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Netroots Nation and Liberal Populism Key to Defeating Hillary ^ | July 21, 2014 | Cathy Reisenwitz

Posted on 07/21/2014 5:56:11 AM PDT by Kaslin

Last week Netroots Nation, formerly Yearly Kos, went down in the city that best represents how well a corrupt, overweening government can respond to changing economic conditions. Detroit, Michigan hosted a meetup for particularly whiny and net-savvy liberals got together to whine about how the Democratic Party isn’t in touch with the people. And it’s within the belly of this discontent beast that we can see the key to defeating Hillary at the ballot box.

Netroots refers generally to the lefty blogosphere. It’s kind of like the Tea Party of the that side, in that it’s people who are more liberal than mainstream left wingers. For example, when Vice President Joe Biden was speaking, a faction of the audience had to be escorted out for chanting “Stop deporting our families.”

They also take social justice more seriously than mainstream Democrats. A candidate for state representative in Michigan asserted that water is a human right and called on the crowd to call Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s office to stop the water shutoffs for Detroit residents before Biden got up to speak.

But unlike the Tea Party, the average netroot netizen is actually younger than the average Democrat. In 2008, and less so in 2012, this young voter was essential to candidate Barack Obama’s success. He got this voter off their butt and into the booth with his lofty, lefty promises. He promised not to raise taxes one cent on those making under $100,000. He promised to close Guantanamo. He was going to oversee the most transparent administration in history. He would provide a path to citizenship, implement a non-interventionist foreign policy, and stand up to business corruption.

Today, that voter is disillusioned with the Democratic Party. President Barack Obama has been a major disappointment in every single area, and broken nearly every campaign promise he made. His one area of “success,” the policy on which he spent every cent of his political capital, his one accomplishment as a president, ObamaCare, is riddled with hiccups, underperformance, rollbacks, delays, exemptions, and errors. And, as the Netroots Netizen will point out, even if it works as intended, ObamaCare is not single-payer health insurance, which is what liberals want. Instead, ObamaCare is a major handout to those loathsome creatures the health insurance companies. Obama offered the companies every single American citizen on a silver platter. Obama told Americans, “Buy health insurance from these companies, or pay a fine.”

In a way, Hillary Clinton is a boon to the GOP. She’s not even going to try to energize the young, liberal Democratic wing. She has nothing to offer.

She’s a typical tax-and-spend liberal, something young people who are chronically un- and under-employed are not exactly energized by. When Jon Stewart asked Hillary Clinton about her views on America’s foreign policy, she replied, “We have a great story about human freedom, human rights, human opportunity.” There is literally no space between her and whoever the GOP might nominate.

No mention of Guantanamo. No denunciation of extrajudicial killings of American citizens abroad. No drone strikes. No, America has been doing it right, we’re just not adamant enough about our rightness. On NSA spying whistleblower Edward Snowden, Hillary has called for his prosecution.

As far as standing up to business corruption, Hillary Clinton IS business corruption. From the Arkansas legislature to the White House to New York, Hillary Clinton has left a trail of backroom deals, shady businessmen, and crony capitalism in her wake.

These young, liberal voters may not all know about Hillary Clinton’s frankly establishment Republican stances on foreign policy and spying and collusion between business and government. But a candidate like Rand Paul could help bring these deficiencies to light. Rand Paul has stood up to President Obama about NSA overreach, extrajudicial killings, punishing whistleblowers, staying out of foreign conflicts and crony capitalism. Rand Paul would be able to, if not woo these young liberals, at least show them that they should stay home for Hillary.

Either way, it should be the goal of the Republican noise machine from now until Election Day to show the lefty young uns that Hillary Clinton is NOT one of them.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: hillaryclinton; immigrants; netrootnations

1 posted on 07/21/2014 5:56:11 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

My 30 year-old son told me yesterday exactly what you say here. They got burned with Obama and they’re not going to be force-fed Hillary. The Left sees this and is starting to panic that Mrs. Clinton’s nomination is going to be a loser for their side.

2 posted on 07/21/2014 6:02:46 AM PDT by MNnice
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To: Kaslin

When will America reach the gag point on idiot Liberals?

3 posted on 07/21/2014 6:05:02 AM PDT by SMARTY ("When you blame others, you give up your power to change." Robert Anthony)
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To: Kaslin

Left protesting Left about the fact that their paycheck liberal job does not pay them enough to escape their clientele base.

4 posted on 07/21/2014 6:14:54 AM PDT by junta ("Peace is a racket", testimony from crime boss Barrack Hussein Obama.)
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To: Kaslin
it should be the goal of the Republican noise machine from now until Election Day to show the lefty young uns that Hillary Clinton is NOT one of them.

I'm not so sure about this "advice".

5 posted on 07/21/2014 6:17:19 AM PDT by MulberryDraw (Repeal it.)
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To: Kaslin

It doesn’t matter. Who or whatever wins the Democrat nomination will recieve 110% support from the nutroots when the dust settles. They will act like they never strayed.

6 posted on 07/21/2014 6:19:38 AM PDT by GeronL (Vote for Conservatives not for Republicans)
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To: All
Running after two terms of a mistake-prone blundering black president is a Sisyphian challenge.

Mainly b/c the Clintons are relying heavily on "white privilege" to get back into office. The Clintons' have benefitted from, and are climbing back into office, using privileges far beyond those of the "community of color" to whom they plan to appeal.

"White privilege" denotes the array of advantages the Clintons have cultivated over years in public office. The gold-plated, endless perks of "white privilege" include:

<><> their personal massive wealth in the $2 billion range....

<><> ownership of multiple homes in posh enclaves....

<><> the chain of high public offices they've held....

<><> privileged friends in high places....

<><> global connections....

<><> constant affirmations of their own worth....

<><> greater social status...

<><> the expansive freedoms wealth and connections provide...

<><> unlimited access to the press to speak freely.....

<><> their memoirs made millions....

<><> Dec 2000 book deal $8 million; 2014 book deal $14 mill....

<><> three tax-exempt Clinton family foundations worth hundreds of millions....

<><> Clinton foundation "endowment" skyrockets to $200 million overnight....

<><> Hillary's $200,000 speeches to "non-profits".......

<><> Bill's tax-paid cushy pensions/benefits....

<><> tax-paid Clinton Library (Hollywood honey Sultan of Brunei a donor).....

<><> Chelsea's paid-for $10 million uber-condo.

2016 Hillary is relying on the "income equality" bugaboo to hoist herself into office. That is "white privilege" in a nutshell.

The Clintons strategy is to label others as "different" while presenting themselves as "normal." The Clinton "normal" is couple billion dollars laying around without having a real job.

“Lunch-Pail Hillary” planned to run a populist campaign, “critical of the Wall Street types”....that's after Hillary pocketed $200,000 from Goldman Sachs.

7 posted on 07/21/2014 6:22:46 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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To: Kaslin

I think that the establishments of both parties are in for a reality dope slap.

Hillary isn’t going to cut it for the left and whatever tired retread the GOPe decides to put up isn’t going to cut it for the right.

8 posted on 07/21/2014 6:27:20 AM PDT by Stormdog (A rifle transforms one from subject to Citizen)
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To: All
Hillary calculatedly told ABC-News' Diane Sawyer about how tough life was: "We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt. “We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy."

REALITY CHECK The greedy, mega-wealthy Clintons have money pouring in from everywhere without lifting a finger...said to be worth couple BILLION dollars.

Never-enough Bill/Hillary look to cash in w/ another go-round in the White House. The Clintons owe is pouring into their three tax-exempt foundations......and these donors expect payback.

BACKSTORY Then-Pres Clinton inevitably pursued his own political advantage at the expense of American interests and national security.

Here's just one of the endless examples: It is well documented that Clinton and the Democrats took illegal campaign money from groups and individuals tied directly to the Chinese People’s Republican Army. It is therefore not surprising that In January 1998 Clinton went against the advice of then-Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Pentagon experts by lifting long-standing restrictions against the export of American satellites to China for launch on Chinese rockets.

Not only did then-pres Clinton move control over such decisions from the more security-focused State Department to the Commerce Department, but he intervened in a Justice Department investigation of Loral Space & Communications, retroactively enabling Loral to sell critical missile technology to the Chinese.

Interestingly enough, Clinton’s decision was made at the request of Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz, whose earlier $1.3 million campaign donation made him the single biggest contributor to the Democratic election effort.

The result? Democrats got money from satellite companies and from Chinese communists; China got supercomputors, advanced production equipment and missile technology; Loral got its satellites launched at bargain basement prices . . . and the transfer of sensitive missile technology gave China [for the first time] the capability of depositing bombs on American cities.

Incidentally, Loral ultimately failed to benefit from this permanent injury to America’s security interests: in July 2003, the company filed for bankruptcy protection, and in order to raise cash was forced to sell its most profitable business – a fleet of communications satellites orbiting over North America.

9 posted on 07/21/2014 6:33:37 AM PDT by Liz (Another Clinton administration? Are you nuts?)
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Never Donated?

Click The Pic To Donate

Don't You Think You Should?

10 posted on 07/21/2014 6:36:34 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (The Fed Gov is not one ring to rule them all)
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To: GeronL

It does manner. Count on Dem revolt in the ranks.

11 posted on 07/21/2014 6:42:30 AM PDT by Biggirl (“Go, do not be afraid, and serve”-Pope Francis)
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To: Kaslin

To call that astroturf organization ‘like the Tea Party’ - is insulting.

12 posted on 07/21/2014 8:07:24 AM PDT by GOPJ (To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize-Voltaire)
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