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Taliban May Sentence Christians To Death
Arutz Sheva ^ | 9-18-1

Posted on 09/18/2001 8:29:01 AM PDT by Magician

Taliban May Sentence Christians To Death

Eight foreign aid workers on trial in Afghanistan for allegedly preaching Christianity could be hanged if found guilty, according to Taliban Chief Justice Mawlawi Noor Mohammad Saqib. Agence France-Presse/Associated Press reported from Islamabad, Pakistan, that the Taliban leader said, "We will punish them according to the laws they have broken. If they have broken the law and should be hanged then we will punish them like that. Diplomats from the defendants' countries - the U.S, Australia, and Germany - were not allowed in the courtroom during the trial.

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan is currently harboring arch-terrorist Bin Laden, believed to be responsible for last week's cataclysmic attacks in New York and Washington. A delegation of Pakistani leaders left today for Afghanistan to encourage their neighbors to turn over Bin Laden to the U.S. within 72 hours.

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1 posted on 09/18/2001 8:29:02 AM PDT by Magician
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To: Magician
Isn't this kinda OLD news?
2 posted on 09/18/2001 8:32:44 AM PDT by goodnesswins
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To: goodnesswins
yet one more reason to take the Taliban out.
3 posted on 09/18/2001 8:37:46 AM PDT by LaceyLev
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To: Magician
Dear friends of International Christian Concern:

America is reeling with grief from today's attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The United States has been plunged into a state of war, a war against a stealth terrorist-force that will be difficult to fight. The enemy is not necessarily a government, an individual, or a single nation. There is speculation that the attack was carried out by Muslim terrorists. If this proves to be correct, America is witnessing what Christians in other parts of the world have been enduring for some time. We are at war with an unseen enemy that has demonstrated its resolve to launch a "jihad" (holy war) on Americans, Christians, and Jews - and will show no mercy for innocent lives. We have turned a new page not only in American history but in the history of the world.

ICC has been responding to an increasing number of cries for help worldwide where Christians have been targeted for "jihad" by an extremist-brand of Islam that justifies its violence and treachery on the teachings of the Koran. The war is as much a spiritual war (religious some would say) as it is a war of contrasting ideologies and cultures. The lives of Christians worldwide are in greater danger today than they were 5 years ago - even more so than just 24 hours ago.

Christians in Indonesia are fleeing for their lives as Muslim jihad warriors continue their latest plans to bring all Indonesia under Islamic "sharia" law. In Ambon, the terrorist group Laskar Jihad Ahluss Sunnah Wal Jamaah is now ready to pursue a Jihad mission in Poso, central Sulawesi. A banner on the web site of the Laskar Jihad ( promotes violence and incites Muslims to join the ranks of the jihad to fight against the Christians in Poso, throughout Indonesia and beyond.

As once declared in Senayan, Jakarta on May the 6th 2000 and evidenced by its current presence in Ambon, "Laskar Jihad will never compromise its commitment to defending oppressed Muslims wherever they may be." Another Islamist statement of the Laskar Jihad reveals their intentions: "Anyone who prepares the necessities of a Ghazi (a warrior of jihad) striving for sabilillah (in Allah's cause) is (rewarded equal to that of) a Ghazi, and anyone who looks after dependents of a Ghazi striving in Allah's cause is (rewarded equal to that of) a Ghazi" (Recorded by Bukhari, a Muslim).

Islamic extremists try to justify their actions on the Koran: "Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful" (Sura 9:5).

Intolerance toward Christians has again been demonstrated in Saudi Arabia where 14 Christians have been detained in recent weeks and Afghanistan where more than 50 Christians (including Muslim accomplices) have been detained - for no other reason than they are Christians whose faith cannot be tolerated.

As Christians, we are not at war against people of the Islamic faith. But we are at war against the evil spirit that spurs radical Muslims, or that of any other radical force, whose agenda is to hate and kill. Muslims who follow the Islamic faith have rights, as do people of all faiths and cultures; to practice their beliefs and freely speak their opinions. However, when those opinions turn to violence and forced conversions (as we see happening in Indonesia and elsewhere) and when citizens (as we have seen today in the United States) are held hostage to their brand of abusive power, then we need to recognize that this is no longer an issue of religion or politics, but is a matter of serious threat to human life, freedom, and justice. The perpetrators of such evil must be dealt with.

The role of government, both foreign and domestic, clearly is to protect and defend those who are oppressed and those whose lives are threatened. Everything at our disposal should be and must be used to combat this threat that has been perpetrated on America and all freedom-loving people. No more appeasement! A rational plan is needed. Our president and all international leaders must come to grips with what has happened and deal with this threat. If any country, be it Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, has in any way helped finance or endorsed treachery of this magnitude must be dealt with ever so firmly.

The staff and partners worldwide of International Christian Concern extend our heart-felt sympathy with every individual and family who has suffered injury or the loss of a loved one. We call on every Christian to consecrate this day as a time to pray for America, for the victims, and the families of all who have suffered a loss today at the hands of those responsible for this diabolical attack. The reality of the threats we now face in this day and age have most certainly hit home.

Steven Snyder 
International Christian Concern

4 posted on 09/18/2001 8:38:47 AM PDT by hope
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To: hope
Forgot to provide a link


5 posted on 09/18/2001 8:42:39 AM PDT by hope
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To: Magician
OLD NEWS, Study The Koran, That was directed hundred of years ago years ago. Christians, Jews and Pagan's. Just not during the holy days! Unless they convert to Islam. Allah is great, Allah is mercyfull, said many times and in simular ways in the same book.
6 posted on 09/18/2001 9:02:04 AM PDT by meducksguy
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: meducksguy
YOU study the Koran; I'll study the Bible, the true Word, not a bunch of hate-filled chapters in someone else's false religion.

The Taliban are evil, and them some. Maybe some good will come out of this tragedy; the extermination of the Taliban.....

8 posted on 09/18/2001 9:38:45 AM PDT by Malcolm
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To: Malcolm
God has heard the humble prayers of the Christians held in Kabul. They pray not for themselves, but for the oppressed people of Afghanistan that they may learn that God loves them and all of us. The Taliban and terrorists are in God's way, and He is calling upon us to remove them. Even as our warriors fight, they are ultimately on a mission of love.

Every human has a common enemy. Some humans are so blind that they serve our enemy who solicits their own will against them and keeps them from accepting eternal life and the one true Almighty Creator God who loves us.
There is a difference between light and darkness, good and evil, righteousness and wrongdoing, truth and lies, faith and fear. Every day each of us makes choices between these options over and over again in our actions and ruling emotions.
Serve God.

Let us be worthy to be servants of the Holy God who calls us.

9 posted on 09/18/2001 9:44:27 AM PDT by ValerieUSA
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To: Magician
Was the Christians' capture weeks ago just the Taliban acting in character, or awareness of an upcoming need for hostages?
10 posted on 09/18/2001 9:52:54 AM PDT by Kerensky
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Comment #11 Removed by Moderator

To: goodnesswins
goodnesswins says, "Isn't this kinda OLD news?"

What's your point? Why did you feel compelled to waste your time saying such a thing if you think this is such an unnecessary post? Why does this annoy you so?

The date of the article is TODAY, 9/18/01. That's not "OLD". What date are you living in?

Or do you really mean to say that the situation of these American women and others has exceeded your attention span ? Or do you mean that if you personally think everyone is up to date on a situation that no one else should say anything about it?

Or do you just not care about the fate of these American women who are at the mercy of the Taliban?


In fact this is NOT old news. It's as current as it gets and we all should be paying attention to it, praying about it, and working to do what we can to help

Link to related thread.

Link to search the Google search engine for "Heather Mercer Dayna Curry"

12 posted on 09/18/2001 11:26:32 AM PDT by Weirdad
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To: Weirdad
Corrected link:

Link to Google search engine for "Heather Mercer Dayna Curry"

13 posted on 09/18/2001 11:32:29 AM PDT by Weirdad
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To: Magician


November 14, 2001
The prayers have been answered.

They are Free!



..."Today we've got incredibly good news," President Bush said after the aid workers were plucked from Afghanistan by military helicopters and taken to Pakistan. "Our United States military rescued eight humanitarian workers who had been imprisoned in Afghanistan."

..."Eight foreign aid workers, including two Americans, were safe in Pakistan Wednesday after being held in Afghanistan for three months by the Taliban for preaching Christianity, U.S. officials said.
Three U.S. special forces helicopters picked up the aid workers in a field near Ghanzi, about 50 miles southwest of Kabul, at about 4:40 p.m. EST, Pentagon officials said. The aid workers were flown to Pakistan, and appear to be in good health, officials said."

Thank God. Praise God. Praise Jesus. The release/rescue of these people is truly a miracle that only God, working through people, could have accomplished.

I have learned over the years that when the very thing happens that you have been praying for, you Thank God For It; and you acknowledge His answer to prayer; and you DON'T minimize it by saying that it just would have happened on its own.

I am sure this rescue will prove to be an interesting story in human terms, but it is even more momentous as a miraculous answer to the many, many prayers of many, many people. Thank You Lord!

Links to breaking articles about the good news:

Taliban in Disarray; U.S. Rescues Aid Workers
Families Celebrate Aid Worker Release
Bush Welcomes Release of Aid Workers From Afghanistan
Freed Aid Workers Land in Pakistan
Christian Aid Workers Freed in Afghanistan
Western Aid Workers Freed
Report: Coalition forces have rescued foreign aid workers currently enroute Pakistan

Related Links:

Press Releases: Antioch Community Church, Waco, Texas (church of Mercer and Curry)
Afghan Update: NorthCity Christian Centre, Padbury Perth W. Australia (church of Bunch and Thomas)





14 posted on 11/16/2001 1:13:57 PM PST by Weirdad
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