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To: DaveA37

It’s not optimism or even an overabundance of wishful thinking to say that Ted Cruz is destined to be President although the underlying fundamentals can certainly generate those feelings.

The projection is based on analysis of voter registration shifts and past performance.

To say he is ‘destined’ is to first observe that he is super intelligent (even the left admits this) IN THE SENSE that he responds naturally with his talents to all situations. By that is meant he is a ‘natural’. He is the one voice that appeals to Conservatives AND INDEPENDENTS, as well as Latinos.

The breakdown by voter group that leads to a President Cruz has been given several times on FR but will be repeated here for those still in doubt.

The key fact that many casual observers miss is there has been a tidal wave shift in voter registrations to INDEPENDENT. Do a search and you will confirm that in 2012 the Independent registrations made up 24% of the electorate and in 2014 this increased to 42%! AND of that 42% the clear majority are Conservative.

Next is to observe the fact that Romney carried the Independent vote in 2012 by only 1% which statistically is not a win; it is a tie at best.

What sunk Romney, as pinpointed in extensive post-election analyses was the ‘Perot’ demographic of 6 million + strong blue collar workers who are very stubborn and will not vote for a GOPe candidate under any circumstance even if the democrats ran the Anti-Christ as their nominee. Those 6 million + refused to pull the lever for Obomney and the result was Obama skated in to a second term. The key takeaway is this demographic is ebullient in passion for Ted Cruz.

Next is to observe the Latino-American demographic (not the illegal elements but those who are legally US citizens). Ted Cruz won 40% of the Latino vote when he ran for office in Texas. The reason is that if Latino-Americans have the choice to vote for a republican or a democrat they will pull the lever for the democrat BUT IF they have the choice between a Latino and a democrat they will pull the lever for the Latino. In other words they vote Latino first and democrat second, and republican rarely. SEIU will boost Latinos to vote for democrats but if there is an Independent or republican Latino on the ticket, many Latinos will vote for the Latino.

Cruz is Latino in their eyes AND MORE INPORTANTLY he is seen as independent from the GOP leadership. That is a crucial observation to make which is to see Ted Cruz as more independent that republican.

The Reagan democrats are registered democrats that vote conservative if there is a Conservative on the ballot. If there is not a Conservative on the ballot then they will vote for a moderate democrat or nothing at all.

Reagan democrats love Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is mustering the same coalition that Ronald Reagan put together in 1980 and 1984. Nothing can stop such a coalition except for more than ten million illegal votes which is what Executive Amnesty is all about. Executive Amnesty is the game winner for democrats and now that it’s on hold, it provides critical timing for Ted Cruz to solidify the winning Reaganesque coalition.

Realistic and ‘conservative’ calculations put at least 54% of the popular vote in Cruz’ column. The Electoral College pathway is not as easy and the war rooms will be fighting tooth and nail for critical districts in battleground states.

But there is no question that Ted Cruz will win the heart and soul of Americans in 2016.

103 posted on 03/22/2015 8:16:36 AM PDT by Hostage (ARTICLE V)
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To: Hostage

Gird your loins. We’re in for a hellacious fight.

107 posted on 03/22/2015 8:50:48 AM PDT by RKBA Democrat (Ted Cruz 2016)
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To: Hostage
Ted Cruz has tapped into the one thing that could TREMENDOUSLY help the US economy: fixing the national taxation system.

I mean think about it--look at what I've always said is totally wrong with our income tax code:

1. 30,000 tax lobbyists--HALF the lobbyists in Washington, DC--fighting for every scrap of a tax loophole. And you get political corruption on a huge scale over this.
2. The result is a tax code over 70,000 pages long so complex that it makes James Joyce's famously unreadable Finnegans Wake almost easy to read in comparison. Even the IRS can't figure out much of the tax code!
3. The sheer complexity means exorbitant yearly compliance and economic opportunity costs, estimated by some economists at around US$1 TRILLION per year (and climbing more in each subsequent year, especially with the imposition of Obamacare mandates through the tax code).
4. It also encourages the outsourcing of millions of jobs, thousands of factories, and hundreds of corporate headquarters for tax avoidance reasons. Care to explain why Apple manufactures its products in China, and why Google and Facebook have to use that highly-complex and expensive Double Irish with Dutch Sandwich accounting scheme to lower its tax bill?
5. It results in (by some estimates) around US$15 TRILLION in American-owned liquid assets sitting in offshore financial centers and other foreign banks for tax avoidance reasons (care to explain all those "banks" in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and so on? Or why Apple has 70% of its US$150+ billion liquid asset reserve outside the USA?).
6. Government uses the tax code as a political instrument to favor or punish political constituencies as little as ONE taxpaying entity. The recent scandal using the IRS to target conservative 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) groups is clear proof of this.
7. Because the IRS needs to know intimate details of personal and business financial records in tax return filings, there are potentially serious issues with invasion of privacy. Care to explain why former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's private tax returns ended up in the offices of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)?
8. The IRS assumes you're guilty of tax evasion first, and you end up having less rights than most common criminals!

No wonder why the US economic recovery from the 2008 stock market crash has been sluggish and uneven. We need REAL tax reform--starting with a no-loophole flat tax akin to what Steve Forbes proposed in 1996--and in 3-4 years complete the transition so we can repeal the 16th Amendment and replace the income tax with something like FairTax, which would essentially end the taxation of the process of earning money.

141 posted on 03/22/2015 2:55:24 PM PDT by RayChuang88 (FairTax: America's economic cure)
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To: Hostage
"Latinos will vote for the Latino"<---This. Is an etched in stone cold fact. There won't be a single hispanic/latino that will pull that lever for a Hillary Clinton over ANY latino sounding name. That goes double for the low info types.
142 posted on 03/22/2015 2:56:59 PM PDT by moehoward
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