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A Brief Guide to Civil Disobedience with Guns (FReeper Gun Club Final)
Self/Vanity | 1/1/2017 | Red Fox

Posted on 01/01/2017 7:05:06 PM PST by

Suggestions on how to legally and peacefully protest with firearms.

WHY Participate in Civil Disobedience with Guns?

Was there a point during the Obama administration that you felt threatened and powerless? Were you convinced the government was sincerely committed to securing your constitutional rights and ensuring law and order? Were you certain that your military and law enforcement were being allowed to keep you safe from invaders, jihadists and revolutionaries? Were you confident your objection to Obama's fundamental transformation was being heard when you voted in 2010, 2014?

The Obama administration was a soft tyranny, a silent communist insurgency that nurtured a racial crisis, a law enforcement crisis, a military crisis, a currency crisis, a housing crisis, a healthcare crisis, an immigration crisis, a cultural crisis, a lingual crisis, a viral crisis, a job crisis, a welfare crisis, a crime crisis, a gang crisis and a terrorism crisis. The Commander in Chief denounced the Constitution as inconvenient, fundamentally flawed and vowed to fundamentally transform the country. He obliterated the balance of powers through intimidation and centralized facet after facet of our economy through questionable if not outright illegitimate means enacting subversive regulations through excessive use of executive orders and encouraged descent and division in our society. The legislative branch was doing nothing to stop the abuse of power or remove those from office who had put their agenda before their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. The military was unequipped and inexperienced in taking action despite the oaths that they had taken.

The legal crisis created by Barack Obama cascaded through the barriers of government protection all the way down to the individual citizen. With the help of the liberal media they were making consistent progress toward criminalizing free speech and outlawing guns and ammunition. It was painfully clear that their agenda was the disarmament and invasion of America. The threat of violent conflict from either alien criminals, gangs, terrorists, mobs or even gun confiscation squads was becoming more of a reality with every day. The individual citizens were the last line of defense, the last ones who could defy Barack Obama and defend the American way of life. But what could be done as we watched every method of maintaining a civil society nullified by a rogue president? The overwhelming opposition we elected in 2010 and 2014 proved powerless in reversing the destructive transformation of our country. If ever there was a time to bring guns to the table, this was it.

In the event you find yourself with no representation and no defense in the government, it becomes your personal responsibility to represent and defend yourself.

WHAT is Your Goal in Civil Disobedience?

In the absence of the security normally provided by law and order, your goal in the opening stages of resistance is to Serve Notice to an increasingly unfaithful government of your determination to defend your natural rights and way of life by Preparing to Prevent Violence.

Serve Notice

Display your defense training ONLINE. Commit to visit your shooting range once a month. Take pictures and videos and post results on an online forum in an organized, disciplined manner as an act of civil disobedience and a method of deterrence. (The purpose for using the internet as opposed to a public display will be discussed below.)


Purchase weapons, survival supplies and food storage. Train in gun safety and marksmanship frequently and begin organizing with friends, relatives and neighbors to develop plans and procedures to identify and secure strategically valuable assets in your neighborhood and region until appropriate law enforcement arrives.

No, you can not count on your government or relief organizations to rescue you in a catastrophe. But in all your prepping you must look to increase your numbers. Stand alone and small prepper groups will be outnumbered and easily annihilated by federal forces. Once you've accepted the responsibility to prepare individually for yourself and your family, would you consider taking responsibility to prepare your neighborhood as well? Your strength is in your numbers.


One of the few things keeping this leftist administration from assuming complete authoritarian control in America is the presence of armed citizens who are determined to defend themselves with terminal intention; a kind of civilian version of the mutually assured destruction doctrine. Without divulging too much of your identity, location or capabilities, prepping openly online and over the phone simultaneously serves as a preventative. Overwhelm government surveillance by creating a situation that is unmanageable, something so large and widespread across the country that any efforts to suppress or control will be made ineffective.

The display of arms is a method of deterrence in the MAD doctrine. Weapons are not developed just to keep them secret. Deterrence is only effective when weapons tests are conducted for everyone to see. Engage massive numbers of lawful gun owners in a frequent display of force and unity against tyranny and violence. An observable, training and coordinating armed population will deter revolutionary forces simply by making it's presence known. Increase your effectiveness by standing together. Make your own declaration as a community: We are arming, training and organizing and we will not go quietly.

HOW will the Protests be Carried Out?

The methods of civil disobedience with guns will be carried out by legally exercising your natural rights of 1. Self Expression and 2. Self Preservation, or in other words, putting your constitutional rights of 1. Freedom of Speech and to 2. Bear Arms to use.

Freedom of Speech

The pen is mightier than the sword. It is not guns, but words that are our most powerful weapons. When someone is trying to get away with something illegal and you tell them you know what they're doing, you put doubt in their mind and take away their advantage. They know they've been discovered and are forced to retreat and change plans. This is the power of words as weapons. Negotiating to prevent a conflict is preferable to recovering from a revolution. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a deluge of photos, videos and traceable chatter of armed, law abiding civilians uniting to defend themselves will cause the administration to rethink what they're doing. Simultaneously you will become ready for the worst.

Bearing Arms

Buy guns and ammunition, knives, tasers, mace, etc. Learn how to service, fire and handle them safely. Take self defense courses. Earn a license to carry a concealed weapon and learn where that license is not honored. Make a habit of transporting a firearm by keeping a gun in your car unloaded, locked and stored in a compartment that is out of reach. Become accustomed to operating with awareness techniques at all times such as peripheral vision, foot balance, being mindful of your surroundings, watching how your hands interact with your environment, and observing the body language of people around you. When dealing with an agitated person, learn not to react to words but instead react to energy.

WHERE will the Demonstrations Take Place?

The Display of Arms Will Take Place 1. On the Internet in an Online Gun Club and organization 2. In Your Neighborhoods.

Online Gun Club

A club is a group of enthusiasts who meet regularly to express ideas and exercise skills. WARNING! This kind of protest can not be performed in the traditional manner. You do not want to parade your weapons and used targets in front of the state capital. Under the conditions described above where the government and popular culture create a false narrative about guns and defense advocates, a public exhibit like this will be misconstrued as a threat and would result in your arrest. The internet is the safest place to provide proof of defense training in a controlled, organized way without threatening anybody.

Commit to visit your local shooting range once a month and upload pictures or videos of your target practice noting the date, distance and general weapon type used. It is important to implement rules for participation in order to protect people from unnecessarily endangering themselves or putting the gun message at risk. For example:

Do not post jokes.

Do not post photos of yourself making faces or wearing costumes.

Don't horseplay with guns.

Contributing proof that gun owners have training, discipline and self restraint on the internet goes a long way in advocating second amendment rights.

Do not publish personal information such as last names, email addresses, phone numbers, serial numbers, license plates, home addresses, etc. Use private email to arrange meetings with other members. Posting first name and general location is acceptable.

Do not use targets that could be perceived by viewers as a threat to a living person or group.

Do not use photos older than one month. Please try to date stamp for the record.

Guns are for defense only. Civilians do not take law into their own hands. A deadly weapon may only be used to prevent the loss of life, liberty or property or for the purposes of target practice or hunting.

Once you have other people contributing positively on the forum you can present it as a formal petition to your appropriate representatives. This is a peaceful, legal and easily accessible way to protest which can be done either anonymously or overtly.

Your Neighborhood

Preparing only for yourself and your family is not enough for you to survive what the left has in store for America. They are executing a fundamental, national/global transformation that will not simply blow over in a few days or weeks. They have been planning for the long term and for keeps.

If you're really serious you can arrange to meet and target practice with other participants from the forum in your area. You can ask your neighbors if they would like to come to the shooting range with you. This is a harmless question that will help you sort the goodies from the baddies; the ones who do or don't support defense rights, who are revolution compliant or the ones who will be reliable in a crisis. Talk with the good ones about alternative forms of communication and other steps you can take to secure your neighborhood during a possible attack or other emergencies until local authorities can arrive. Get body cams, dash cams, home surveillance systems and YouTube accounts so you can upload any confrontations to the internet to be viewed by the public.

Investigate if there is a citizen volunteer group, mutual aid team, explorer scout, neighborhood watch or civilian patrol program in your area you can join. If there aren't any, consider starting one. Meet with your local sheriffs and police officers and discuss posse comitatus and conscription with them. Speak with your cops or servicemen about what they plan to do if pressured by their superiors to act against the people who are under their care in the community.

Identify the weak points in your region (lakes, dams, cell towers, power lines, bridges, bottlenecks) that could be exploited by hostiles and develop plans to secure those areas as a community if the police and national guard aren't able to. If you are near a food producer like a farmer or rancher, volunteer to help guard their crops or livestock. These things will not naturally click into place after an emergency is underway. You've got to take the initiative beforehand. Look past your own needs and consider what it will take to fortify your neighborhood against the left's attempts at revolution.

WHO will Participate?

1. Lawful Citizens. Anybody who is willing to contribute positively including criticism and corrective advise is invited to help. Alternatively, anyone who puts the armed defense message at risk by portraying gun owners as dangerous, reckless, untrustworthy or promotes offensive attack must be addressed or unwelcomed as required.

WHEN will You Demonstrate?

1. On the First of Every Month Until the Threat has been Removed. Contributors can upload their work to the post at any time during that month.


Legality - There will be those who say these methods are now or will be criminally actionable in the future. It is not illegal to plan for emergencies or share pictures of target practice. It is not illegal to peacefully petition the government and express your resolve to use force to stop violence against yourself. The right to freedom of speech and bear arms are guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. The Display of Arms and Bearers Online is a Defense Only program threatening no one. We do not target anyone or allow members to encourage or take offensive action. As for the future, these means are to prevent the loss of these liberties. Failing to act may guarantee forfeiture.

Surveillance - You will encounter those who will deter you and others from taking action saying the government can track you through surveillance of the internet who will then arrest, prosecute and confiscate. This is only a cheap excuse to do nothing. The government can already track you through the form 4473s you personally hand wrote and volunteered at the gun dealer and through phone and traffic surveillance.

Where is it written that the right to keep and bear arms can only be maintained by keeping those weapons secret? If you live in fear of being spied on or think it's a strategic disadvantage to allow yourself to be seen on the net with a gun, you're overlooking one of the most important tactics in avoiding violence: negotiation. The internet is a communications battlefield you can use to dispute ideas with language and imagery as a way of negotiating an outcome rather than resorting to physical force. But if you disregard the web as a viable field of operation because it has a reputation of being unserious or trivial or can be used for intelligence gathering, you will miss the opportunity to exert first amendment rights and prevent the enemy from appearing at your front door. By scaring people away from proving their ability and intention to defend themselves you are relinquishing territory and resources (speech) to the enemy. Forgoing the exercise of communication, you are guaranteeing the exercise of weapons. The only reason to hide your guns is because you're not going to use them when the goons come. The only reason to not organize with others is because you're not going to defend each other when sht hits the fan. If this is your attitude then you've contributed to the death of the Republic.

Infiltration - There will be those who will condemn using the internet to organize and meet with others because of the possibility of a member having a hidden, malicious agenda. While this is conceivable, it is not reason enough to remain isolated and compartmentalized. The seditious operatives in our country want you to feel powerless and alone because if it's just you, you're not that much of a threat. By using your senses and instincts, by consistently asking all of your acquaintances questions, you will find who is not being truthful.

Secrecy - There will be those who think in the face of a growing threat that assertiveness or confrontiveness invites even more aggression and believe assuming a low profile is the way to survive. There will be those who will jump to the conclusion that they are already in an open war despite no declarations being made, no battle lines drawn, no shots being fired, no organized or widespread violence breaking out. These civilians will discourage anything other than absolute secrecy, hiding in the shadows from brazen federal fascists and religious extremists residing and intimidating them in their own country. If we can't assemble openly because of fear, if we can't upload pictures of firearms because of fear, if we can't practice shooting together because of fear then we have lost this country.

Messaging and Imaging - There will be those who have only mockery, slander, suspicion, paranoia, hostility, scorn and contempt to contribute without any concern for how they will be viewed by others visiting the web site and they will have to be addressed with firmness and maturity. You've got to control the reputation seen by the public by enforcing rules. If there is widespread dysfunction, accept the responsibility to change the culture by making yourself an example of a calm, objective, outspoken and level headed individual.

Detractors - There will be natural doubters who overlook the simplicity of your message because you failed to present impressive credentials or a reputation. There will be those who will try to discredit you by accusing you of bragging or self promotion. If you can brag without lying, then brag. Never make a cause about yourself. Keep the focus locked on intolerance of violence and infringement of liberty. There will be those who ask absurd questions just to watch you struggle answering them while they could care less what it's about in the first place. Instead of beating yourself to death trying to explain things, respond with a question. Ask them pointed questions like drawing dots and allow them to connect the dots themselves. This helps you direct the conversation and lets them own the conclusion if they arrive at one.

Changing Realities - Civil disobedience could very quickly turn into something other than expected. Commit to follow through to completion regardless of participation or results because you are right to be heard and to defend yourself. You didn't come here to fight. You came here to stop a fight. If you find yourself in a face to face confrontation with the president you will have to place him under citizen's arrest for crimes against the constitution. If people turn on you, refuse to cooperate or even sabotage you, turn the protest into something different like a social experiment. Don't take rejection personally, it's just an experiment.

Loss and Death - If you are determined to defend yourself to the death, you will have to come to terms with the possibility of losing all you have, being incarcerated or even killed. Visualize it: Roger from Colorado. 1983 - 2016. Execution by drowning at Aurora internment facility. Final words: "We will be waiting for our oppressors and executioners in the next world." or, Killed while resisting arrest for possession of a firearm.

Yes, you put yourself and everything you love at risk when you stick your neck out and stand up to hostiles. But don't you realize you're already at risk? At what point will you discover by not standing up to defend your dignity you are guaranteeing a living death for yourself and your family under the control of monsters? Just what is it you've got that's so valuable to you that others can so easily leverage you to your knees? From a man who's lost everything to the socioeconomic flaws generated by the communist infiltration of America: my car, my job, my home, my possessions, my family, my education and the opportunity to pursuit my talents and dreams, maybe being separated from everything you love and have been taught is what it really takes to become an effective fighter.

This is not a violent militia, an insurrection or anti-government movement. This is an anti-fascist movement. The only method and goal are the affirmation of the foundational American message of independence and sovereignty, the defense of natural, civil, unalienable, human rights. Independence does not need a leader. There is implicate order when freedom is founded on divine nature. That order exists synchronously in the DNA of all people. The message already exists clearly in nature and answers to no man. It only needs champions to stand up and fight for it. The message is nature: self expression, self defense, live and let live, kill or be killed - in that order. Independence is a stand alone complex, a phantom cell, a decentralized, leaderless resistance to codependent, abusive fascism. Your independence is the greatest threat to an abusive government. Prepare, Network, Train, Resist!

KEYWORDS: banglist; civil; disobedience; gun; obama; opus; shtf; tyranny

"In cases such as these I'd like a hand. Don't wake me up without a master plan. With sight and sound becoming fragile, don't you understand when things that once were beautiful are bland?"

"In truth there is no better place to be than falling out of darkness still to see. Without a premonition could you tell me where we stand? I'd hate to lose this light before we land."

"Before we let euphoria convince us we are free, remind us how we used to feel before when life was real. And when I feel like I can feel once again let me stay awhile, soak it in awhile. If we can hold on we can fix what is wrong, buy a little time for this head of mine. Haven for us." - The Light Before We Land performed by The Delgados


1 posted on 01/01/2017 7:05:06 PM PST by
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Post pictures of yourself and your weapons on the internet.
Parade around in public with guns as a “protest.”

Two extraordinarily bad ideas.

2 posted on 01/01/2017 7:37:20 PM PST by BenLurkin (The above is not a statement of fact. It is either satire or opinion. Or both.)
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3 posted on 01/01/2017 7:50:35 PM PST by TigersEye (Congratulations, President Donald J. Trump! - Let's MAGA!!!)
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Each 1" circle has 10 shots in it from a 100 yards. The rifle is a custom-built Thompson Encore single-shot in .223 caliber. All rounds are custom hand-loaded utilizing 50 grain Nosler BallisticTips. Left side was shot first, with the last shot almost in the center. Readjusted to the 2nd target. Started out high, then to the right, then 7 of em almost all in the same hole. I use this rifle a lot on "varmints", especially coyotes. She's bad to the bone. Negan may have Lucille, but LJ has his version of "Ole Betsy"....LOL  photo P2110014.jpg
4 posted on 01/01/2017 7:55:35 PM PST by lgjhn23 (It's easy to be liberal when you're dumber than a box of rocks.)
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You’re the “Post Pictures of Your Guns” thread guy.

I have never liked the idea.

While we are heading into a gun-friendly administration, it still reeks of data-mining to me.

And your treatise, above, is no longer valid. There’s a new Sheriff in town.

5 posted on 01/01/2017 8:05:32 PM PST by Lazamataz (TRUMP LIED TO ME!!!! ....He said I'd get sick of winning.... AND I'M NOT SICK OF WINNING YET!!!!)
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To: BenLurkin
Smells like a government agent provocateur to me.
6 posted on 01/01/2017 8:09:19 PM PST by PAR35
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To: lgjhn23

One man with a rifle can alter the course of events.

7 posted on 01/01/2017 8:16:35 PM PST by Noumenon (Proud Irredeemable Deplorable, heavily armed Infidel. Islam delenda est.)
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what’s with the mini-me triggers on glocks and some others anyway?

8 posted on 01/01/2017 8:18:18 PM PST by 867V309 (Lock Her Up)
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To: PAR35

I don’t wanna go that far but his posts push me in your corner.

9 posted on 01/01/2017 8:46:45 PM PST by Lazamataz (TRUMP LIED TO ME!!!! ....He said I'd get sick of winning.... AND I'M NOT SICK OF WINNING YET!!!!)
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Too many words.

10 posted on 01/01/2017 9:39:21 PM PST by tumblindice (America's founding fathers, all armed conservatives)
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To: Noumenon
Yeah, but does a .223 really count as a "rifle?"
11 posted on 01/01/2017 9:53:52 PM PST by papertyger (The semantics define how we think.)
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To: BenLurkin

Where did it say “parade around in public with guns as a protest”?

Overall it seems pretty well thought out. Beats the hell out of the tired cliche of having “lost them all in a boating accident”.

12 posted on 01/01/2017 9:58:53 PM PST by Axenolith (Government blows, and that which governs least, blows least...)
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To: papertyger

Rounds on target are the only things that count.

13 posted on 01/01/2017 10:12:15 PM PST by Noumenon (Proud Irredeemable Deplorable, heavily armed Infidel. Islam delenda est.)
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To: Noumenon

Well ain’t you the grumpy Gus this evening :o/

MY tongue was firmly in my cheek ;o)

14 posted on 01/01/2017 10:17:35 PM PST by papertyger (The semantics define how we think.)
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To: Lazamataz
You’re the “Post Pictures of Your Guns” thread guy.

I'm guessing you won't like my "share your favorite explosives recipe" idea, huh?

15 posted on 01/01/2017 10:20:27 PM PST by papertyger (The semantics define how we think.)
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To:; All
Gun pron...


 photo SIGX-FIVEALLROUND1_zpsf7f8dc25.jpg


 photo P1060397R_zpsbfdpuztb.jpg


 photo P1010362_zpsnklljbgs.jpg


 photo MSD - 07-18-09 - 2_zpsoglfaora.jpg


 photo P1000575_zpstceditga.jpg


 photo image_zpstf3h00uf.jpeg


16 posted on 01/01/2017 10:49:08 PM PST by Cobra64 (Common sense isn't common any more.)
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 photo Rossi Pic 1_zps6txg2ryp.jpg

 photo 20161207_144540_zps8i0rwvhx.jpg

17 posted on 01/01/2017 11:15:26 PM PST by 2111USMC (Aim Small Miss Small)
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To: papertyger

It does if you a bullet from it.

18 posted on 01/02/2017 4:25:53 AM PST by riverrunner
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To: BenLurkin

Some people are very willing to ride in the back of the bus.

Others are more proactive.

Just posting on this thread has put you on a list.

19 posted on 01/02/2017 4:28:30 AM PST by riverrunner
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Two little words to add:

Ghost Gunner.

20 posted on 01/07/2017 12:26:23 PM PST by Laser_Ray
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