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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14 NIV

If there were any question the Democrat Party is a cult this past week proved it with their confession of sins against the earth. A newspaper asked its readers to write in confessions to trees of what they had done in the past week of earth sins as a symbol of their impurity to Gaia. Every week we see them slipping deeper and deeper into their secular humanism and many would say their satanic religion.

Of course they are a religion since the human soul requires explanation for whom and what they are. Evolution does not explain who you are or why you are here so they have created a religion to fill that void. Throughout the ages we have seen the Jewish religion and its offspring Christianity worshiping the one true God the God of Abraham satisfying that need. Because Communism/Socialism requires a belief in atheism and evolution they have replace the Creator of the universe with his creation or eart worship. His creation is such perfection they make it their god rather than the creator of his perfection being their worship.

Oregon is the center of environmentalism or earth worship which began with the Spotted Owl hoax to stop all capitalism in the forests. These were done with the hug a tree and save the whales campaigns which were intertwined into worshiping God’s creatures. The Spotted Owl studies were exaggerated to make the owl into a national symbol of protecting the environment when in reality the owl was being hunted out of existence by another more predatory owl.

This was truly the survival of the fittest but was being blamed on the logging industry. You no longer hear about the Spotted Owl since it has now stabilized in second growth timber even though the scientists claimed it could not live in those environments. This has been copied numerous times for different species in different situations to stop capitalism in various locations but the first and largest was in Oregon to shut down the lumber and housing industry.

It is time to turn over the forests and allow people to own this land like they do in the rest of the country. In Oregon the US Gummit controls over half the state amounting to around fifty thousand square miles. This is land that is some of the most productive and valuable forests on the planet and the Communist/Socialists from San Fran and DC have closed them from proper stewardship. This is land you should be allowed to own and turn into your own escape and dream retreat yet they have them shut down to be burned to the ground.

Just as we witnessed two years ago when the Paradise fire swept through Northern Cal killing nearly a hundred people these forests have turned into death traps ready to explode at any moment. Since the absolute mismanagement to the point of not allowing the removal of fuel in the form of downed or standing dead trees, it is a furnace waiting to be lit by a lightning strike or in many cases arson.

What can be done? The real answer is selling the land and becoming good stewards of God’s creation. If people were able to go in and purchase an acre, ten or a thousand to become their own retreats the land would be managed the way it should be. The dead and dying trees would be removed leaving the healthy and growing trees for a healthier forest. The forests would become a biological experiment to maximize the health of that forest making cleaner air and water.

For those believing in Global Warming or as many call it the Weather Cult, it makes sense to make the forests as healthy as you can to clean as much CO2 out of the air as possible. Trees and all of the natural diversity inside the forests has the ability to transform that CO2 into oxygen which some say higher CO2 makes for healthier plants, but that is for the real biologists to decide.

The forest crisis we have now is doing just the opposite of what the Climate Scamists want since the forests are not only unhealthy and not providing the maximum oxygen production they are burning in massive fires. These fires not only kill hundreds of square miles of oxygen producing trees they produce billions of tons of carbon and carcinogens destroying the atmosphere. If these Communist/Socialists truly did care about the air they would be screaming for the proper stewardship of these forests today.

The real crisis is these people want these forests to be destroyed in the name of worshiping the earth. The forests represent an end to the capitalization of the forest resources and that is really all they care about. These are extreme socialists who want to destroy every industry in America to satisfy their unending need for power. They are now doing the same thing to “fossil fuels.”

They are not the ones who worship mother eart, they are the ones who use this scam cult to manipulate the worshipers to go out and protest and cry out for their sins against the trees and axe forgiveness.

This is a huge scam/cult being produced by the Three Pillars of Communism (Academia, Media and the DNC) to manipulate huge numbers of people to go against their own interests. If there was the proper management of the forests you would have housing costs lower by somewhere around 25-35%. You would have incredible amounts of land available to live in and a mass migration to some of the most beautiful and fruitful land on the planet living inside their own Gardens of Eden. There would be an abundance of plant and wildlife like we have never experienced as well as the cleanest air and water on the planet.

As for the potential sewage and water issues these huge expanses of land are not going to be affected by a little sewage when in reality it is nothing more than fertilizer for the forests. In addition there is more and more technology to make it less and less an issue. There is an endless amount of benefit people can do for the forests if they had their own Garden of Eden putting an end to the massive fires and dead and dying trees.

There is only one thing standing between a true stewardship of God’s creation and the complete mismanagement we have now and that is earth worship. The lawyers in San Fran and DC will not allow the proper management of these forests and have them locked up from the people. It is not locked up for the health of the forests or just keeping the lumber industry out, it is locked up from you. They do not want you having a piece of their forests and are using the Global Warming cult to do their dirty work.

There is a group called Forests for Oregon which is going to challenge this belief and fight it with the Holy Spirit and God. They are going to bring this crisis to the people to discuss. Do we want to continue to worship the forests like we are doing today or do we want to become stewards of God’s creation? This is not only an issue for Oregon it is an issue for the entire country since this tactic has been used across the country against every industry. It is time for the people to have a say in the management of our amazing resources. The first thing we must do is end the cult of earth worship and the disaster it has caused.

Pray America wakes

Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

5 posted on 09/22/2019 4:50:58 AM PDT by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: Alas Babylon!

  Morning AB, All. As always, thank you AB for doing this thread so reliably and keeping the peace with gentle thread policing. Thank you Bray for weekly written wisdom, Thank you Rodguy for fishing tales and political perspectives from all angles, Thank all yon contributors for excellent commentary to flesh it all out.


Below are the words from my daily political diary. It is quite long so scroll on by if not interested. But do stay around and add your commentary and point of view to the thread.



All the scuttlebutt this past weekend has been over the attack on a Saudi oil field, taking down normal daily export to 5% daily Saudi oil exported.

Evidently there was some hustling to get the incident mentioned on the Sunday political shows. Could the attack, by drone by the way, have come from that lovely bastion of freedom, Yemen? Could the Houthis have master-minded the attack? I don’t know what a Houthi is but from what little I know they are terrorists and like most terrorists they are financed by Iran.

The administration seems convinced it was Iran behind the attack.



President Donald Trump said the U.S. had reason to believe it knew who was behind the attack — his secretary of state had blamed Iran the previous day — and assured his Twitter followers that “we are ... locked and loaded” depending on verification and were waiting to hear from the Saudis as to who they believe was behind the attack and “under what terms we would proceed!”


These people just can’t live in peace. They want to take over the world in the name of Mohammed, their holy prophet.

And the former administration gave Iran billions in cash.



POLITICAL MISCELLANY-Just some small tidbits worthy of comment.


I’m a bit hazy on the big story over the weekend involving the very truthful and award-winning NY Times. As best as I gathered, in that the NY Times has retracted their story, is someone came forward and said he (or she) witnessed Justice Kavanagh waving his penis around and he (or she) grabbed Brett’s package and put it into some nearby female’s hand.

Only the alleged “victim” does not remember a thing.

Now I probably got a lot of that wrong as the story broke big, then whimpered, then the fake news people were crying in their cereal.

But the first thing we hear is that we need to impeach Justice Kavanagh.

Can’t they leave this guy alone?



John McCain was a mean and spiteful man. Does anybody remember when a snarky smiling Senator McCain delivered the FBI Steele dossier to Mitch McConnell? McCain was orchestrated into doing this so that he too would be part of the coup that would bring down President Trump.

Now his daughter, a bigger zero than her father, comes up with threats to orchestrate a coup against Trump, much like the one her father insinuated himself into and which failed miserably.

It doesn’t matter why Meghan wants to orchestrate a presidential coup but it’s about a quick but discarded plan to bring the Taliban to Camp David.

Which as we scratch our heads and ponder, does not seem to be a great idea.

But to threaten a coup against a duly elected president? Ah, it must run in the family. A bunch of cheating losers.



Meghan McCain has some thoughts about President Trump’s canceled meeting with leaders of the Taliban. This morning on The View, the conservative co-host absolutely skewered the “secret” Camp David summit, which Trump revealed (and then promptly canceled) in a series of tweets on Saturday. McCain described the Taliban meeting as “the dumbest” idea out of “all the bad crap things” Trump has done, adding, “If that ended up happening, I would create a coup.”





Big rallies going on of late. Good ole Beto O’Rourke, who vowed to come after our guns, held a rally. Some Trump supporters showed up with various signs daring Beto to come and get their guns.

Folks, I predicted last week, the day after the infamous Democratic debates, that the Beto comment when he shouted that the gubmiint under him would damn right come to get our AR’s and AK’s, this comment will really hurt the Democrats.

Of course they want to take our guns. How can they take over all of us, control how much money we get, tell us what to do and when, choose those of us they just don’t like?

I am not entirely sure who “they” are but group them under unintelligent people who don’t believe in fairness.

The other rally was, of course. President Trump.

Man loves to attend rallies and he does a great job of it. This fact really annoys the unintelligent that I mention above because, well it is fair to allow the leader of our country to address his constituents.

But again, being fair is not for the unintelligent.




Talk around town is that the green frilly shirt was chosen intentionally for Sean to make him look silly.

I don’t necessarily believe that.

As of this writing I have yet not watched DWS but  will do so soon.

Love that show. Love it.



  Thurs- 9/19/19


Why yes I did watch the Corey Lewandowski with the House Democrats take another stab at impeachment the lawfully elected president.

Jerry Nadler, sweet boy that he is, chaired the proceedings. Lewandowski refused to answer any questions involving correspondence between Lewandowski and President Trump.

The Republicans on the judicial committee did a great job of pointing out that there had already been submitted a report by the very intelligent, sweet talking Mueller and why keep trying to impeach this president?

Lewandowski did an excellent job, even with the Democrats who were right nasty with him.



House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) threatened to hold former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in contempt of Congress because of his "refusal to answer questions" relating to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

"Mr. Lewandowski, your behavior in this hearing room has been completely unacceptable. It is part of a pattern of a White House desperate for the American people not to hear the truth," Nadler said. “I’ve been asked several times today whether the Committee will hold you in contempt. It is certainly under consideration."

"There is a far more troubling level of contempt on display here today and that is President Trump's role in your refusal to answer questions. The pattern of obstruction laid out in the Mueller report has not stopped," Nadler explained. "You showed the American people in real time that the Trump administration will do anything and everything in its power to obstruct the work of the Congress. The president's lawyers are sitting behind you right now to make sure that you do not answer us."

According to Nadler, Congress is focused on exposing "corruption, obstruction and abuse of power."

"Make no mistake, we will hold President Trump accountable," Nadler concluded.


Folks, they are never going to stop. In fact now they are going to being impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh! Who knows who they’ll go after next. But they want to keep the word “impeachment” on everybody’s mind for the 2020 elections. This way, well who the hell wants to vote for somebody who is the constant subject of impeachment?

The Democrats don’t realize this whole charade is going to be what costs them everything in 2020.



Did anybody hear Joe Biden’s story of Corn Pop? How about returning 720 million women to work.

First, Biden proposes a deductible for families with children for those child care expenses that enable them to work an outside job. Ideally this would benefit females for they are the ones who mostly care for children in their younger years. A female is usually burdened with finding appropriate child care so that they can work.

Biden said, to the effect, that such a tax break will allow 720 million women to return to work.


There are only around 385 million people in total in America of both sexes. Perhaps Biden thinks a huge crop of immigrant females will fill out the big number?

And then there’s “Corn Pop. Seems ole Joe was working as a lifeguard when some thug named Corn Pop gave him a hard time about the rules. Biden called him, for whatever reason, “Esther”, a play on Esther Williams who was a great swimmer on TV back in the day.

Corn Pop got out his knife and told ole Joe to meet him out back. Somewhere ole Joe got hold of a long piece of chain link. He swung the chain link around menacingly while apologizing for calling him Esther. Corn Pop put his knife away and ole Joe was the hero of the day.


Does anybody believe this? I’m thinking ole Joe got some of those 720 million American women to help him fight the battle.





Last week I had a bit of a flap with another user on this thread as sometimes happen. I’d posted about Sarah Palin and her husband’s pending divorce. Sarah and husband have several children but only one underage….Trig.

Now I knew that Trig was….well he was handicapped.

Children with what is today called Down’s Syndrome (and I have no idea where they got that name, probably after a doctor) used to be described as being a Mongoloid.

The commenter on this thread from last week put up a post reminding me that what I referred to as Mongoloid would be more appropriately described as Down’s Syndrome.

I kind of gave the commenter a snarky time but the guy/girl did have a point and I’d like to address it now.

The reason these kids were called Mongoloids is because to people from long ago, the shape of their eyes and facial features made them look like….well Mongoloids.

Mongoloids are people of Asiatic descent, slanted eyes, olive skin, black hair….Chinese in other words.

Really it wasn’t a good idea to call those children Mongoloids because they were nothing of the sort. They suffered a syndrome caused by missing one chromosome, I think but don’t hold me to it. And so the “disease” was changed to “Down’s Syndrome”.

Calling them Mongoloid would be like labeling everyone with bipolar disorder as “Caucasoid”….along those lines.

So there was a reason for the poster to point this out and I’d like to expand. The poster wasn’t trying to point out the error of my ways but why it really wasn’t appropriate to call them Mongoloids. They have a handicap and should not be labeled as an entire race. The Mongoloids don’t deserve this either.



  Fri 9/20/19


First I do not know why the media refers to it as a “brown” face. A picture is included below.

The Prime Minister of Canada has been out and about and apologizing all over the face for once dressing up in the outfit in the picture. He’s playing a character from Aladdin I think.

Dear Lord, we must spend our lives apologizing. We must weep for our sins of our younger past. Trudeau has been sickening with the “I’m sorries”.

But my second puzzle is why the hell did all these people smear their faces with “dark” paint, once called black paint but now upgraded to brown? I attended many a live play/musical in my life and I don’t recall a single one that had the actors wearing any kind of ugly grease paint on their faces.

But Trudeau, he’s sorry.



President Trump wins the Democratic debate.


 photo IMG_0055_zpsux1ym82m.jpg




There has been ongoing bit of political intrigue involving, so it is said, a phone call made to some foreign country and what has been “promised”.

Allow me to give a brief description of what goes on in the Ukraine and how Joe Biden was involved.

Seems son of ole Joe, Hunter, became part of a company owned by Ukraine. The so-called government of the Ukraine is widely known, then and now, as very corrupt. Nonetheless the Ukraine government began an investigation of this company, recipient of many American grants. I heard ole Joe, with my own lying ears, brag about telling the Ukraine peeps in charge to remove the prosecutor doing such an investigation. Hunter Biden would likely go down had that honest Ukraine prosecutor been allowed to complete his investigation. Ole Joe laughed and laughed at how he shut down that silly Ukraine investigation which would cost his son lots of bucks.

So you don’t think President Trump knows about this?

Now no one knows who Trump allegedly called and the crux of the conversation. So you got the fake news repeating about Whistleblowers and somehow Trump is guilty of…what?

I think Trump is trying to get Ukraine to re-open that case.

First, ole Joe Biden is one of Trump’s biggest contenders in 2020. Second, why should Hunter Biden get millions because of his father’s heavy hand in dealing with other countries?


Everyone knows ole Joe shut down that honest Ukrainian prosecutor. We hear it with our own lying ears!




The house committees’ chairs say they will scrutinise a telephone call between the US president and Mr Zelensky on 25 July, during which Mr Trump allegedly told the Ukrainian president to reopen the Biden investigation if he wanted to improve relations with the US.

  The whistleblower complaint landed on the inspector general’s desk on August 12. “The Biden investigation” refers to allegations that Joe Biden leaned on the Ukrainian government while he was VP to fire a prosecutor who just so happened to be looking into a company called Burisma, one of whose directors was Biden’s son, Hunter. That investigation was eventually shut down but Team Trump has taken an interest in seeing it reopened since at least May



One guy is an airplane mechanic and was found putting Styrofoam around airplane engines. This action was not to fix anything. Styrofoam cuts down the signals sent from engine to cockpit. The airplane mechanic was setting up the airplane that it would be easier to crash.

The guy was discovered to be associated with ISIS.

They pat down little old ladies but allow Isis to be mechanics on our airplanes?

Then it is discovered that another fellow, living someone near me, is a member of Hezbollah, the terror organization of Iran.

Scares me, frankly.



Oh my goodness the new Iphone 11 got released today and hey, they need to make this event a national holiday. Lines are around the block, across the planet.

Even Rush Limbaugh, Apple lover extraordinaire, took the day off.




7 posted on 09/22/2019 4:54:30 AM PDT by Fishtalk
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To: bray
Really good stuff bud.As usual the forest worship appears to be an op being used against the people of the US and Oregon. As more and more fires rage in drought times it will possibly increase CO2. I don't know. If so it will be blamed on cars,busses, planes and anything that burns crude oil.This furthers yet another agenda the green BS. It's all intertwined.They are slick no doubt.

As you say the best result could be the US gov.t selling off land to those who would take care of it.Lets hope Trump gets around to doing that which he could probably get done by EO I'm not sure.

23 posted on 09/22/2019 5:31:39 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Maga: USA supports Trump. Home of the Free because of the brave.)
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