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My battle report: The GOP war on liberty candidates ^ | 7/11/14 | Tom Tancredo

Posted on 07/12/2014 5:01:52 AM PDT by cotton1706

The contemptible tactics of the Mississippi Republican Party establishment in fighting off a challenge to incumbent Sen. Cochran are much in the headlines lately. The story is still unfolding, but what is clear is that in the Mississippi Republican primary, no lie was too grotesque if it helped smear a tea party challenger and protect the party establishment.


In Colorado as well, the Republican gubernatorial primary picture was not pretty.


And perhaps the most bizarre twist of all, a massive buy of attack ads was purchased through a Massachusetts campaign group called Red Curve. It turned out the group was a Mitt Romney creation run by his former staffers. A blast email was then sent out by Romney for President Inc. with the same attack theme. More to the point, there is evidence that the motivation for this package of attack ads originated with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others at the Republican Governors Association, although the RGA likely did not put any of its own money into the project. Christie and his RGA friends simply used the Romney-created group as the vehicle for funding the Colorado attack ads against me.


I believe it was, in fact, the growing likelihood that I would win in November that spooked the establishment. In the end, the Republican establishment – in Denver, Washington, New York and New Jersey – decided four more years of progressive Democrat John Hickenlooper is preferable to four years of conservative Gov. Tancredo.

That is the main lesson of the 2014 election season thus far. The Republican establishment fears the liberty movement more than it fears continued Democratic control of government.

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"That is the main lesson of the 2014 election season thus far. The Republican establishment fears the liberty movement more than it fears continued Democratic control of government."

Yup. Some of us here got wind of this early!

1 posted on 07/12/2014 5:01:52 AM PDT by cotton1706
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To: cotton1706

The political machine is loyal to special interests and big money, but not to the grassroots people who elect them.

The GOP and Dem political machines both work this way with ideology being embodied in emotional terms and compromise being the order of the day after the emotional speeches to suck in the average citizen to support the major parties.

The overall trend of the compromise is more spending, a larger debt, higher taxes, more government regulation and a drift towards a totalitarian society.


All options including a new party should be on the table for consideration. I remain registered Republican, but don’t support or vote for most of the candidates they put on the ballot.

2 posted on 07/12/2014 5:30:16 AM PDT by Nextrush (OBAMACARE IS A BAILOUT FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY)
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To: Nextrush

Correct, and neither more elections nor another party can reverse our slide into hard despotism.

3 posted on 07/12/2014 5:56:32 AM PDT by Jacquerie (Take back our republic. Article V.)
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To: cotton1706

and the solution is soooo painfully obvious to most of us that it CANNOT be adopted... just ask the republicans (not conservatives, but republicans) that reside on this very site..


show up to the polls in droves, and vote third party..

the magic number is 10%..

10% to either main party will scare the crap out of them..

and, if independents, libertarians, constitution party, whoever, has 10% of both houses, THEY EFFECTIVELY CONTROL ALL LEGISLATION..

allow me to explain..

the split between the houses between both parties is usually very close, well within 10%..

mathematically, 10% would control all legislation, it cannot pass or fail with only 40% or even 49% of the vote..

sooo, lets get 10 of either conservative candidates or independents or a combination thereof, and take control.

both parties know this, so by all means do not stay home...

4 posted on 07/12/2014 6:07:32 AM PDT by joe fonebone (a socialist is just a juvenile communist)
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To: cotton1706
In Colorado as well, the Republican gubernatorial primary picture was not pretty.

We had a chance for a firebrand, but thanks to the GOPe we have a wussy Almost-RINO candidate for governor.

The big debate now between the R candidate and the D is who is going to have the nicer place settings at the dining table in the Governors mansion..

5 posted on 07/12/2014 6:13:21 AM PDT by Balding_Eagle (If America falls, darkness will cover the face of the earth for a thousand years.)
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To: cotton1706

This is true, and why conservatives should never again be fooled into voting for a RINO instead of a Democrat, mostly by “staying home”.

Why? Because an establishment RINO is *not* a loyal Republican. It is even questionable if their first loyalty is to the United States. This is because, by their words and actions, they believe their constituency are corporations and multinational corporations, *not* the people who voted for them.

The Whig party was founded to oppose the anti-business policies of Andrew Jackson. And as far as the leadership of the Whig party went, their singular interest was in supporting what was “good for business”, with little interest or concern for anything else.

However, as more of the rank and file of the Whig party became anti-slavery, it became a problem for the party leadership, because “slavery was good for business”. So, as with illegal immigration today, which many corporations and billionaires think is “good for business”, the leadership just refused and refuses to take a stand.

Eventually, it shattered the Whig party, with the vast majority of the Whig rank and file becoming profoundly anti-slavery Republicans.

Then as now, it was easy for the Whig leadership to “cross the aisle” and vote with Democrats to maintain the status quo. And because they fiercely held on to the reigns of the Whig party, the only way to have a righteous, pro-liberty and anti-slavery party was to break away.

Today, however, with the Tea Party, the slow and methodical elimination of RINOs from the leadership will eventually reach a threshold, where conservatives will control the party and purge the RINOs.

Purge we must, because they will never support conservatives in restoring America, if it comes at even the slightest disadvantage of corporations and multinationals.

And once they are gone, fighting the Democrats will be a LOT easier, knowing that for once, a RINO is not standing behind them with a short knife, ready and willing to stab them in the back if it looks like they are winning.

Because the bottom line is that the Democrats are failures. Their ideas are antiquated, foolish and corrupt, and deserve to be thrown on the ash heap of history. When faced with a real opponent, 100 years of progressivisms house of cards will collapse and the US will again be restored to greatness.

6 posted on 07/12/2014 7:34:04 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy ("Don't compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative." -Obama, 09-24-11)
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To: cotton1706

And still, even here at FR people are naysaying a 3rd party. We are NOT going to take back the republican party. PERIOD! THEY have the money, we don’t. They have the democrat support. We don’t. And probably THIS YEAR is the most support we’ll ever have for a 3rd party...not to run this year, as it is too late, but to begin putting together a coalition. There are a LOT of disgruntled, angry people. To not take advantage is to say it is not worth it. We’ll be happy to vote for the party’s elites once again. I just cannot keep doing that any longer.

7 posted on 07/12/2014 8:27:59 AM PDT by Shery (in APO Land)
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To: cotton1706

What’s Tancredo complaining about ? This primary seems to have been under the radar with this kind of krap being pulled off was anyone raising hell ?
When was the Colorado GOP gubnatorial primary ? Who did Tancredo lose to ?

8 posted on 07/12/2014 8:58:02 AM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: Shery

“THEY have the money, we don’t. They have the democrat support.”

So much of the republican money now comes from the same group of billionaires that support the democrats. Whichever party that controls the new National Socialist Party of New North America, the billionaires will serve the ruling party and be part of our new fascists future. Power to the Party, Government and Billionaires.

9 posted on 07/12/2014 10:10:41 AM PDT by duffee (NO poll tax, NO tax on firearms, ammunition or gun safes. NO gun free zones.)
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To: joe fonebone

The United Kingdom Independence Party got 27 percent of the national vote in recent European Parliament elections.

If most of those voters stick with them for the General Election on May 7,2015 (which is what polling shows) they could hold the balance of power in the House of Commons.

That is the goal of UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage for the elections.

10 posted on 07/12/2014 12:13:37 PM PDT by Nextrush (OBAMACARE IS A BAILOUT FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY)
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