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World Trade Center Collpases - Picture
MSNBC | Jeff Head

Posted on 09/11/2001 8:08:21 AM PDT by Jeff Head

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To: Cernunnos
This has nothing to do with a missle defense system...

Yes it does. The dems have been saying about how this would "provoke" the rest of the world and that we didn't "Need" and AMB system because no one would be crazy enough to launch a nuke at us. They were crazy enough to fly an 767 into a building now weren't they?

21 posted on 09/11/2001 10:02:51 AM PDT by Pissed Off Janitor
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To: gjenkins
Either the pilots were in on it, or the terrorists quickly secured the cockpit and flew it themselves.

No American pilots were in on this. Bin LAden would ahve placed his own pilots on each plane because our guys would have flown the planes into the ground rather than do this and Bib Laden would not take the chance on that happening. Our pilots were dead before these planes ever hit.

How could they have been threatened? With Death?

22 posted on 09/11/2001 10:08:48 AM PDT by jwalsh07
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To: Jeff Head, Cernunnos, hobbb
Has it occurred to anyone that we have plenty of domestic whackos who are opposed to "world trade" and American "imperialism"?

Are there "anarchists" missing from Eugene this morning?

23 posted on 09/11/2001 10:10:39 AM PDT by MadameAxe
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To: michigander
Amazing photo. There will be more in days to come
24 posted on 09/11/2001 10:25:41 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: MadameAxe
Americans like those in Militias whom you are implying might have done it DONT go after civilian targets. Only the Feds do and then blame it on the target group. Militias would have struck the UN.... And guess what, its still there..You need to focus your attention and anger on the ME for thats where the source of todays events transpired from... you make me sick.
25 posted on 09/11/2001 10:30:31 AM PDT by HappyAndFree
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To: Hank Rearden
The Trade Towers were built by a new modern lattice construction method. You severely impact one part of the lattice and the whole shebang can collapse. On one tower the crashed plane drilled in one side and partly out the other.

Kind of hard to believe, huh

26 posted on 09/11/2001 10:33:33 AM PDT by dennisw
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To: Vojvodina
you sound about as 'sorry' as hitler!
27 posted on 09/11/2001 10:33:38 AM PDT by rockfish59
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To: jwalsh07
[Speculation>I wouldn't put it outside of possibility that we have recently nationalized foriegn pilots working as domestic pilots. They could have been planted here and their loyalty is still towards their former countries.[/Speculation>
28 posted on 09/11/2001 10:34:14 AM PDT by gjenkins
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To: dennisw
Americans are seeing the face of the Jihad. If anyone has any illusions about the Islamic Jihad being benign because it always happened 'somewhere else'...I hope their eyes have been opened.

America, that means each and everyone of us, is seen as the 'Great Satan'. We are their enemy, they are ours. Anyone that thinks otherwise can claim their 'contientious objector' status and keep turning that 'other cheek' until it is their turn to die in the name of Allah.

29 posted on 09/11/2001 10:40:30 AM PDT by beowolf
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To: HappyAndFree
Militias? I implied no such thing. Are you saying that militias were the ones who rioted in Seattle at the WTO meeting, and who have been trying to disrupt their meetings everywhere they are held? I don't think so.

Why is it so far fetched that some of these domestic leftist idiots might have been used by terrorists to further this destructive scheme? Would the leftists have targeted the U.N. building or just the "evil capitalists" at the World Trade Center?

We're all upset today so I won't take your nausea personally.

30 posted on 09/11/2001 11:02:17 AM PDT by MadameAxe
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>>...the death toll in the hundreds of thousands. <<

The more I think of it, the more I suspect you are right.

God help us.

31 posted on 09/11/2001 11:18:14 AM PDT by DC Ripper
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To: go star go
Vojvodina isn't isn't even an arab. he just doesn't want the US to be a world leader. He's pissed off about Yugoslavia. He's wrong about that but I doubt that he suports the terrorists.
32 posted on 09/11/2001 11:41:09 AM PDT by CHQmacer
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To: DC Ripper; All Freepers

From the Associated Press:
Grand total 266 dead on the aircraft.

–American Airlines Flight 11: A Boeing 767 en route from Boston to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 81 passengers, nine flight attendants and two pilots. The location of the crash has not been determined.

–American Airlines Flight 77: A Boeing 757 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots. The location of the crash has not been determined.

–United Airlines Flight 93: A Boeing 757, crashed southeast of Pittsburgh while en route from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco. The plane was carrying 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants.

–United Airlines Flight 175: A Boeing 767. The flight was bound from Boston to Los Angeles. It was carrying 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants. The airline would not say where the plane crashed.

I expect that every American airport will now look and operate like an Israeli airport. Bear in mind that about 50,000 people work in the World Trade Center and this happened in the middle of an ordinary day of business. Fortunately there was about a one-hour delay between the impacts and the collapse of the towers. A lot of the people in the towers probably got out alive.

At least 266 people died on the aircraft. A total of two United aircraft and two American Airlines aircraft have crashed, and all Freepers are encouraged to pray for the families of those killed and injured. Relief efforts, particularly donations of blood, deserve our immediate support.

It is possible that the losses at Pearl Harbor will pale in comparison to this unbelievably dastardly attack. Total killed at Pearl Harbor, as I recall, were about 2,000. Over 12 times that many were working in the WTC at the time of the attack.

One of the government spokesmen pointed out that all four flights were from the East Coast to California, and that "the bastards knew they would be loaded with fuel." NBC's Tim Russert is reporting from Washington that there is "unprecedented anger" in response to this attack, but they "don't know where or how to channel it." I anticipate that we will know very soon, and that our response will be devastating.

33 posted on 09/11/2001 11:58:07 AM PDT by Bryan
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Let me, my dear American friends from FreeRepubublic and actually all Americans to tell you at this day so hard for all of you that my thoughts and prayers are with you. We can disagree, we can exchange sometimes harsh words but THIS IS HORRIBLE. It is even worse than some Hollywood movies and that should say a lot. God Bless free America!
34 posted on 09/11/2001 12:01:30 PM PDT by SKcanuck
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To: dennisw
A commercial airliner full of fuel for a cross-country flight is pretty heavy. Crash it into the tower at 600 mph, and you're going to snap girders all up and down the structure. Then there's all that jet fuel bursting into the building, being finely dispersed by the impact, and going off as a big fuel-air bomb, and you will get even more stress to all structural members. Until it all comes down
35 posted on 09/11/2001 12:39:18 PM PDT by SauronOfMordor
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To: jwalsh07
I heard a report that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was flying about 2000 - 3000 feet above ground level, then started flying in an unstable manner, nosed up, winged over, and crashed at a 45 deg. angle. That says cockpit struggle to me. I think that was the plane that was directed toward Camp David.

If that's what happened, the crew were heroes. Saving bandwidth, may God hold all the innocents and their families gently in His hands, and may He guide us with faith and strength through what will be extraordinarily difficult days.

36 posted on 09/11/2001 1:25:07 PM PDT by bootless
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To: Jeff Head
37 posted on 03/11/2002 4:06:42 AM PST by Valin
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To: dennisw
38 posted on 03/11/2002 4:16:34 AM PST by fred flinch
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Comment #39 Removed by Moderator

To: andjelichd
Correct. Courtesy of Komrade Klinton, the Supreme Traitor to the USA.

He should be sitting in the dock next to Slobo in the Hague.
40 posted on 10/30/2003 12:26:12 AM PST by Al Simmons
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