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One of the Most Gigantic Political Scandals of Our Lifetime
Rush ^ | February 13, 2018 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 02/13/2018 2:08:41 PM PST by Kaslin

RUSH: One year ago on this program I offered up opinions/feelings about some of the stuff going on. At the time, one year ago, Michael Flynn was the big thing. And now we’ve got the news that on the day that Trump was inaugurated, Susan Rice was frantically creating a paper trail — an email paper trail and an email paper trail timeline — designed to protect Obama. We find out from Byron York the FBI didn’t think Mike Flynn had done anything wrong!

Do you know that Comey testified to Congress that he didn’t think Mike Flynn had done anything wrong, didn’t think he had lied? And yet that investigation was pursued, and now we’ve got this indictment from Mueller where a plea deal and people say, “If he didn’t do it, then why did he settle?” ‘Cause they were driving him bankrupt! Flynn was broke. He was worried about the effect this was having on his family. But we’ve got on the Congressional Record that James Comey of the FBI told members of Congress on a committee that Flynn had not lied to anybody.

It takes us back to the actual FBI interview of Flynn anyway. It wasn’t set up as an interview. Flynn is the incoming national security adviser. That means there’s frequent contact with the FBI and the CIA. They called over to the White House and said they wanted to come talk to Flynn. Flynn said, “Okay, come on over.” He thinks it’s gonna be a consultation. Instead it turns out to be a full-fledged interview that he wasn’t aware of. But Byron York in the Washington Examiner has a really, really great piece today on all of this, and I just want to kick it off with my comments on this from one year ago almost to the day.

RUSH ARCHIVE: To show you just how lame the media is and how little they’ve got, they’re already asking, “What did Trump know and when did he know it?” and that’s not the question. The question is, what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it and what has he engineered here? This all happened with Flynn back in December. Trump had not even been inaugurated yet. And it’s still mysterious to me what really happened. Even if — even if — Flynn, as the incoming national security director, had called the Russian ambassador to talk, so what? That’s not hard to imagine. That’s not a big deal. It really isn’t a big deal.

RUSH: Not a big deal. It’d be standard operating procedure. We’re talking about the Russian ambassador here, and the new administration reaching out, familiarizing themselves with various representatives of other countries. It wasn’t just the Russians that Flynn was talking to. The Russian ambassador, remember, was being surveilled. Standard operating procedure. Also, we wiretap foreign officials. This guy’s phone call to Flynn therefore Flynn was unmasked. Susan Rice, hi! Flynn’s unmasked. It’s reported what he and Kislyak talked about, and, bammo!

Flynn is destroyed. Byron York, Washington Examiner: Flynn is destroyed. Byron York, Washington Examiner: “In March 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey briefed a number of Capitol Hill lawmakers on the Trump-Russia investigation. One topic of intense interest was the case of Michael Flynn, the Trump White House national security adviser who resigned under pressure on February 13 after just 24 days in the job. …

So in March, lawmakers wanted Comey to tell them what was up. “And what they heard from the director did not match what they were hearing in the media. According to two sources familiar with the meetings, Comey told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional. As a result, some of those in attendance came away with the impression…”

After hearing from Comey, these members of Congress “came away with the impression that Flynn would not be charged with a crime pertaining to the January 24 interview” with the FBI. “Nine months later, with Comey gone and special counsel Robert Mueller in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation, Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI in that January 24 questioning. What happened?

"With Flynn awaiting sentencing — that was recently delayed until at least May — some lawmakers are trying to figure out what occurred between the time Comey told Congress the FBI did not believe Flynn lied and the time, several months later, when Flynn pleaded guilty to just that. None of those congressional investigators has an answer; they’re baffled by the turn of events. But they know they find the Flynn case troubling, from start to finish.

“The questioning in that January 24 interview apparently revolved around the Flynn-Kislyak phone conversations,” but Flynn was not told he was in an investigation-type interview. “The first thing to remember is that it appears Flynn did nothing wrong in having those” conversations with the Russian ambassador. “As the incoming national security adviser, it was entirely reasonable that he” would be having such discussions.

As I pointed out, even “the Washington Post reported” more than a year ago “that the FBI had reviewed the” transcripts of those phone calls and found Flynn did nothing illegal. So what happened here? Why did he end up pleading guilty to one count? Why has the sentencing been delayed until May? According to Byron York, indeed it appears the FBI did not think Flynn had done anything wrong in the calls.

If you take the Flynn thing out of this, if Comey’s assessment and transcripts of the phone call show that Flynn did nothing wrong, does this investigation ever really get going? And I don’t think it does. I think… Folks, we are living in the midst of one of the most gigantic political scandals of our lifetime.


RUSH: Now, I want to reiterate. We’ve got two different sources — and one of them official. James Comey, at the time the director of the FBI, testifying on Capitol Hill to the various congressional committees that the FBI, in its January 24th interview with Michael Flynn, determined he did nothing wrong and did not lie. Comey told members of Congress this under oath. The Washington Post got hold of transcripts of the phone call between the Russian ambassador, Kislyak, and Flynn, and they read the transcripts.

And the Washington Post published independently of Comey’s testimony that Flynn didn’t say anything. He didn’t compromise national security, didn’t lie about anything, did not press, did not say a word about lifting sanctions. That’s been the undercurrent of this, that Flynn got on the phone with the Russians and promised them that once Trump was inaugurated, they’d get rid of Obama’s sanctions.

And they’ve lied about that, and they’ve put that out there, and there isn’t any evidence of it. Flynn said he did not say that, and Comey backed it up, said he didn’t lie. And the Washington Post transcript investigation said that Flynn didn’t do it. So yet despite that, the guy has had his life destroyed. Despite that, the guy has been rendered practically bankrupt because of this special counsel investigation and pleaded guilty just to end it, apparently.


RUSH: And I am well-known radio raconteur, Rush Limbaugh. And I’ve been doing this a long time, and I am telling you that we are in the midst of one of the biggest political scandals of our lifetimes here. Okay. So stay with me, folks. I’m unpacking all of this and leading to a crescendo today that has been provided by Victor Davis Hanson.

But first, back to Flynn, why plead guilty when Comey had told Congress that he had not lied. And the Washington Post examines transcripts of a phone call between Kislyak, the lunching Soviet ambassador, and Flynn, and found that Flynn didn’t break any laws and didn’t give up any secrets, didn’t do anything wrong, and they published that.

Yet Flynn remains target one in Mueller’s investigation and indeed pleads guilty after a year, ’cause he’s out of money. Supposedly his family is understandably shaken by all of this. Flynn’s been nothing but a super patriot his whole life. If Michael Flynn has characteristics that the Washington establishment don’t like, it’s that he’s a super patriot, and he was one of the first uniformed military personnel on board publicly at rallies with Donald Trump. He made himself an enemy.

He was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration, the military’s version of the CIA. He ran that. You won’t find a more loyal, patriotic American than Michael Flynn, and this guy is the numero uno target at the outset of this investigation for supposedly giving up secrets or making promises to undo Obama’s sanctions on Russia in a phone call to the Russian ambassador. None of it happened.

Well, there’s another figure in this. And guess who it is? According to this great piece by Byron York, it’s none other than Sally Yates, the disgraced former acting attorney general that Trump mistakenly didn’t get rid of after he was inaugurated. She’s an Obama holdover. She was the one who was working diligently in the Department of Justice to undermine Trump’s travel bans.

Well, it turns out she was fired for insubordination for failing to implement the directives of President Trump. Insubordination. But it was Sally Yates who advocated the theory that Michael Flynn had violated the Logan Act. Nobody has ever been charged under the Logan Act, and nobody has ever been prosecuted under the Logan Act. It’s an obscure, long-time-ago law that she dredged up. And all she had to do was call a couple of buddies in the media and plant the seed, “Yeah, he might have violated the Logan Act.”

That’s all it took, and here comes a never-ending Drive-By Media narrative, “Michael Flynn may have violated the Logan Act. This is something of great interest to the special counsel, Robert Mueller.” And off they were. Off to the races they were. And because he had violated the Logan Act, Sally Yates was saying that Flynn might be subject to blackmail by the Russians. But there was no lying to the FBI. None of this sticks.

So everybody’s asking, why would Flynn plead guilty to a single count when at the highest levels of this investigation he was proclaimed to have not lied. Well, maybe Flynn didn’t know that Comey had told Congress that he hadn’t lied. I doubt that anybody told Flynn. I doubt anybody told Flynn’s lawyers. Because in an investigation like this — the name Scooter Libby ring a bell? — in an investigation like this, somebody’s gonna get their head lopped off for something.

There is no such thing as a special counsel investigation where nobody did anything. If they have to make up a baseless, specious crime and charge somebody with it, somebody is gonna end up being the fall guy. And it looks like Michael Flynn was the fall guy, but he didn’t know it. Or maybe he did. Which takes us to the next phase of this and that is the discovery of emails that Susan Rice has been writing to herself on the day Trump was inaugurated. And these emails are designed to give plausible deniability to Barack Obama for having his hand in any of this.

Here is — it’s audio sound bite number 2 — Fox last night, Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty appeared with details, highlights of an email that Susan Rice, national security adviser, she’s the woman that made five TV appearances on Sunday shows in one day to spread the lie that it was a video that led to the terror attack in Benghazi. That’s who this is.

Susan Rice was sent out to lie for the Obama administration, for Hillary, went on five Sunday shows claiming that a video was responsible. It was one of the biggest lies in the Obama administration — and that’s saying something — but it was right up there in the top five. She emailed herself about a meeting that occurred. Here’s Senator Grahamnesty explaining this.

GRAHAM: I found an odd and disturbing email from Susan Rice. At 12:15 on January 20th, the day of the inauguration, she emails herself about a meeting that occurred on January the 5th. The president was being briefed by the intelligence community about Russian hacking in the 2016 election, and they had a follow-on brief meeting with Sally Yates, Jim Comey, herself, and Vice President Biden.

Sen. Graham details 'odd' Susan Rice email on Russia probe

RUSH: And here is Senator Grahamnesty explaining what Susan Rice’s email said.

GRAHAM: She quotes what the president said. “President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the Russian investigation is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement community by the book.” She’s sending herself an email talking about a conversation on January the 5th with the president reassuring herself and I guess the president that this would be done by the book. I think that’s odd and disturbing, because we know that the investigation regarding the Trump campaign was anything but by the book.

RUSH: You talk about transparent, there’s no doubt what this was. They had been doing something. They learned that it might be discoverable, whatever it was, so they write this memo, she writes this email to herself recounting on this January 5th meeting and Obama told everybody in that meeting, our illustrious and wonderful, brave president told everybody to be legal, to go by the book.

Why would he have to tell them that? Why weren’t they doing that as a matter of course? Why does Obama have to tell his staff to go by the book? You would think that would be standard operating, lawful, routine procedure, would you not? But the president, reassuring herself, I guess the president, this be done by the book.>

They obviously discovered something that they thought — see, folks, Hillary losing panicked ’em. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Hillary losing means that all of this, the Steele dossier, and there’s new information on the Steele dossier, new information on Steele and his ties to a guy who was a big oligarch, buddy of Putin. But, at any rate, that will come here in just a sec.

None of this was ever supposed to be known by any of us. If Hillary had won not a shred of this would be in the news. To the extent that they would have pursued a Russian investigation, it would have been to nail Trump and to tell any other outsiders don’t ever try this again; this is what’s gonna happen to you if you do. But we would know none of what we know if Hillary had won.

But she didn’t win. And so now everybody playing in the stacked deck on the Obama team now has to cover their rear ends, because there’s a special counsel out there looking at things. No matter how you stack the deck, things that you never expected to be uncovered are going to be uncovered.

And so Susan Rice is out there once again writing an email that, when discovered, will assure everybody that Obama wasn’t behind any of this. Why, looky here. He told his staff to go by the book. And again, I say, if you have to tell your staff to go by the book, it might mean that they normally don’t.

Two more bites before the break. Judge Napolitano, the human Eddie Munster was on Fox last night, and this is his interpretation.

NAPOLITANO: They must have learned something in the waning minutes of the Obama administration which made them worry that what we now know they were doing would be discovered. So in an effort to reconstruct history, she writes herself a memo. By the way, dear Susan Rice, don’t forget that Barack Obama said I want this done by the book, and he said it back on January 5th. Nobody would believe this. No rational jury —

RUSH: What do you mean, nobody would believe what? Nobody would believe this thing is real? Probably not. “But don’t forget that Barack Obama said I want this done by the book. He said it back on January 5th.” This is so obvious. The judge here must have been knowing what I was thinking before he went out there and made his appearance.

Something happened, something has turned up that they are worried now. ‘Cause remember, folks, this wall that has been built here, these boundaries are all about protecting Obama, and his new portrait. They’re all about that.

Now, here’s Marie Harf, Marie Harf of the Obama administration. She was on Fox this morning. She was over the State Department. She was a spokesperson at the administration over at the State Department. She’s now been hired by Fox. She’s got a Fox gig. Next up will be a book. In fact, she probably has a book too. For a lot of people, a book deal and a Fox gig is the pinnacle of their careers. Everything’s downhill after that. Dreams realized. So she has been hired over there at Fox, and she was talking to Sandra Smith, who’s one of the infobabes at Fox. Smith said, “This email that was written by Susan Rice on Inauguration Day, what does it tell you?”

HARF: It’s not unusual at all, I assure you, for administration officials to make memos for the file, memos for the record. It was the last day and she was making sure that everything was cataloged, everything was in order. She was probably cleaning out her office, I’m assuming. A lot of how you read this email I think is being determined by what people already think of Susan Rice. For those of us who worked with her who can trust her, who know her, this email looks totally normal.

RUSH: See, my friends, it is entirely normal to send yourself an email on your last day in the Obama administration where you recount a meeting two weeks prior where Obama told everybody, warned everybody, “Go by the book.” Perfectly normal! And if you worked administration you would know this, and she worked in the administration. Now, hang on. This is all part of an unpacking here today that gonna the end up with some conclusions of Victor Davis Hanson.

I really… I’m gonna be interested in your reaction too. I’ll just give you a little heads-up. He’s convinced… The way I’m reading it, anyway. He’s pretty sure that the Democrats are going to have to drop this investigation one way or the other because it’s not gonna end up anywhere near what they want (i.e., getting rid of Trump). He is convinced this thing is in the process of blowing up on them even now.


RUSH: I should add, by the way, my good buddy Andy McCarthy also wrote about all of this last December, because it wasn’t just Comey who thought that Flynn had not lied; it was Peter Strzok. And that was discovered with some of what we learned between Strzok and Page and all this. But the question — and I just asked this. The question is: Was Flynn told by anybody that Comey and the FBI did not think that he had lied? Remember, the Justice Department, per se, did not file charges against Flynn; Mueller did.

Now, I know that the special counsel’s in the DOJ. But the FBI did not, which is the normal procedure. The FBI does investigations and they seek or they recommend charges, but it’s the DOJ that has to file charges, and nobody pursued Flynn on this lie until Mueller gets going. Now, granted, it could well be that they ceded all responsibility for that to Mueller once it got going, and that could be the explanation for why they didn’t pursue. But the point is Comey and Peter Strzok both know that Flynn didn’t lie. Comey tells Congress that.

So the question is, “Was Flynn told — were Flynn’s lawyers told — that the people that interviewed him did not think he lied?” You would think that if he had been told that, he might not have accepted a plea. If he had been told by that Comey had testified to Congress and that Peter Strzok thought he had not lied, that might have emboldened him a bit. It might have given him some confidence to resist.

And had his lawyer known that, the lawyer could have said to Mueller, “What do you mean, charging my client here? The director of the FBI told Congress that my client didn’t lie!” This is a huge question, if you ask me. And if Flynn was told and if his lawyer was told that the FBI didn’t think he lied, then the obvious thing there is that they thought Mueller would not stop regardless. Mueller has no limits. Mueller has not even been given a crime to investigate.

Mueller can go manufacture crimes if he wants. He can try to manufacture crimes. He can keep going until somebody commits one. There’s also… Andy has a column coming later today about the judge in the Mueller case and other aspects. The judge who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea was Rudolph Contreras, and just days after taking Flynn’s guilty plea, Judge Contreras recused himself from the case and the press has been remarkably incurious about why.


RUSH: Now, by the way, it was Peter Strzok who interviewed Flynn. He was the agent who interviewed Flynn who later agreed with Comey that Flynn had not lied!


RUSH: To review very quickly, we have learned today that James Comey told members of Congress under oath while testifying that Michael Flynn had not lied in his interview with the FBI. That interview was conducted by Peter Strzok, who also said publicly that he didn’t think Flynn had lied. The Washington Post reviewed transcripts of the phone call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador, who was being surveilled by U.S. intelligence. That’s how Flynn’s part in it was learned.

And the Washington Post — which wants somebody in the Trump regime to go to jail — said they looked at the transcript, and they didn’t think Flynn did anything illegal in that phone call. And yet Flynn was pursued ’til the end of the earth by Robert Mueller until he pled guilty to one count of misleading the agents. So the question: Did Flynn know that Comey had told Congress that Comey didn’t think Flynn had lied? Did Flynn know that the FBI agent who had interviewed him did not think he lied?

Was Flynn’s lawyer told any of this? You have to think that if Flynn knew that the FBI director and the agent who interviewed him both thought he had not lied, it might have encouraged him to hang in during this investigation by Mueller. That we don’t know. We’ve also uncovered… Well, we’ve learned of the uncovering of an email Susan Rice wrote to herself on Trump’s inauguration day claiming that Obama told his staff back on January 5th (impression), “Do everything in this investigation by book! Do everything by the book, gang, everything by the book.”

Very odd.

We all know that much of this has been done to cover whatever Hillary and Obama — and primarily Obama, frankly — did to sabotage the Trump campaign. We know that that happened. We know that Hillary was in on it and we know that Obama had to be in on it, and all of this pursuing Trump has really been designed to make sure nobody found out where all of this was actually happening. It wasn’t from the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. It was the Hillary campaign with the full knowledge of the Obama administration.

Now, one thing I want to add here is… I mentioned to you that Andy McCarthy has a column going up at National Review sometime soon. I, of course — as a powerful, influential member of the media — get advance copies of practically everything, sometimes without even asking for it. Andy’s column deals with the aspects of Flynn and whether or not Flynn knew that everybody at the FBI (chuckles) thought he was innocent. But then there’s this: The curious Michael Flynn guilty plea. The judge that handled this case that accepted Flynn’s plea was a judge by the name of Contreras, and he removed himself from the case shortly after the plea.

The bottom line here is this: A judge by the name of Sullivan replaced Judge Contreras. Judge Contreras, after Flynn’s guilty plea was recorded, leaves the case. The judge replacing Contreras, Judge Sullivan, immediately filed an order directing that Mueller turn over to Flynn any information in Mueller’s possession indicating that Flynn is not guilty. So it looks like Flynn did not know. It looks like it had been kept from Flynn that the FBI thought he was innocent. Flynn didn’t know or Flynn’s lawyer, because the judge replacing Contreras filed an order directing that Mueller (the special counsel) turn over to Flynn any information in the special counsel’s files indicating Flynn was not guilty.

Well, all they had there was Comey and the investigating agent, Strzok! Both of them had said Flynn was not guilty. Obviously, Flynn didn’t know. (sigh) It’s not obvious. I shouldn’t say that. We don’t really know. But my gosh, if the judge issues this order… We can’t say for sure what Flynn knew before he pleaded guilty. We don’t know now whether he has grounds to seek to vacate the plea. But this is smoldering interesting. Now, Judge Joe diGenova, who is the husband of the lawyer Victoria Toensing…

Do they buy some time on Fox every night? I mean, they’re on Fox every night now. Are they…? I’m just joshing. Just joshing out there. Anyway, Joe diGenova does not think that the original judge that accepted Flynn’s plea, Contreras, removed himself. DiGenova thinks that that judge was removed, that other judges on the court may have pushed for his removal. Because the press hasn’t covered this, we have no idea. The press isn’t curious about any of this. Zilch, zero, nada. Okay.

That’s the latest on Flynn.


RUSH: Durango, Colorado. This is John. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Just fine, sir. Appreciate that. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I need to apologize. I’m on the tail end of a cold, so I’m gonna sound a little stuffed up today.

RUSH: I always think people with a cold sound wonderful on the phone or on a microphone. I know my voice is always deeper when I have a cold. You actually sound very professional. You sound very good.

CALLER: Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about the Susan Rice email to herself.

RUSH: Right, yeah.

CALLER: And I wanted to remind everybody, remember the FISA warrant, the first FISA warrant was issued on October 16th of 2016 about a few weeks before the election —

RUSH: I don’t mean to be overly — but the first FISA warrant in April was rejected, and that’s —


RUSH: — important to remember. The first one that was accepted is October, you’re right. Yeah.

CALLER: Right. And I’d love to see that first one. And eventually I think we’ll see ’em all. But, so the first one was issued October 16th, and then it was renewed 90 days later, right before she wrote that email to herself. And I think, since clearly it’s a CYA email, I think they were CYAing the first renewal warrant, which was just a few days before she wrote her email. And I think because Hillary lost, obviously, the first warrant had been issued and was being acted on, then they renewed it right before the inauguration. I think they just were worried that it was gonna come down on them, and so she wrote the email —

RUSH: Wait, wait. Worried that what was gonna come down on ’em?

CALLER: Well, the whole FISA process and the fact that they had obtained those warrants without proper evidence. I mean, why did the FBI never ask Steele who his sources were? Why did they never ask Isikoff where he got his information? The FBI was just flying blind on purpose. And so they were all in on it, and Susan Rice just decided to write that email.

RUSH: Well, look, you’re on to something here. It’s not that they didn’t ask Steele who his sources were; they didn’t seek to corroborate what Steele told them. They didn’t ask to speak to his sources. And in their FISA applications, John, in their applications, they say that they rely totally on the reputation of Steele because of the —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — good work that he’s done with them on prior occasions. Even though he’s out lying to the media, he’s lying to them about talking to the media, they continued to say that our basis for the warrant is that we trust this guy Steele. They didn’t corroborate, didn’t even try to talk to any of his sources.

CALLER: I know. I know. Just absurd. Another point on FISA. Where is John Roberts? You know, he’s the chief judge of the Supreme Court. He oversees the FISA court. Why isn’t John Roberts going ballistic and wanting to know what the heck’s going on in that court?

RUSH: Well, he may be, but if that happened, we’re not gonna see that.

CALLER: I know. I know. Hey, have you ever heard of this person named QAnon? I never hear you mention it on your radio show.

RUSH: Have I heard of a person named QAnon?

CALLER: Yeah, he works the 4chan and 8chan. It’s an anonymous person, and I think it’s General Flynn, to be quite honest. Do a Google search on QAnon, it’s amazing, Rush, what’s going on in the dark web. Military intelligence is coming out. QAnon is a —

RUSH: I know what 4chan is. I know what 4chan is. Yeah, you’ve gotta be careful of this stuff. I cannot imagine Flynn would be doing anything right now given that he’s facing his sentencing in May or his imprisonment in May. We’ll see. Anyway, thanks much.


RUSH: I want to expand a little bit on our previous caller. His theory on the FISA warrant application, October 16th, it gets renewed every 90 days. So the renewal would have been January 16th, which is five days before the inauguration of Trump. And that’s the day, Inauguration Day is when Susan Rice is writing the email to herself recounting a meeting that Obama had with the outgoing staff, reminding them that they’ve always done everything by the book and they’re gonna continue to do everything by the book.

To which the obvious question, why do you have to tell everybody to go by the book? If that isn’t standard operating procedure, why do you have to remind people, “Now, remember, we’re gonna follow the law here,” as though sometimes they don’t?

Now, in this email, slash, memo, this Rice babe wrote, “From a national security perspective, however, President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”

That’s the end of her quote from her email. “From a national security perspective, however, President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”

Now, bear in mind that Sally Yates, the holdover backup attorney general Trump did not get rid of and who was thwarting his travel order executive memos, Sally Yates testified that she and others sent their evidence of Russian collusion to 17 other intelligence agencies.

Do you remember this? Obama decided that this intel on Russia was so bad that he shared it with the intelligence units and agencies of 17 — well, maybe not 17 other countries, because some countries have more than one intel agency like we do. But there were a number of countries involved, 17 or something like that intelligence agencies that got everything we dredged up on the Russia investigation, which was fake!

There wasn’t anything. That’s how they spread it worldwide. And Sally Yates testified that she and others sent their evidence of Russian collusion to these other intel agencies, including some foreign agencies. So my question is, was Susan Rice covering her rear end about doing that too? This was not by the book. Whatever this is, it is not by the book. To share our intel on how Russia tampered in our election with 17 other intelligence agencies? They’re sending evidence of Trump collusion all over the world. There wasn’t any!

Meanwhile, she’s writing a memo that Obama’s telling everybody as they’re outgoing, “We’re gonna follow the book. We’re gonna go by the book.” And Rice wrote that memo at the exact time Sally Yates was sending all that evidence around. The days go by and we learn more and more about what actually has gone on here. And the American people seem to be getting wise as it continues to unfold.


RUSH: Here’s Carl in Kingwood, Texas. How are you doing, Carl? Great to have you with us.

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: My question is, Rush, I think one way to hasten the collapse of this Mueller investigation is for Congress, Grahamnesty and Grassley, to refer Comey for perjury and then refer Brennan for perjury. They have evidence that they committed perjury in front of Congress. And just don’t wait on Trump’s approval to continue to go up. What do you think?

RUSH: Well, don’t misunderstand. I don’t think that Grassley and Nunes and these guys are waiting for approval numbers on anything. Those numbers are relevant for how the Democrats and Mueller and all are going to deal with their investigation. That’s all those numbers mean. They don’t have nothing to do with Grassley or these Republican investigative committees. I don’t… Look, I don’t know enough to know if Comey were to be ever indicted for perjury, what would have to happen to lead up to that. (sigh) That’s the swamp going after the swamp.

I just don’t see it. But I could be… I understand your thinking on it. We’ve got people lying under oath, apparently, and you and I wouldn’t get away with that. We’d go to jail. Martha Stewart went to jail. Flynn — even though he didn’t lie — now, is going to jail. You and I most certainly would. But look, what was the…? (sigh) Oh, I just have it off the tip of my tongue. There’s example after example on this where no action is taken. They circle the wagons to protect each other.

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1 posted on 02/13/2018 2:08:41 PM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

And Sessions if he does anything, it will be to cover for the FBI and DOJ.

2 posted on 02/13/2018 2:13:06 PM PST by heights
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To: Kaslin

It is the biggest scandal ever. We just need to see orders from Hussein Obama to finish off the outline

Only a community organizer dumbA§§ would have tried something like this

3 posted on 02/13/2018 2:19:18 PM PST by politicianslie (Lying to Americans is easy-Presstitutes repeat what they are told to say !and they say it 24/7)
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To: heights
Maybe Sessions should have done something about the FBI and DOJ as soon as Donald Trump announced that he is running for president


4 posted on 02/13/2018 2:21:07 PM PST by Kaslin (Politicians are not born; they are excreted -Civilibus nati sunt; sunt excernitur. (Cicero)
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To: politicianslie

It is indeed the biggest scandal ever and I just hope to live long enough to see that arrogant pos occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave sentenced to Leavenworth prison

5 posted on 02/13/2018 2:25:03 PM PST by Kaslin (Politicians are not born; they are excreted -Civilibus nati sunt; sunt excernitur. (Cicero)
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To: Kaslin

Ms Harf looks like she belongs in an adult film like “the Randy Librarian” or something.

6 posted on 02/13/2018 2:29:59 PM PST by Bonemaker (invictus maneo)
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To: All
Susan Rice's email to herself 15 days after this "supposed" meeting claims “President Obama began by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the Russian investigation is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement community by the book.”

Her email is odd and disturbing, because we know that the investigation regarding the Trump campaign was anything but by the book.....and b/c Rice wrote the email on Trump' s Inauguration Day....when she was out of the WH, out of govt, and appears to be scared silly that all their dirty work is about to be uncovered.

7 posted on 02/13/2018 2:33:17 PM PST by Liz (Our side has 8 Trillion bullets; the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use.)
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To: Bonemaker; vette6387; Liz; SkyPilot; unkus; Tilted Irish Kilt; sheik yerbouty; mazda77; bevperl; ...

Note that all these Liberal goons are always grinning like the morons they truly are.

Liberals on Tucker Carlson’s show, Hannity’s show, Pirro’s show, etc. are all grinning no matter how serious the topic is. They all have feces-eating grins like they think they’re smarter and one step ahead of all of us. God willing, Trump and the Deplorables will get the last laugh when they’re in prison.

Comments anyone?

8 posted on 02/13/2018 2:36:40 PM PST by ExTexasRedhead
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To: Kaslin

Which is the biggest political scandal of all time?

1. - Republicans and democrats allowing Barack Obama to be sworn in and serve as president without providing any authentic documentation
to confirm his constitutional eligibility to serve as president. (Nancy Pelosi falsely certified in writing that he had proven his constitutional eligibility)

2. - The rigging of the 2016 democrat primary elections to guarantee that Hillary Clinton would be the winning candidate.

3. - The subsequent attempt by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and other federal agencies
to rig the 2016 general election for Hillary Clinton.

4. - The ongoing sedition by democrats, the news media, federal agencies and professional bureaucrats to impede the Trump Presidency
and to create false evidence and a false narrative to falsely justify removing President Trump from office.

5. - President Bill Clinton lying under oath while in office.

9 posted on 02/13/2018 2:37:40 PM PST by Vlad The Inhaler (The only trannie I want to see is a Muncie 4 Speed M-22 Rock Crusher)
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To: Kaslin

Was there a 302 filed by those who interrogated Flynn?

Did McCabe order the 302 to be altered?

This business of relying solely on investigators “notes” needs to come to a screeching halt

10 posted on 02/13/2018 2:39:08 PM PST by digger48
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To: heights

Sheesh! ...and you know this how?

11 posted on 02/13/2018 2:39:09 PM PST by hal ogen (First Amendment or Reeducation Camp?)
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To: Liz

And nobody would EVER see through a trustworthy, reliable email like that written 2 weeks later.
What a bunch of arrogant turds.

12 posted on 02/13/2018 2:46:42 PM PST by GnuThere
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To: Kaslin

13 posted on 02/13/2018 2:48:00 PM PST by 4Liberty (illegal immigration is a "process" crime too....)
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To: heights

I had a scratched 45 that sounded a whole lot like you when I was a kid.

14 posted on 02/13/2018 2:50:03 PM PST by digger48
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To: Vlad The Inhaler

You’re mistaken, sir. President Bill Clinton lying under oath while in office is not a’s part of the Democrats’ Creed.

This is what a Democrat truly believes. (hat tip Michael Kelly).

A Democrat believes President Bill Clinton and has always believed him. They believed him when he said he had never been drafted in the Vietnam War and believed him when he said he had “forgotten to mention” that he had been drafted in the Vietnam War.

They believed him when he said he hadn’t had sex with Gennifer Flowers and believed him later, when he reportedly says he did.

They believe the president did not rent out the Lincoln Bedroom, did not sell access to himself and the vice president to hundreds of well-heeled special pleaders and did not supervise the largest, most systematic money-laundering operation in campaign finance history, collecting more than $ 3 million in illegal and improper donations.

They believe that Charlie Trie and James Riady were motivated by nothing but patriotism for their adopted country.

A Democrat believes President Clinton when he conceded that his administration mistakenly obtained the FBI files of more than 300 people, including many top Republicans. They believe it was the result of a “completely honest bureaucratic snafu” involving security clearances.

A Democrat believes Clinton’s chief of staff, Leon Panetta, when he told reporters that “obviously a mistake was made” and apologized to the people whose FBI files wound up at the White House. They believe Clinton when he said “I completely support” what my COS Panetta said about the affair.

A Democrat believed Vice President Gore when he said that he had made dunning calls to political contributors “on a few occasions” from his White House office, and believed him when he said that, actually, “a few” meant 46. They believe in no controlling legal authority.

A Democrat believes Bruce Babbitt when he says that the $ 286,000 contributed to the DNC by Indian tribes opposed to granting a casino license to rival tribes had nothing to do with his denial of the license and believed the secretary when he said that he had not been instructed in this matter by then-White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes.

They believed him when he said later that he had told lobbyist and friend Paul Eckstein that Ickes had told him to move on the casino decision, but that he had been lying to Eckstein. and agree with the secretary that it is an outrage that anyone would question his integrity.

A Democrat believes in the Clinton Standard of adherence to the nation’s campaign finance and bribery laws, enunciated by the president on March 7, 1997: “I don’t believe you can find any evidence of the fact that I had changed government policy solely because of a contribution.” They note with approval the use of the word “evidence” and also the use of the word “solely” and believe that it is proper to change government policy to address the concerns of people who have given the president money, as long as nobody can find evidence of this being the sole reason.

A Democrat believes Clinton lived up to his promise to preside over the most ethical administration in American history and believe that indicted former agriculture secretary Mike Espy did not accept $ 35,000 in illegal favors from Tyson Foods and other regulated businesses. They believe that indicted former housing secretary Henry Cisneros did not lie to the FBI and tell others to lie to cover up $ 250,000 in blackmail payments to his former mistress.

They believe that convicted former associate attorney general Webster Hubbell was not involved in the obstruction of justice when the president’s minions arranged for Hubbell to receive $ 400,000 in sweetheart consulting deals at a time when he was reneging on his promise to cooperate with Kenneth Starr’s Whitewater investigation.

Democrats believe Paula Jones is a cheap tramp who was asking for it. They believe Kathleen Willey is a cheap tramp who was asking for it and believe Monica Lewinsky is a cheap tramp who was asking for it.

They believe Lewinsky was fantasizing in her 20 hours of taped conversation in which she reportedly detailed her sexual relationship with the president and begged Linda Tripp to join her in lying about the relationship.

A Democrat believes that any gifts, correspondence, telephone calls and the 37 post-employment White House visits that may have passed between Lewinsky and the president are evidence only of a platonic relationship; such innocent intimate friendships are quite common between middle-aged married men and young single women, and also between presidents of the United States and White House interns.

A Democrat sees nothing suspicious in the report that the president’s intimate, Vernon Jordan, arranged a $ 40,000-per-year job for Lewinsky shortly after she signed but before she filed an affidavit saying she had not had sex with the president. Nor do they read anything into the fact that the ambassador to the United Nations, Bill Richardson, visited Lewinsky at the Watergate to offer her a job.

A Democrat believes the instructions Lewinsky gave Tripp informing her on how to properly perjure herself in the Willey matter simply wrote themselves.

A Democrat believe as Hillary does that The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, U.S. News & World Report, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS and NPR are all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

15 posted on 02/13/2018 2:54:19 PM PST by Liz (Our side has 8 Trillion bullets; the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use.)
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To: Vlad The Inhaler

If the Drive-by media had vetted him, he would have never been elected. They weren’t interested that he sat in the Illinois State Senate and voted 129 times present. They also weren’t interested that he voted for late term abortions

16 posted on 02/13/2018 3:18:23 PM PST by Kaslin (Politicians are not born; they are excreted -Civilibus nati sunt; sunt excernitur. (Cicero)
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To: ExTexasRedhead

They are smiling and laughing at us normal people because they think they are so superior and we are to be mocked.

17 posted on 02/13/2018 3:49:47 PM PST by Bonemaker (invictus maneo)
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To: Kaslin
That picture of Obama and Rice - what a pair of self-important idiots, but then Washington is teeming with people like that.
18 posted on 02/13/2018 4:03:15 PM PST by Major Matt Mason (The U.S. Senate - where American freedom goes to die.)
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To: Kaslin; Liz
“From a national security perspective, however, President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.”

What about the PDB's?

What Exactly Is The 'President's Daily Brief' And Why Is It Important? 12-13-16
It is also tradition for the winner of the presidential election to start receiving the same briefing during his transition, as a way to start preparing for the world he will face once he moves into the Oval Office.

Were the PDB's 'edited' in accordance with those wishes?

19 posted on 02/13/2018 5:37:15 PM PST by philman_36 (Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty and supped with infamy. Benjamiin Franklin)
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To: Vlad The Inhaler

1, by far. We’re seeing the results of that decision today.

20 posted on 02/13/2018 5:41:34 PM PST by philman_36 (Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty and supped with infamy. Benjamiin Franklin)
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