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Burko News ^ | 02/07/14 | Roman Burko

Posted on 07/02/2014 5:27:15 PM PDT by


The active phase continues of the antiterrorist operation, during which the Ukrainian military facilities and free new territory previously occupied by terrorists.

Militants vainly trying to destabilize the situation and affect the decision of the president of the Russian Federation‬, concerning the introduction number of troops on the territory of Ukraine. To create a picture of the "genocide of Russians in Ukraine", which will bring Putin to direct massive assistance to terrorists, militants continue to hold bloody provocation and propagate rumors among the local population, playing on the weaknesses and fears of the latter past.

So, over the past 24 hours, the terrorists staged the most violent provocations in Kramatorsk Luhansk and villages. In and around the towns of Kramatorsk militants GRAD MLRS was applied, which was located at a checkpoint Druzhkovka terrorists. Shooting from the Castle militants conducted randomly, apparently their task was not to hit the armed forces of the Ukrainian army and wreak havoc and panic among the civilian population. Also of note, though, is the fact that immediately after the attacks, on the scene promptly appeared pro-Russian journalists who filed the information in a favorable way for the Russian Federation.

In another development, sharply dissonant against the general background of tension, is hearing about the bombing Villages in Lugansk. Terrorists ‬were quick to say (with the filing to the pro-Russian TV), that "the Ukrainian punishers mercilessly destroy civilians and take revenge for the Donbas willfulness." However, on the specified data , Ukrainian Air Force were not seen in the area to have carried out flights at 11:00, this is the time, which is described as "punitive operation in the village of Luhansk Junta." At the same time, the terrorists deliberately destroying AIR DEFENSE facilities in Ukraine. Impression that prepares corridor for enemy aircraft from Russia. Some bloggers even claimed that the bombing took place Villages Lugansk were Russian planes. This version has the right to life, but the de facto none of the locals had seen aircraft operation and yet bloody terrorists operation by shelling civilian areas was carried out, rather, from terrorists ground-based artillery. As a result, according to various data, about 10 civilians were killed. Another fact indicating clearly provocative nature of this operation lies in the plane of terrorists rationality. In the village Stanitsa of Lugansk according to ATO at the time of the tragedy there was not factions nor militia equipment, this points to the absurdity of the claims of allegedly bombing the town by Ukrainian aviation.

About successes and victories of our security forces, it is worth noting that they almost managed to block the 02.07 channel of delivery of weapons and equipment in Slavic, which with our easy hand received the name "Ho Chi Minh trail".(learn more about trail... " read here:

At the same time in Sloviansk seen large accumulation /concentration of militant tanks. Armoured equipment to terrorists continue to arrive from the settlement Druzhkivka. I am glad Ukrainian law-enforcers work at Glassworks in Lisichansk, where information available to us is based up to 10 militant tanks.

Also received information from Lugansk, from insiders that the battles are within the city limits. Fighting continues in the area of Saur-Grave and Izvarino. It should be noted, however, that the militants are not happy to see [Russian border guards ]on the territory of the Russian Federation. And they found themselves practically in a vise between the Ukrainian and Russian border security forces.

Tonight we should expect another shelling of settlements by terrorist forces, with a possible tank breakthrough through direction of Slavyansk Valley (but that's only guesswork our analysts)

More alarming news is heard from the border town of Krasnodon. Terrorists began to spread rumors among the local population, allegedly "National Guard will use chemical weapons." This message threw the local population into a panic. It is worth noting that terrorists quite a long history of using permanent tactics" announced its plans and then put the blame on neighbor." Therefore That is why we take seriously any reports of this kind from the mouths of militants and be ready for anything. Also in Krasnodon repeated attempts have been seen to install anti-aircraft guns in the areas of Central Park, the stadium, the emergency room and near residential areas. From some of the residents of the city had managed to "otmaterit′" and ward off unwanted visitors/intruders. Most of the population now has negative perceptions of their "self-proclaimed defenders" after a series of sabotage, rudeness and robbery by terrorists.

‬ ‪ # Mezhdunarodka The mechanism of ratification of the agreement of associate membership of Ukraine in the EU ‬ ‪ # Union members. Romania is one of the first to completed this procedure. Her readiness to perform this procedure stated and said Lithuania also. It is expected that other EU Member States will do so in the near future.

Russia on its side of the border, equipped firing points. Also, RUSSIA has banned imports from economically the import of Ukrainian ware potatoes, as it supported Yurii above Belarus..

Continuing military-political rhetoric in the EU. Merkel’s cautious, never sharply is not speaking against Putin, said it would not support increasing the number of NATO troops in Eastern Europe. Earlier, the request to increase the permanent contingent of NATO made in Poland and in Romania a few months ago were moved to American multi-role fighters F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Although, frankly, from Merkel after expressing her attempts to persuade Poroshenko to continue Ukraine "truce", something like this you would expect. She still hopes that NATO and Russia will find a common language, but, oddly, said her willingness to support sanctions against Russia.

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KEYWORDS: military; ukraine

1 posted on 07/02/2014 5:27:15 PM PDT by
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Video after video today show Kiev troops using heavy artillery in massive numbers in the southeast. The Rebels aren’t shelling themselves in 30 places, just to make the UK troops “look bad”.

The video from Lugansk clearly shows that it is HEAVY artillery falling on the residential district. That is equipment the rebels simply don’t have, in numbers larger than 1 or two, that they took from Kiev troops.

Numerous reports of air-launched cluster munitions being used, and the Rebels don’t have that, either.

The Kiev troops are making some gains, especially between Slovyansk and Lugansk, but they have not been able to crack the towns themselves, despite heavy fighting. Two days in row now they have moved toward the north suburbs of Lugansk, for example, only to withdraw before nightfall, for fear of counter-attack.

They are taking out a few check points, but outside of indiscriminate shelling of the cities and towns, the ground troops aren’t performing very well, and are reported to be taking HEAVY casualties in men and equipment.

2 posted on 07/02/2014 6:21:44 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf

Video from Kramatorsk tonight. Again, heavy shelling of civilian areas.

This is the shelling in North Lugansk that your article talks about.
It is definitely heavy caliber, but IMUO, it looks like arty, not an airstrike. Anyone more knowledgable have an opinion?

3 posted on 07/02/2014 6:26:57 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf

PS- 9 Civilians were reported killed in the above barrage on Lugansk. The videos of the immediate aftermath are pretty grisly.

4 posted on 07/02/2014 6:31:08 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf

Video of Rebels attacking a Kiev APC with a (Wire-guided?) LAW at Saur-Grave, on the site of a huge WW2 battle. Note the troops jumping from the vehicle when they see the missile, just seconds before impact.

5 posted on 07/02/2014 6:41:20 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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Comments by Dmitry Medvedev tonight:

“First. Having interrupted the truce, President Petro Poroshenko made a dramatic mistake. This will lead to new victims, but now he will be personally responsible for them.

Second. It will be much more difficult to resume negotiations. Such are the laws of war.

Third. On 27 June, Ukraine signed the Association Agreement with the European Union. This is Ukraine’s right. Russia has the right to switch to new terms of dealing with Ukraine to protect its market. A decision on protective measures will be made after consultations. The Russian Government is analysing the current situation. It is also drafting a plan detailing our actions under the Agreement on CIS Free Trade Area and WTO rules.

Fourth. Ukraine does not pay for gas. Its debt is enormous. It takes gas from underground storage facilities. A full-scale gas crisis will unfold by autumn.

Fifth. There is a huge flow of refugees. Tens of thousands of them. People are fleeing from the war. US propaganda claims that they “go visit their grandmother.” There is no limit to cynicism.

Under the circumstances, it will be very difficult and, on some issues, impossible to develop relations with Ukraine.”

6 posted on 07/02/2014 6:47:32 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf

Time for the Ukrainian government to consider leveling those rebel held towns. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

7 posted on 07/02/2014 6:47:39 PM PDT by Lurker (Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is it is the only answer.)
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To: Lurker

“Time for the Ukrainian government to consider leveling those rebel held towns. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

That is basically exactly what they are doing. But it is likely because that is the only real pressure they can put on them. They walked into big, well prepared ambushes and took heavy casualties in men and equipment the first day.

The Army is still unreliable in combat, as the last couple of days have shown in strong detail, and the only “reliable” units are the Right militias, that aren’t under Kiev’s control. There have been several rumors of the possibility of a “Captain’s Revolt” in the Ukrainian Army, as well.

The Russian were trying to keep support for the rebels low-key, and under the radar, but in the last couple of days it seems they have said “To hell with it”, and are letting militia heading for the Southeast have anything they want. Pics and vids on Twitter/Youtube today showed a couple of 80’s-era AA launchers, and a Tank Recovery Vehicle rolling through Lugansk

This probably stems from frutrations with the “cease-fire” that wasn’t actually a ceasefire, despite Kiev’s claims.

IMO, this just gives Putin even more justification for some kind of intervention, to prevent a “Humanitarian catastrophe”, like the excuse Obama used in Libya.

8 posted on 07/02/2014 7:50:16 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf

The Russkie terrorists broke the cease fire over a hundred times, but their treachery won’t help them. They have been encircled in their death-trap cities and are running out of food and water. Stupid Russkies.

9 posted on 07/02/2014 7:58:34 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe
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To: Tailgunner Joe; All

The July 2 Rebel summary, including Strelkov’s briefs, is out:

The night was difficult.

02:00 (UKR) - Armed Junta units opened fire on Nikolayevka, using MLRS. The shelling came from the Meloviye Mountains. Heavy artillery fire was also directed against the Artyom district of Slavyansk. At night, maneuver-centric engagements continued on the outskirts of Slavyansk.

05:00 (UKR) – Once again MLRS shelling was opened on Nikolayevka, this time closer to the centre of the settlement. We are receiving information about large-scale destruction, this information is being verified. Communications between Nikolayevka and Slavyansk are problematic.

05:30 (UKR) – Close to an hour, artillery continue to fire at Karlovka, at the area of the dam. Infrequent volleys were noted in Donetsk. Automatic weapons fire and explosions in Dzerzhinsk, at the Militia checkpoint on the canal (on the road between Dzerzhinsk and Gorlovka), a ground attack jet could be heard.

06:00 (UKR) – Two Grad systems fired full volleys at the fields between Elenovka and Maryinka, several explosion of large-calibre artillery shells were noted.

07:30 (UKR) – From Gorlovka, a flight of Ukrainian jets proceeded from the direction of Gorlovka toward Slavyansk. With respect to Gorlovka – Golma was bombed in the morning, Ukrainian forces hit the dolomite plant and the boarding school. Morning artillery strikes were also conducted in Donetsk.

08:30 (MSK) – Howitzer artillery strikes against Nikolayevka continue.

08:50-09:00 (MSK) – A full-set volley of MLRS rockets was launched from the southern side of Krasniy Liman toward Yampol.

08:59 – July 2, 2014 – Briefing from Fyodor Berezin

Ukrainian forces conducted a so-called “clean-up” in Gornyak.

In the city of Gornyak, in the Donetsk region, the NazGuard [Note: National Guard], together with Praviy Sector militants, conducted a so-called “clean-up.” They were identifying people that work or sympathize with DPR .

At least one woman has been executed. The exact information about the murdered and the arrested civilians is so far unclear. Praviy Sector militants warned some of the passerby directly, “If you do not disappear in two weeks – we will end you all.”

(editorial from the translator) European values – how did we live without them?
Thank you Kiev, thank you for Maidan!

10:48 – July 2, 2014 – Short Briefing from Igor Strelkov

All night the shelling of the city continued. There is a lot of destruction and many dead among the civilians. The same in Kramatorsk.

The Militia was not harmed by the shelling. Since the morning, there have been periodic artillery strikes against our positions and against the city. MchS (Note: Ministry of Emergency Situation) (Fire)brigades and the militiamen are clearing the rubble of the destroyed buildings in various areas. We are counting corpses. I will report with numbers when the count has been completed. For now, we have definite information that a family of three was killed.

11:34 – July 2, 2014 – Reports from Eyewitnesses

This morning, in Slavyansk, one more Ukrainian aircraft was taken out. A Su-24 was hit over Semyonovka. Having sustained serious damage, the aircraft flew beyond the horizon.

After yesterday’s shelling of Kramatorsk, a woman’s corpse was located under the rubble on Rumyantseva street. The second floor collapsed into the first floor. There are 6 wounded from Krasnogorka.

13:05 – July 2, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

Ukies continued to shell Saur Mogila since the morning – looks like mortar fire, as well as several volleys from a Vasilyok, and one volley from a Grad system. Around 13:00 it’s quiet.

About an hour ago, a airstrike was conducted against Lisichansk. Approximately 4 rockets were launched. There are craters at the “Proletariy” plant. We don’t have casualty information yet.

10 posted on 07/02/2014 10:07:14 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf; All

Rebel Update Continued:

10:30 (MSK) – Ukrainian aviation conducted an airstrike against the city of Seversk. There are victims.

July 2, 2014 – Information from Itar-Tass
The Result of the ATO in Kramatorsk

Itar-Tass reports that, as a result of a massive artillery strike against Kramatorsk on July 2, 2014, from 05:00 – 06:30 (MSK), over 100 residential houses were destroyed and burned down in three separate areas of the city. The shelling was conducted using heavy artillery, including MLRS.

Itar-Tass does not have definite information about the wounded, but sources in the Militia are reporting that dozens of people died in the course of the last twenty-four hour period, all of the civilian.

13:10 – July 2, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

I cannot confirm that a Su-24 was hit over Semyonovka. Yesterday, I received a report that there was a launch of an SAM rocket, but that it missed. Today, we heard aircraft very high overhead, and they did not open fire.

Fierce fighting continues on the border. The Ukies have put all their strength toward closing off the last border corridor in the Lugansk region.

Here in Slavyansk, the enemy is conducting shelling of the city with direct fire.

Yes, by the way, with respect to yesterday’s Militia losses in Slavyansk-Kramatorsk-Semyonovka-Nikolayevka – according to confirmed information, they consist of two wounded. We are still in the process of determining how many civilians were wounded or have died, particularly over the course of the night. Just now, another terrorist shelling of the civilian districts in the Artyom settlement has ended.

July 2, 2014 – Latest Hourly Briefings

Tensions remained high in the first half of the day. As a result of the nighttime shelling in Slavyansk, the city has been entirely de-electrified.

11:00 (MSK) – A scout is observed above Bogorodichnoye.

11:34 (MSK) – An airstrike conducted by two flights of Ukrainian jets against Lisichansk and Seversk, there is destruction and victims. I

n Seversk, the smell of sulphur persists after the airstrike. The strike came from the direction of Severodonetsk and Konstantinovka. MLRS systems fired volleys against Slavyansk from the side of Drobyshev.

In Lugansk, a flight of the Luftwaffe conducted airstrikes against a residential area. Ukrainian military also shelled the civilian districts of Lugansk with artillery. One of the shells hit School No. 14 in the Shevchenko district.

11:40 (MSK) – According to unconfirmed information, a Su jet has been shot down.

13:00 (MSK) – Yet another MLRS artillery strike against Slavyansk. Heavy artillery is firing at Nikolayevka.

14:30 (MSK) – We are starting to receive the first information about destruction in Lugansk – a number of administrative building and the residential district in the Ostrovkiy district have been badly damaged, there are many dead among the civilian population.

News of the sulphur smell have not yet been 100% confirmed. According to preliminary data, 10 civilians, including a child, died as a result of an airstrike against Kandrashovka, LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic). We are clarifying the details.

15:15 (MSK) – An air attack siren is again heard in Lugansk.

20:29 – July 2, 2014 – Briefing from Alexander Mozgovoi

At 06:00 in the morning, the Ukrainian army conducted airstrikes against the cities of Lisichansk and Seversk. In Lisichansk, the airstrikes were directed against the glass factory; there are wounded. In Seversk, a Ukrainian Grad system shelled the city simultaneously with the end of the airstrike.

In the course of the battles, the Militia damaged 2 aircraft and inflicted losses on the enemy manpower in the range of 70-100 men, both dead and wounded. Among the Militia, we lost 10 men as “300s” (wounded).

Right now, the Militia are reinforcing the existing checkpoints and firing positions. From the Ukrainian side we are observing an advance with tanks (earlier they employed APCs.

11 posted on 07/02/2014 10:14:17 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf; All

2 July Rebel Update, part 3

Lifenews July 2, 2014 – Interview with Igor Strelkov (rebel commander at Slovyansk)

Well, in this case, we cannot be talking about a victory, because we have suffered losses in the battles. The enemy, overall, although it is taking them longer than they were hoping for, is continuing with the intended task of squeezing the ring of encirclement around Slavyansk.

Today the enemy attacked Nikolayevka, supported by enormous numbers of artillery and a large group of tanks and not sparing its ammunition. In the course of the attack, strikes were conducted [indiscriminately] against the positions of the militia and against residential areas.

A purposeful directed strike was conducted against the water supply system. The system enabled water to flow, under its own weight, to Kramatorsk and Slavyansk.

As a result, both cities have been left entirely without running water. Now the cities simply do not have any external water supply other than artesian wells and, maybe, rivers. If anything is a humanitarian catastrophe, then [what is happening now in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk] is it. I guess this is what they consider to be a part of the “anti-terrorist operation.”

Furthermore, the enemy attacked our positions at Semyonovka. We faced a fairly difficult battle there, considering that the enemy showered our positions with Grad rockets. We have several dead and wounded. Our combined losses are over 10 men.

In the course of the battle, our militiamen managed to hit a tank. Unfortunately, the fighter who hit the tank died. However, the enemy was in effect conducting reconnaissance through battle. This indicates that battles on this front will continue tomorrow, or, possibly, even today.

For now, we were able to hold Nikolayevka as well as Semyonovka. As payback, the enemy is shelling the cities, both Slavyansk and the neighbouring Kramatorsk, with Grad rockets. The cities are currently under fire. You have already seen the destruction [caused by the Ukrainian army]. I think there is nothing the enemy has not already tried and done that I can show you.

Today, a civilian motor-coach was subjected to artillery fire in the area between the centre of the city and Cherepkovka. Two civilians died, three were wounded. I can’t even estimate anymore the number of civilians who were wounded during the day.

We continue to fight the battle, and, now, we have been completely encircled. Nevertheless, we will fight to the end.

Since we can no longer expect any help from anywhere, we will continue to defend our motherland where it’s most needed. This is because we understand perfectly well that we stand between Russia and the enemy. And, if Russia is defeated here, it will not be just a bunch of militiamen defeated, it will be Russia and the Russian people who will suffer defeat.

They have employed the Msta-S (Note: Msta-S Self-Propelled Howitzer) artillery complex, a 152mm long-range long-barrel artillery unit.

They brought 6 of such units here, to Slavyansk. They are conducting strikes from a fairly close range.

They understand perfectly well that we are unable to reach them even at such close distances. We have no means of doing so, even if simply because the city is blockaded and we have very few shells (left). We are expecting the enemy infantry, but we do not know when they will come.

12 posted on 07/02/2014 10:19:13 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Q)
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To: tcrlaf

When you post hourly rebel updates.. what verifiable info do you really expect? You ned to consider all sources, otherwise it is merely disinformation

13 posted on 07/03/2014 7:31:32 AM PDT by
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To: tcrlaf

There is info that Ukraine has 8 pilots and it looks they are not motivated enough.

14 posted on 07/04/2014 3:15:13 AM PDT by Cossak
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