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UKRAINE Dnepropetrovsk, Dombass: History of the Russian gang racketeering in Bezler
Contributing Editor at Tsenzor.NET ^ | 29/6/14 | Yury Butusov

Posted on 06/29/2014 8:09:26 AM PDT by

What happened to the business in the Donbass? History of the Russian gang racketeering Bezler.

In Dnepropetrovsk, met with a friend - he's a businessman, he has a chain of stores, delivery of components for machines of Konstantinovka. Fled his hometown two weeks ago. Told why:

"I ran after having spent ten days in captivity Russian special services, which are placed in the building Gorlovka SBU, and I bought from captivity for 300 thousand dollars.

By DNR in our town, most people have a positive attitude in April. Reason - in the Donetsk region many factories operate exclusively on Russian orders and the Russian market. I am engaged in agriculture. and we also sell a lot in Russia. But I understand that the Ukrainian Donbass integrated into the economy and infrastructure, and Russia simply does not have sufficient funds to keep Donbass and Crimea - about 9 million people in crisis, if these areas simultaneously split from Ukraine. I explained this to people, but words did not. They wanted to Russia to keep a job, to get higher pension, naively believing that with all of their normal way of life will remain unchanged. Nobody thought that in the Donbass will come from Russia are not polite people - but real gangsters.

By City was information that polite people with St. George ribbons collected by the People's Republic of Donetsk needs money from businessmen. I am far from politics, I somehow seemed to me that this will not happen. I have a relatively small company. Everything happened very casually. I drove to the office to work, but once I got out of the car I was approached by three men with guns, bullet-proof vests, with chevrons "DNR", and offered to get into their car. I was brought to Gorlovka - there they base Gorlovka SBU.

I was brought into a room to a man in camouflage. He was calm and benevolent. Gave me a list of names, and says: "Find yourself". I see - and this is a list of business in our city. And stand in front of each digit. And it is interesting that some of the amount indicated in dollars, and some - in UAH. Amounts were from 1 to 15 million hryvnia. Stood in front of my name - 250 thousand dollars. Military asked: - Do you understand? Let's call home, even if driven by money. - But I do not have much money. Who told you that my house may be 250 thousand dollars? Well, who keeps the house so much money? Especially in our time? - Look, I'm not here to convince you of something. I have a plan. And I'm responsible for it, to carry it out. That you should think of how you execute it. Sorry, man, nothing personal, I have my own work. Here's your phone, go call, pick up the money, and you must lie a night in jail, to be sure. You're going to sit here until you bring money. Like the camera - you sit, I do not like - you will collect. Do not create problems for us - because we only creates problems "Right sector", and it will be bad for your company. All right? Until tomorrow.

I was allowed to make calls, and then took the phone and sent to the basement of the building of the SBU. There all the rooms turned into the chamber and the people in each chamber. In my also had three people, but we were talking strictly prohibited. The camera had some purely civilians. Again the next morning chat with unknown soldier. No rudeness. 10 minutes leisurely persuasion to think again - and I was sent back to the camera. Fed, by the way, not bad. No threats. My "curator" behaved as the military, clearly, spoke like a man. accustomed to command, to speak the official language. correctly. It reminds me of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" - as citizens demanded to hand over gold and currency in the theater. Here, too, every day showed me a list, and every day in front of each new surname would plus. So another businessman paid and he was released. Gave a lot to say on the phone. Family collecting money from all friends and acquaintances in the area. No intercession could not help, no connection did not work. It is curious that a ransom for my freedom he called "donation".

It struck me that the military had complete information about my financial situation and about my business. And justify the amount of money the specific calculations - that's what I vytorg, that's what I bank deposit, that's what I should be on current accounts. I concluded. that figure was calculated on some foreclosures an arbitrary algorithm, but the initial data base was the police Economic Crimes and tax. I tried to convince them that if they do I'll take that kind of money, I would not be able to produce or sell in their stores.

About a week later we are so accustomed to the military, he started leaving me in my interrogation room longer. We communicated. He did not hide that he is not Ukrainian. Some titles amused him - for some reason, Berdyansk. The day before my release. when the family confirmed that the amount collected the ransom he raised to 300,000. Said that my arrest them created many problems, the noise originated, so that I would have to compensate them bepokoystvo. I personally think that these 50,000 he never handed over, and myself left.

An hour before me came, it gave me cigarettes, and we were able to talk, and I did a little porassprashivat:

- Judging by the age, you probably Major? - Guess. - Are not you scared? He laughed. - You must understand, this is my fourth war. That's my job. So I have nothing personal to you. I have a month to work, and to replace it. Long have you sitting here, in Crimea once had bought, as I had to go right here. And then you have no sea. - What do I do now? I can not stay here with my family - if I steal someone else, I will not be able to pay off. - What do you say. I'll stay here another week, so if you bring - let go. But then ... We order here, we are military men. But among our different groups there. Cossacks have - they do not we control it "office". And there are Chechens - Ramzan their controls. I'll recommend them not to get caught. Yeah, I never thought that I would be together with the Chechens once the order imposing ... - And how can we work with? Now I venture to fall apart. I'll leave no contract is concluded, the business stops, unable to pay taxes. - This is a temporary siutatsiya. You understand - or we'll collect all the resources, either you take it "Right sector." All the same, you have to give money. Once here comes Russia, everything turns around slowly. And taxes Ukraine you no need to pay until we liberate you from paying. We do not want you to Kiev taxes paid, because your taxes harboring buy weapons and shoot everyone here. So you're not just donated, you also received tax breaks and helped our victory. - A Russian coming? Help? - Russia will necessarily. Once here leave Ukraine. And we are working on it.

When I was released, I went back home and we were ready to evacuate immediately. My parents did not want to leave. I learned that all of our business, Gorlovka, Kramatorsk Kostyantynivka, Makeyevka, Donetsk pay Bezler. And ask militants not only money - allow to settle jewels stones.

Today tribute in favor of "DNR" taxed all entrepreneurs - even grannies on the market. All pay. And no one dares to evade taxes. Cops wrote many who take - and you have to pay for the work, or as much as is necessary, or close. Almost all closed. Because shops regularly robbed, so you can only trade that is of little value now. Today you will not find is any business person who would support the "DNR". Everyone understands that war destroys Donbass that "DNR" - is not the power, it's just the militants who mimic power, but do not solve any problems.

As far as I know, only one businessman refused to pay in our district. Of Donetsk. A very rich man - I visited his home, his garage big motorcycles, sports cars. Came to him immediately as I was released. He has the largest agricultural enterprise, and security. He gave a real battle. Gorlovki came from militants, but they have shot, three killed. Then Bezler Gorlovki expelled a group led by an armored personnel carrier. They began firing huge estate businessman from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Began a very tough fight - businessman with family and guard managed to escape, although among his people were also losses. Now he joined the Ministry of Internal Affairs Battalion "Donetsk", wants to go home with the weapon in his hands. Looks like another opportunity to release Donbass no longer exists. Now among donetchan nobody will block the Ukrainian military. On the contrary - they all want the army to come as quickly as possible, and finally stopped chaos. If this is not done now, we will lose agriculture, we obtain a mass exodus of refugees. and restore this situation have for many years. "

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Update: As for the reliability of the story - talk to any refugee from the Donbas, with those who still live there. This is the first, second, socialize Battalion "Donbass", Shahtersk "and" Donetsk. "They are local. And thirdly, when I in the river, ready to introduce, without writing, of course, with the refugees. In including and with this businessman.
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