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The Border and Obama
TIME ^ | July 17, 2014 | By Joe Klein

Posted on 07/17/2014 7:34:55 AM PDT by Oldeconomybuyer

It's time to stop running away from the nation's troubles.

Barack Obama should see the Catholic Charities mission in McAllen. He should also have a town meeting with the Tea Party nativists who are so angry and threatened by the rush of refugees–43,933 unaccompanied children alone since October–who began to appear from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. His job, after all, is to rise above the rancor and, well, lead. You don’t do this by making a speech to a favored audience. You do it by taking action, setting a personal example.

Obama is currently wandering about the country, trying to meet average people, but the choreography is more stringent than the Bolshoi’s. He said he didn’t want to go to the border because it would only be a “photo op” … on the same day his office published a photo of the President and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper shooting pool. Who choreographed that?

He needs to go to the border–on a lot of issues. If he’s going to accomplish anything in the last two years of his presidency, he’s going to have to change his style, which will be near impossible for a man as entrenched behind his flacks-in-jackets as the President is. He’s right about photo ops. Enough already. But there are other “ops”–study ops, passion ops, conversation ops. He needs to do something dramatic to win back the country.

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KEYWORDS: aliens; bias; failure; journalism; obama
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Failure. Epic.
1 posted on 07/17/2014 7:34:55 AM PDT by Oldeconomybuyer
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To: Oldeconomybuyer
There are no "unaccompanied" children under 13, for my definition. If you look closely there are PLENTY of women and older teenagers with those children.

Obama failure is obscene. But, then the American voters put him in office TWICE so we reap what we voted for. We have to look in the mirror to see where the blame lies.

2 posted on 07/17/2014 7:40:35 AM PDT by cloudmountain
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To: cloudmountain

I am NOT looking in the mirror...I am looking at IDIOTS

3 posted on 07/17/2014 7:43:50 AM PDT by goodnesswins (R.I.P. Doherty, Smith, Stevens, Woods)
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To: All
The REALLY good news is that the border swarm is backfiring bigtime. Boobamba stupidly thought he'd score brownie points---sucking up to greedy Third World honchos dreaming of remittance---- who gladly emptied their destitute villages onto the backs of struggling US taxpayers.

The issue of immigration has taken over voters' concerns---and is at the top of the list. So much so that vote-crazed Dummyvcrats are scared stiff to mention it on the campaign trail---an issue they earlier made a centerpiece of their party's vaunted "compassion and tolerance."


CONTACT YOUR REPS AT ONCE: The House is moving on Obama $3.7 billion request. MESSAGE: The bill MUST contain provisions for IRS, SEC, FBI, Secret Service surveillance of all WH communiques---with power to supboena all of Valerie Jarret's wire-transfer records, cell phone records, mobile devide records, computer hard drives, emails, instagram posts, her communiques with the DNC, and the like.

Tell your Reps----no frickin' way do taxpayers want Obama to get billions of our tax dollars----without assurances that the vote-crazed ding-a-ling is not using it to buy Democrat votes for amnesty....or to wire-transfer zillions to repay Central America honchos for emptying their decrepit villages to give Obama new Democrat voters.


Obama used billions in tax dollars to get the Obamacare debacle passed. Some observers have noted that the Democrat-controlled Senate passed Obamacare "after a series of unsavory transactions that purchased the aye votes of several shrewdly extortionate Democrats"....with a huge pile of money still unaccounted for.

The most unsavory was Landrieu's $4.3 billion "Louisisana Purchase."

THE PAPER TRAIL IS HUGE Sen Landrieu (Scumocrat-LA) sold her aye vote in what Forbes Magazine dubbed "The 'Louisiana Purchase" that included a massive $4.3 Billion to Landrieu

FORBES REPORTED the Democrats’ nailed Landrieu’s support for Obamacare w/ a greenback bribe. Landrieu, critics believe, pledged her vote in exchange for some $200 million more additional federal funds for Louisiana. Except that, due to a drafting error, the law ended up giving Louisiana $4.3 billion: more than twenty times the assigned amount. MORE HERE


BACKSTORY In the fall of 2009, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was trying to get the necessary 60 Dimocrat votes to pass the Affordable Care Act. He needed every Dim on board, which gave waffling senators a great deal of leverage. In Landrieu's case, she connivingly saw that selling her aye vote could get her maybe $200 million federal dollars. Obama complied. Reid chalked up another vote for Obamacare. But not the measly $200 million but $4.3 billon was attached to the Obamacare bill earmarked for Landrieu.


How $4.3 billion to Landrieu was calculatedly attached to the Obamacare bill, and how Obama and Reid failed to catch and fix it, is yet another indictment of the Obamacare atrocity. The payoff to Landrieu should be investigated as an indication of how EVERY Democrat came to vote for Obamacare....and perhaps helped elect more loyal lock-stepping Democrats.


RED FLAG Even though nobody asked him, Harry Reid (D-Nev) recently announced "the border is secure"......a potent signal that hanky-panky is afoot.

4 posted on 07/17/2014 7:46:25 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: goodnesswins
I didn't vote for Obama either but ...

The GOP put up a Mormon in 2012. Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers. (I still have a cousin who is a former Episcopalian, Mormon-turned Catholic who verified that for me. He had no control over the first change.) How could I vote for a person who believed that? Faith won out for me. I left the vote blank.

I voted for McCain in 2008 but I personally felt that McCain spent WAY too much time as a POW and it damaged him permanently. Poor guy.

5 posted on 07/17/2014 7:53:11 AM PDT by cloudmountain
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To: Liz
Boobamba stupidly thought he'd score brownie points---sucking up to greedy Third World honchos dreaming of remittance---- who gladly emptied their destitute villages onto the backs of struggling US taxpayers.

I disagree...the border issue has been demagogued by the commies in DC for this move to have tthe soverignty of the USA breached. It has worked, but not as successfully as hoped, a la Fast and Furious. This has been the end game all along on immigration. It is nothing but a planned breach of our borders to overtake our country at a grass roots level, but the grass roots are fighting back.

6 posted on 07/17/2014 7:54:35 AM PDT by gr8eman (Arch Stanton)
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To: Oldeconomybuyer

Watched Obama yesterday delivering his words of angst to Putin and the Russian Federation. Putin must have fell down laughing!!! It is pathetically , so obvious, that Obama is a totally failed POTUS, that is not all there in the sane department. Obama is alive and well in “his” looney Land” bubble, he has no idea where is or what he is about....other then his burning desire to destroy these United States of America!!!

He will not succeed...and he will take much of the Democrat Party down with him, politically. African-Americans who are adrift-at-sea, already, caused by Obama’s failed leadership, will be set back 100 years!!! Obama has betrayed his own race favoring illegal Hispanics over American Blacks. but...then Again...Obama is more Muslim...then he is American Black!!! America has fallen on very bad, hard times.......selected, as such by their own hands, in voting for Obama, twice!!! Sad!!!

Some of us knew what Obama was from day one!!! one would listen!!!

7 posted on 07/17/2014 7:57:25 AM PDT by JLAGRAYFOX ( My only objective is to defeat and destroy Obama & his Democrat Party, politically!!!.)
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Of course we know he won reelection. For what it’s worth, he was a rare president, who won re-election by a narrower margin than his initial election.

If he could run again in 2016, I question if he could get elected again.

Hillary or any other Democrat should be compelled to answer for Obama’s actions. Hillary’s a Democrat. Obama’s a Democrat. Hillary’s VP running mate, whoever that is, will be a good Democrat. Let’s make this all about the Democrat party and let’s talk about Saul Alinsky and his influence on Obama and Hillary.

8 posted on 07/17/2014 8:05:36 AM PDT by Dilbert San Diego (s)
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To: All

Folks, make no mistake...Obama is doing EXACTLY what he wants to do...........

9 posted on 07/17/2014 8:07:19 AM PDT by Boonie
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To: cloudmountain

Thanks for the help getting rid of Obama. I am sure you sleep well at night knowing that a scary Mormon isn’t in the Oval Office, but a knucklehead Madrasa educated Socialist is. After all, look at how badly the Mormons have screwed up Utah. It is barely livable.

I think you are prejudiced against Mormons, much like the KKK is bigoted against Catholics. I think you did an immense evil by not voting for Romney. It is your type of thinking that is responsible for the second Obama term.

I wasn’t a Romney guy, nor was I a McCain guy in 2008, or for that matter a GWB guy in 2000. That being said, I did what was necessary to keep the truly evil out of the oval office.

10 posted on 07/17/2014 8:18:23 AM PDT by Jim from C-Town (The government is rarely benevolent, often malevolent and never benign!)
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To: Oldeconomybuyer

It’s just my opinion, but I believe 0bama’s strings are being pulled by John Podesta now,

11 posted on 07/17/2014 8:25:38 AM PDT by Excellence (Marine mom since April 11, 2014)
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To: Oldeconomybuyer
“He needs to do something dramatic to win back the country.”

Too late for THAT.

The dye is cast. “O” can't reinvent himself in time to retrieve his ‘reputation’ (such as it ever WAS).

That is, he can NEVER return to that BS, ‘8x10’ glossy, faux ‘President’ image his MSM pals contrived for him, way back when the REAL depth and breadth of his appalling ineptitude was something Liberals called Conservative bias!

NOW that everyone KNOWS just how shallow, superficial and laughably out-of-touch he IS... there is no going back.

Maybe REDBOOK (or some equally BS publication sitting around the hair dresser's waiting area) can sell subscriptions extolling “O’s” stature or credibility... but, only a low IQ level readership would accept it!

12 posted on 07/17/2014 8:27:50 AM PDT by SMARTY ("When you blame others, you give up your power to change." Robert Anthony)
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Obama SHOULD have gone to the border, but having failed to make that little visit, whether for a photo op or not, he has been greatly diminished in the public perception that he is at least somewhat engaged.

“Who, me? Can’t be bothered, gotta go!” This is not just some high school freshman caught in a bad prank, this is messing with the very essence of what it means to be American. To the Current Occupant now squatting in the White Hut, being “American” is at best a vague notion, having little to do with himself. He is an ideologue, with pre-programmed responses and a vision field so focused on certain outcomes, he cannot see the infrastructure crumbling all along the way. And without the infrastructure, there shall never be a way to arrive at the proposed vision he holds.

In fact, his vision is a chimera that has NEVER been achieved in all of human history, of the perfected egalitarian and fully interdependent society. It has been said, that this vision will work, if only the right people get in charge and make it run right.

The Current Occupant and all his krewe are not the persons who would have the necessary expertise to carry it out.

13 posted on 07/17/2014 8:30:50 AM PDT by alloysteel (Most people become who they promised they would never be.)
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To: Oldeconomybuyer

Joe Klein has been an Obama sycophant. We believe you now.

14 posted on 07/17/2014 8:33:32 AM PDT by SoFloFreeper
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To: Oldeconomybuyer

if wanting our borders secure and ANY
illegal deported males me a “nativist” the I will get a T shirt that proudly proclaims that
I am also a proud member of a Tea party group

15 posted on 07/17/2014 8:38:43 AM PDT by RWGinger
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To: cloudmountain

“...then the American voters put him in office TWICE...”

I believe that he won the 2008 election but massive voter fraud in Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia gave him a plurality of votes in the 2012 election. He is as illegitimate as could be.

16 posted on 07/17/2014 9:11:48 AM PDT by 43north (BHO: 50% black, 50% white, 100% RED.)
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To: cloudmountain

Many of those voters were conservatives who stayed home so they could teach a lesson. Quite a lesson. If a candidate is not pure enough, we will just stay home and let the other guy in. Unfortunately, the other guy was Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, who was given four more years to destroy the country. Maybe they can teach another lesson and give us Hillary for 8 years to complete the destruction of our nation. That will show ‘em.

17 posted on 07/17/2014 9:34:34 AM PDT by doug from upland (Obama and the leftists - destroying our country one day at a time)
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To: All

Hugo Chavez taught Boobamba a neat trick---if you don't have the votes to win---you import them from destitute countries. If you promise them billions in remittances they'll gladly empty out their villages.


Tax dollars across the border:

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY---Central America Border Rush Fueled By Remittances
(extortion racket---US taxpayers to prop up corrupt govts)

......52,000 unaccompanied illegals crossed the south Texas border this the political debate focused on immigration enforcement, a key economic factor has been lost in the clamor. Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, which are supplying three-quarters of the latest cross-border flood, and are dependent on their diaspora in the US to prop up their own woeful economies.

Immigrants send back billions of dollars to their families. Remittances have risen to 16.5% of El Salvador's GDP, 15.7% of Honduras' and 10% of Guatemala's, according to World Bank data. Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia rely on remittances for 4.1% to 9.7% of GDP.

But the figure drops precipitously for every other country in Latin America. Mexico, with the largest immigrant population in the U.S. with as many as 13 million people, now relies on remittances for just 2% of GDP.

Migrant remittances to Mexico were $22 billion in 2013, 29% below their 2006 peak. For Colombia, once a locus of drug-war violence, that has turned itself around, remittances are only 1.1% of GDP. Free-market star Chile's figure is 0%.

It's not surprising to see Central American leaders urging the U.S. to let the newest arrivals stay. Those migrants' remittances offer a lifeline to desperately poor countries. While the money goes to families, it helps the broader economy......and ultimately fills government coffers.

A 2008 Pew Research Center survey found that 54% of foreign-born Hispanics send remittances to their home countries, compared to 17% of U.S.-born Hispanics. Undocumented immigrants are believed to send more cash home than either.

Virtually all the cash received by the three remittance outliers is from the U.S. (Guatemala 89%, El Salvador 90%, Honduras 87%).

18 posted on 07/17/2014 3:47:57 PM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: GOPJ; Tennessee Nana; TADSLOS; LucyT; Jane Long; sickoflibs; South40
THIS JUST IN---Honduras seeks US aid, suggests 'mini-Marshall plan'...Amazing how fast Third World opportunists move when they smell money.

REFERENCE US taxpayers handout billions in foreign aid to these do-nothing Third World hellholes--specifically earmarked to subsidize their poverty-stricken populations.

Time to cut off US aid to these corrupt, do-nothing governments. US aid should be suspended until the countries tell us where the aid money is going......and demand they put out appropriate messaging to counter the ads said to be fueling the horrendous surge at the border from Central America.

NOTE WELL: US Aid figures do not include military aid and aid from other US agencies: El Salvador: $280.4M Honduras: $680M Dominican Republic: $223.7M Mexico: $958.2M Guatemala: $391.8M



This report shows US aid $’s for the past few years (see page 9 (US Assistance) and pages 25-30 show various other agencies providing aid (DOD, etc.) (needs more research)



THE HONDURAS FOREIGN AID MODUS OPERANDI---Former Guatemala Prez used US banks to launder millions (swindler was elected to "redistribute" the nation's wealth) An ex-president of Guatemala faced charges in NY that he used US banks to launder millions looted from his impoverished nation. Alfonso Portillo took office in 2000 pledging to redistribute Guatemala’s wealth.

Portillo, 61, allegedly ran scams to drain the impoverished country's coffers. The feds say Portillo embezzled about $2.5M provided by the Taiwanese embassy....$1.5 million was earmarked for “Libraries for Peace”....books for school kids.

Portillo personally endorsed three, $500,000 checks issued against an account at the Intl Bank of China in Manhattan, then deposited the cash in the Miami bank account of a Guatemalan bank controlled by “a close associate and political supporter” .....the money was funneled to bank accounts in Paris in the names of Portillo’s ex-wife and daughter.

Portillo swindled nearly $4M defense funds ...and plundered the national bank run by his alleged co-conspirator through overdrafts financed by public reserves -- stolen money paid for expensive watches and cars, for himself and his associates, according to the indictment. (Source: NY POST news report 5/28/13.)

19 posted on 07/17/2014 3:56:46 PM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: Liz
The REALLY good news is that the border swarm is backfiring bigtime

but the main stream propagandists are working overtime to rectify that. The "Americans don't care about the poor little babies running from a war zone" didn't take so they tried "are Americans racists?" But that didn't fly cause black people don't like what is going on either, so I see now its "Americans against this are isolationist and nativists!"

rotten bastards!

20 posted on 07/17/2014 4:01:00 PM PDT by uncitizen (Buckle up! We're on the Facism Fast Track!)
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