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CIA Officials Reveal What Went Wrong Clinton to Blame
Newsmax ^ | September 12, 2001 | Ruddy

Posted on 09/12/2001 8:09:25 AM PDT by mgist

The worst, single most tragic day in the history of America has just passed. Tuesday more Americans likely died than all the casualties of the Battle of Antietam on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1862.

Already the media spin on yesterday's events is relentless. The talking heads are pushing several themes, including:

Now is not the time to point fingers at responsible parties in America, i.e., political figures like Clinton or our own security agencies.

The events of Tuesday are the "worst-case scenario" – the worst is over.

Osama bin Laden is the culprit. On these points of spin, the first one is baloney. Of course we need to find why our security failed. This is basic.

And unless the big media are consulting a psychic better than the one I use, no one knows what the future days, weeks and months may yield.

This is not the worst-case scenario. A worst-case scenario is a 25-megaton nuclear bomb detonated in New York or a full-scale attack against the U.S.! These should not be ruled out.

These dangers can be avoided, we pray, but only if we stop listening to the media idiots that feed us a diet of blow-dried nonsense. Is Katie Couric going to say how bad she feels for the terrorists who were driven to these cowardly acts?

It is the big media and the hack politicians that led us to this nightmarish day.

Smart to Examine Who Failed Us We are Americans, so let's get our feet back on the ground and use common sense.

The media say we shouldn't point fingers. (Funny, isn't it, how the media have spent 30 years pointing fingers at Richard Nixon for his alleged crimes, but when one of their liberal favorites is due for some blame, they feed us the mantras like "Let's move on!" and "No time to point fingers!")

Common sense, in fact, dictates that we need to critically examine the people who are to blame for this incident, both the perpetrators (and if you believe Osama bin Laden was the major mastermind behind this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you) and the people we pay to protect us – that is, our national security agencies.

Without question, these agencies failed miserably in preventing this sophisticated, wide-scale and coordinated attack against America.

Intelligence Agencies Failed Miserably

Tuesday I received an e-mail from a recently retired high-ranking CIA official. I will identify him as "Harry":

Here's what Harry said:

"... Reacting effectively and justly to this [attack] makes us hugely dependent on intell [intelligence] capabilities that failed us miserably. This is an enormous liability, which we shall not be able to fix before we have to react. Payback time for the last eight years!"

He continued: "There were clearly enormous failures here. This operation was ingenious in its simplicity, which would have limited the size (number of people, actions) of the operation and hence detectability. But it could not have been that small for at least a dozen men to hijack four carefully chosen aircraft (routes, fuel load) with carefully coordinated timing. And to get through security with knives big enough to subdue four relatively large crews. If the intell and security systems claim that this challenge is simply too hard for them, they have to be replaced, root and branch. Because this challenge is the challenge. It is now pretty self-evident that claims of reform and adjustment [at the intelligence agencies] to new realities that we've heard over the past eight years or so are hollow."

Of course, it's obvious why the media doesn't want any finger pointing.

Guess who ran the U.S. government and was responsible for our national security for the past eight years?

Yes, you got it, Bill Clinton, Hillary's husband.

Clinton Responsible for Unpreparedness

The Clintons were supported vociferously by the media through the worst imaginable scandals.

During that time I was one of the lead reporters opposing the Clintons. I was mocked and vilified by my colleagues for doing so.

I said throughout that period that Bill Clinton's personal corruption was wholesale and mirrored how he was corrupting America's national security.

I wrote articles and said repeatedly that America, sadly, may end up paying a heavy price for Bill Clinton and the major media's complicity.

I don't believe the worst has passed with the incidents of today.

We remain vulnerable and weak.

Brutally, we witnessed our weakness today.

During eight years, Clinton decimated America's military. Our forces were cut almost in half under his stewardship.

Research and development on all new weapons systems were brought almost to a halt as other nations continued to build. Clinton destroyed nearly our entire arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons. Monsters like Saddam flourished as Clinton bombed aspirin factories, tent cities in Afghanistan and worthless radar stations in the Iraqi desert.

These are open facts, easily verifiable. Clinton, the Ever-Clever Bastard

But Clinton, the ever-clever bastard, was more insidious. Little, systematic changes were undertaken to destroy America's intelligence agencies.

Let me explain. A regular NewsMax reader, "Roger," was a CIA spy in the Mideast.

I met him almost two years ago. Roger wanted to tell me why a gung-ho American quit the CIA in disgust.

Roger said the CIA was not interested in recruiting spies.

Clinton and company knew they could not just tell the CIA to stop recruiting spies. That would look stupid and embarrassing.

So they just changed the rules of how spies are recruited, raising the bar on requirements to such a high degree that the most valuable spies could never meet CIA standards and couldn't work for us.

Previously, I wrote how Clinton effectively stopped the recruitment of Chinese nationals by demanding that only high-ranking embassy officials could be recruited – knowing this is almost impossible. Roger told me that. Roger reminded me again of this today.

He noted that Clinton policies reached their zenith under CIA Director John Deutch and his top assistant, Nora Slatkin. The pair ran Clinton's CIA in the mid-1990s and implemented a "human rights scrub" policy.

Here's how Roger described it in an e-mail Tuesday evening: "Deutch and Nora, Clinton's anti-intelligence plants, implemented a universal 'human rights scrub' of all assets, virtually shutting down operations for 6 months to a year. This was after something happened in Central America (there was an American woman involved who was the common law wife of a commie who went missing there) that got a lot of bad press for the agency.

"After that, each asset had to be certified as being 'clean for human rights violations.'

"What this did was to put off limits, in effect, terrorists, criminals, and anyone else who would have info on these kinds of people."

Roger says the CIA, even under new leadership, has never recovered from the "Human Rights Scrub" policy.

Perhaps that was the intention.

But we, the American people, Congress, and honest media need to examine all of these issues, now and quickly. If we don't, we risk even more grave dangers than those that we just lived through.

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To: mgist
Let's focus on Clinton's sole responsibility for alienating the Afghanistanis, whom we supported in their freedom fight from Russia yet who took in bin Laden for the money he offered the state. However , we had been getting their agreement to deport him when our pervert President entered the scene and later acted alone against every single person in the military and defense department [ read Seymour Hersh' investigative report, The Missiles of August, published in '98 in the Atlantic Monthly] the day after his grand jury deposition, to divert attention and release his own unjustified anger by lobbing missiles into Afghanistan. I personally had first hand knowledge that we had no plans to target Afghanistan and no viable target (obviously), also independent verification of the truth of Hersh's news story. Our continually traitorous President , acting as commander-in-chief sabotaged us and our relationship with Afghanistan by bombing it.
21 posted on 09/12/2001 9:22:24 AM PDT by boltfromblue
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To: Ann Archy
I heard that the Sen. Frank Church's hearings excoriating the CIA was the downfall of the CIA. Does anyone have something to read on this???

My brother-in-law called last night and that was the first thing he said. He remembers the Church Committee, and the squeamishness of Americans toward any 'black operations' or 'human intelligence'. He said we ought to dig up Frank Church (we think he's dead) and hang him for allowing America to get into such a vulnerable position. And we also ought to go back and look up who in the Congress voted to allow it to happen!

Interesting, the thoughts again about Clinton and treason. I was down in MS last week and my brother who works for NASA in DC was there also (he's ok, but said that DC was gridlock early yesterday). He said Clinton should have been impeached for TREASON, not for Monica. He was livid over our losses of secure info to the Chinese mainly through Loral.

I am also getting angry at those who are criticizing Bush for not flying directly back to Washington yesterday after the Pentagon attack. HELLO!!! No one knew, with several hundred planes still flying over the country at that time, if there were any more 'suicide bombers' on the way. It is being speculated that the flight that crashed near Pittsburgh had headed west, then turned back East and may have been headed for the White House. I also learned that Bush WAS on the way to Washington after the Trade Center attacks, but was diverted when the plane hit the Pentagon. It is our President's duty to STAY ALIVE to run the country, NOT to be on the TV virtually holding our hands all day. He was busy with much more important things. I was personaly NOT offended when Karen Hughes came out to give the statement (unlike Brian Williams who I thought was going to have a conniption fit!) Bush, Cheney and Condi Rice were exactly where they needed to be, running the Situation Room and dealing with the NSA. I'm glad the Secret Service took Bush in hand and got him to a secure location. No one knew what might be coming next, and they wanted to be ready for any eventuality!

I'm praying for all who died because of these heinous acts, and for their families, but also for President Bush who has enormous decisions to make in the weeks and months ahead.

22 posted on 09/12/2001 9:23:00 AM PDT by SuziQ
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To: mgist
I think the media is to blame. They've been trumpeting how Bush was the "selected" president and how America is "divided". This made the terrorist think we were weak. That's why Hitlery and Dashole and Little Dickie are out there saying "We're behind the president". They know they went too far! We should blame them like Clinton blamed Talk Radio for OKC.
23 posted on 09/12/2001 9:33:40 AM PDT by Terry Mross
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To: DonQ
No, it was the fault of the Church committee years before. Sen. Church demonized the intelligence departments of CIA, and FBI, saying it was undemocratic to spy on people, that we get the same information with satellites and that all that cloak and dagger stuff was out of date. Blame Church.
24 posted on 09/12/2001 9:37:03 AM PDT by az wildkitten
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To: mgist
25 posted on 09/12/2001 9:42:53 AM PDT by prognostigaator
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To: DonQ
Hmmm, in 1993, PRIOR to the first attack on the towers, Laden was an unknown. In the 2001 attack, Laden's whereabouts and connection to the earlier attacks HAS been known. Looks like your statement is without merit. Had clinton been in office yesterday, he most likely would have vowed to find the terrorists REGARDLESS of how much money they paid him. They most likely would be pardoned to gain the vote for the Demoncratic party, and allowed to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom.
26 posted on 09/12/2001 9:46:40 AM PDT by TheRealLobo
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To: mgist, ALL
Click here to send a message of support to President Bush

27 posted on 09/12/2001 9:50:20 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP
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To: Mark17
I guess I'm still trying to get over LBJ lying to Congress to expand a war in which he never intended to win. In other words, knowingly sending young Americans to die.
28 posted on 09/12/2001 10:03:27 AM PDT by anniegetyourgun
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To: mgist
Brutally, we witnessed our weakness today.

Thank God the adults are now in charge. I just pray it isn't too late.

29 posted on 09/12/2001 10:09:36 AM PDT by Humidston
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To: anniegetyourgun
I guess I'm still trying to get over LBJ lying to Congress to expand a war in which he never intended to win. In other words, knowingly sending young Americans to die.

Both Johnson and Clinton are/were evil.

30 posted on 09/12/2001 10:22:24 AM PDT by Mark17
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To: mgist
Funny - but I seem to remember (and I heard this also yesterday on one of the news shows) that the virtual dismantling of the CIA was accomplished by one, President Jimmy Carter in the late '70's...he didn't admire covert intelligence it seems and thought that America shouldn't stoop to such indelicate activity. Ronald Reagan re-instituted to some degree covert intelligence but Congress wasn't forthcoming with the bucks necessary for full-scale operation. I don't think that Clinton et al did anything extraordinarily different than J. Carter...they were both weak-kneed.
31 posted on 09/12/2001 10:32:23 AM PDT by almajur (
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To: riri
But the purpose of terrorists is NOT to decimate a population completely - the 'fun' would be over in that case. The purpose of terrorists is to instill fear in the civilian population. Terrorists always hit and run - they don't take out huge entities or peoples. There is one positive in all this: people (at least in my area) went out and bought guns and ammunition big-time.
32 posted on 09/12/2001 10:37:59 AM PDT by almajur (
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To: mgist
One thing I didn't find: mention of the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service). Who perverted the process to grant "citizenship" to convicted felons? Who lowered the bar so terrorists could freely enter this country? Who did these things so there would be a surge of Democrat votes in 1996 and 2000??


I hope you and the rest of your party are proud of yourselves. The blood is on your hands.

33 posted on 09/12/2001 10:39:43 AM PDT by Chairman Fred
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To: mgist
This thread is dreadful. No one but the terrorists are to blame. How pitiful to see partisan politics to come into play at a time like this.
34 posted on 09/12/2001 10:46:52 AM PDT by DallasSun
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To: Humidston
And if ONE more person says something about adults or grown ups if we are addle brained children to be led by politicians!
35 posted on 09/12/2001 10:51:13 AM PDT by DallasSun
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To: DallasSun
What was Future Coprolite Tim Russert's comment last night, about America needing "leadership, and Bill Clinton nowhere in sight" or something like that?
36 posted on 09/12/2001 10:51:29 AM PDT by Chairman Fred
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To: Chairman Fred
It was inappropriate and badly timed. Partisan politics should end at water's edge as we have always heard. Unfortunately, this time it is at our water's edge. I was very sorry, and angry, to hear him say this. We should all stand behind our President at this time. Just my opinion.
37 posted on 09/12/2001 11:00:00 AM PDT by DallasSun
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Comment #38 Removed by Moderator

To: Dick Bachert
I have known senior Pentagon officials (head of one department) and know that the State Department under Albright basically influenced/coerced them to use the port in Yemen where the Cole was attacked despite their trepidation. BTW, agree Clancy is right on. And let's send CNN our messages. I am SO GRATEFUL that a CLOSE contact was not at the Pentagon yesterday, as the office area on the outside was damaged.
39 posted on 09/12/2001 11:03:11 AM PDT by boltfromblue
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To: DonQ
Gee, if Clinton is to blame for yesterday's bombing fully eight months after Boy George took over, then I suppose the first bombing of the World Trade Center, in February 1993, less than a month after Poppy Bush left office was the fault of George the First.

If George Bush Sr. had purposely decimated the counter-intelligence community, then yes, I would hold him partially responsible for the first WTC bombing. But he did NOT do that. Clinton purposely decreased our human intelligence capabilities, and we are now paying the price, and he should share responsiblity for it.

40 posted on 09/12/2001 11:11:32 AM PDT by DeweyCA
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