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Obama administration imports more voters; dumps illegals on military bases ^ | 6/12/14 | Allen West

Posted on 06/13/2014 9:15:45 AM PDT by BlatherNaut

I don’t need to tell you the sovereignty of the United States of America is under attack from the flood of illegal immigrants now in progress.

However, It appears our current federal government thinks it’s a good idea. Reports first surfaced last week that scores of illegal immigrants in Texas were being flown, bused and then abandoned out-of-state into Arizona and elsewhere.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is not best pleased, saying in a statement, “This is a crisis of the federal government’s creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure – now apparently intentionally – while this operation continues full-steam ahead is deplorable.”

More than 150,000 immigrants have been apprehended along the south Texas border – up 57% from the previous year. In addition, there has been an unprecedented surge of children making the more than 1,000-mile journey from Central America, ostensibly to escape violence in their home countries – but is it because many know the back door is wide open?

As reported by Fox News, Obama on Monday described the surge in children crossing the border as an “urgent humanitarian situation,” appointing FEMA head Craig Fugate to lead an effort addressing the crisis.

Ah, the ol’ “humanitarian crisis” line, which tugs at the heartstrings and allows liberal progressives to feel good about doing something worthy. That’s how you skirt the Constitution and enables you to castigate anyone who disagrees as mean, nasty and uncaring.

And what happens next? All these young illegals will be asked where their parents are — and then we’ll be told we cannot break up families. And since these children are fleeing “violence” in their countries, of course they’ll be granted refugee status.

Heck, Chicago has greater violence, but we don’t see any compassion from liberals there.

Even more disconcerting is a report from Michelle Malkin, who says two planeloads of illegal aliens were recently shipped to Massachusetts. The first reportedly landed at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford. According to her tipster, approximately 160 illegal immigrants arrived on that flight and stayed nearly a week before being transferred to a Department of Homeland Security site and then released. The second flight reportedly was diverted from Hanscom to Boston’s Logan Airport this past weekend.”

Malkin asks, “How many other military bases are stealthily being used to redistribute, house, process and release illegal border crossers? What we do know for sure is that the Obama administration already has converted several other military bases across the country into outposts for tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Central and South America. San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base opened its doors as an illegal immigrant camp last month. Port Hueneme Naval Base in Ventura County, Calif., will shelter nearly 600 illegal border-crossing children and teens. The Fort Sill Army post in Lawton, Okla., was ordered on Friday to take in 1,200 illegal aliens despite the objections of GOP Gov. Mary Fallin, who blasted the White House, saying, “The Obama administration continues to fail in its duty to protect our borders and continues to promote policies that encourage, rather than discourage, illegal immigration.” Is this some version of the Cloward-Piven strategy? Without a doubt it seems the Obama administration is purposefully destabilizing America all for political gain. This is unprecedented and wrong. Call me heartless, but why are we allowing our border to be overrun?

This again represents the “fundamental transformation” of America. Liberal pundit Alan Colmes wrote a book entitled Thank The Liberals for Saving America. Really? Au contraire. We can thank them for decimating our Constitutional Republic.

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1 posted on 06/13/2014 9:15:45 AM PDT by BlatherNaut
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To: BlatherNaut
Obama administration imports smuggles more voters; dumps illegals on military bases


2 posted on 06/13/2014 9:19:43 AM PDT by TexasCajun
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To: BlatherNaut

3 posted on 06/13/2014 9:20:26 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: BlatherNaut
welfare offices all over America are the targets for our observation and intervention now.

THOSE will be the agencies used to infiltrate the enemy into our camp.

THEY give out the food stamps, the WIC, access to motor voter/driver's licences.

It's the low level embeds that are the real danger .. (always was)

4 posted on 06/13/2014 9:21:43 AM PDT by knarf (I say things that are true .. I have no proof .. but they're true.)
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To: BlatherNaut
Impeach Obama!
5 posted on 06/13/2014 9:22:34 AM PDT by afraidfortherepublic
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To: BlatherNaut

Never has a President worked so hard against everything this nation once used to stand for.

6 posted on 06/13/2014 9:36:08 AM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi - Revolution is a'brewin!!!)
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To: NormsRevenge

Obama Admin Forbids Lawmakers From Taking Photos Of Illegal Immigrant Facility

7 posted on 06/13/2014 9:43:23 AM PDT by minnesota_bound
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To: BlatherNaut

We need the governors of AZ and OK to order up busses, load aboard all the illegals dumped in their state’s military bases, proceed to DC and dump them on the grounds of the Capitol and in the park directly across from the White House.

Too drastic? Uh Huh! Drastic measures have to be taken to get the attention of the politicos. I bet the public would gladly donate funds to cover the expenses.

Why is it only female governors of these states are aware of what’s happening and complaining and no male governors of the other states involved? For sure Brown of CA isn’t about to make waves with the feds.

8 posted on 06/13/2014 9:46:29 AM PDT by Thank You Rush
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To: BlatherNaut

Humanitarian aid should be brought to bear on these people until we can get them back to their homelands, but they are not permitted to vote unless they are US Citizens. I suppose Emperor Obama will wave his magic pen and speak into his magic phone to make that happen.

9 posted on 06/13/2014 10:02:15 AM PDT by Fester Chugabrew
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To: NormsRevenge

Does anyone else notice the Lame Stream Media AND the Dems continue to use that disgustingly LOW, totally inaccurate illegal invasion number of 11 million?

How many millions do you folks really think it is now?

10 posted on 06/13/2014 10:05:25 AM PDT by WaterWeWaitinFor (Would Winston Churchill stand still for all this nonsense? Cruz our new Churchill?)
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To: Thank You Rush; NormsRevenge

Did anyone see a man named Sota (spelling ??) on Fox and Friends this AM holding a sweet little Latino 3 or 4 year old holding a blue carnation? He was smirking while holding her and saying blather like “do you want to really send back someone like this?”........ AAAAAAAAACH. The discussion was on the massive illegal invasion.

This country CANNOT take in the billions in this world who want a better life. Teach them how to make their OWN country better, not drag our country down to a third world level.

11 posted on 06/13/2014 10:12:44 AM PDT by WaterWeWaitinFor (Would Winston Churchill stand still for all this nonsense? Cruz our new Churchill?)
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To: WaterWeWaitinFor
I'm starting to see groups of illegals here in Dallas congregating at local
convenience stores in the mornings. I've never seen that since I moved back
here many years ago. They are not dressed for work, no lunch sacks and no bags.

This is not going to end well and I actually expect Obama to incite some
kind of uprising and protest that will shut down major cities.

Americans will become the enemy for trying to protect their cities and property.
In fact, we already are the Enemy of the Federal Government. AFA on terrorist lists!

Where are the Governors of these states? OMG, this is bad.

12 posted on 06/13/2014 10:23:32 AM PDT by MaxMax (Pay Attention and you'll be pissed off too! FIRE BOEHNER, NOW!)
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To: BlatherNaut; Tennessee Nana; Liz; TADSLOS; EXCH54FE; GeronL; Travis McGee; jimbo123; ...
RE :”Obama administration imports more voters; dumps illegals on military bases”

Where its easier to restrict the use of cameras.

They setup new rules to restrict INS employees from carrying their personal phone-cams but its not working.

This wayon military bases they can classify the kids existence to keep them hidden from Americans.

Like prisoners of war.

13 posted on 06/13/2014 10:26:37 AM PDT by sickoflibs (King Obama : 'The debate is over. The time for talk is over. Just follow my commands you serfs""')
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To: MaxMax

Frightening when you know that all types of Gubmet agencies have swat teams, millions of rounds of ammo, etc. And when you add in that there are dozens of FEMA camps (one is near Madison, WI) that have thousands of plastic fold-up caskets. Not a tin foil theory on that. Heard this from a source that was in the army, actually working on setting one up.

No, this will NOT end well. And where are the politicians? Kissing K street fanny and the Chamber’s fanny. Sick, isn’t it? Keep calling.

14 posted on 06/13/2014 10:32:18 AM PDT by WaterWeWaitinFor (Would Winston Churchill stand still for all this nonsense? Cruz our new Churchill?)
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To: TexasCajun

These dream kids that flooding our borders are not to blame for their predicament and there are so many families wanting to adopt children, we should get the Christian adoption agencies activated to start providing these kids adoption status.

It would provide a legal status in a family situation that is more stable and provide wisdom and guidance in a more favorable political ideology than the left has planned for them.

There are many good homes that are Spanish speaking and many churches Latino churches that can provide for them better then the government can.

The right should be mobilizing an effort to assimilate these people who are the future. We need to guide that future.

I believe we have the solution to stopping this, providing the children a proper upbringing and using a leftist created situation to the country’s benefit.

15 posted on 06/13/2014 11:48:08 AM PDT by Only1choice____Freedom (As long as America's tolerence of failure is not overwhelmed by a desire to succeed, we will fail.)
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