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More Opened Eyes to the I-word ^ | July 27, 2014 | Sarah Palin

Posted on 07/27/2014 1:29:25 PM PDT by Clyde5445

A new CNN poll reveals that one in three Americans agree with my call for President Obama’s impeachment. That’s a huge number – especially considering how misconstrued the issue is when relying on media to explain impeachment. Let’s go around the media filters and acknowledge this ourselves: many Americans haven’t heard what impeachable offenses really are; but when... they do, more citizens will rise up to hold their government accountable.

On the heels of this new poll, The Hill reports that the Obama White House is now taking talk of impeachment very seriously. They can’t poo-poo this as liberal followers want them to because they know they’ve done wrong.

The article states, “Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor to Obama, said Friday that the White House is taking the prospect of impeachment in the GOP-controlled House more seriously than many others in Washington, who see it as unlikely.” Pfeiffer then noted that a large block of the conservative base favors impeachment.

They also note that Team Obama is aware that the illegal immigration crisis is the tipping point. With the president continuing to halt deportations and with his intention to skirt law once again to grant some sort of amnesty by executive fiat, more Americans will join me in calling for impeachment. I’m talking about average, everyday law-abiding citizens who know we must hold our government accountable; I’m not talking about the political elite on both sides of the aisle who only give lip service to the problem of a lawlessp. They mock the idea of actually remedying this extremely dangerous situation because they’re fine with Washington D.C.’s status quo.

Thank you, good Americans who care about defending our constitution and preserving American exceptionalism! It’s so good to know we finally got Washington’s attention. It took the illegal immigration crisis to tip this because Americans know it’s a direct attack on our sovereignty, on American workers of all races and backgrounds (both native-born and legal immigrants who came here orderly, safely; the right, legal way), on our solvency and security. It IS a direct attack, orchestrated by a president who promised to fundamentally transform our nation.

The American worker is the forgotten man in this crisis of Obama’s making. None other than Cesar Chavez affirmed that illegal immigration hurts hardworking Americans as it drives down the wages of our workers seeking good jobs to support their families.

That’s why we see so many Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds uniting to protest this border insanity. We are protesting a lawless administration that doesn't respect the will and wisdom of the people. We can affirm the productivity of legal immigration, but we know why we have laws on the books that keep government in check with this issue and all other issues; we know that part of what makes America exceptional is the rule of law. Without rule of law at our borders, in no time we will become as corrupt and dysfunctional as the nation’s immigrants flee to come here. We also know that “no borders equals no nation.”

The president has a constitutional duty to secure our homeland. That means securing our borders. He’s willfully derelict in his duty. This is illegal.

The Washington Post published a bombshell report this week about top officials at the White House and the State Department having been repeatedly warned of the crisis brewing with illegal immigrant children coming through our unsecured borders in massive numbers from Central America. Essentially the illegals are enticed here by Obama sending a message that he promises they may do so. Illegal children and adults from all over the globe are coming in droves to collect what he's illegally promised. His incentives are invitations to not support legal immigration but instead, invasion.

Despite dire warnings, the White House didn’t want to deal with the issue. They were focused instead on Obama’s 2012 reelection and the push for amnesty along with that promised “transformation,” and this burgeoning crisis didn’t look good for the president politically. So Obama willfully ignored it, and our laws, and in fact Team Obama actively stoked this when Obama issued his own version of the DREAM Act. I call him the Dream Weaver because Obama waved his glittery magic wand and took actions that obviously led the illegal immigrants to believe they would be granted amnesty. And that is why they're coming. He caused a trickle of illegals to “necessarily skyrocket.”

In light of this Washington Post report, there are two questions Congress needs to demand answers to: What did the president know and when did he know it?

Recall that those questions were asked of another president who was also the subject of a Washington Post exposé.

So, speaking of the “I word” – IMPEACHMENT – a supporter on Facebook recently asked me: “Do you have any clue why he isn't impeached already?”

Yes, I do actually. Let’s go back to that poll I cited showing 33% of Americans agree with me on impeachment. It’s clear from the way these polls are conducted that most Americans aren't aware of what constitutes impeachable offenses.

The Constitution says “high crimes and misdemeanors” are the basis for this serious remedy. The Framers used that term to mean a dereliction of duty, and the first duty of the president is to enforce our laws and preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution. Alexander Hamilton described impeachable offenses as “the abuse or violation of some public trust.” He called them “political” offenses because they “relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

No serious person who is paying attention can deny that Obama and his administration have abused and violated the public trust and the Constitution.

The White House is counting on the fact that Americans think impeachment is for committing a crime under the penal code. But I’ll keep repeating the truth in order to educate as many Americans as possible.

So, again, let’s be crystal clear on this. Impeachment isn’t necessarily for ordinary criminal acts, nor is it for bad political decisions or differences in opinion. We’re not saying, “Impeach him because his stimulus failed; he coddles Wall Street while dissing Main Street; he recklessly spends our tax dollars on skewed priorities, etc., etc.”

We’re saying he must be impeached for overstepping his Constitutional authority. Here are some examples: he broke the law in changing the Obamacare law by fiat, and he issued amnesty for illegal immigrants by fiat, and he committed fraud on the American people by lying that we could keep our health care if we like our health care, and he refused to secure our borders or halt this border crisis he caused. The list of abuse is long. Allowing any president to continue this lawlessness sets a precedent for future presidents that can allow destruction of our nation.

We’re acknowledging that there’s only one recourse in holding government accountable when led by a president who breaks the law. Remember the Constitution holds the president directly responsible for the executive branch. He can’t just vote “present” and keep feigning ignorance of all the scandals rocking his administration, any more than a mob boss can claim innocence because he didn’t personally do the hit. The buck stops with the guy at the top.

From Benghazi to the IRS and VA scandals, to the NSA spying on innocent Americans, to his Department of Justice wiretapping reporters and giving guns to Mexican drug cartels in Fast & Furious, to ignoring in-house illegal fundraising, I could go on and on.

Impeachment is the Constitution’s answer for a derelict, incompetent presidency, as well as for a lawless imperial presidency. Both describe the unprecedented problem we have with Obama.

In terms of lawlessness, the president is radically changing the way the executive branch does business. He has put us on a dangerous path that will fundamentally change us. With his “pen and phone,” he’s abrogating Congressional authority in violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers. He’s making himself a ruler, not a president. As I said last week, we had a revolution back in 1776 because we don’t do kings.

Making the case for impeachment is not difficult. What’s difficult is having the moral courage and political will to do what is right.

I will keep hammering this issue because it is clearly the only way to stop this president from further abusing his powers. Our founders prepared a future citizenry for such a thing. They crafted the tool for Congress’ authority and obligation to stop this. We’re putting the president on notice.

One out of three Americans are talking about impeachment, Mr. President, because we love this country and respect the sacrifices made to build it. That number will increase as more eyes open to the truth.

- Sarah Palin

Here’s the Washington Post article mentioned above: See More

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1 posted on 07/27/2014 1:29:25 PM PDT by Clyde5445
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To: KC_Lion


2 posted on 07/27/2014 1:30:32 PM PDT by Clyde5445
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To: Clyde5445

They were laughing at Sara Palin, just last week. Ignore her at your own risk. She still connects with a lot of people.

3 posted on 07/27/2014 1:32:54 PM PDT by ImJustAnotherOkie (zerogottago)
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To: Clyde5445
Thank you for posting Clyde and for pinging me.

But I already pinged her list to this thread here this morning. More Opened Eyes to the I-word

But Please Keep up the great work keeping up with Sarah! You do fantastic! I appreciate it :)

4 posted on 07/27/2014 1:36:55 PM PDT by KC_Lion (Build the America you want to live in at your address, and keep looking up.- Sarah Palin)
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To: Clyde5445

I’d love to see Obama impeached and removed from office. But there is no chance at present that it could get beyond impeachment charges in the House. What would happen afterwards would probably do more harm than good until the Dims at least no longer control the Senate.

5 posted on 07/27/2014 1:37:38 PM PDT by Will88
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To: Clyde5445

Wait until Our Dear Ruler comes out with his EO on immigration in a couple of months. Once people realize how bad its going to be hopefully we move past impeachment to pitchforks.

6 posted on 07/27/2014 1:37:53 PM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose o f a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: Clyde5445

There are many grounds for impeachment
.... but Obama gave up his citizenship years ago
(thinks: when I was breaking into the President's office at Columbia)
and is a Moslem Indonesian so our detailed analysis
at the Dept. of Justice finds that none of this even applies."

7 posted on 07/27/2014 1:40:38 PM PDT by Diogenesis (The EXEMPT Congress is complicit in the absence of impeachment)
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Comment #8 Removed by Moderator

To: Clyde5445

Prayers said for an opening of eyes, Sarah.

9 posted on 07/27/2014 1:43:59 PM PDT by no-to-illegals (Scrutinize our government and Secure the Blessing of Freedom and Justice)
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To: Clyde5445
No serious person who is paying attention can deny that Obama and his administration have abused and violated the public trust and the Constitution

Public trust? Constitution? Depends on one's politics. Those terms are too general. Apparently 2/3 of the people say Obama shouldn't be impeached. That is unacceptable. That number should be over 50% even considering liberals will never agree to impeachment.

There is prep work to do before impeachment. The first step involves hearings to make people aware of the specific crimes which go beyond the border fiasco. This involves listing specific crimes rather than general subjective terms like "public trust".

Going after one's political enemies by using the IRS and then destroying evidence is a criminal offense. Issuing EOs that negate laws passed by Congress is a high crime. So we need hearings to organize the crimes and make them clearly understandable by the public. We need the impeach numbers to go much higher. Even if they don't go higher we still should impeach him even if he stays in office.

10 posted on 07/27/2014 1:44:07 PM PDT by plain talk
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To: KC_Lion

I did a search and didn’t see it as long as the word gets out.

11 posted on 07/27/2014 1:55:23 PM PDT by Clyde5445
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To: plain talk
Using the IRS to backdate US taxpayers funds to
Hamas and other terrorist organizations is treason,
and every day the EXEMPT US Congress does not impeach
is misprision of felony
... against each of their EXEMPT selves.

New Inconsistencies with Malik Obama’s IRS Paperwork Revealed on Eve of Hearing
the date stamped at the top of the Barack H. Obama Foundation’s 501(c)(3) approval letter
which bears Lerner’s signature, is dated June 26, 2011. That day was on a Sunday.

Lois Lerner approved tax exempt status for foundation
operated by Obama's half-brother on a Sunday

Deleted IRS Emails may be about Obama’s Brother
There is sufficient cause to believe that one of the reasons for
this digital document shredding may have something to do with
President Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama,
founder of the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF).

Pictured: Obama’s half-brother wearing Hamas scarf that boasts ‘Jerusalem is ours—WE ARE COMING’

Obama’s Brother Joins Hamas, Wears Scarf Saying ‘Jerusalem Is Ours; We Are Coming’

Barack Obama’s Brother Malik Joins Hamas Terrorist Group

Obama Officials Met with Hamas, Discussed Removing it from Terror List

Ninth Lesson From the Gaza War: Hamas Will Use Humanitarian Aid for Evil

Will Obama Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory Over Hamas?

Obama to the rescue – of Hamas

12 posted on 07/27/2014 1:57:19 PM PDT by Diogenesis (The EXEMPT Congress is complicit in the absence of impeachment)
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To: Clyde5445

You don’t prosecute unless you can convict. If you don’t have a reasonable chance of getting 67 Senators to convict the Clown, don’t do it....

13 posted on 07/27/2014 2:12:46 PM PDT by SoFloFreeper
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To: KC_Lion; All

Speaker “Blank Check” Boehner keeps Obama in power by not controlling spending or Impeaching Obama.

Morman Reid shuts down the Muslim Obama Government, (MOG), anytime that Boehner refuses to write Obama a Blank Check.

Muslim Obama is happy enough to play hooky from his day job to raise Campaign money for Morman Reid’s Senate Candidates.

Boehner is the key man to allow Muslim Obama to continue to wreck America, and Obama knows it.

Force Boehner to resign, and Obama will be at the mercy of New Speaker Jim Jordan or Trey Gowdy - - - .

14 posted on 07/27/2014 2:32:20 PM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: Clyde5445

I’m nostalgic for the days when people could make their displeasure known by, say, emptying an SKS into the outside of the White House.

15 posted on 07/27/2014 3:30:49 PM PDT by Charles Martel (Endeavor to persevere...)
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To: Clyde5445

We should somehow find a way to impeach the entire democrat party.... Then start on the GOPe.

16 posted on 07/27/2014 3:52:02 PM PDT by Bullish (You ever notice that liberalism really just amounts to anti-morality?)
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To: Clyde5445

We must take back the senate if we really want to do this. Without a majority there, this is all good theory.

VOTE this fall.

17 posted on 07/27/2014 4:04:54 PM PDT by Marie (When are they going to take back Obama's peace prize?)
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