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To: Candor7

Thank you, appreciate your astute commentary. On another site I saw a photo of an ISIS commander in a tent that had the letters USAID on it. Comment 727 at the link below, a very good Iraq war news thread:

41 posted on 06/14/2014 1:37:41 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: little jeremiah; Candor7

from your link, little jeremiah:

Doomer Doug is thinking the NWO has unleashed more than it planned on. The NWO is like that English King who brought in the Danes as mercenaries. The Danes decided they liked England and started to take it over. They imposed their version of Islam’s Sharia law called Danelaw.

ISIS still doesn’t quite get the fact that by beheading every POW they can, they are increasing the opposition to them. All the gloating soldiers smiling over headless corpses isn’t going to do anything but fire up the Shia and the remnants of the so called Iraqi military. Doomer Doug correctly called the declaration of Holy War in defense of sacred Shia sites. This guys statement calling for a mass mobilization of EVERY SINGLE SHIA BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18 AND WHATEVER MEANS THE NUMBERS ARE TRULY STAGGERING. The other thing is we in the west are thinking he is doing a Hitler April, 1945 Volksarmy with 90 year old men firing 1898 Mausers. Nope!!!!! The large majority of these newly mobilized “volunteers” are combat veterans from over 20 years of sectarian fighting. They all fought for at least two years in 2005 and 2006. These are the Shia militias the USA used to stomp the Sunni militias and give us our “victory.”

The political impact of this Holy War declaration means the nation state of Iraq no longer exists. The people in charge in Baghdad are not the current government. Baghdad is now under DIRECT IRANIAN MILITARY RULE. Baghdad is now under the authority of religious leaders and not secular.

The Kurds are exploiting the situation very well. I have always thought from day one the FINAL result of our intervention would be the breakup of Iraq into ethnic and religious enclaves. You would have the Kurdish state. You would have the Shia state directly inserted into Iran. You would have a Sunni central state. Iraq was like Yugoslavia in the sense that as soon as either Tito and Saddam were dead the natural ethnic and religious reality would rise from the ashes.

The current events in Iraq represent the TOTAL AND COMPLETE FAILURE of the foreign policy of the USA in the Middle East since World War One. It also represents the collapse of the 1917 General Allenby and the French British Syria accord.

Baghdad will not “fall.” Iran will do whatever it takes to protect Baghdad, the religious sites in the north, and especially the Shia core based on Basra in the south. ISIS is already starting to get outflanked by the Kurdish Peshmerga. ISIS is spread too thin, has enraged its opponents into a total fight or die mode. Sun Tzu says that you NEVER force an enemy army into the position where it must fight to the death.

These numbers about 70,000 ISIS troops pouring into Baghdad are fantasy. ISIS has at most 10 to 15 thousand troops of its own. It, maybe, has another 5 to 10 thousand Sunni and former Bath Party militias. And ISIS has now enraged the Kurdish Peshmerga, which has 250,000, as well as IRAN has already sent in 10,000 elite troops. Further, Turkey is in the mood to link up with the Kurds, as is Assad. If you look at the numbers of potential enemies ISIS has now pushed into the kill ISIS on sight mode, well ISIS isn’t going to do much more than it already has.

The KURDS are going to push west hard in order to secure the oil routes to Turkey and Syria so they can fund their new state. If you look at the maps showing the Kurdish zone, Syria, Northern Iraq etc you see a fully functional political entity that has 250,000 combat veteran troops, nearly unlimited oil revenue and the full support of EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE REGION TO SQUASH ISIS LIKE A BUG.

ISIS called for the beheading of Jordan’s King today. Again, I mean just how arrogant is ISIS? Do you think maybe Jordan’s king is going to allow anti ISIS forces to use his airbases, military bases, or even just deploy his own troops, which are pretty good if not a huge lot of them.

Gang, ISIS has angered the entire region. I mean the head of Iran actually said he would consider allowing the US to help kill ISIS. This means the firepower, the manpower and the hatred headed towards ISIS is going to be a tsunami.

46 posted on 06/14/2014 3:58:13 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (fair dinkum)
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