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Trump to unveil gun plan that includes arming teachers: report
The Hill ^ | 03/10/18 09:23 PM EST | JOHN BOWDEN

Posted on 03/10/2018 7:39:23 PM PST by E. Pluribus Unum

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To: Simon Green

For anyone who really wants to have a bump stock on his semi-auto, he can take the “ban” and wipe his arse with it. If you’ve got a small word-working shop, you can make a bump stock in one afternoon. Somehow, I doubt the legitimate use of firearms for the law abiding will suffer greatly from this, but the whole issue is of, by and for the dumb-asses, and I don’t suffer fools gladly.

41 posted on 03/10/2018 11:57:12 PM PST by Eleutheria5 (“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.)
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I hope they choose the stable teachers. Not the ones who are having sex with their underage students.

Don’t worry. That question is asked on the questionnaire.

42 posted on 03/10/2018 11:59:33 PM PST by Yaelle
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To: Innovative
I personally think that the banning of bump stocks is ridiculous and does nothing to chance gun safety.

The biggest issue from a political standpoint is that bump stocks blur the distinction between a legal semi automatic rifle and the full auto assault rifles that have been successfully demonized buy the gun grabbing media.

The argument that gun proponents have been using to blunt Democrat (and Republican) gun grabbers effective use of the term “assault rifle” to scare the non gun owning public is that the AR-15 is a normal semi automatic rifle and does no meet the definition of full automatic Assault Rifle.

Bump stocks blur the distinction between a semi auto rifle and full auto assault rifle and create a weapon that functions as a fully auto machine gun in rate of fire but meets the BATF technical definition of a semi auto as one shot per one trigger pull.

Like it or not, Democrats in Congress have successfully demonized assault rifles and created a large base of public support for banning anything that resembles a full auto assault rifle.

Bump stocks add fuel to the fire Democrats are stoking to push a global ban on semi auto rifles and pistols. Putting a ban on bump stock throws water on the political bon fire the Dems and their gun grabbing Republican allies are building to burn gun owners.

FWIW, there are no substantive legislative changes to the definition of a machine gun in the 1986 Machine Gun Ban - just a DOJ rules interpretation so proponents of bump stocks have the valid option of suing in Federal Court to over rule the DOJ rules determination with about a 95% chance of success and by the time the cost has it's say, the public hysteria and demand to “do something” will have passed and rationality will prevail.

43 posted on 03/11/2018 12:37:38 AM PST by rdcbn
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To: precisionshootist

Insanity isn’t it. This president has proposed more gun control than Obama and Freepers call it winning.
This is not the old FR. They are also excited about a Trillion dollar,stimulus.
True Freepers are gone, those rabid, Constitution loving folks were replaced last year during the primaries. Shouted down. Freedom is lost without guns.

44 posted on 03/11/2018 12:58:27 AM PST by momincombatboots (No Wall, No Way 2018.)
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To: Innovative
Trump’s Gun Plan to Include Encouraging States to Allow Armed School Staff

Only need to announce one school staff member—but keep it secret! ;)

45 posted on 03/11/2018 3:22:56 AM PDT by Does so (Let's make the word Mohammedism--adding it to other ISMs...)
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To: Innovative
Banning bump stocks is not “gun control” — that is the whole point. He has to do “something” in view of the vicious attacks by Democrats. He is doing exactly “something”, but specifically NOT hurting gun rights

First they came for my friends stuff but it was not mine so I did not care..... Wake up, PDJT is giving away more than he should be. The issue in the latest "tragedy" had NOTHING to do with bump stocks and all to do with FAILURE of the GOVERNMENT.

Fix the broken, corrupt and out of control FERAL Government and stay the hell away from our 2A

46 posted on 03/11/2018 4:20:05 AM PDT by eartick (Been to the line in the sand and liked it, but ready to go again)
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To: blu
I don't believe the needs to get into paying for folks’ licenses.

Yeah I read that too and thought to myself, I am getting damn tired of every time some whack job does something we have to end up forking over more of our money to subsidize SOMETHING.

Just another fact that the FERAL Government thinks that if you throw money at it, it will fix it. Of course you will have to create another bureaucratic desk job to oversee it growing government even more.

47 posted on 03/11/2018 4:24:54 AM PDT by eartick (Been to the line in the sand and liked it, but ready to go again)
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To: Reno89519

Children carried guns to school for decades and nobody got hurt.


Read it and weep.

48 posted on 03/11/2018 4:46:03 AM PDT by TheNext
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To: momincombatboots

“This president has proposed more gun control than Obama”

Sorry but that’s just a plain lie. I could go down the list of gun control measures that Obama proposed and congress rejected but I won’t bother. Clowns who claim that Trump is worse than Obama are gone for a reason.

49 posted on 03/11/2018 5:03:39 AM PDT by Helicondelta (Deplorable)
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To: mosesdapoet

The mental illness aspect of all of these shootings is purposely being ignored by the Left because it doesn’t fit their agenda. There is apparently no concern by the bleeding hearts for the poor souls who hear voices in their heads.

50 posted on 03/11/2018 5:12:45 AM PDT by Hoosier-Daddy ("Washington, DC. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious")
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To: Spktyr

It’s not about the bump stock, they are attempting to use imprecise language to ban firing faster than —— rounds per second.

Ultimately makes anyone a criminal for having a light competition trigger or a well practiced shooter firing at a fast rate.

This is an attempt by anti-gunners to ban semi autos.

51 posted on 03/11/2018 5:36:17 AM PDT by Freedom_2_ADM
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To: Simon Green

“If President Trump’s ban on bump stocks goes through, he will have enacted more gun control in his first year and a half than Obama did in eight years in office.”

He will lose a small but significant amount of support due to his action on bump stocks. I wonder, quite seriously, if that will be the mistake that leads to his impeachment.

52 posted on 03/11/2018 5:43:01 AM PDT by suthener
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To: Reno89519

Allow teachers, faculty, AND parents to carry concealed at school.

I’d volunteer in a heartbeat.
Sit around the teachers’ lounge, donuts and coffee — ARMED???
Dream come true.

53 posted on 03/11/2018 6:07:03 AM PDT by Jerrybob (Truth -- the new hate speech.)
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To: Yogafist

Good point. Ive heard way too many people say that an armed teacher can “confront” the attacker - and kill him. Gosh. How easy. I am shocked we havent thought of this before.

But what if the S is wearing body armor and you hit that instead? What if there are two? What if there are children inbetween you and the shooter and you have to shoot past moving kids to take a shot? What if you dont take that high risk shot and those kids die while you wait and the media hears that you hesitated and they crucify you?

I serve warrants and I am always first in the door. I remember my first time. I wouldnt have wanted that first experience to have been an active school shooter. I was very highly trained, but lacked experience. I also had broad legal immunity if things went sideways. Not to mention that I specifically chose a dangerous job which, by a general definition, is not a teacher’s mindset. Some Teacher will have limited training, no experience, no proper mindset, and no immunity. No, thank you.

54 posted on 03/11/2018 6:29:07 AM PDT by Noamie
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

An administrative ban of bump stocks could give us exactly the legal standing needed to legalize new machineguns.

BATFE, under Obama, ruled bump stocks not machineguns. Many were made & bought legally. 922(o) bans post-’86 machineguns. Re-categorizing bump stocks as machineguns would put gov’t at fault for violations (BATFE violated 922(o)), grounds for challenging constitutionality of 922(o), bringing _Heller_’s M16 reference into play - which flatly said a ban on M16s is unconstitutional (but since wasn’t the point off the suit, was not held as a ruling).

55 posted on 03/11/2018 6:35:09 AM PDT by ctdonath2 (The Red Queen wasn't kidding.)
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To: Reno89519

5. Repeal 18 USC 922(0) so citizens will be on an equal footing to the government.

56 posted on 03/11/2018 6:41:11 AM PDT by DCBryan1 (Quit calling them liberals, progressives, or Democrats. Call them what they are: COMMUNISTS!)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Get this damn thing off life support.

Each day it continues is another day closer to NOV.

57 posted on 03/11/2018 7:27:44 AM PDT by Arm_Bears (Hey, Rocky--Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!)
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To: MountainWalker

Sure, I am going to run at the end of a firearm with mace in my hand. I am dead before the mace go’s off.

58 posted on 03/11/2018 8:12:46 AM PDT by mplc51
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

GOOD for President Trump! Arm the teachers. And also:

Bumpfire stocks are OBVIOUSLY not machine guns. BUT:

You say the anti-gunners on the march? LOL!

Give them a taste of THIS: Videos: How to Bumpfire Effectively without a Bumpfire Stock! Turn UP your sound!

No need for a Bumpfire stock. Amazingly fun! Accuracy is naturally compromised, though. Short handgun cartridges have the highest cyclic rate, since less bolt travel is needed.

Bumpfiring is 100% legal, and safe in a properly maintained modern sporting rifle. Some gun ranges do not like it, though, because they feel you don’t have adequate control of the firearm. I am sure that could well be the case of you bumpfired a cartridge anywhere from 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) on up.

59 posted on 03/11/2018 8:46:58 AM PDT by 2harddrive
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To: 2harddrive

The problem with that is it enables the anit-gunners to say semi-autos are semi machine guns.

60 posted on 03/11/2018 8:50:11 AM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum (<img src="" width=800>)
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