it is believable.

1) Many, many otherwise Conservative and religious people have siblings and children who are openly gay and married. I know of such instances. They are not rare or unusual and the majority of friends, families and acquaintances support, cheer and openly offer public congratulations. In one instance I know of, the elderly relatives are being kept in the dark, so far. Of course, they may be totally aware of the situation and just holding their tongue for now.

2) Many, if not most people just do not care about such things. They regard them as personal, private and totally acceptable. There are far more classical liberals than true social conservatives on the right.

3)People with religious objections to same-sex marriage or open homosexuality are in the minority, numerically and culturally. The majority has proven they will not allow private convictions concerning the minorities that go against the majority to stand in the marketplace.

Everyone will continue to believe as they will. But if you are in business, be aware that the support is on the side of the homosexuals. If you have a wedding business, a restaurant,a retail establishment, any personal service business,you turn people away on socially conservative grounds at your own peril. Beyond that, people will turn such business owners in, will demand they be prosecuted under the law, will denigrate them on social media and will go to inordinate lengths to destroy them economically and socially.

Take your own rule-of-thumb poll and do not pre-select the respondents. If you find 5% in favor among a random selection of people you know, especially casual acquaintances, then you can expect the more rigorous polls to be correct.

It is what it is. Refusal to believe or accept could rebound against you.

13 posted on 06/08/2014 4:07:34 PM PDT by reformedliberal
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To: Kaslin

We live in Seattle and have more then our share of faggots. We’ve had a few in our church, which is in the Central area where the faggots live. The church was polite to them but were not given special treatment. For some reason they quit coming. I’m thinking maybe since we are getting more and more young Iranian families joining the church and giving them special attention, the faggots are upset because they are not getting the special treatment, or maybe they have a fear for Iranians. I will say one thing, the Iranians are a real asset to the church, as they have a very strong zeal for Christ which does ad life to the church.

14 posted on 06/08/2014 4:20:02 PM PDT by Vinylly (?%)
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To: Vinylly

Iranian Christians finding a spiritual home in America.

I love it! They’re like fresh new blood.

15 posted on 06/08/2014 4:41:27 PM PDT by elcid1970 ("In the modern world, Muslims are living fossils.")
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To: Mrs. Don-o

Ooooh... I like the way you think!

16 posted on 06/08/2014 4:42:17 PM PDT by Walrus (I love the America that used to be ---I hate the America that now IS!)
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To: reformedliberal

I think not, “reformedliberal”.

SOME “conservative and religious people have siblings and children who are openly gay and married.” It is nowhere near “many, many”

SOME people “do not care about such things”; most of us DO, and most of us despise homosexuality.

“People with religious objections homosexuality” are NOT in the minority -— numerically, culturally or in any other aspect., for that matter.

Homosexuality is flat-out perversion. You know it, I know it, and the overwhelming majority of Americans know it.

17 posted on 06/08/2014 4:56:29 PM PDT by Walrus (I love the America that used to be ---I hate the America that now IS!)
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To: Kaslin
Electrical devices for years carried a sticker Saying UL, meaning certified by Underwriters Laboratories. It would be a wise move for small businesses to develop a guild and affix an insignia to all of their wedding products carrying the lines, "Marriage means monagamy, one lover until death do you part," obviously poetically stated with a lovely image of a man and woman. As Time's article pointed out, that is not the intent of many same sex couples when they enter matrimony and it is certainly not the result. When only 7% , even at this late day and age , according to Gallup, find sexual relations outside of marriage by married people( unless same sex participants and supporters want to admit that same sex marriage is a different kind of marriage)morally acceptable, this should be like wolfsbane to a werewolf.
18 posted on 06/08/2014 4:58:22 PM PDT by gusopol3
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To: Walrus

Well, I disagree. Especially people under 45 just do not care at all.

It is the culture. The entire idea of perversion has been turned on _us_. That quote about the “Moral majority will become the despised minority”? This was planned a long time ago.The inculcations of the past 3 generations have taken root.

We believe in the power of tradition. The culture was changed deliberately to change the traditions. Look at football. Same game (sort of), but it has become a bastion of outspoken acceptance of gays, not to mention being PC. Years and years ago, a gay man told me that I would be shocked at how many pro football players were homosexual. I didn’t believe him then and those old guys are now all retired, but just look at the new crop! Many are bi. The ones who are straight have the morals of alley cats and it’s not just excess testosterone.

Privately, many people in their 30s & up think their parents are “aliens”(sic). They may love us, they may show us respect because they love us, but they are not necessarily emulating or preserving our ideals.

I’ve come to believe that very little is innate. Watching the world over the past 50-60 years indicates that just about every aspect of *culture* is learned. Anything learned can be taught. Anything taught can be inculcated. If I could come back in 100 years, I cannot even imagine what the accepted beliefs and behaviors will be. The more outre my imaginings, the more likely I think that will be the new norm.

19 posted on 06/08/2014 6:50:16 PM PDT by reformedliberal
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To: reformedliberal

Well, I disagree right back.

SOME “people under 45 just do not care at all”; most do.

Oh, and if football has “become a bastion of outspoken acceptance of gays,” why is an admittedly homosexual first-team All-American defensive end not drafted until the last round? Some “bastion” you’ve got there, Buttercup.

20 posted on 06/08/2014 7:15:24 PM PDT by Walrus (I love the America that used to be ---I hate the America that now IS!)
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