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Killing Joy ^ | July 13, 2014 | Derek Hunter

Posted on 07/13/2014 4:23:06 AM PDT by Kaslin

Remember when you could have fun at someone else’s expense? Not in a mean-spirited way, but in a fun way. Ribbing your friends, your enemies, and just about anyone you had a funny comment about was a time-tested way of having a little fun in life. It wasn’t personal, and nothing and no one was off limits. That day is done.

The political correctness movement ruined honest political discourse, funny movies and decent sitcoms, and now it’s sucking the joy out of everyday life for people uninvolved in any of those things.

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it was only the 1970s when “Blazing Saddles” was made and embraced by a culture simply looking to laugh. It was offensive. It was silly. But most of all it was funny. Same goes for “Airplane!” Richard Pryor and George Carlin were mocking people and cultures, and it was hilarious. Now we are no longer ready to laugh; we’re ready to be offended. No, we seem to crave being offended.

Maybe there were a bunch of people in the pre-Internet age with hair-triggers to outrage, but licking a stamp and the speed of the U.S. Post Office didn’t allow for them to mobilize and terrorize people easily enough for it to matter. But I somehow doubt it. Political correctness had not yet sucked the fun out of life, and people could laugh at themselves. But the Internet has empowered these pathetic loners to unite, connect with like-minded parents’- basement dwellers, and form a cabal of “thought policers” to demand subordination and get it.

Plus, and most importantly, there wasn’t a major political philosophy built on the concept of dividing people to obtain power.

As progressives went from an unwashed few in coffee shops in Manhattan and Berkeley to unwashed hordes in elected offices, newsrooms and tenured professorships, they forged an Outrage Industrial Complex ready to be offended on behalf of others. They were quick to cry racism at any joke that involved someone with different amounts of melanin. They were quick to cry homophobia if the target was gay. Actually, they’re just quick to cry – and cry loudly enough to scare anyone who simply heard crying and didn’t want to be blamed for causing it.

Progressives took a nation that was getting along pretty well and highlighted differences. Rather than focus on what we all have in common, they demanded we “celebrate diversity. That celebration has mutated into a club with which to pound anyone who steps out of the line they’ve placed us in.

Political correctness was weaponized, then monetized, and now it is the Sword of Damocles hanging over everyone’s head, ready to drop if we don’t use their approved nomenclature.

There is an entire industry in the United States of people who make a lot of money being offended on behalf of others. Media Matters for America employs an army of sad, lonely people paid to spend their days consuming media they despise in the hope they can find something they can twist into a slight against some victim group progressives have created. Every ethnicity, sexual proclivity, religion, body shape, etc., has a well-funded organization claiming the mantle of leadership on its behalf ready to jump (and fundraise) should someone string together words in an unapproved order. It’s pathetic.

There’s an effort to alter the First Amendment moving through the Senate right now, but there’s really no need for it. We, as a society, have voluntarily forfeited the reason for it already. The horse is dead; stop kicking it.

If you don’t use the proper hyphenate before speaking of someone not sharing your skin tone, you’re worse than Hitler. If you don’t marinate in guilt over injustices committed before your birth, and govern your life and vocabulary accordingly, you might as well tattoo “History’s Greatest Monster” on your forehead.

Remember, “live and let live? It’s been murdered. The “celebrate diversity” crowd demands conformity of thought and language and wields enough power to make life hell for anyone who strays from the reservation.

I don’t hunt, despite my last name. I don’t get those who do. That’s what grocery stores are for.

But I respect those who hunt and eat what they kill. And even though I don’t get it, I realize I don’t have to. As such, I don’t understand the idea of big-game hunting. I’ve never looked at a beautiful animal and thought, “I want to fly to the other side of the planet and shoot one.” But again, I’m not forced to engage in it. But the Outrage Industrial Complex not only can’t fathom why other people hunt, it won’t accept that they do and it demands they stop.

Kendall Jones, a Texas college student, loves hunting big game and spends a lot of money flying to Africa to take part. I don’t get it, I’d never do it, and I think it a rather bizarre compulsion—even though the meat went to others. But it’s her life and money.

That didn’t stop others from attacking her for what she likes to do. They even started a Facebook page calling for her to be killed. She exists differently than I do or would, but it would never occur to me to demand she not live that way. But I don’t make my living feigning outrage over things with which I am not involved.

Axelle Despiegelaere is the latest target of the Outrage Industrial Complex. She’s not a politician or public figure, or even an American. She’s just a Belgian soccer fan. The attractive 17-year-old was photographed at the World Cup and landed a modeling contract with L’Oreal. An amazing story, right?

Well, it was. Now Axelle is yet another cautionary tale.

Seems the 17-year-old beauty also is a hunter and posted a picture of her over one of her conquests to Facebook before the USA vs Belgium game saying, “ready to hunt Americans today haha.” Clearly a joke, but joking isn’t allowed anymore.

The media has always found joy in building people up, then knocking them down, but they’ve never done it with such speed. Media-created “outrage” over the photo already has cost Axelle her gig with L’Oreal.

Live “wrong” and the Outrage Industrial Complex will make sure your life is hell. Live under their boot or else. It’s disgusting but not at all surprising.

We live in a time of dichotomy. We’ve never had more access to information and greater ability to communicate our thoughts, but we’ve never had more forces aligned against us ready to destroy us for simply being individuals.

I suspect this flirtation with fascism will be temporary, that there will be a line crossed that will have the vast majority of Americans rebelling against it in the name of liberty. I just hope that comes before the Outrage Industrial Complex does kill the First Amendment and codifies its will into law.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: politicalcorrectness

1 posted on 07/13/2014 4:23:06 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

“Outrage Industrial Complex”. Good term. The OIC.

2 posted on 07/13/2014 4:28:07 AM PDT by libertylover (The problem with Obama is not that his skin is too black, it's that his ideas are too RED.)
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To: Kaslin
Ready ... aim...

3 posted on 07/13/2014 4:33:35 AM PDT by Izzy Dunne (Hello, I'm a TAGLINE virus. Please help me spread by copying me into YOUR tag line.)
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To: Izzy Dunne

The correct response to such corrosive silliness is “F-U”.

It actually WORKS!

(The question for YOU is ‘got balls’?)

4 posted on 07/13/2014 4:36:45 AM PDT by Flintlock (islam is a LIE, mohamuud a PEDOPHILE, sharia is POISON.)
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To: Kaslin


5 posted on 07/13/2014 4:37:12 AM PDT by gattaca (The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Ecclesiastes10:2)
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To: Kaslin

6 posted on 07/13/2014 4:51:45 AM PDT by Bobalu (Israel is the most long-suffering and peace loving nation on Earth.)
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To: Kaslin

If these ladies are hunters, they are probably well armed, and are very well aware of where the business end of their weapons should go, and they practice proper gun control. These asshats can run their mouths all they want, but I think none of them would have the ba!!s to come near them.

7 posted on 07/13/2014 4:52:30 AM PDT by Mark17 (Obama & Nero? Both Emperors. The difference is Nero plays a fiddle, while Obama plays Minnesota Fats)
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To: gattaca

Attorneys weaponized it (PC). Most politicians are attorneys. Coincidence? Probably not...

8 posted on 07/13/2014 4:56:06 AM PDT by jsanders2001
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To: Kaslin

As one who has had the misfortune to have contact with what some call, ‘the perpetually offended’, usually of the female persuasion but does include both semi-males and females of that species, I could not agree more with this article.

It is just another way that the so called progressives seek to sow discord and division among us. They walk around us ever alert to anything said that might be construed as being racist, homophobic, anti-Islamic, really anything that might seem critical of one of their favored flavors of the month. They presently pack verbal bats always cocked and ready to swing for the head. And they are angry, at least the most batty of them seem to be.

I have heard it said that thought is the father of deed, and if true, we are only a short step from the verbal bats becoming guns, cocked and ready. Reminds me of the Nazi brownshirts and I think will result in mass graves full of victims who disagreed with them.

The only answer is to seek out these people and instill a seed of doubt in their minds as to how easy it might be to line us up and do the deed. Have your verbal bat ready and swing for the wall.

9 posted on 07/13/2014 5:17:05 AM PDT by Foundahardheadedwoman (God don't have a statute of limitations)
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To: Kaslin
Ever play Half-Life 2? That's where we're headed if the libs get their way (without the aliens). Most people will be forced to live in "City 17"-type places.

Obammy wants to be Dr. Breen.

10 posted on 07/13/2014 5:19:53 AM PDT by jeffc (The U.S. media are our enemy)
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To: libertylover
“Outrage Industrial Complex” plus "Entitlement Industrial Complex”

Makes for some nasty vile people...

Your typical progressive...

11 posted on 07/13/2014 5:23:35 AM PDT by Popman ("Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God" - Thomas Jefferson)
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To: Flintlock

“The correct response to such corrosive silliness is “F-U”.

It actually WORKS!

(The question for YOU is ‘got balls’?)”

Exactly right, and you touched on something;

It isn’t the political correct leftist that has changed because they have been here for a very long time.
It is US, in that we have let them win that discussion. We have let them define the terms of the discussion with political correctness, and in essence, “metrosexualized” us. Most today live in fear of being politically incorrect.

We, men especially, need to grow a pair, refuse to let them define the terms, remind everyone they need thick skin if we want to enjoy free speech, and tell your average feminist/race baiting/over sensitive political correctness police to go f&$@ themselves.

And most importantly, speak your mind. Words are not illegal and we are reacting like they are.
Being polite is different than fearing political correct police condemnation.
Blazing Saddles is no longer just a funny movie that can never be made today, but as weird as it sounds, a battle cry. That was kind of the point of that movie when it was made.

12 posted on 07/13/2014 5:55:50 AM PDT by Wildbill22 (They have us surrounded again, the poor bastards- Gen Creighton Williams Abrams)
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To: Kaslin
I believe it comes from the top. I remember in the 1990's, I'd regularly write letters to the Editor complaining about Bill Clinton and his policies. Even folks who disagreed with me thought they were funny and everybody said they had good points.

However, under the Rule of the Obama Regime, mocking the President is strictly verboten. I don't write letters to the editor anymore (so 20th Century), but when I post my opinions on Facebook or some other website, I have friends who say "You sure you want to say that about Obama? "

This is because Barky the Dogeater is a thin-skinned pu$$y, he was only put there to scare Republicans who might oppose Leftist policies (because of wacism). People are afraid they'll get fired from their jobs or get audited if they dissent.

Mind you, Comrade Barack is a very well-trained operative. Marxist operatives are well-trained and dedicated to their cause. What they found out in Vietnam, Malaysia, and other places who fought Communist insurgents, when you threw them a curve (ie, didn't react in the way Mao's Little Red Book said they would) they'd get totally discombobulated.

Ridicule and bypassing Obama's edicts is the only way to oppose him. He doesn't believe in Rule of Law, we're not bound by the Rule of Law.

13 posted on 07/13/2014 6:06:48 AM PDT by MuttTheHoople (Ob)
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To: Foundahardheadedwoman

Good post.

That history is full of progressives who ended up lining people up in front of trenches gives us a lot to work with. The Germans and soviets industrialized death with the justifications of the modern progressive.

This should be like shooting fish in a barrel, but we have to stop the rewrite of history.

14 posted on 07/13/2014 6:10:43 AM PDT by Wildbill22 (They have us surrounded again, the poor bastards- Gen Creighton Williams Abrams)
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To: MuttTheHoople

Well said. While I respect the office of the President, this arrogant pos occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave does not deserve any respect what soever. Especially since he does not respect the Office.

15 posted on 07/13/2014 6:12:03 AM PDT by Kaslin (He needed the ignorant to reelect him, and he got them. Now we all have to pay the consequenses)
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To: MuttTheHoople

“.. He doesn’t believe in Rule of Law, we’re not bound by the Rule of Law.”

That is profound in that you defined a tipping point;

At some point if the system of laws is used arbitrarily and selectively, then the faith in the system of laws collapses.

Then we all become comfortable with the label of ‘outlaw’.

Obama, through his example, is pushing us to that point.

16 posted on 07/13/2014 6:22:17 AM PDT by Wildbill22 (They have us surrounded again, the poor bastards- Gen Creighton Williams Abrams)
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To: Wildbill22

He in effect says “I am the law, therefore I am above the law”.
In that case then in reality there is no law. There is a dictatorship.

17 posted on 07/13/2014 6:36:29 AM PDT by Fred Hayek (The Democratic Party is now the operational arm of the CPUSA)
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To: MuttTheHoople

You insult the Ferengi with that picture. Obama certainly does not have the lobes for business.

18 posted on 07/13/2014 6:46:19 AM PDT by Fred Hayek (The Democratic Party is now the operational arm of the CPUSA)
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To: Kaslin
Another example is the Justice Department's investigation of a float depicting the "Obama Presidential Library" as an outhouse in an Independence Day parade in Norfolk, Neb.
19 posted on 07/13/2014 6:53:28 AM PDT by Fiji Hill (-e)
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To: Kaslin

Great article! One of the greatest changes in my lifetime has been the closing down of humor as a stress reliever and greaser of relationships between people. Might be why there is so much violence today - back in the day we mocked each other unmercifully and it mostly worked, today we are afraid to, so any hurt feelings are free to grow into lawsuits and gunshots. Might also be why men and women can no longer get along, to the point where they are turning to their own kind for relationships rather than each other.

20 posted on 07/13/2014 6:00:26 PM PDT by Some Fat Guy in L.A. (Still bitterly clinging to rational thought despite it's unfashionability)
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