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(Illegal alien) The Immigrant Kids Suing America
thedailybeast. ^ | 07.11.14

Posted on 08/04/2014 11:35:45 AM PDT by dennisw

A class-action lawsuit filed this week on behalf of eight undocumented minors demands that children be provided legal guidance in immigration court.

Finally, someone at ORR managed to get in touch with one of Henry’s relatives in Guatemala who found a cousin in Los Angeles willing to sponsor Henry. His cousin, a U.S. citizen, insisted on finding Henry an attorney. It was actually in the parking lot of L.A.’s Immigrants’ Rights Project that Henry’s cousin met directing attorney Judy London and persuaded her to take on his case.

London says it took two months of working with the traumatized teen through a Mam interpreter before she was able to plead his case. But in the end, London helped Henry get a green card through Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, a program for foreign children who’ve been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Henry’s story is harrowing, but the most unusual part of it is the fact that he was able to find a lawyer to help him navigate the immigration court system. Most kids in the same situation aren’t so lucky. In fact, more than half of all minors who go through immigration court proceedings in the U.S. do so without the guidance of an attorney. That’s why the American Immigration Council, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Public Counsel, and K&L Gates LLP, have filed a class-action lawsuit against the United States, arguing that the government should be required to provide legal representation to children during immigration court proceedings.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: aliens
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1 posted on 08/04/2014 11:35:45 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: dennisw


2 posted on 08/04/2014 11:37:21 AM PDT by dennisw (The first principle is to find out who you are then you can achieve anything -- Buddhist monk)
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To: dennisw

The Evil Tax Payers must be taught a Lesson for not supporting Obama 100% ,barf

3 posted on 08/04/2014 11:43:39 AM PDT by molson209 (Blank)
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To: dennisw

This is what the state and its attendants are destroying our country for - their own bottom line.

4 posted on 08/04/2014 11:43:52 AM PDT by skeeter
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To: dennisw

Don’t get distracted by the chaos. Bottom line our government is bought and paid for by Wall Street who is in collusion with the drug cartels.

The enemy is the poor Mexicans being manipulated, like we are. The enemy is our treasonous government, and the Fat Cats bankers who want to enslave us.

We are being decieved in ways that are beyond most people’s comprehension. Keep your finger pointed on the Fed, and your face towards the Son. We know who wins this war.

Look at the big picture.

Obama has spent $millions to have his records sealed, and the 6 media conglomerates are beholden to Wall Street, and also controlled. Informed Americans would NOT have voted for Barrack Hussein Obama. It was the $million dollar PR campaign that fooled and brainwashed the world. The same campaign that has brainwashed innocent Americans into believing that “legalizing drugs” will somehow take away the problems associated with these drugs.

Obama received more Wall Street campaign donations than any other politician in American history.

2009-The US Government followed with a Bank Bailout, Tax Payers Fund a Total of $11.6 Trillion

Wall Street banks are laundering $Billions with impunity. Just look at any one of those banks corrupting nations, manipulating media, and positioning leaders such as Barrack Hussein Obama.

After the 9/11 attacks investigations into terrorism brought to light the criminal association with banks. For example, British bank HSBC’s activities in Saudi Arabia were brought into question in a 9/11 report, specifically referencing banking with Al Rajhi Bank. The investigation reported that the Saudi bank has links to financing terrorism.

The 9/11 investigations found evidence of rampant drug money laundering by most International Banks. I was obvious that the drug trade and terrorism go hand in hand. As a result of those investigation many banks were being investigated.
Information collated by investigators suggests one of Al Rajhi’s founders was an “early financial benefactor of al-Qaeda.”

In 2012, Obama quietly shut down the NDIC responsible for tracking illicit drug trafficking funds tied to terrorism.

The last report from the NDIC in 2012 had dire warnings about growing problems on the border that were “tantamount to living in a war zone”.
Obama closed NDIC in 2012, and said Holder’s DEA was going to be taking over the NDIC work. The DEA has no reports since 2012.

HSBC Holdings
Child Organizations: HSBC North America Hsbc HSBC Bank
HSBC Bank USA, National Association, the American subsidiary of UK-based HSBC Holdings plc, is a bank with its operational head office in New York City and its nominal head office in McLean, Virginia (as designated on its charter). HSBC Bank USA, N.A. is a national bank chartered under the National Bank Act, which means that it is regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

2010-Mexican Drug Cartel Laundered Millions Via Bank Of America Into U.S. Horse Racing (Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Bank of America)
Wachovia alone admitted $378.4 billion for Mexican cartels from 2004 to 2007.

British Bank HSBC US Influence Payments
CAMPAIGN Donations $3,150,230
LOBBYING $47,308,573

HSBC Mexican Drug Money in Obama’s 2008 Campaign?

2011: SEC Ignores Rampant Money Laundering
“How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs.”

2010-Mexican Drug Cartel Laundered Millions Via Bank Of America Into U.S. Horse Racing (Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Bank of America)

Real illicit drug revenue to criminal cartels must be much higher since Wachovia Bank alone admitted $378.4 billion for Mexican cartels in 3 years.

10/2012-HSBC to Pay $1.92 Billion to Settle Charges of Money Laundering

2012: Outrageous Drug Money Laundering HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke

2012-Obama Administration Official, Bob Werner, Hired by HSBC

10/21012-HSBC Picks Up Another Obama Administration Official, Preeta Bansal.

2013-Meet Federal Employees David S. Cohen of Treasury and Stuart Levey of HSBC – Or Is It the Other Way Around?

10/2012-HSBC to Pay $1.92 Billion to Settle Charges of Money Laundering

09/2013- Obama, Holder let another big bank off the hook

1/2014-HSBC Launders DRUG MONEY. Pays Fine Using Bailout Money!

2010-Mexican Drug Cartel Laundered Millions Via Bank Of America Into U.S. Horse Racing (Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Bank of America)
Wachovia alone admitted $378.4 billion for Mexican cartels from 2004 to 2007.

Wall Street Banks are illegally Laundering Drug Money with Impunity.

“Meanwhile, finance and real estate sectors in Mexico and the United States are awash with cartel profits, with one United Nations analyst arguing that drug money was the “only liquid investment capital” that kept the international economy from completely” imploding in 2008

House Votes to Allow Marijuana Related Banking 7/16/2014

Abattis Makes History as First Marijuana Stock to List on Prestigious OTCQX

Wall Street has given more to Obama’s Political Campaign than Any Other Politician in History.

5 posted on 08/04/2014 11:44:06 AM PDT by mgist (.)
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To: molson209

What the Hell can this Jackwagon come up with next?

6 posted on 08/04/2014 11:45:13 AM PDT by rhubarbk (It's official, I'm suffering from Obama fatigue!)
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To: dennisw

exactly —

7 posted on 08/04/2014 11:46:41 AM PDT by Uncle Chip
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To: dennisw

Here’s one where the court will say they “have standing.”

8 posted on 08/04/2014 11:48:01 AM PDT by Steely Tom (How do you feel about robbing Peter's robot?)
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To: mgist

I meant to say the enemy is NOT the poor Central Americans/Mexicans being manipulated like we are.

Obama Installed those those NWO Narco “presidents” and they are us in a few years.

2010 WikiLeaks, Obama meddling in Honduras Politics
Obama supported A known Narco Candidate in Honduras. Released cables make it clear that the U.S. knew Manuel Zelaya was a threat to democracy in Honduras.,7,121,122,201,401,641,1009

2009 - Mexican Cartels are Recruiting Children. In is inhumane to consider that even criminals could take advantage of children because of their poverty and lack of Education, to groom them as drug mules an even assassins.
“Mexican drug cartels increasingly recruit the young”

Honduras 2012: With Mexican criminal groups like the Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel both believed to be active in the country, Honduras has become one of the principal drug transit routes in the region. Some estimate that as much as 87 percent of cocaine moving north to the US passes through Honduras.
June 4, 2014: Honduras is a Narco Nationáfico

Colombian Cartel Members Caught in Honduras, Sent back to Colombia

2011 Al-Qaeda reported in Honduras
US. Government Warns Honduras of Possible Al-Qaeda Infiltration

Obama Revealed in Guatemala Policy

March 2014 Globalists and Gangs Back Marxist Mass-murderer in El Salvador
As The New American magazine has documented extensively, the region (Central America) is already dominated by a closely knit network of foreign-backed socialist tyrants.

Chavez used Venezuelan Military to turn Venezuela into the Biggest drug Distributor in the World 2013
How Venezuela’s Military Tried to Fly A Ton of Cocaine to France

State Department Reports Hezbollah Increasing Drug and Terrorism in South America 2013
“There has indeed been a “marked resurgence” of Iranian state sponsorship of terrorism over the past 18 months. But as the new Nisman report drives hom, here’s an even more disturbing fact — Iran has run intelligence networks in the United States’ backyard to “sponsor, foster and execute terrorist attacks” for decades.”

“Criminal plans” by Iran could be under way in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, the report said.

Mexican Cartels Buying Afghan Heroin

In 2011, DEA was laundering drug money from Mexican cartels, “Agency officials declined to publicly discuss details of their work, citing concerns about compromising their investigations.”;

2014 -Mexican Journalist Faces Death for Claiming War On Drugs is a Farce and Governments Are Complicit.

Rockefeller is Outed as a Soros Ally in the Drug Legalization Scheme in Latin America (Uruguay)
Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana

Soros spent at least $80 MILLION USD for drug legalization in US and Uruguay

9 posted on 08/04/2014 11:48:27 AM PDT by mgist (.)
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To: Uncle Chip

I want my grandparents were not given welfare, food stamps, housing etc on entry denying me an opportunity to amass a larger inheritance. I want my money.
(please no comments, this is sarcasm)

10 posted on 08/04/2014 11:49:45 AM PDT by Mouton (The insurrection laws perpetuate what we have for a government now.)
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To: Mouton

Me too. Instead of taking government handouts I worked 3 jobs to get through college.

11 posted on 08/04/2014 11:52:12 AM PDT by Resolute Conservative
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To: dennisw; All
I'm not trying to be mean to the kids, but please consider the following. As mentioned in related threads, based on the following excerpts, one from the 14th Amendment (14A) and the other from a 14A-related Supreme Court case opinion, I don't think that non-citizens are necessarily entitled to the rights protected by the Bill of Rights, the 6th Amendment in this case.
12 posted on 08/04/2014 11:52:27 AM PDT by Amendment10
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Click The Pic To Donate

Support FR, Donate Monthly If You Can

13 posted on 08/04/2014 11:59:24 AM PDT by DJ MacWoW (The Fed Gov is not one ring to rule them all)
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To: Amendment10
Add to that......the US justice system does not dispense justice to litigants who come to court w/ "unclean hands"...a legal term meaning litigants who have committed crimes.


THE FACTS ARE THESE: every lawyer is an officer of the court, and should know that the US justice system is not amenable to dispensing justice to litigants w/ "unclean hands"---a legal term meaning those who have committed crimes.

Migrant crimes most probably include (1) falsifying official documents, (2) giving false info to US authorities, (3) stealing SS nos, (4) faking multiple identities, (5) receiving govt monies under false pretenses, (6)falsifying tax returns to get EITC refunds, (7) money-laundering via remittanced to homelands, (8) colluding w/ criminal drug cartels to violate US borders...perhaps aiding and abetting by carrying drugs into the US.

Any lawyer or law firm that gives legal advice to an illegal (unindicted felon) should be reported to the state bar association for eventual disbarment.....and should have his/her license to practice law challenged.

14 posted on 08/04/2014 12:06:33 PM PDT by Liz
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To: dennisw
The Immigrant Kids Suing America

They gave them lawyers. What did they expect?

15 posted on 08/04/2014 12:09:19 PM PDT by MamaTexan (I am a Person as created by the Laws of Nature, not a person as created by the laws of Man)
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To: All
A leaked report says 144 countries are gathered at the border entering the US....
some from countries infected w/ Ebola.


Obama admin unilaterally changes law to allow immigrants
with 'limited' terror contact into US
The Daily Caller
| 2/5/14 / FR Posted by Nachum

The Obama administration has issued new exemptions to a law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who provided “limited material support” to terrorists who are believed to pose no threat from the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department published the new exemptions Wednesday in the Federal Register to narrow a ban in the Immigration and Nationality Act excluding refugees and asylum seekers who had provided limited material support, no matter how minor, to terrorists.

“These exemptions cover five kinds of limited material support that have adversely and unfairly affected refugees and asylum seekers with no tangible connection to terrorism: material support that was insignificant in amount or provided incidentally in the course of everyday social, commercial, family or humanitarian interactions, or under significant pressure,” a DHS official explained to The Daily Caller.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry signed the exemptions. DHS contends that the law change is “commonsense” and that immigration procedures will remain the same in other respects. (Excerpt) Read more at ...


REFERENCE Federal outreach to Muslim-American communities is a pillar of Obama counter-terrorism strategy
Washington post | 5/25/2013 | ap / FR Posted by tobyhill

Within hours of the Boston Marathon blasts, US government officials and Muslims in Boston called each other to offer assistance. These calls were the fruits of years of cultivating such relationships in an effort to ultimately prevent the very type of attack Boston experienced April 15....

Representatives from the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security called to offer support to Muslim communities......just in case THEY suffered backlash or threats. (more on FR).


INMMIGRANTS CASH IN---FORCE TAXPAYERS TO FINANCE THEIR DIRTY DEEDS--This is why they're lining up at the border.

Democrat Gov Deval Patrick ordered Massachsetts govt agencies to conceal the Boston bombers' Tsarnev family welfare info from taxpayers.

But sources who saw 500 pages of welfare documents (requested by a state legislator) told News Center 5 that the entire Tsarnaev family, including (1) the two bombing suspects' parents, (2) the two suspects themselves, (3) their sisters, (4) the widow of the suspect killed, and, (5) their child -- received "every conceivable public benefit available out there." (Excerpt) Read more at ...


Muslim money-laundering modalities finance global jihad. (EXCERPT)---the American Freedom Law Center, has been engaged in a long and drawn out lawsuit againstHamas front group, CAIR. Hamas-CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of Washington, DC. "The money laundering scheme was discovered in the course of legal discovery in unrelated federal litigation arising out of allegations by five of CAIR's former clients that CAIR defrauded them by failing to provide the legal services they had been promised."

THE MODUS OPERANDI To avoid reporting these millions of dollars from the dubious Islamist sources and to avoid registering as an agent for a foreign sovereign as required by federal law, CAIR created a separate company called CAIR-Foundation, Inc---an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

CAIR itself quit filing any federal tax returns from 2008-2010 and allowed the IRS to withdraw its status as a 501(c)(4), converting itself to a regular for-profit corporation. CAIR also stopped all of its operations and became simply a holding company, transferring, at least on the books, all of its employees and equipment to CAIR Foundation. --snip--

SOURCE capital/#ixzz2jOgy8k7H

=========================================================================== Muslim Killer on US Disability and Food Stamps secreted Diamonds and 200 Credit Cards
Front Page Magazine ^ | 6/20/2014 | Daniel Greenfield /FR Posted by Dqban22

This sort of thing is surprisingly common. The only reason it has come to light is because the Muslim settler committed two murders, one of which he actually got away with. The Point has discussed the murder of Gelareh Bagherzadeh before.

Gelareh Bagherzadeh was an Iranian Christian who came to this country only to be murdered by a Muslim because she encouraged his daughter to marry the Christiaan man she loved. He was too disabled to work. But not too disabled to kill. The father, a strict Muslim, was furious when his Jordanian-American daughter married a man without his permission.

Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan blamed his daughter’s husband, relatives say. They say he also faulted one of her closest friends, 30-year-old Gelareh Bagherzadeh, a Christian convert who widely denounced Islam. First Bagherzadeh was killed, gunned down outside her parents’ Galleria townhouse complex in January 2012.

Eleven months later, Irsan’s son-in-law died after being shot multiple times in the northwest Harris County apartment he shared with his wife. And Ali thought he could get away with it because he had already gotten away with so many other things. Federal authorities executed a search warrant at Irsan’s sprawling, 5-acre property 40 miles north of Houston, where they allegedly found cash, diamonds, pearls, weapons and phony passports hidden in attic rafters, in secret compartments throughout a cluster of trailers and outbuildings and even inside the buried drum of a clothes dryer at the Conroe property.

Irsan, his wife Shmou Ali Alrawabdeh, and another daughter were subsequently arrested on a variety of federal fraud charges and are in federal custody.

A federal criminal complaint detailing the discoveries recounts a saga of nearly 20 years in which the 57-year-old naturalized citizen from Jordan and his family allegedly scammed taxpayer disability assistance funds claiming “fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms,” and “affective disorders” while secreting real estate, vehicles and cash in U.S. and foreign bank accounts.

The complaint also alleges Irsan was receiving taxpayer funds for a son not living in the U.S., maintained several addresses on the property to facilitate various schemes and once disabled a safety feature on a saw then purposefully cut himself to receive a $75,000 settlement. Ali was certainly industrious and entrepreneurial, just not quite in the way amnesty advocates like to claim.

Also found on the property was a makeshift gun range, which witnesses said “five or six Muslim families” frequently visited to fire AK-47s and information about Irsan’s attempts to get a silencer. Nothing to do with Islam I’m sure.

The rest of the scam ...... While there have been no allegations of terrorist ties regarding the family’s alleged foreign bank accounts and suspicious wire transactions, Irsan’s strict adherence to radical Islam may have been a motive in the alleged murders.Authorities are also re-examining a 1999 case in which Irsan was not indicted after claiming self-defense in the shooting of son-in-law Amjad Alidam, who was married to Nasemah Rachelle Irsan. And that’s not all.

Prosecutors also revealed, in connection to the social security fraud and credit card charges against Irsan, that they found more than 200 credit cards with various names and multiple variations of his own name throughout the Irwin Keel home. Arresting officers say they also found more than 40 similar credit cards in his wallet the morning he was arrested.

His daughter also alleges, among multiple other schemes detailed in court documents, that Ali Irsan purposely disabled the safety device on a Ryobi rotary saw and purposely cut his own foot. Prosecutors say he used that injury to receive a $75,000 settlement from the manufacturer.

SOURCE credit-cards/print/

16 posted on 08/04/2014 12:11:05 PM PDT by Liz
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To: dennisw

I saw a story on Univision and it was a bunch of illegals were protesting because they felt they were not getting paid fair wages.

17 posted on 08/04/2014 12:11:08 PM PDT by MNDude
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To: Amendment10
I don't think that non-citizens are necessarily entitled to the rights protected by the Bill of Rights

Not now, never have been.

……… The article in the constitution of the United States, declaring that citizens of each state were entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states, applies only to natural born or duly naturalized citizens, ........
James Kent, Commentaries on American Law

18 posted on 08/04/2014 12:14:36 PM PDT by MamaTexan (I am a Person as created by the Laws of Nature, not a person as created by the laws of Man)
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To: dennisw

The illegal aliens break the law and then do not miss a lick before they start their lawsuits. This “unaccompanied” sewerage is going to make a great ‘RAT voter base and cesspool full of great “americans”. In your face America!!! The DemocRAT orchestrated border fiasco isn’t about violence in Central America, this is about mucho dinero!!!

19 posted on 08/04/2014 12:18:40 PM PDT by FlingWingFlyer (America is not a refugee camp! It is my home!!!)
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To: dennisw
illegals suing us in order to break our laws? This kind of crap can only happen under obozo and holder.
20 posted on 08/04/2014 12:22:47 PM PDT by drypowder
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