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Forensic profiler: Obama 'slipping mentally' Veteran of O.J., Natalie Holloway cases expects 'more
wnd ^ | 7/13/14 | Bob Unruh

Posted on 07/13/2014 12:50:55 PM PDT by Nachum

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To: The Working Man

Americans voted him in and lauded his election as the second coming; he was re-voted in, in 2012, so frankly, we deserve to be purged of our idiocy, even if it’s through the hardest and most painful way possible. The thing is, we deserve to hit rock bottom if we’re going to act like this.

121 posted on 07/15/2014 2:55:40 PM PDT by CorporateStepsister (I am NOT going to force a man to make my dreams come true)
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To: afraidfortherepublic

This is why we need this scourging that God has sent our way. We deserve it. We’ve become such a failure of a nation that we lack the guts to do anything about any of this. Bluntly, until we become a better nation we’re going to continue to put up with things like this. If Obama becomes completely insane I am certain that he can be removed, but it’s a hard choice that our leaders will have to make.

122 posted on 07/15/2014 2:58:05 PM PDT by CorporateStepsister (I am NOT going to force a man to make my dreams come true)
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To: oldenuff2no

I think the crazier he goes, the less he can get done.

123 posted on 07/15/2014 2:58:57 PM PDT by CorporateStepsister (I am NOT going to force a man to make my dreams come true)
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To: itssme

Good idea; I’m certain the Chinese and Russians know, which means that they’re patiently waiting until they are able to ‘intervene’, aka, take control of the country.

124 posted on 07/15/2014 3:02:47 PM PDT by CorporateStepsister (I am NOT going to force a man to make my dreams come true)
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To: FlingWingFlyer
The way the Kenyan continues to shout “Do Something!” at the Republicans like a little child makes me think that his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

Job's too big for Auntie Valerie or some white dude with a specific competence to get him out of trouble. This ain't no book deadline.

125 posted on 07/15/2014 3:04:00 PM PDT by Stentor (Maybe the Goldman Sachs thing is just a coincidence. /S)
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To: Nachum
I know more about this guy than I or anyone else has let on.

I agree %100 with this assessment. And there is more. I trained in more than one eclectic disciplines, tho not a traditional route.

Not yet, but he is potentially dangerous.

I'm dead serious.

If you read my posts, you will notice I have only recently taken to criticize him. I often stood aside, Watching.

126 posted on 07/15/2014 3:34:13 PM PDT by Focault's Pendulum (I live in NJ....' Nuff said!)
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To: Fantasywriter
Those who compare him to Hitler & Stalin, & who expect a coup d’état, or similar, are also mistaken. Obama is fundamentally weak.

Well said.

He’s not going to pull off a major coup by leading from behind. Passive aggression is his style.

Another good point.

He’s probably flirting with the idea of resigning. In his mind, this would be the ultimate punishment of the American People. We don’t appreciate him—fine; he will deprive us of his unique, singular wonderfulness. Whether he’ll actually follow through is another matter.

Resigning can be taken as an an admission that he made mistakes or wasn't up for the job. And he won't do that. Is he "flirting" with the idea of resigning? It may have occurred to him but politicians don't like to do unexpected things. I don't think he seriously considered stepping down (and Hillary most likely will run -- she'll do the expected thing herself).

I don't know about the whole "malignant narcissist" thing. Politicians tend to be narcissistic -- Obama more than most. Narcissists may have grandiose self-conceptions, but they tend to be petty people who end up shooting themselves in the foot -- sabotaging themselves through their own neediness and obsessions and manipulations. Case in point: Jimmy Carter.

Wanting garden variety narcissists to be malignant or pathological narcissists is part of the meme that wants them to be Hitler or Stalin, preparing tyranny or apocalypse. That doesn't mean narcissism is a good thing, but people do tend to get carried away. Bill Clinton was a "pathological narcissist" when he was in office. Now he's a run-of-the-mill narcissist in comparison to Obama (who will be run-of-the-mill in comparison to the next presidential narcissist).

People also get caught up in words: "pathological" needs don't necessary add up to or amount to a pathology, and "narcissistic" behavior isn't always a sign of a narcissistic personality (let alone of pathological narcissism).

127 posted on 07/15/2014 4:09:27 PM PDT by x
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To: x

Malignant Narcissism is certainly an issue I can discuss. I’m an expert on the topic. But first, for the record, I don’t think Bill Clinton is merely a garden variety narcissist. He doesn’t have the same malignant streak as Obama, but he is way beyond a person who is simply so caught up in himself that he is scarcely aware of those around him. BC is a good enough pol to have trained himself to notice & pretend to care for those around him. But his self-obsession was & remains colossal. Far beyond any average, garden variety narcissist.

But back to Obama. Two points. First, he has the classic childhood of a malignant narcissist. It was a scarily changing, unfair & unloving place. For example. When SAD brought him to Indonesia, she could scarcely pawn him off onto a live-in tranny nanny fast enough. This gay man slept in Obama’s bedroom—no one disputes that report. The tranny himself related an incident in which he hit Obama hard. Obama screamed his head off, & SAD ignored him. In the tranny’s words, ‘She knew if I hit him I had a reason’.

Now this might not seem like much but it is. When a young child cries for all it’s worth, it wants its mother. When she turns a stone deaf ear to it, incalculable damage is done.

But of course SAD wasn’t through. She next dumped Obama on the grandparents while she took her daughter back to Indonesia with her. If you honestly believe this didn’t hurt you just might be a sociopath yourself. A boy needs to feel his mother loves him. He needs to know he is special in her eyes. When she as much as says, ‘I don’t want you around me, but I do want your sister’, the wound is all but irreparable.

Next we have Gramps introducing Obama to his mentor, the pedophile Frank Marshall Davis. We don’t know much about that relationship. But all you have to do is read the poem Pop to know something horrible was afoot/amiss.

The end result was that Obama dropped out of the real world with all it’s abuse, rejection & pain. [Oops; forgot to mention his father abandoned him & wanted nothing more to do with him. Add that to the witch’s brew; it’s critical.] He created an alternate reality in which he was so wonderful that everybody liked & admired him. He became, in his more-real-than-reality alternate world, the person he had never been in the real world—i.e.: the person who was too amazing, singular & wonderful to ignore, abandon or fail to love.

Which brings us to the second point: namely, that he had one helluva massive chip on his shoulder. He seriously hated the way he had been treated, & revenge upon anybody & everybody he could associate with it was as much a part of his new persona as his unique awesomeness.

It’s not hard to see this side of him. Sometimes it’s small stuff. He has a wife who suffers with weight issues. So he ‘jokes’ that you don’t want to get between Michelle & a tomale. (1) Tomales aren’t very feminine food, so it was a jab at her on that level, & (2) it depicts her as a charging rino, dangerous to anyone that gets in its path. Maybe you have to be a woman/wife to know how hurtful such a ‘joke’ can be. Or perhaps you are empathetic enough to understand regardless.

But now think back to the government shutdown. Obama went out of his way to hurt anybody & everybody he didn’t like. He chained aging veterans away from what, in some cases, was their ONLY chance to see their own memorial. To do that cost money; it didn’t save one penny. But it was pure malignancy—the type in which Obama specializes. [He did the same in many parks & other venues; he was on a punishment tear, & don’t think he wasn’t loving every minute.]

Another thing. He has gone to unbelievable extremes to humiliate & demean the military. For instance, he’ll stage a lavish vacation at the same exact time he denies our warriors in the field a hot breakfast. They get to eat cold cereal, while he spends millions relaxing in the HI surf. He does things like that relentlessly. Oh, & did you know we have a suicide EPIDEMIC in the military??? Look it up. It is real. Obama brought that about personally, & if he’s not ***loving*** it, then why is he continuing to demoralize the troops daily. [The latest: he’s converting their bases into illegal alien crash pads. The military will be conscripted into caring for the illegals. Pls don’t tell me you think this is good for the military. Nobody is that blind.]

There are so many more examples. The mean streak in Obama runs very, very deep. To cite just one more example. When his mother was on her death bed, dying of ovarian cancer, Obama didn’t go to see her. He had just released Bill Ayers’ book, Dreams From My Father, you understand. That was way more important than spending a bit of quality time with his mother toward the end of her life. Priorities, priorities.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I don’t use ‘malignant’ lightly. Obama is the very worst type of narcissist. He has an ax to grind as big as all outdoors. & grind it he does, at the expense of literally everyone around him. [& if you don’t see Obama’s betrayal of the country into the hands of foreign invaders, then what on bleeding earth in the matter with you? Bill Clinton never did anything like this. Obama is literally destroying the USA—& you see no malignancy whatsoever???]

128 posted on 07/15/2014 4:47:05 PM PDT by Fantasywriter (Any attempt to do forensic work using Internet artifacts is fraught with pitfalls. JoeProbono)
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To: Fantasywriter
Interesting, but it will take a while to digest.

Lemme just say for now that someone like Hitler could wholly live in his own fantasies. Most successful politicians in America today do have to make some accommodation to reality to advance through the system. That does discipline them a little and round off some of their spiky edges.

As somebody with a shorter political resume, Obama is more likely to give into his own fantasies than some other, more experienced politicians, and we are seeing the effects of that now as governmental -- rather than merely political and media realities -- catch up with him.

So sure, he does have delusions of competency and a chip on his shoulder, but an established political system does provide at least a little education and discipline in political realities and basic social behavior that figures like Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and Mao didn't have.

You can't live as much in your own fantasies as those men did and expect to rise very far in politics. Coming out of electoral politics and Congress it's hard to be as much of a textbook narcissist or as violent and as brutal as those men were.

That's not to say that our system might not at some time throw forth revolutionary political adventurers like such men, but so far, talk about that sounds like the usual political hyperbole.

129 posted on 07/15/2014 5:02:41 PM PDT by x
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To: x

It sounds to me as if there is a certain confusion over harmonizing the concepts of weakness & malignancy. I.e.: the idea that to be truly malignant, a person must be strong. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a singular ugliness about weak malignant narcissists. Their malignancy is no less than that of strong MNs, but it is by necessity slithery, slimy, conniving, underhanded, backhanded, sneaky, cunning & sometimes petty. That is why, for example, Obama has repeatedly given people he doesn’t like the middle finger, but he does it in such a way that he can deny it. It is a puerile, cowardly gesture, but nasty nonetheless.

Take the speech to the Marines Obama gave. Twice he called them “corpsemen”. People like to slam him over not knowing how to pronounce the word. Get real. He rehearses those speeches. He knew the right pronunciation. He just wanted to demean the Marines two ways: (1) by pretending he didn’t care enough to know how to pronounce what they were—what they take great pride in, & (2) by actively calling them “corpse” men: i.e.: men who makes corpses. That really encapsulates his disdain of the military—he comes to the Marines, the best of the best, & humiliates them in the lowest, snarkiest, nastiest way possible. & if anybody calls him on it, he gives that fake, sickening ‘innocent’ look & claims he knew no better.

Probably what it comes down to is how much you know about psychology. If you don’t know much, all this will seem like hyperbole. If you are very knowledgeable. you see in Obama a textbook case of Malignant Narcissism. Nor is psychology something you can learn overnight. It takes time. But people as knowledgeable as I, & some far more so, have identified Obama as a MN. Go to your favorite search engine & type in Obama malignant narcissism. You’ll see two things. Liberal sites saying it’s just hysterical conservatives resorting to hyperbole, & all the other sites explaining exactly how & why Obama fits the Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder to a T. Do try it. The results will be instructive.

130 posted on 07/15/2014 5:26:12 PM PDT by Fantasywriter (Any attempt to do forensic work using Internet artifacts is fraught with pitfalls. JoeProbono)
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To: CorporateStepsister
If Obama becomes completely insane I am certain that he can be removed...

Depends on your definition of "is"...

131 posted on 07/15/2014 5:48:47 PM PDT by afraidfortherepublic
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To: Fantasywriter

I agree with you. Very interesting. We must take him down, b/4 he takes us down.

132 posted on 07/16/2014 1:01:08 AM PDT by itssme
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To: Fantasywriter

Very good and insightful post.
My question for you is this.
Is Obama more interested in himself and living like a king (while he can) or is he committed to seeing through the “fundamental transformation”?
Perhaps those aren’t mutually exclusive goals.
And maybe I’m not articulating my question well enough.
It just seems that on one hand he acts like a petty adolescent, and on the other he behaves very irrationally (barrycades at WWII memorial) and radically (flooding cities and bases with illegals).
I would much prefer the petty Obama over the one that appears to be on a rampage that this country may not survive.

133 posted on 07/19/2014 2:55:21 AM PDT by Clump ( the tree of liberty is withering like a stricken fig tree)
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To: ClearCase_guy

Somewhere conservatives live!

134 posted on 01/05/2016 5:36:19 PM PST by sig229
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