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The Clintons’ connection to Panama Papers (Hillary staffer, foundations donors, pardon recepient)

Posted on 04/17/2016 5:03:18 AM PDT by Liz

The “Panama Papers” exposed thousands of offshore bank accounts of the politically high and mighty; 350 reporters---an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists---are pouring over a massive dump of more than 11.5 million documents from the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm; the first findings were revealed earlier this month.

Hillary quickly decried the “outrageous tax havens” for “the super-rich.” But it turns out that Hillary and Bill have multiple connections with people named — including campaign staffers and major donors, McClatchy Newspapers revealed Saturday. Those named used the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca to set up offshore entities. The firm has denied wrongdoing

<><> Gabrielle Fialkoff, Clinton’s finance director during her first campaign for the NY Senate (see Fialkoff is now senior adviser to NYC Mayor de Blasio and director of the city’s Office of Strategic Partnership.

<><>A $100 million donor to the Clinton Foundation and recipient of tax dollars from Hillary's State Dept--Frank Giustra--a billionaire Canadian mining magnate and longtime crony of Bill, is also mentioned.

<><>The Chagoury Group, an international developer based in West Africa pledged $1 billion in projects to the Clinton Global Initiative is mentioned.

<><> Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who was at the center of a Democratic fund-raising scandal during the Clinton administration.

<><> Marc Rich, the notorious international fugitive who got a midnight pardon by then-president Bill in 2001.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: clinton; clintonpanamapapers; deblasio; panamapapers; tafta; tisa; tpa; tpp
The Clintons themselves do not appear to be mentioned but their ties to multiple big-money names that turn up in the documents as using offshore accounts raises critical questions.

(ED NOTE: When L/E investigated Jeffrey Epstein of Pedo Island fame, they found Bill CLinton and crony Doug Band listed w/ some 23 phone nos and emails. L/E recognizes multiple phones and emails w/ money laundering and tax evasion schemes.)

1 posted on 04/17/2016 5:03:18 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

You can be sure there are plenty of Bill and Hillary donors to the Clinton massage parlor no question about it question is how much of that money is indirectly goes to the foundation

2 posted on 04/17/2016 5:09:50 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Sarah Palin=our secret weapon. USA= home of the free because of the brave)
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To: rodguy911

There’s also another problem that has been mentioned at least 30 or 40 of the FBI people working on Hillary right now are looking under the foundation not the server problems and with these new documents coming online it’s going to take months to sort it all out

3 posted on 04/17/2016 5:10:55 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Sarah Palin=our secret weapon. USA= home of the free because of the brave)
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To: All
WHO ARE THE CLINTONS BEHOLDEN TO? anonymous attendee at one of Hillary’s mega-buck Goldman Sachs speeches, told Politico that releasing her remarks “would bury her against Sanders. It really makes her look like an ally of the firm.” Rather than the anti-Wall Street crusader Hillary claims to be today, another person in the audience said, “She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director”....

4 posted on 04/17/2016 5:12:42 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: Liz

The Clintons have turned hypocrisy and lying into an art form and our nation’s leading export.

5 posted on 04/17/2016 5:16:23 AM PDT by cgbg (Epistemology is not a spectator sport.)
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To: rodguy911

The clinton foundation is a shell for thier billions they siphoned from the sale of tech to China, global warming scam, the Haitian relief fund and many other criminal enterprises within this country and thru out the world

6 posted on 04/17/2016 5:17:21 AM PDT by ronnie raygun
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To: Liz

Hillary made $21 million and Bill made $26 million.
Wonder how they can make do on that.

And isn’t this a case of a woman getting paid less than a man for the same work? Why isn’t Hillary raising cain about this case? She is getting paid 80 cents for every $1 that Bill makes.

7 posted on 04/17/2016 5:17:21 AM PDT by Texas resident (Democrats=CPUSA)
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To: Liz
After referring to Benghazi, then- Secy of State Clinton’s telephone call with then-Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed AmAmr made a curious reference to what the former secretary referred to as a “very successful investment visit led by my deputy Tom Nides, and, on the very day they left, this series of Benghazi incidents began to unfold.”

According to the Washington Post, Nides, who was Hillary's deputy secretary for management and resources at the State Department, was at the same time responsible for “communications with donors” to the Clinton Foundation.

Nides was also involved in the scandal involving Clinton’s efforts to provide special access to State Department officials for hedge fund clients of her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky.

cont below

8 posted on 04/17/2016 5:17:57 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: All

Hillary made friends w/ Wall Street when she was in the US Senate.

Then-US Sens Clinton and Corzine. Corzine was fresh out of Goldman Sachs executive suite. Corzine came from Wall Street to Capitol Hill. Then back to Wall Street to head a company that hired Bill Clinton @ $50,000 per month, AND also misplaced $1.3 Billion investor dollars.


Goldman Sachs top echelon are nuts for Hillary. The G/S biggies "invested" in Hillary's SIL's hedge fund. SIL's cockamamie investing turned the fund into an economic disaster according to the WSJ.


THE CLINTON CORZINE CONNECTION: The NY Post reported Dec 2011 that Teneo was advising MF Global, the doomed international brokerage firm headed by former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (and ex-US Senator). The firm paid Teneo an eye-popping $125,000 a month as it was imploding and losing millions for its investors. Bill Clinton was also pocketing at MF Global--- an astounding $50,000 per month.

EXHIBIT ONE Corzine was fresh out of Goldman Sachs executive suite, buying his NJ Senate seat office for $65 million; then buying the NJ governorship. Out of office, he ran a hedge fund where $1.5 B went missing....its advisor Teneo was connected to both Bill Clinton and then-Secy of State Hillary's top aide Huma Abedin.

EXHIBIT TWO When Chelsea Clinton's husband started a hedge fund, he gained access to investors who had ties to the Clintons and to Goldman Sachs. Back in 2011, Mezvinsky, now 37, and two former Goldman Sachs'ers — Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon — began raising money for Mezvinsky's Eaglevale Partners LP hedge fund.

Some of Mezvinsky's "investors" included Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Blankfein, a slavish Democrat supporter, said he had "always been a fan of Hillary Clinton."

The WSJ reported extensively on the hedge fund's underperformance since its inception and Mezvinsky's mediocre investing and strategizing.


THIS JUST IN---Bloomberg is reporting G/S's CEO Lloyd Blankfien is a newly-minted billionaire---and also has his own Foundation.

Mmmmmmmm....the sound of wire-transfers is almost palpable.

The IRS says the biggest tax evasion fraud is one Foundation writing a check to another Foundation. The check receiver takes a cut, then wire-transfers the bulk to an offshore bank for the check-writer's use later ----- the way these "humanitarians" skim off-tax free dollars for themselves.

9 posted on 04/17/2016 5:19:01 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: All
FBI: among the most ethically challenged Hillary emails: Selling Access

MEMO TO THE FBI: The head of a Canadian company with an enormous interest in the Congo's mining and oil sector.....Lukas Lundin of Lundin Mining.....announced a $100 million donation to the Clinton Foundation on the heels of Hillary/s first presidential she became Secy of State.

After the Congolese government attempted to regain control of its own mines, the State Department intervened on behalf of Lundin Mining and another mining company, Freeport Mines, also a Clinton foundation donor.

A round of talks in 2010, thought to be aided by the Clinton State Department, concluded with the pair of well- connected companies (Clinton Foundation donors) retaining their stakes in the mines and with the Congolese government being shut out of its own resources. (hat tip Schweizer book---Clinton Cash)


THE STATE DEPT PAPER TRAIL---- Hillary/s State Dept Aide Shared Classified state Dept Information With Clinton Foundation 2012 Email Shows Aide Cheryl Mills sent information marked confidential to Clinton Foundation
By Alana Goodman, Free Beacon September 28, 2015

A key aide of Hillary Clinton emailed classified information about the government in Congo to a staffer at the Clinton Foundation in 2012, according to a copy of the correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Cheryl Mills, Clinton/s chief of staff at the State Department, sent the email to the Clinton Foundation’s foreign policy director, Amitabh Desai, on July 12, 2012.

The message, which was originally obtained by the group Citizens United through a public records request, is partially redacted because it includes foreign government information that has been classified Confidential by the State Department......but was not marked classified by the State Department until this past summer, intelligence sources tell the Free Beacon that it would have been classified at the time Mills sent it because foreign government information is considered classified from inception.

The message could add to concerns from congressional and FBI investigators about whether former Secretary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while at the State Department.

About half of the forwarded message was redacted due to its classified nature before the State Department released it to Citizens United last month. Although it is not clear what the redacted section includes, the State Department said in a court motion filed last week that it concerns both foreign government information and critical aspects of U.S. foreign relations, including U.S. foreign activities carried out by officials of the U.S. Government.

The State Department added that the disclosure of this information has the potential to damage and inject friction into our bilateral relationship with African countries whose cooperation is important to U.S. national security.

The Clinton Foundation and the State Department did not respond to request for comment about the email, or say whether Desai...a non-government employee who has worked at the foundation since 2007....would have been authorized to view Confidential information.



10 posted on 04/17/2016 5:20:43 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: ronnie raygun

That’s the big question ronny I don’t think we really know where all the money comes from that goes into that foundation.
and how much of it is being held in the other places the other places is probably even bigger than we know.

11 posted on 04/17/2016 5:29:25 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Sarah Palin=our secret weapon. USA= home of the free because of the brave)
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To: servantboy777; mandaladon; Grampa Dave; Arthur Wildfire! March; Tennessee Nana; AuntB; ...
No surprise. The Clinton corruption started way back in Arkansas. They marched through the US political system and exploited relationships to wealthy people and businesses.

Cattle futures...everybody knows that one.

Another Arkansas connection is Jean-Raymond Boulle, a one-time diamond miner from the volcanic island nation of Mauritius whose company was once based in Bill Clinton’s hometown of Hope, Ark.

In the mid 1990s, Boulle was listed as a director of Auk Limited, a British Virgin Islands offshore company, and Gridco Limited, a Bahamas offshore company.

After two meetings with Boulle, Bill Clinton, then-governor of Arkansas, signed legislation allowing his company to engage in exploratory mining in the state. Later, Boulle and his wife attended Clinton’s first inauguration.

Boulle’s company did not respond to a message. (hat tip McClatchy Panama Papers report)

12 posted on 04/17/2016 5:51:31 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: Liz

“The check receiver takes a cut, then wire-transfers the bulk to an offshore bank for the check-writer’s use later”

Nothing new to the Clintons. The Whitewater land scam was pure money laundering papered over with a land deal. Hill & Bill’s “connected” buddies in AR were being paid for washing the funds.

13 posted on 04/17/2016 5:54:31 AM PDT by Texas Fossil ((Texas is not where you were born, but a Free State of Heart, Mind & Attitude!))
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To: rodguy911; ronnie raygun
The Clinton Foundation is “organized crime” at its finest, and we are financing it. It may prove to be the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. history. This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money and repackage it for your own purposes. All tax free. Read on.

Fox/s Krauthammer said some of the 30k emails Hillary deleted from her private email server very likely had references to the Clinton Foundation, which would be illegal and a conflict of interest.

Here's a concise summary the Clinton Foundation's tax free international money laundering scheme:

1. First, create a separate foreign “charity.”.......this one's in Canada.

2. Foreign oligarchs and governments then donate to this Canadian charity......over 1,000 ontributed mega millions out of the goodness of their hearts expecting nothing in return. (Imagine Putin’s buddies deciding to send untold millions to a Canadian charity).

3. The Canadian charity then bundles the separate mega-donations and makes one massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.

4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating Canadian charity claim Canadian law prohibits the identification of individual donors. (Canadian officials dispute the claim)

5. The Clinton Foundation then “spends” some of this money for legitimate good works programs (observers believe not more than a measly 10%). The rest goes to enrich the Clinton’s, for salaries paid to untold numbers of political factotums, hangers on, and to fund the Clintons' lavish lifestyle, travel, etc...... all tax free, which means you and I are subsidizing it.

6. The billion dollar Clinton Foundation can hire the world’s best accountants but somehow fails to report much of this funding on their tax filings. They allude to them as“clerical errors” and announce they are they are-filing 5 years of tax returns.

7. Include as a principal mining investor Frank Giustra, Clinton/s globe-trotting crony, who is central to the formation of Uranium One, the Canadian company that somehow acquired massive U.S. uranium interests and then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia.

Net result — foreign money goes into the Clinton’s pockets tax free and is untraceable to the original donor.

This is the textbook definition of money laundering. Now you know why Hillary’s destruction of 30,000 e-mails was a risk she was willing to take.

The Clintons could be back in the White House in January, 2017 unless people are informed. So inform and educate them.

(More below)

14 posted on 04/17/2016 5:55:13 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: All

The NYT report WRT the sell-off of strategic US uranium assets noted that the uranium investors also donated to the Clinton Foundation, as follows:

<><> Canadian Frank Giustra—globe-trotting pal of Bill-—donated $31.3 million and a pledge for $100 million more to the Clinton Foundation. Giustra built a company that later merged with Uranium One. Seems to have facilitated the uranium sell-off.

<><> Canadian Ian Telfer—donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. Mining investor who was chairman of Uranium One when an arm of the Russian government, Rosatom, acquired it.

<><>Paul Reynolds—donated $1 million to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation Adviser on 2007 UrAsia-Uranium One merger. Later helped raise $260 million for the company.

<><>Frank Holmes-—donated $250,000 to $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Chief Executive of U.S. Global Investors Inc., which held $4.7 million in Uranium One shares in the first quarter of 2011.

<><> Canadian Neil Woodyer-—Founded Endeavour Mining with Giustra—donated $50,000 to $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Adviser to Uranium One.

<><> GMP Securities Ltd.-—Donating portion of profits to the Clinton Foundation. Worked on debt issue that raised $260 million for Uranium One. (could also be the money-laundering apparat)


The NY Times reported the "Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership" collected about $33 million US tax dollars from Hillary's State Dept between 2008 and 2013.....$25 million of which was passed back across the border to the US-based Clinton Foundation.

Giustra then pledged $100 million to the Foundation after Clinton helped him clinch the mega-bucks uranium deal.

ITEM---millions of dollars and 1,100 donors are shrouded in mystery in the Canadian Giustra/Clinton operation. The Clinton Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Obama White House agreeing to reveal its contributors every year. The agreement stipulates that the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (as the charity was then-known) is part of the Clinton Foundation and must follow the same protocols.

SURPRISE: It hasnt.

Caught w/ his pants down, Giustra/s backtracking like crazy---saying Canadas federal privacy law forbids the Canadian-registered Clinton charity, from revealing its donors.

A memo he provided news organs cites fiduciary obligations to its contributors and Canada’s Personal Information Privacy and Electronic Disclosure Act. “We are not allowed to disclose even to the Clinton Foundation the names of our donors,” Giustra says.

However, Canadian tax and privacy law experts were dubious of the Clinton/Giustra claims. A former director knowledgeable about tax policy at Canada's Department of Finance, said he wasnt aware of any tax laws that would prevent the Clinton charity from releasing its donor names. "There's nothing that would preclude them from releasing donor names. It's entirely up to them. "


15 posted on 04/17/2016 5:56:43 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: All
Hillary and Frank Giustra, left.

Hes a mining mogul......he facilitated the takeover of US uranium assets.... he received tax dollars from Hillary's State Dept.

Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra is one of the Clinton Foundation’s largest donors. Giustra's $100 million contributions go directly:

<><> (1) to the tax-exempt Clinton Foundation, and,

<><> (2) to the Canada-based "Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership."

The "Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership" in turn sends money to the Clinton Foundation...(according to Canadian tax records researched by "Clinton Cash" author Schweizer).

DATA Sources: Clinton Foundation, CGEP (Canada);
Canadian tax records; compiled by Alberto Cuadra and
Rosalind Helderman May 3 at 8:11 PM



As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

At the time, both Rosatom and the United States government made promises intended to ease concerns about ceding control of company assets to the Russians. Those promises have been repeatedly broken, records show. (hat tip amorphous)

16 posted on 04/17/2016 5:57:30 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: Liz


17 posted on 04/17/2016 6:33:30 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (When The Ballot No Longer Counts, The Ammo Box Does! What's In Your Ammo Box?(US Conservative)!)
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To: Liz

At this point, the blindness seems clearly willful.

18 posted on 04/17/2016 6:39:26 AM PDT by lepton ("It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into"--Jonathan Swift)
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