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To: conservative98

It sounds like some of these parents are convinced their child would be alive today if only this guy had run in and gotten himself killed. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but having somebody to blame sometimes helps.

7 posted on 06/05/2018 10:59:28 AM PDT by Genoa (Luke 12:2)
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To: Genoa

IF he had done his job there’s a good chance children would have been saved...

This lowlife should be forced to pay back whatever salary he was paid while he was ‘working’ at the school.

14 posted on 06/05/2018 11:10:25 AM PDT by GOPJ ( Starbucks's a safe place to get out of the rain, cold, & heat and panhandle guilty white elites)
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To: Genoa

Putting his life on the line for those kids is what he was paid to do. One of the teachers at that school ran in unarmed to try and help and lost his life. Scott Peterson took the peoples money to do a job and when it came time to do it he stood by and watched as children were massacred!!!

17 posted on 06/05/2018 11:17:35 AM PDT by ontap
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To: Genoa

No one said he had to run in and throw himself in front of the shooters gun, but there was things he should and could have been doing instead of cowering in fear outside the building.

A coward dies a thousand deaths they say, if true even that is to good for him.

18 posted on 06/05/2018 11:26:23 AM PDT by Kartographer ("We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.")
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To: All
Supt Runcie Hand-Picked by Obama, Got Huge Salary/Perks, Broward Got $53 Million in Federal Grants
By S.Noble, February 26, 2018

The story behind Nikolas Cruz and the shooting of 33 former classmates and staff is one of the repeated failures of the system from the FBI to the school to the sheriff’s office to social services. The massacre was very foreseeable but politics got in the way. Specifically, politics, funding of more than $53 million, and Chicago school discipline got in the way.

This Was Obama-Chicago Discipline----The Superintendent of Broward County Schools, Robert Runcie, came out of Chicago and the Duncan-Obama administration.

The Miami-Herald reported: In 2003, Arne Duncan, then head of the Chicago school district and later Secretary of Education under Barack Obama asked Runcie to oversee the district’s technology department. Runcie went on to serve in other administrative roles, including as chief of staff for the Board of Education, before becoming the Broward schools superintendent in 2011.

In 2016, he made $335,000 a year in a region that has poor mental health services due to lack of funds. He was well-paid to bring down the numbers and alter the so-called school-to-prison pipeline.It was supposed to happen as a result of the Promise program.

The Promise---- The school board instituted a program called Promise which made not reporting criminal behavior a standard policy. Police said they did not have discretion in arrests, according to the President of the Sheriff’s union. The Promise [Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support, and Education] program kept Nikolas Cruz from getting arrested. Not having a record allowed him to buy guns.

The program began in 2012 as a way of dealing with the district recording the highest number of school-related arrests statewide (over 1,000). Superintendent Runcie, with strong connections to Obama, was expected to stop the alleged school-to-prison pipeline.

The program was geared towards keeping minorities out of prison. The killer’s name was Cruz, making him a minority. An agreement was drawn up with police and community organizations like the NAACP which kept kids out of jail based on race but didn’t necessarily deal with the issues they had.

Principals, instead of school resource officers [sheriffs], became the primary decision makers in responding to student misbehavior. Misdemeanors were supposed to be overlooked but records suggest more serious crimes were ignored to keep the money flowing. The district had to continually show improvement in statistics. There is no question the serious threats by Cruz to shoot up the school were reported to the sheriff’s office and he ignored them. Nothing was reported and nothing was ever done. This was the school/police policy.

$53 Million in Grants---With a cooperative judge and the Superintendent’s tight connections to the Obama administration, arrests were down 66% within one year of Runcie’s arrival. Grant money started flowing into the school district. The school district initially received over $53 million in grants to facilitate “improved life for students in poverty/students of color.”

The Last Refuge has been investigating this for years and uncovered documentation making a very convincing case for the entire program being corrupted by funds and statistics. The extent of killer Nikolas Cruz’s disciplinary problems was summarized by the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami-Herald. In addition to a slew of disabilities, Cruz had been out of control for years. As a New York educator for more than 30 years, I can tell you that long before Cruz blew completely, he would have been in a residential school. One of the program’s participants, Juvenile Court judge Elijah Williams, speaking at a 2013 signing ceremony for PROMISE, focused on the statistics. “We are waiting for our numbers to come in,” he told the audience.

Elijah Williams said, “We already bought the ticket. We are waiting for our numbers to come in. We know we have hit the jackpot when our school-related arrests go down, down down.”

Promise of Detroit----- A caller into Rush Limbaugh Monday discussed the Promise program in the Detroit City schools. As an educator, I believe him.

Research provided by Herb Richmond.

Supt Runcie named Superintendent of The Year.

Nov 2017

Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie will get a $28,000 raise and additional benefits under a contract approved by the School Board on Tuesday. The deal brings Runcie’s salary to $335,000 and extends his employment through June 30, 2023.

Under the new contract, Runcie would:
-- Be able to trade in 15 of his 29 vacation days for a cash value of $20,500.
-- Get $48,000 contributed annually from the school board for retirement plans
-- Be allowed to earn a pension based on four years of his service in Chicago, estimated to cost to the district another $80,000.

More than 30 people lined up Tuesday, mostly to praise Runcie’s work since he started in 2011. Leaders of local community organizations, businesses and schools praised improved student achievement, Runcie’s communication skills and inclusion and protection of immigrants and minorities. Even the Broward Teacher’s Union, historically at odds with Runcie, backed the deal while pleading with the board to provide better compensation to other employees in the district. “Possibly a year ago I would stand here and disagree. Standing here now, I don’t disagree,” said Anna Fusco, union president. “Mr Runcie has made great strides in helping out our Broward County Public Schools. I think his leadership has really bloomed since since he started here seven years ago.”, 954-356-4528

38 posted on 06/06/2018 11:39:21 PM PDT by Liz ( (Our side has 8 trillion bullets;the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use.))
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