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'We have to rise above partisanship': Two SCOTUS Justices say the reputation of the Court[tr]
Daily Mail ^ | October 6, 2018 | Leah Simpson

Posted on 10/06/2018 3:14:52 AM PDT by kevcol

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To: kevcol

Two fat dykes who have now become completely powerless. The morbidly obese diabetic is going to drop dead before buzzy ginsberg.

41 posted on 10/06/2018 4:18:40 AM PDT by mindburglar (I like spelling it Lazers. It looks cooler.)
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To: kevcol

Democrats don’t accept election results when Democrats lose, and now they also don’t accept the legitimacy of the Supreme Court if they don’t control it?

I am reminded of the text about Democrats’ refusal to accept anyone else’s power being the civil war. Where do they go from here? A sudden interest in federalism? Open insurgency?

42 posted on 10/06/2018 4:22:40 AM PDT by fluorescence
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To: rhinohunter

A sharp legal mind is a sharp legal mind. Prof Turley, a self described Liberal, who is routinely on all the shows, is probably one of the sharpest out there. For me, even though his politics are to the Left, he seems to put the, Written Law, above all else and that is should be interpreted as such. I think he’s far more a Constitutionalist than even Roberts.

With that being said, I do think that it is important to have folks in positions that have actual experience in those positions. As is, why do we have a Supreme Court Justice, who’s NEVER been a judge before? All the Justice was, was an academic who carried water for the Left. Sotomayor is kind of a nightmare, in and of herself, but at least she wore a robe before getting on SCOTUS.

Kagan’s never presided over a shoplifting case and now she’s on the highest court in the land. Only in the Left’s twisted version of reality can that happen.

43 posted on 10/06/2018 4:23:08 AM PDT by qaz123
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To: kevcol

Disgusting liars who swear before the Almighty and all the people of this country they will judge by the Constitution of the USA. Then judge by the democrat party. It speaks for itself.

44 posted on 10/06/2018 4:23:30 AM PDT by Hattie
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To: HapaxLegamenon

Unfortunately for her, I think her medical conditions are going to make that decision for her. And I don’t think she’s the Warrior Princess that RBG is, that will do anything to stop the President. She’ll bow out when she wants or has, which I think may be in the very near future.

RBG, on the otherhand, is going to be carried out of that building in a bag. Could have 2 more to replace before he’s done, at least.

45 posted on 10/06/2018 4:26:04 AM PDT by qaz123
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To: kevcol

The “Wise Latina” and Kagan are two examples of why we need to continue Trump’s efforts to remake this court
These two harridans should not be speaking this way about politics.
And Sandra Day O’Connor was a DISGRACE. The first judge to state SCOTUS should consider foreign courts in rendering decisions in the US.

46 posted on 10/06/2018 4:29:10 AM PDT by ZULU (MAGA)
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To: Paladin2

> “Uncertainty in the law is where all the problems arise.”

Lack of principles is where the problems arise. The Constitution is ridiculously short - it would be 100s or 1000s of pages if rewritten today. It was ratified without the bill of rights which was also very short.

Why/how? Because it was based on a strong set of principles that everyone agreed to. When uncertainty, ambiguity, or contradictions would arise, people acting in good faith could discuss the principles it was based on and come to a solution.

They added the bill of rights because they knew unprincipled people would be elected in the future and wanted to put some limits on those unprincipled politicians, not because the principles had limited application.

These days, too many people don’t look at principles, but at exceptions, loopholes, and alternate definitions (depends on what the word “is” is). “Freedom of speech”, “presumption of innocence”, and “due process” are great examples. The founders wouldn’t have said those only apply in narrow cases outlined in the amendments. Those principles should be applied very broadly, but the bill of rights only places specific limits on what unprincipled governments can do (if you consider “congress shall make no law” specific). Look at what happens when you apply these principles broadly vs the left interpretation
1) “Freedom of speech” on universities
2) “presumptions of innocence” and Kavanaugh
3) “Due process” and gun laws (or campus metoo accusations or the no fly list, etc)
“Principles” never cross the mind of liberals in these cases and so many more. They only look for ways to interpret the Constitution as narrowly as possible.

There is still uncertainty with principles. But when one side has abandoned principles for emotional objectives there’s no common ground to even start a debate or discussion.

47 posted on 10/06/2018 4:29:24 AM PDT by LostPassword
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To: Stevenc131

Maybe we can send the “Wise Latina”
some candy. Like a trailer truck load.

The witch looks terrible. GOOD.

48 posted on 10/06/2018 4:31:18 AM PDT by ZULU (MAGA)
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To: dowcaet

Leftist definitions


1. (In use when the right is in charge) “Partisan” means that you are unfairly biased, sexist and racist and need to show fairness and compassion, not just by compromising by giving us more of what we want, but by giving us ALL of what we want, since you have so much evil to make up for.

2. (in use when the left is in charge) Too bad, suckers. Elections have consequences. We’re gonna kill more babies and we don’t CARE if you don’t want some man watching your little girl pee - losers!

49 posted on 10/06/2018 4:31:40 AM PDT by Pravious
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To: kevcol
'All of us need to be aware of that — every single one of us — and to realize how precious the court's legitimacy is,' Kagan said. 'It's an incredibly important thing for the court to guard is this reputation of being impartial, being neutral and not being simply extension of a terribly polarizing process.'

This will be the Left's next move, to question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court with Kavanaugh on it. This is why it is so VERY important that Mitch does not give them any plausibility. Kavanaugh MUST be confirmed with at least 51 senators voting Yes.

Senator Daines MUST come back from his daughter's wedding to vote.

50 posted on 10/06/2018 4:37:14 AM PDT by PapaBear3625 ("Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." -- Voltaire)
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To: kevcol
The Radical Left wing Brit Rag / Joke called the Daily Smear for its Deranged Hatred of Trump and the Gop should stick to pushing butt shots of Kim Kardashian .

Peddling two well known old lesbian Commies as Non partisan .Please .
The Daily Smear has become as bad and a big joke as CNN .

51 posted on 10/06/2018 4:40:12 AM PDT by ncalburt (Gop DC Globalists out themselves)
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To: rstrahan

This from a Justice That has been so far left she could never see the Center.


52 posted on 10/06/2018 4:41:52 AM PDT by rbg81 (Truth is stranger than fiction)
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To: kevcol

This from two of the most partisan hacks in America.

53 posted on 10/06/2018 4:43:00 AM PDT by ought-six (Multiculturalism is national suicide, and political correctness is the cyanide capsule.)
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To: kevcol

I don’t see where Kavanaugh is political at all. He is what he says he the footsteps of Scalia.

54 posted on 10/06/2018 4:48:40 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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Years ago I was recommended to a judge to straighten out some electrical work in a vacay bungalow he purchased, the judge recommended my services to another judge and a few more over the years. Nice folks, wonderful spouses, but very different from most of us common folk. It’s sort of like a club. The trappings of which they surround themselves reek of exclusivness. I still get holiday greetings, fruit baskets, and invites to lawn parties. At times I have been asked to manage small projects requiring sub-contractors, it’s rather sensitive business because they have to rely on select contacts to provide trusted help and services in many everyday facets of life.

55 posted on 10/06/2018 4:50:55 AM PDT by Clutch Martin (The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.)
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To: A_Former_Democrat

She’s so biased, you can always tell her vote beforehand

She has no business talking, she’s a partisan who doesn’t belong on the Court
both she and RBG broke SCOTUS protocol by mouthing off about issues and even against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Mark Levin read some of the quotes the other night on his radio show.

56 posted on 10/06/2018 4:55:23 AM PDT by snarkytart
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To: kevcol

Oh noze! SCOTUS will now be only 4/9 partisan liberals....

57 posted on 10/06/2018 5:06:27 AM PDT by trebb (So many "experts" with so little experience in what they preach....even here...)
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To: kevcol

Kagan and Sotomayor need to immediately resign in protest.

58 posted on 10/06/2018 5:08:29 AM PDT by Hardastarboard (Three most annoying words on the internet - "Watch the Video")
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To: kevcol

If Supreme Court decisions are no longer going to advance the Left’s Agenda, they are going to try to burn down its credibility, like everything else in the Constitution, Government or Society that stands in the way of their power.

That is the message here, its a signal flag to the Left - hate the Supreme Court, as of now. The denunciations and pogroms begin. It must now be destroyed as an instrument of oppression/racism/sexism/homophobia/islamophobia/dagger-in-the-heart-of-Mother-Earth/etc., just like the rest of Western Civilization.

59 posted on 10/06/2018 5:09:39 AM PDT by BeauBo
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To: kevcol

Definitition of a ‘compromise’

I cam selling a car for 2500, you test drive it, like it, look up the Blue Book value, see it is 2400.

pick up a couple of gliches and offer me 2100 cash, no questions asked, give me title etc.

I take the 2100, give you the title and we are done.


LIB has car for sale 2500. You look at it, point out a few ‘flaws’ offer 2200, LIB gets whizzed, points out (not so) new AC, (not so) 4 new tires, and demands 2800.

LIB gets weeweed off when you walk away.

60 posted on 10/06/2018 5:16:29 AM PDT by xrmusn ((6/98)""Politicians should wear uniforms-like Nascar drivers-- to ID their Corporate Sponsors")
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