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[October 19, 2000] Gore and Clinton and Some of Their Associates Linked to Terrorist Groups?
Original Post ^ | October 19, 2000 | Patrick B. Briley

Posted on 09/15/2001 9:21:23 PM PDT by Prism

Kenneth Timmerman wrote an article for the November 1997 issue of the American Spectator entitled “ Al Gore’s Arab Moneyman.” Timmerman reported that Al Gore had been promoting the nomination of Edward Gabriel to become U.S. Ambassador to Morroco. The article claimed Gabriel raised money for Arab “charities” connected by PLO Chairman, Yasser Arafat, to the military wing of the terrorist group Hamas. Timmerman interviewed George Cody, the executive director of the pro-Syrian task force of Lebanon. Cody told Timmerman that Gore had an excellent relationship with Gabriel and that Gore was a driving force behind Gabriel’s nomination.

Also, Timmerman reported that Gabriel had sat together with James Zogby and Abdulrahman Alamoudi on the steering committee of the Arab Americans for Clinton/Gore “96. The “Moneyman” article described a “former DNC employee” who alleged that Gabriel served as a conduit for campaign contributions to the DNC from Arab businessmen in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Syria. The source claimed the funds were solicited by Gabriel and Zogby, and then paid out to Arab Americans, who then legally contributed to the Gore/Clinton campaign in amounts of $1000, $5000, and even $10000.

Abdulrahman Alamoudi was executive director of the American Muslim Council (AMC) in April 1996. Abdulrahman met with Clinton’s National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake, in the White House on December 8, 1995 to receive a briefing on the Dayton Peace Agreement and to represent the interests of the Muslim Community. This access to the White House may have been connected to the donations arranged by Ed Gabriel for Gore and the DNC.

The suspicion of the possibility of Gore’s connection to the AMC and Gabriel and receiving campaign contributions from Arab terrorist groups is further heightened by another article published by Timmerman in the April 1997 issue of the American Spectator. Timmerman reported that Anthony Lake helped a company, Occidental Petroleum, closely connected to Gore and his father, obtain an exemption from the 1996 anti-terrorism act in order for Occidental to pursue a lucrative oil deal in Sudan.

Allegedly, Lake was involved in the ordering of the Treasury Department to write regulations that took the teeth out of the anti-terrorism law and thereby permitted the exemption. Gore and his father had close business dealings and stock holdings in Occidental Petroleum at the time and also had long time relations with the Occidental Chairman, Armand Hammer, who in turn had close ties with the Soviet Union.

William Grigg, writing in the April 14, 1997 issue of the New American Magazine noted that Sudan played a pivotal role in an Islamic terrorist network that Anthony Lake used to create a Iran-Bosnia arms pipeline.

Jack Kelly reported in an October 29, 1999, article of U.S.A. Today, entitled “Saudi Money Aiding Bin Laden,” that Capitol Trust Bank of New York and London was being investigated by U.S. and British officials for allegedly transferring millions of dollars to terrorist Bin Laden from five top Saudi Arabian businessmen. It is very disturbing that the banker who heads up Capitol Trust Bank, Mohammed Alamoudi, has legally been represented in Washington D.C., by Vernon Jordan, a close confidante of Clinton with ties to Gore.

Furthermore, note that Alamoudi is the same last name of the individual Timmerman reported had ties to Ed Gabriel, Arab terrorists and Al Gore and those who had arranged questionable if not illegal contributions to the Gore/Clinton campaign in 1996. It is not known whether or not Mohammed and Abdulrahuran Alamoudi are related or unrelated or know each other.

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher accused the US State Department and its Assistant Secretary, Karl Inderfurth, of withholding key documents from Congress that Rohrabacher claimed would show that the Clinton and Gore administration had supported the Taliban militia in Afghanistan. This story was reported by the UPI and author Joe Warminsky on October 20, 1999. The Taliban has widely been acknowledged as hiding and protecting the terrorist Bin Laden.

Another troubling connection between terrorist Bin Laden and the Clinton and Gore administration is the DOJ and FBI handling of an Egyptian, Ali Mohammed, who worked directly for Bin Laden and the CIA and the FBI and the Green Berets and was involved in Arab terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Ali first worked training Green Berets, then worked for the CIA before becoming an FBI operative out of Sacramento, California from 1992 to 1996.

Ali was indicted in New York in late 1998 for helping Bin Laden do the bombings of the World Trade Center and the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He was also indicted for setting up and training Bin Laden terrorist cells in the US. When arrested he had manuals for how to hide explosives in public buildings. He is suspected of helping Bin Laden by writing terrorist training manuals for Bin Laden.

Ali worked with Bin Laden’s secretary, El Hage, and a terrorist group out of Dallas, Texas that may have helped Hamas terrorist groups in OKC assist McVeigh in the OKC bombing. El Hage complained to the judge at his hearing that El Hage and other FBI operatives had in fact warned the US about the Kenyan and Tanzanian bombings.

It was reported by the New York Times that the FBI had detailed plans and advanced warnings for over five months for the bombings of the embassies and the World Trade Center and nothing adequate was done to try to stop the bombings.

Did Ali and El Hage provide information to the FBI in advance about these bombings? Did Clinton and Gore and Reno order the FBI to ignore the advanced warnings and plans that the FBI did have even if they did not come from Ali and El Hage? Was Lake involved in not stopping these bombings? Was there a mole or spy in the administration? Or were the bombings deliberately allowed or caused to happen? Were the Clinton and Gore administration’s connections to Bin Laden at play in not stopping these Bin Laden bombings??

Steve Emerson, a noted terrorism expert and producer of “Jihad In American” for PBS, wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal on March 13, 1996 entitled “Friends of Hamas In the White House.” Emerson said “the contacts between the White House and Islamic radicals began on November 9, 1995, when President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore met with Abdulrahman Alamoudi, executive director of the American Muslim Council (AMC), as part of a meeting with 23 Muslim and Arab leaders.”

Emerson quoted Seif Ashmarvy, the American Muslim publisher of the Voice of Peace in New Jersey. Ashmarvy said “the American Muslim Council is a radical group that supports radical Islamic terrorist movements.” Ashmarvy also said he felt “totally betrayed by the Clinton administration.”

Emerson reported that Abdulrahman Alamoudi in an April 1995 press conference denounced the counter terrorism legislation in Congress and angrily dismissed suggestions that Hamas was a terrorist group.

The AMC responded to Emerson’s article in April 1996 in a press release “Reading Between the Lines, AMC’s Rebuttal to Steve Emerson’s Charges.” In rebuttal, AMC asserted that Hamas should not be condemned for extreme actions by those in the military front of Hamas. AMC President Dr. Mohammed Cheema is also quoted in the AMC rebuttal as saying “Israel must talk to Hamas” since Cheema believed Palestinians were following Hamas.

Anthony Lake gave a speech to the Council on Foreign relations in the Fall of 1994 in which Lake said the chief cornerstone of US foreign policy was to “pit our tolerant society against “….militias and domestic and foreign rogue groups in the US. The Lake speech was quoted on page 39 of an August 1995 issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine (Lake is on the front cover).

Shortly after the OKC bombing Clinton and Gore expressed their sympathies for innocent Arab Americans. But Clinton and Gore also wrongly blamed other Americans who were conservative Christians, militia members and conservative radio talk show hosts who Gore and Clinton knew were not involved. Clinton and Gore never apologized to those Americans whom they smeared and defamed.

Clinton and Gore deliberately carried out the program outlined by Lake in his speech to “pit our tolerant society against” those in America Clinton, Gore and Lake wanted to discredit and turn our society against, the conservative Christians, the conservative talk radio hosts, and members of militias. When Clinton, Gore and Lake were through with their propaganda, they had succeeded in having the label of “ anti-government conspirator” applied against anyone who questioned government investigations to make the government more accountable to the people.

There is considerable evidence to suggest that Clinton, Gore, Lake, the DOJ, and the FBI conducted and covered up a failed sting operation in the OKC bombing and then used the failure to discredit Americans who are conservative Christians, militia members and conservative talk radio hosts. There also is considerable evidence of extreme forewarning of terrorist attacks against a Federal Building in OKC in April 1995 which Gore and Clinton did not have the Federal government pass on to the 169 innocent citizens killed on April 19,1995.

It is known that the White House and DOJ intervened in early May 1995 to stop all FBI searches for John Does involved in the OKC bombing. In fact the cover up started at least as early as April 21, 1995 when the FBI shut down the John Doe investigations by the FBI threatening court martial against Army recruiters for talking about having seen McVeigh in the Murrah Building with John Does. This was not an attempt to catch bad guys because no effort was made by the FBI to have sketches made of the John Does seen by the Army recruiters.

While the vast majority of Arab Americans are peace loving and law abiding, a continuation of an FBI investigation of Middle Eastern men possibly involved should not have been portrayed by Clinton and Gore as racist or defamatory toward Arabs as a group.

The FBI was also ordered to stop the FBI searches for two Middle Eastern men who had been the subject of an FBI all points bulletin broadcast on OKC television stations for a week after the bombing. A number of FBI agents were greatly disturbed by the DOJ having the FBI call off pursuit of the Middle Eastern men seen at the Murrah Building around McVeigh by many witnesses on April 19,1995.

Not only was the FBI taken off the investigating Middle Eastern John Does but the Assistant US attorney Ted Richardson was taken off his investigation of the employer of an Iraqi, Al Hussaini, sued by KFORTV in OKC for their stories trying to link Hussaini to McVeigh and the bombing. Richardson was found dead of a shot gun blast to the chest in 1997 near his church. And the FBI and US prosecutors refused until February 1999 to receive evidence from a former KFORTV reporter of witnesses linking McVeigh to seven Middle Eastern men who allegedly helped McVeigh.

Herb Johnson, the Chief of Staff for US Senator James Inhofe, was told by an FBI agent in the FBI command post that the DOJ was concerned how the DOJ could keep the public from knowing about the involvement of Middle Eastern men in the OKC bombing.

According to OKC police officer, Don Browning, FBI agent Floyd Zimms deliberately gave out false information about the getaway car of two Middle Eastern (Pakistani) suspects detained at the Dallas airport on April 19,1995 that may have led to their premature release. Zimms also allegedly falsified an FBI 302 interview report with a key witness implicating Middle Eastern men in the OKC bombing. It has been alleged by a very reliable source that Zimms now works for the CIA and may have worked for the CIA and FBI at the time of the bombing.

As noted earlier in this article, the AMC has tried to assert that Hamas is not primarily a terrorist organization and that Israel should be caused to have to negotiate with Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and his terrorism advisor, Yigal Carmon, offered help to the US after the OKC bombing and stated publicly they believed Hamas terrorists were involved in the OKC bombing. Clinton and Gore rejected the Israeli offer.

Yet the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Democratic Congressman Dave McCurdy of Oklahoma, wrote in a May 1995 issue of the Oklahoma Gazette that a well established terrorist Hamas cell in OKC was probably involved in the OKC bombing. McCurdy wrote that that the Hamas cell in OKC had demolition experts and that the FBI had shown McCurdy training films used by the Hamas cell.

Furthermore, two OKC deputy sheriffs, Don Hammons and David Kochendoerfer, stated at a press conference in early 1998 that Congressman Ernest Istook told the sheriffs on the evening of April 19, 1995 that a local Arab terrorist group had made a threat against a Federal Building in OKC on April 9, 1995. FBI agent James Carlysle tried to intimidate Kochendoerfer and is strongly believed Carlysle falsified his 302 interview report with the sheriff.

Janice Roberts, staff director for a Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism told me there has been a well established Hamas terrorist cell in OKC for more than ten years. Governor Frank Keating’s brother, Martin Keating, told me on KTOK radio that Hamas had a well established terrorist cell in OKC. Martin Keating’s book, “the Final Jihad”, contains a story line of a Middle Eastern attack on a Federal building in Oklahoma and his book was written before the OKC bombing.

A representative of Terry Lenzner’s investigative firm, IGI, contacted a KFORTV reporter shortly after the OKC bombing and wanted to assist in the KFORTV investigation. The IGI offer was declined and soon thereafter KFORTV was bought by the New York Times (very unusual). And around the same time the Iraqi Al Hussaini sued KFORTV with the help of OK governor Keating’s law associate Gary Richardson., and the New York Times then sued a KFORTV reporter close to the investigation of the Middle Eastern connection to the OKC bombing. After these events, the KFORTV investigations of a possible Middle East connection were drastically curtailed.

Did Lenzner and IGI really want to help KFORTV or did they want to help stop an investigation that might show Clinton, Gore and Lake complicity in a failed sting operation and its cover up involving Middle Eastern men? Were the misfortunes of KFORTV, the lawsuits against KFORTV and their reporters, aided by Lenzner when KFORTV declined to let IGI be involved in their investigation?

Terry Lenzner, founder of IGI, hired two FBI men involved in the OKC bombing investigation, Larry Potts (of Ruby Ridge fame), and Howard Shapiro, the White House legal counsel for the FBI. Lenzner is a close friend of Hillary Clinton and both served on the legal team for the Watergate Committee. Lenzner also knows Anthony Lake and Strobe Talbot, the Deputy Secretary of State.

These questions about Lenzner are also raised in part because of what is also known about Lenzner’s connections to investigations performed by IGI for the White House. Lenzner is alleged to have investigated twenty Congressmen involved in the impeachment hearings. Lenzner is also alleged to have investigated women who made accusations against Clinton. Clinton acknowledged in a formal response to Henry Hyde’s interrogatories that Lenzner’s firm IGI had been used in investigations for the White House.

At the time of the impeachment and the Senate trial, it is known that US Congressmen and Senators had evidence concerning the OKC bombing and of alleged illegal campaign contributions made to Clinton and Gore and the DNC by Arab groups suspected of being connected to terrorists. Yet the Congressmen were blocked from bringing up much evidence in the Senate trial not related to Lewinsky by Democratic and Republican Senators according to the legal counsel for the House Mangers, David Schippers, in his book “Sellout”.

Lenzner investigated the wife of Republican Senator Nickles from Oklahoma sometime shortly after the OKC bombing and Nickles angrily confronted Lenzner about this in Senate hearings. Nickles is the second most senior and ranking Republican in the Senate behind Trent Lott.

Did the alleged Terry Lenzner’s investigations of the twenty Congressmen and also of one or more Republican Senators in any way contribute to evidence being blocked at the Senate trial? Did the blocked evidence relate to possible illegal campaign contributions to Gore and Clinton from Arab terrorist groups some of whom may have been involved in the OKC bombing? Did any of the blocked evidence pertain to possible Gore and Clinton complicity and coverup of a failed Federal sting operation that involved Middle Eastern men and that was used to discredit militias, conservative Christians, and conservative talk radio hosts?

There is even more information pertaining to Lenzner’s possible role in the OKC bombing case. Lenzner was part owner of a Tulsa, Oklahoma company once called Hawkins Oil. Hawkins employed a Pakistani who was a member of the Islamic Society of Tulsa and who has worked with Arab students on the campus of Tulsa University.

The Hawkins Oil employee made one or business trips to Pakistan and the region near Afghanistan where the terrorist Bin Laden resides. An Arab informant has told an OKC police officer that the Pakistani employee of Hawkins Oil was placed together with the employer of the Iraqi, Al Husseini, who sued KFORTV. According to the OKC police officer, the FBI intervened directly with the informant to shut down the investigation of the Hawkins Oil employee’s connections by the OKC police officer.

Also, recall that Dr, Mohammed Cheema, a Pakistani, is president of the AMC connected to Edward Gabriel and Gore by Timmerman and Emerson. It is not known whether or not the Hawkins Oil employee and Dr. Mohammed Cheema are related or know each other.

Also, an Indian newspaper, NewsToday, reported in June 2000, that Mohammed Arshad Cheema of Pakistan had helped Pakistani and Mujahideen (connected to Bin Laden) terrorists hijack an Indian plane, flight IC-814.

It is not known whether or not the Hawkins Oil employee, Dr. Mohammed Cheema, and Mohammed Arshad Cheema are relatives or know each other. However, all three are Pakistanis. And it was reported on by Free Vulcan on October 11, 2000 that Clinton has had longstanding connections with Pakistani terrorists, drug and gun runners, and hit men associated with BCCI. Also recall earlier in this article the story about FBI agent and CIA operative Floyd Zimms deliberately giving out false information about the getaway car of two Pakistani suspects detained at the Dallas airport on April 19,1995, an action that caused their premature release. p> Was there a connection between any of the Pakistanis, Terry Lenzner, Vernon Jordan, Clinton, Gore or Bin Laden with the OKC bombing case and with campaign contributions from Arab groups associated with Arab terrorists??

The US State Department of Gore and Clinton is populated by men like Strobe Talbot, a friend of Lake and Lenzner. These are the men who tilted US foreign policy in the Middle East toward the AMC, Arafat, the PLO, and the terrorist group Hamas starting at least as early as 1994 and 1995. It is not surprising that a member of this State Department recently implied in a memo released on the on October 18, 2000 that 100 Palestinians killed in Israel are worth more than 17 US sailors killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole believed to have been tied to Bin Laden.

The problem is that there is evidence that suggests that Gore and Clinton knowingly received and perhaps solicited campaign contributions from Arab groups associated with known terrorist groups.

Has anyone asked Vernon Jordan why he is the lawyer for the banker whose bank was being investigated for funneling millions of dollars to terrorist Bin Laden?

Has anyone asked Gore and Clinton to explain and justify their receiving contributions from alleged Arab terrorist organizations and tilting US foreign policy toward these groups?

What was the role of Gore and Clinton in the foreknowledge and cover up of a Federal sting operation involving Middle Eastern men in the OKC bombing?

TOPICS: Editorial; News/Current Events

1 posted on 09/15/2001 9:21:23 PM PDT by Prism
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To: Prism

Crime/Corruption Breaking News News
Published: Monday, May 29 1:22 AM SGT
Posted on 05/28/2000 13:56:51 PDT by HeilToTheChiefNOT!

US faces 'quite real' threat of terrorist attack: Cohen

WASHINGTON, May 28 (AFP) - The United States faces a "quite real" threat of a terrorist attack on its soil with nuclear, chemical or biological arms within the next 10 years, US Secretary of Defense William Cohen warned Sunday.

"The likelihood is quite real," Cohen told NBC television's "Meet the Press" program. "There is a chance it is going to happen."

"The likelihood of an attack on American soil, using either a chemical or biological or, indeed, a nuclear weapon, is quite, not only possible, but probable," added the defense secretary.

The warning followed a reassessment of external threats facing the United States in the post-Cold-War world conducted by the administration of President Bill Clinton.

Military analysts believe that even though the collapse of the Soviet Union has left the United States the sole military superpower, it is likely to be confronted with unconventional security threats for which it may be ill-prepared.

"No country is going to take us on head-on," said Cohen.

"They'll look for asymmetric types of threats and attacks, for example, through the use of chemical or biological agents, through the use of cyberattacks," he explained.

He said the Clinton administration was aware that about two dozen nations were developing chemical and biological weapons but did not name them.

He also refused to rule out the possibility that a portable nuclear weapon could be smuggled and exploded on US territory by terrorists or hostile intelligence agents.

"We know that there are many nuclear weapons, small nuclear weapons that can be transported," noted the secretary of defense, arguing that the country should prepare itself for an attack, which would involve weapons of mass destruction.

Cohen said the government had already organized 27 "weapons of mass destruction civil support teams" deployed with the US National Guard around the country.

This week, the US government is wrapping up a major exercise designed to ready the country for a chemical or biological attack.

The 10-day drill code-named "TOPOFF" scheduled to conclude on Tuesday is being conducted in the US states of Colorado and New Hampshire and involves 27 federal agencies in addition to local emergency services, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In New Hampshire, emergency teams are practicing a response to a simulated chemical weapons attack during a mass sporting event, while Colorado authorities are coping with a make-believe epidemic of "pneumonic plague" triggered by the use of biological agents.

To underscore to importance the US government attaches to raising the level of preparedness, US Attorney General Janet Reno and Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala are taking part in the drill along with the governors of both states.

But the US government, including the Pentagon, had egg on its face last week, when the US Congress' investigative arm released a report showing that its investigators, brandishing fake law-enforcement badges and claiming they were armed had no trouble walking into 19 sensitive federal agencies.

The General Accounting Office reported that its agents penetrated the Defense, State and Justice Departments and Central Intelligence Agency, as well as secured areas at two major airports using fake badges like those that can be purchased on the Internet.

Cohen accepted the blame for the security breaches.

"That's a deficiency on our part," he said. "It certainly is, and it takes these kinds of tests to expose those deficiencies."


Michael you hit the nail on the head with "If the CIA would stop screwing around with other people's countries, the terrorists will go HOME! "

By today's definitions, a terrorist is someone who uses a car or himself to kill innocent people. However, if you use a missile or an air force to kill people, that is not killing innocents, it just 'collateral damage'. When will be get real and realize that the bombed people don't like being 'collateral damage' and just might respond. Seems like another hit on our freedoms coming up. But here is the answer.


"Let me begin by commending you all - on the campaign by and the Center for Libertarian Studies - to forge a new anti-interventionist American coalition. Only an engaged and informed citizenry can bring about a reversal of the neo-imperial foreign policy that has been foisted upon us in the post-Cold War era by the elites of both Beltway parties.

Foreign policy, they tell us, is not an issue in this election year. By that they mean it is off the table, a matter already decided upon and settled by those who know what is best for America. So they, and their media auxiliaries, redirect our attention away from foreign policy to such burning national issues as the dating policy at Bob Jones University.

What is best for America and the world, they tell us, is that the United States should remain a superpower sheriff, the Wyatt Earp of the West, possessed of the sole right to deputize posses, or go it alone if necessary, to discipline evil-doers, wherever our "values" are threatened. I submit that this foreign policy poses a great and growing danger to the peace and security of the United States.

Last year, for 78 days, U.S. pilots flew thousands of missions against Serbia, destroying bridges, factories, electrical grids, and, yes, even hospitals, schools and the occasional embassy. Yet, before launching his war, Mr. Clinton never received the authorization of Congress. But as a consequence of our triumph over Serbia, young men and women from California, Kentucky, Florida and Maine are in Kosovo policing territory that has been violently contested for hundreds of years.

As of now, we do not know if U.S. troops will end up fighting Serbs, or Kosovar Albanians, or first one, then the other. But it is a near certainty that United States will one day be forced to pull out of Kosovo, after having earned the lasting hatred of Serbs -- a people who never harmed the United States -- and of the Albanians, whose aspirations will not be satisfied until the U.S. helps to carve out an ethnically pure Greater Albania.

Look at the balance sheet of Bill Clinton's unconstitutional war. NATO, a defensive alliance, launched an offensive war against a nation that threatened no member of that alliance, dissipating the moral authority with which NATO had emerged from the Cold War. Serbia is smashed. Montenegro and Macedonia are destabilized. Kosovo was purged first of Albanians, then of Serbs. And lies in ruins. U.S. relations with China and Russia have been damaged. For what? So we and NATO could police in perpetuity a Balkan province that has not the remotest connection to U.S. vital interests. Such are the fruits of neo-imperialism.

Meanwhile, a decade after the Gulf War, American soldiers and airmen stand ready to die to defend Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from Iran and Iraq - as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait conspire with Iran and Iraq to keep oil prices over $30 a barrel -- to loot America and gouge U.S. consumers.

For ten years, the U.S. has played the dominant role in maintaining rigid sanctions on Iraq. By one UN estimate, these sanctions have resulted in the premature deaths of 500,000 children. Will the parents of those children ever forgive us? Even our European Allies recoil. By keeping these sanctions fastened on Iraq, we flout every tenet of Christianity's Just War doctrine, and build up deposits of hatred across the Arab world that will take decades to draw down. One day our children shall pay the price of our callous indifference to what is happening to the children of Iraq.

I speak as a proud Cold Warrior who supported every great anti-Communist initiative from JFK to Reagan. And I support a U.S. defense that is second to none and a foreign policy whereby America responds resolutely to any attack on American citizens, honor, or vital interests.

But what purpose is served by our shortening the lives of Iraqi people who have done us no harm? If Desert Storm could not remove Saddam Hussein, how are the women, children and elderly of Iraq, the victims of our sanctions, supposed to overthrow him?

And if 78 days of bombing could not eject Milosevic from power, how does forcing the people of Serbia to endure a brutal winter without fuel or heat advance our goal? What happened to the moral idea of proportionality, even in wartime, between means and ends?

We are in an election season, and the two major parties have made their predictable selections. Their debate over foreign policy -- it is no news to anyone sitting here - was devoid of any fresh thinking. Both parties are frozen in the mindset of a Cold War that ended ten years ago.

During one debate, John McCain singled out Iraq, Libya and North Korea as "rogue states" and advocated the armed overthrow of all three by U.S.-trained and equipped armies. Pressed on what he would do if his armies were being annihilated, the Senator did not respond. But he did not reject the notion that Iran, a nation of 70 million, should also be designated a rogue state to be targeted for overthrow.

Friends, this is hubris; this is triumphalism; this is the arrogance of power; this is America's Brezhnev doctrine. I single McCain out not because he in particular is misguided, but because such ideas are commonplace among the global gamesmen in Washington.

Governor Bush cried out in anguish when he was compared by Senator McCain to Bill Clinton, but he did not utter a skeptical word about McCain's plans for rogue regimes. Indeed, the Governor has exhibited neither absorbing interest nor extraordinary aptitude for foreign policy -- to put it generously. His call last year for the war on Serbia to be waged "more ferociously" was his one memorable foreign policy utterance. But in the cluster of foreign policy aides, the self-styled "Vulcans," now home-schooling the Governor, notions of "rogue state rollback" are music to the ear.

Among the more prominent of the Vulcans is Paul Wolfowitz. A Pentagon aide to Bush the Elder, Wolfowitz produced in 1992 a blueprint for war against Russia that would utilize six carrier battle groups and 24 NATO divisions to rescue Lithuania, should Moscow recolonize that tiny republic.

Richard Perle, another of the "On-to-Baghdad" brigade, is perhaps Washington's premier enthusiast of using U.S. power to topple rogue regimes. Another tutor to Governor Bush is his father's former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft. A few months ago, General Scowcroft advocated putting a division of U.S. troops on the Golan Heights, to police peace between Syria and Israel, thereby insuring there would be dead Americans in any future Syrian-Israeli clash.

Not one of the "Vulcans" embraces the new thinking on foreign policy that has taken root in Congress and the country in the aftermath of the Cold War. This new thinking alarms both Clintonites who call it "isolationist," but even more the neo-conservatives who believe America should convert her hour of power into a "benevolent global hegemony."

Indeed, during Clinton's war on Serbia, one neoconservative strategist was so disheartened by the lack of war spirit among the Republican rank-and file, he mused about giving up and leaving the GOP altogether.

But while many Democrats and some on the Left are eager to challenge the Bush-Clinton New World Order, Vice President Gore is not among them. Mr. Gore is a Wilsonian in full. He exhibits a New Republic-style lust for cruise missile strikes on "rogue nations." He was all for the war on Serbia. Nor did he allow a ray of daylight to open up between himself and Mr. Clinton on sanctions against Iraq or the strikes against that poison gas factory in Sudan, that turned out to be a pharmaceutical plant.

Mr. Gore is also an acolyte of the New World Order, ever ready to cede American sovereignty, and an architect of Clinton's Kyoto Treaty, under which global bureaucrats would dictate America's use of fossil fuels. When young Americans perished in a tragic accident over Iraq, Gore reflexively offered his condolences to the families of those who, quote, "had died in the service of the United Nations."

Quo Vadis? Where are you going, America?

Because of our sanctions on scores of nations, cruise missile strikes upon others, and intervention in the internal affairs of still others in the wake of the Cold War, a seething resentment of America is brewing all over the world. And the haughty attitude of our foreign policy elite only nurses the hatred. Hearken, if you will, to the voice of our own Xenia, Madeline Albright, announcing new air strikes on Iraq: "If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see farther into the future."

Now I count myself an American patriot. But if this Beltway braggadocio about being the world's "indispensable nation" has begun to grate on me, how must it grate upon the Europeans, Russians, and peoples subject to our sanctions because they have failed, by our lights, to live up to our standards?

And how can all our meddling not fail to spark some horrible retribution? Recall: it was in retaliation for the bombing of Libya that Khadafi's agents blew up Pan Am 103. And it is said to have been in retaliation for the Vincennes' accidental shoot-down of that Iranian airliner that Teheran collaborated with terrorists to blow up the Khobar towers. From Pan Am 103, to the World Trade Center, to the embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar - have we not suffered enough not to know that interventionism is the incubator of terrorism? Or will it take some cataclysmic atrocity on U.S. soil to awaken our global gamesmen to the asking price of empire?

America today faces a choice of destinies. We can be the peacemaker of the world - or its policeman who goes about night-sticking troublemakers until we, too, find ourselves in some bloody brawl we cannot handle. Let us use this transitory moment of American power and preeminence to encourage and assist old friends and allies to stand on their own feet and provide and pay for their own defense.

Let me state my present intent: If elected, I will have all U.S. troops out of the Balkan quagmire by year's end, and all American troops home from Europe by the end of my first term. Forty years ago, President Eisenhower pleaded with JFK to bring all U.S. troops home from Europe. Certainly, sixty years after the end of World War II, and fifteen years after the Berlin Wall fell, is not too soon to get all U.S. troops out of Europe and let Europeans provide and pay the cost of their own defense. If not now, when?

And let us quickly adopt a measure of humility about how much we know about what is best for other peoples and cultures. In the words of the great scholar Russell Kirk: "There exists no single best form of government for the happiness of all mankind. The most suitable form of government depends on the historic experience, the customs, the beliefs, the state of culture...and all these things vary from land to land and age to age."

We are entering a fertile and exciting time in our politics. Our ossified two-party system, that has managed to stifle serious foreign policy debate for a decade, is cracking up. Pressure is growing from dissidents within, and this year, there will be a mighty challenge from without. As Joe Namath said, I guarantee it.

Our Reform Party will be on the ballot in 50 states, and, if I have anything to say about it -- and I expect to -- it will become a non-interventionist party, a peace party, that will reach out to Americans of Right and Left who reject the Third Way imperialism being forced upon us by the elites of both Beltway parties.

In this new era, many of us are rediscovering the old distrust of crusading that was at the center of the world view of the old American Right. We are conscious of our love for this country. We do not wish to isolate America from the world, only to isolate America from wars -- the religious, ethnic, and territorial wars of less fortunate lands. We know there is a powerful body of American thought -- from Washington to John Quincy Adams to William Jennings Bryan and Robert Taft -- as well as all the near forgotten figures written about by Justin Raimondo and others -- to help guide us. And their message is one I intend to stamp upon our banners in the campaign of 2000: A Republic, Not an Empire! America First! "

2 posted on 09/15/2001 9:27:21 PM PDT by Prism
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To: Prism
Crimes Committed By FBI Officials and Agents During National Security Operations?

Why Frank Keating Should Not Be A Vice President or Cabinet Official - July 20, 2000

Source: Personal Research
Published: November 6, 2000
Author: Patrick B. Briley

FBI Agent Alleges Federal Workers Ordered to Violate Federal Laws During National Security Operation: A Review of Alleged Crimes by FBI Officials and Workers in FBI Operations Since 1992.

The following analysis is based in part on an article “FBI Agent Sues To Report Misconduct” written by AP reporter Michael Sniffen and published in the Washington Post on November 3, 2000.

A veteran FBI agent, Joseph Rogoskey, filed a Federal lawsuit on November 3, 2000 alleging that Federal workers were ordered by US government officials to violate Federal laws during a top secret, national security operation. Rogoskey’s attorney Stephen Kohn stated that the lawsuit “involves what they (Federal workers) were ordered and permitted by the government to do in this operation.'' Rogoskey claims he witnessed the violation of law and criminal misconduct by the Federal workers.

Rogoskey’s lawsuit asks a US District court to permit Rogoskey to transmit his allegations to Congressional oversight committees as well as Clinton and Madeline Albright. Rogoskey has been denied permission by FBI director, Louis Freeh and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder to send his allegations to Congress, Clinton and Albright.

Rogoskey also appears to be seeking permission because he perceives a serious conflict of interest by the FBI and DOJ in investigating and deciding whether or not his allegations can be transmitted to Congress. Stephen Kohn underscored these concerns by stating ``keeping whistle-blower allegations within the institution that authorized the misconduct does not serve the public interest and raises grave constitutional questions.''

Kohn’s statement leaves little doubt that Rogoskey is saying that the FBI and possibly DOJ is the “institution” which ordered and permitted Federal workers to commit crimes during the operation.

Freeh and Holder have not given Rogoskey any assurances that his allegations are being investigated. There has been no indication that the FBI or DOJ has corrected any problems by taking disciplinary actions and filing charges against those government officials and Federal workers Rogoskey say were involved.

Freeh and Holder act like they are hiding something from Congress. What crimes by which Federal officials and workers in which national security operation do Freeh and Holder want kept from Congress and the American people??

The Senate Judiciary Committee of Congress has direct Constitutional authority and oversight responsibilities for the conduct of Federal officials and workers in the DOJ and the FBI. This is the Committee that Freeh and Holder would be trying to keep Rogoskey from talking to.

It is believed that the FBI routinely lies to Congress (“plays them like a harp”) and withholds much information about FBI operations. Assistant FBI Director Danny Coulson, a Freeh deputy involved in Waco, Ruby Ridge and OKC, publicly expressed absolute contempt for Congressional oversight committees at his book signing I attended in OKC in March 1999.

Another interesting aspect of the Rogoskey lawsuit is that his attorney Stephen Kohn previously defended Frederick Whitehurst against unethical retaliation by the FBI similar to the retaliation now suffered by Rogoskey. Whitehurst had revealed FBI perjury and fabrication of evidence by the FBI crime lab in high profile cases including the OKC bombing case and another case that catapulted Freeh to fame involving the bombing of a judge in Georgia.

And according to a Washington Post article “Former FBI Workers File Whistleblower Suit “ by Michael Grunwald dated October 20, 1998, three other FBI workers sued the Federal government for FBI and DOJ failure to enforce a 1989 law that protects whistleblowers who complain about misconduct at the FBI.

The plaintiffs were former FBI agent Thomas M. Chamberlin, former FBI chemist Jorge L. Villanueva and former FBI staffer Cheryl J. Whitehurst. They claimed that they were fired or forced out of the bureau for reporting misconduct by their colleagues. Whitehurst also said she was harassed because she is married to Frederic Whitehurst, a chemist whose allegations launched a major investigation of the FBI crime laboratory.

What is important is that Rogoskey is claiming FBI officials and Federal workers under their control have committed Federal crimes. Although it has not yet been publicly revealed what operation was underway when the crimes occurred, it is possible the operation was either a counter intelligence, a counter terrorism or espionage operation. There has been corrupt FBI behavior reported in these operational areas since 1992.

Rogoskey says he promptly reported the crimes he observed in 1997. It is not known whether or not the crimes Rogoskey observed and reported had been associated with an FBI operation that had started before 1997. Crimes could have started in the operation before Rogoskey observed them or the crimes could have occurred in 1997 to cover up parts of the operation that may have been conducted before 1997.

Rogoskey’s assertions are only the tip of the iceberg. His story is only one example among many that points to the corrupt and illegal conduct by FBI and DOJ officials and agents in many other cases where national security is used as an excuse for them to violate the law and withhold evidence from Congress and the American people.

Corrupt FBI behavior has been reported in the sieges at Waco and Ruby Ridge, in the bombings of TWA 800, the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the WTC and Murrah building in OKC. Corrupt FBI conduct was also involved in the loss of nuclear technology at US national labs including the Win Ho Lee case.

In the Win Ho Lee case, an FBI agent admitted lying repeatedly under oath to the court about the details of the FBI and DOJ investigation of Lee. No action was taken by the court or by the FBI or DOJ against the FBI agent. Lee’s wife had been an FBI informant for several years. The FBI followed Lee for years over seas and even allowed him to hire a research assistant from mainland China to work at Los Alamos National Lab with no security clearances during the time the FBI knew he was a suspect.

The FBI also participated in covering up allegations made to them by Army intelligence of Chinese espionage in the SDI program at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And the FBI coverer up and facilitated the transfer of SDI technology to the Russians at Kirtland AFB. Both cover-ups started in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s at a time Rogoskey was involved in top secret covert operations for the FBI.

In 1997 ABC Nightline reported that the FBI had deliberately helped an American steal and sell blueprints and manufacturing processes for Intel’s Pentium processor to the North Koreans, Russian and Chinese. The FBI admitted their corrupt and illegal operation to ABC but tried to justify it by claiming it was necessary to gain intelligence on Cuban and Castro operations inside the US.

In the OKC bombing case, FBI agents falsified and withheld evidence, lied to police officers, lied to the courts, threatened witnesses, falsified their own 320 interview reports and helped Middle Eastern suspects escape. The OKC bombing case is believed to have been a failed national security operation involving Middle Eastern men and FBI operatives and informants.

The FBI told Herb Johnson, the Chief of Staff for Senator James Inhofe, that the DOJ wanted the FBI to keep the public from finding out that the FBI and DOJ knew Middle Eastern men were involved in the OKC bombing. Two deputy sheriffs have publicly stated that Earnest Istook told them that a Federal government operation had failed to stop the OKC bombing even though the FBI had been tipped on April 9, 1995. Congressman Dave McCurdy, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, wrote in the Oklahoma Gazette that the FBI had informed him and shown him training films of a local Hamas terrorist cell that had demolition experts capable of helping do the OKC bombing.

In the bombings of the WTC, the embassies and the Murrah Building in OKC, the FBI had detailed advanced warnings from Middle Eastern informants, yet the FBI did not stop the bombings. These bombings involved national security operations with Federal agents, operatives and informants.

A major FBI operative informant in all these bombings was Ali Mohamed who also set up and trained terrorist cells in the US for Bin Laden while he as an FBI operative from 1992 to 1998, during the time Rogoskey says he observed crimes. The US entered into a secret plea bargain arrangement last month with Ali Mohamed after he was indicted, perhaps to buy his silence over corrupt and negligent FBI operations and policies.

One national security operation in the US run by the FBI was described by Louis Freeh to Congress when he testified in support of anti-terrorism legislation. Freeh bragged that the FBI had helped populate three terrorist cells in Texas, California and Virginia with known Middle Eastern terrorists. In an article I wrote earlier this year, I have documented that FBI agents involved in counter terrorism operations have discussed the corrupt FBI policy of allowing known Middle Eastern terrorists to circulate for years within the US to track them.

In November 1996, on the day before Thanksgiving, Mr. Robert Mullado, a DOJ attorney, contacted me about my conversations with the law firm of Stephen Kohn and Colapinto concerning the OKC bombing and Frederick Whitehurt's allegations about FBI perjury and the fabrication of evidence by the FBI crime lab in the OKC bombing. This is the same law firm that currently represents Rogoskey.

Mullado worked for the special committee set up by Reno to investigate (cover up) the Whirtehurst allegations about the FBI crime lab. He also called me back a few weeks later. His phone number was 203-616-4766.

Mullado was not interested in my allegations, but instead was trying to get information about what Whitehurst's attorneys might have told me to help the DOJ coverup the problems at the FBI crime lab and to attempt to discredit Whitehurst. This was patently corrupt and unethical on Mullado’s part and on the DOJ's part.

I told Mullado I did not hear or seek any details of the Whitehurst case from the law firm, but instead had informed them of what I had learned about FBI misconduct and corruption in the OKC bombing case through my own efforts.

I challenged Mullado and asserted that the DOJ had illegally learned of my calls via a phone tap or an informant in the law firm. Mullado did not provide an adequate explanation of how he and the DOJ had learned of my calls. I informed the law firm and they were quite surprised.

You will learn from the articles I have written (listed below) that the FBI has repeatedly threatened me and my wife over what I have learned about FBI and DOJ corruption in the OKC bombing. Around the same time as Mullado’s calls, the FBI unsuccessfully tried to dig up dirt on me in interviews with General Benton Partin and the former Pentagon terrorism advisor, Jesse Clear. I have complained to the FBI, the DOJ and my Senator, James Inhofe about the FBI and DOJ illegal behavior toward me and my wife.

It is because of the DOJ misconduct in the OKC bombing case toward me and Whitehurst and his attorneys as well as the corrupt activities of the FBI and CIA in the OKC bombing case, that I believe it is conceivable Rogoskey may know something about the illegal Federal actions in the OKC bombing. Rogoskey may know something about OKC because of his involvement in top secret, covert national security operations run by the FBI during the time he was there, from 1987 to 1998 even if his lawsuit has nothing to do about the OKC bombing.

Congress should ask Rogoskey to relate all his experiences in all the corrupt FBI national security operations the FBI has run at least since 1987 when Rogoskey was at the FBI, especially the ones I have described in this article.

The FBI and DOJ are out of control and they have become a government unto themselves that operates outside of the law. Congress has failed to exercise proper oversight over Freeh and Reno, the FBI and the DOJ. Even if the FBI and DOJ lie to Congress, that is no excuse for Congress not to get to the bottom of it and to remove those responsible from the FBI and DOJ. The abuses of the FBI and DOJ threaten the civil liberties of all American citizens and put them at risk from terrorist attacks inside the US.

There are some who have promoted replacing Louis Freeh as FBI Director or Janet Reno as Attorney General with the governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating. Keating once was an FBI agent who kept track of terrorists on the West Coast. Frank Keating as a replacement would be a bad idea and would only replace one fox with another fox to guard the hen house.

Keating helped cover up FBI misconduct in the OKC bombing case. Keating publicly blocked a forensic analysis of the Murrah Building by agreeing to have it brought down too early before any complete analysis could be done. Keating attacked many in the public who had legitimate questions about Federal handling of the bombing, before, during and after the bombing.

Keating’s law associate and heavy campaign contributor ($100,000 donation), Gary Richardson filed a Federal lawsuit against KFORTV in OKC soon after Keating publicly attacked the TV station. KFORTV had gathered evidence of Middle Eastern involvement in the OKC bombing, had recovered the license plate from McVeigh’s car and was suing the FBI and DOJ for surveillance tapes. The Richardson lawsuit effectively shutdown the KFORTV investigation. It was widely reported earlier this year that Richardson had been placed on the OK state payroll for work he did not perform.

For more details of Keating’s misconduct in the OKC bombing case please refer to my article “Why Frank Keating Should Not Be A Vice President or Cabinet Official” dated July 20, 2000 and posted on the FreeRepublic.

For other articles I have written on the OKC bombing please refer to the following posts on the FreeRepublic:

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While America Burns, Senator Inhofe Fiddles

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no real knowledge here but if you juxposition events and stories there are some strange implications MAY DAY .... MAY DAy (May 1) .... MAY DAY (special meaning in Communist world) ... MAY DAY a jew is missing.... MAY DAY .. a Jew named Chandra is missing .... MAY DAY .... a JEW named Chandra from California is missing....MAY DAY last computer hits by Chandra all kinds of air reservation travel sites.... Amtrack train site to California per Condit....MAY DAY Chandra fired from Prison position where she had access to OKC McVieh visitor lists, reports, conversations, etc..... biggest goal to latch onto FBI job.... hooks up with Congressman on Intelligence Committee....Condit, who was one of Terry Lenzner's impeachment investigations targets....pillow talk....early stages of Chandra missing TV broadcasts, talking heads, Terry Lenzner & Clinton's attorney, Lanny Davis, uncharacteristically, are prominent....MAY 7th... Condit calls at midnight from Virginia telephone 80 miles away and tells a DC to California airline stewardist he may be in trouble & might have to disappear for a while.... President Bush & Attorney General Ashcroft refuse to turn over campaign finance investigation evidence to Congressional committee....Maybe campaign finance investigation is not entirely dead...terroists cells known to have been active in OKC, Virginia & Florida.... Maybe Trade Center disaster didn't knock Condit and Chandra off the screen.... MAY DAY ...MAY DAY
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