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We're Going to Get You
Sunday Mail (UK) ^ | 9/16/2001 | Tom Clancy

Posted on 09/19/2001 7:25:01 PM PDT by hchutch

For Tom Clancy, the world's highest-paid fiction writer - whose thrillers have sold 60 million copies and been turned into blockbuster movies - the events of Tuesday hold a special poignancy. In his bestselling novel Debt Of Honour in 1994, he created a scenario chillingly similar to the attacks; a Japanese pilot crashes a 747 jet into the US Capitol buildings, killing the President and most of his Cabinet. Here, Clancy explains why the mood of his nation is now turning to revenge.

It was a friend of mine formerly of the Royal Navy who first pointed out that the casualty count on this incident exceeds that of Pearl Harbour.

Yes, my country has taken a big and costly hit, and somewhere, perhaps in South Asia, some people are exchanging high-fives and having themselves a good laugh. And maybe they're entitled to it. Like Pearl Harbour, it was a well planned and well executed black operation. But, you know, they've made the same mistake that Japan made back in 1941.

It's remarkable to me that America is so hard for some people to understand. We are the most open of books, after all. Our values and customs are portrayed on TV and movie screens all over the world. Is the character of my country so hard to grasp?

Japan figured that they could defeat us not physically, but morally, that America was not tough enough to defeat their death-seeking warriors, that we would be unwilling to absorb the casualties. (In this they were right: we didn't absorb all the casualties they tried to inflict - but that was because we killed their samurai much more efficiently than they were able to kill our men.)

An enemy willing to die in the performance of his duty can indeed be a formidable adversary, but, you see, we've dealt with such people before. They die just like everyone else. Perhaps the American sort of patriotism, like the British sort, just isn't bombastic enough for our enemies to notice.

We don't parade about thumping our chests and proclaiming how tough we are, whereas other people like that sort of display. But they don't seem to grasp the fact that they do it because they have to - they evidently need to prove to themselves how formidable they are.

Instead, our people, like yours, train and practise their craft every day, out in the field at places like Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Fort Irwin, California. I've been to both places and seen our people and how they train. The difference between a civilian or a common ruffian and a soldier, you see, is training.

A professional soldier is as serious about his work as a surgeon is about his. Such people are not, in my experience, boastful. If you ask what they can do, they will explain it to you, usually in quiet tones, because they do not feel the need to prove anything. Off duty they are like everyone else, watching football on TV and enjoying a quiet beer with their pals.

They read books, shop at the local supermarkets, and mow the grass at home. They all enjoy a good laugh. They make the best of friends. They look physically fit - and indeed they are physically fit - because their job requires it, and every day they do something tiresome in the field, working at some more or less demanding field exercise, again and again and again until every aspect of their job is as automatic as zipping one's zipper is for us people in civilian life.

But, you know, inside all of these people, such as the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, or the 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Steward, Georgia, there burns a little flame. Not a big one; instead like the pilot light in a gas stove. And when you put more gas there, the flame gets bigger, enough to cook with.

Inside every one of these people is something else, something you have to look for - pride. They know that they are good at their work, in the event they ever have to do it for real. This doesn't happen very often, and indeed they do not ordinarily lust to do it because it's a serious, nasty job. The job is the taking of life.

Military organisations exist for only one mission: killing people and breaking things. This is not something to be undertaken lightly, because life is a gift from God, and a lot of these people - kids, really - can be found in church on Sunday mornings. But their larger purpose - the reason these kids enlist, both in my country and in yours - is to preserve, protect, and defend their nations and the citizens who live there.

It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it, and typically the hardest jobs attract the best of us. Mostly they never have to kill anybody, and that's okay with them. It's knowing that they are able to do something difficult and dangerous that gives them their pride.

This purpose, defending their country, is something they don't talk much about, but it's always there, and with it comes a quiet, steely look in the eyes. Especially when something like this happens. That's when their sense of self is insulted, and these are people who do not bear insults well.

They are protectors, and when those whom they are sworn to protect are hurt, then comes the desire - the lust - to perform their mission. Even then it's quiet. They will not riot or pose before TV cameras or cry aloud for action, because that's not their way. They are the point of the lance, the very breath of the dragon, and at times like this they want to know the taste of blood.

Their adversaries just don't appreciate what they are capable of. It's something too divorced from their experience. This isn't like hosing civilians with your machine-gun or setting off a bomb somewhere, or killing unarmed people strapped and helpless inside a commercial aircraft.

This means facing professional warriors at a time and place of their choosing, and that is something terrorists don't really prepare for. The day of Pearl Harbour, the commander of the Japanese navy told his staff not to exult too much, that all their beautifully executed operation had accomplished was to awaken a sleeping dragon and give it a dreadful purpose.

Perhaps alone in his country, Isoroku Yamamoto, who had lived briefly in America, knew what his enemy was capable of, and for that reason, perhaps he was not surprised when the .50-calibre bullet from a P-38 fighter entered his head and ended his life.

Whoever initiated last week's operation is probably not quite as appreciative of what he has begun as Yamamoto was. Because the dragon is now fully awake, and its breath is too hot for men to bear. America is now fully awake. Our quiet patriotism is a little louder now, but it will not get too loud. Why spoil the surprise?

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You know, there is a reason I will always buy Mr. Clancy's books, preferably in hardcover (so as to fatten his wallet). He knows what this country's about, and he gets it across. If we didn't have Rice, Powell, or Rumsfeld assisting Bush so ably, I'd want him right there helping President Bush.
1 posted on 09/19/2001 7:25:01 PM PDT by hchutch
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To: Poohbah, JohnHuang2, Miss Marple
2 posted on 09/19/2001 7:25:45 PM PDT by hchutch
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To: hchutch
Nice essay by Mr. Clancy...he really caught the spirit of the soldier.
3 posted on 09/19/2001 7:29:05 PM PDT by DouglasKC
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To: hchutch
A Clancy Bump.
4 posted on 09/19/2001 7:29:43 PM PDT by SAMWolf
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To: hchutch
Right on point. Thye don't really understand what they've gotten themselves into. By the time they realize it will be too late.
5 posted on 09/19/2001 7:31:10 PM PDT by Leto
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To: hchutch
Man, this is really good!
6 posted on 09/19/2001 7:33:24 PM PDT by sinkspur
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To: SAMWolf
The only books over a thousand pages, that I'll read. Keep at it Tom!
7 posted on 09/19/2001 7:34:51 PM PDT by John Jamieson
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To: hchutch
I know I should be more careful with the verb “blow” when discussing the Klingons, but it BLOWS ME AWAY that former first b**ch, Hitlery, has the balls (which I suspect she DOES!) to say ANYTHING during this time inasmuch it was her fellow criminal, Bill, who laid the groundwork for this outrage.

Did you happen to catch CNN’s Judy Woodruff interview withTom Clancy on the evening of 9/11?

Tom brought up the subject of the CLINTON decimation of US HUMAN INTELLIGENCE capabilities – that going all the way back to Sun Tsu, SPIES are a necessary part of the information gathering process. He mentioned that if we’d had a few spies and spooks out there in this increasingly dangerous world, we MIGHT have gotten one of them close to the perpetrator and been able to interdict the MURDER of perhaps 15,000 Americans in the incredible tragedy we witnessed this morning.

I think it’s safe to say that Clancy knows a bit about the subjects on which he writes.

Tom then tagged CNN by name as one of the news agencies that greeted Clinton’s decimation of the intelligence community with approval, continuing to say that they COULD have spoken out TO OPPOSE HIM but failed to do so. Tom’s rather clear implication was that CNN played a role in today’s catastrophe.

Judy VISIBLY RECOILED – and quickly concluded the interview. Her expression made it clear that she was NOT happy with Tom.

Clancy was RIGHT ON THE MARK and until we DO beef up those assets, it’s gonna happen again – and probably sooner than later.

And do you suppose there is some sinister significance to the fact that this happened on 9-11 (911!)? Are these people THAT sick? Don’t bother responding as that was a rhetorical question.

Let’s all pray – and shed a tear or two -- for the lost firefighters, police officers, innocent citizens and their families. Until this is behind us, we must put aside as many of our partisan differences as our principles will allow.

And we must also pray that our precious Constitution does not become one of the first victims of this SICKENING and senseless act.


8 posted on 09/19/2001 7:36:38 PM PDT by Dick Bachert
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To: hchutch
I have (almost) all of Clancy's books in my own library.
9 posted on 09/19/2001 7:38:48 PM PDT by blam
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To: hchutch

10 posted on 09/19/2001 7:41:44 PM PDT by mfulstone
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To: hchutch
I still hope we get to see these b******ds laze as their last seconds are televised to the world.

Just another chapter out of a Clancy novel, but somehow it would seem a fitting end.

11 posted on 09/19/2001 7:41:56 PM PDT by dts32041
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To: John Jamieson
I also like clancy and we are about to go to war.Many here have no idea what goes on in combat,our soldiers are going to be facing many horrible acts of war.But,then again thats what war is.Do not flame me,I am not against war when needed and I do think it is neede now.There was a thread posted a few minutes ago that had a link to a young russian soldier getting his throat cut in chechnya.The thread has been pulled but I saved the link to remind me how horrible it can be.The WTC was an act of war and it needs to be revenged.
12 posted on 09/19/2001 7:42:14 PM PDT by eastforker
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To: eastforker
13 posted on 09/19/2001 7:44:03 PM PDT by John Jamieson
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To: mfulstone
Dot's goot, mon!
14 posted on 09/19/2001 7:56:33 PM PDT by Bedford Forrest
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To: John Jamieson
I have a son in the army and I know he will be in harms way,but this is something that has to be done,decisively,with brute force at times,and americans blood shed,hopefuly much less than the enemy.We are facing terrorist,who cut womens throats on airliners,crash planes into buildings,we can never forget that.And we can't let them get away with it.We have to plan,get units in place,get our ordinance stockpiled then unleash holy hell.It may be 3-6 months before the first strike but it wont be a $2 million missle at a tent hitting a camel in the ass.
15 posted on 09/19/2001 8:09:24 PM PDT by eastforker
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To: hchutch
Thanks for the flag, hchutch! I have all of Clancy's books and was struck about how similar so much of this scenario is to one of his plot lines.

Although it's not possible, I really, really wish we could see President Bush pull off that scene where they televise the terrorist leader's house by satellite as the bomb is dropped on him during a national address.

I do believe he would win reelection.

16 posted on 09/19/2001 8:11:22 PM PDT by Miss Marple
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To: hchutch
Mr. Clancy nailed it again.

WE are an open book. It is interesting that in his last book, The Bear and the Dragon, the Chinese had so much trouble believing and understanding our plain-speaking.

I especially like the part about "them" with all there chest-beating and demonstrations of toughness and anger... like a bunch of punk kids telling each other how tough they are.

Contrasted with the American trait of not bragging too much on oneself.

Not show-off sport stars - regular Americans.

Like GLICK – BURNETT – BINGHAM – BEAMER - GARCIA - GUADAGNO - and possibly others unknown. The Heroes of Flight 93 - Patriots who gave their lives to save other lives!).

17 posted on 09/19/2001 8:47:04 PM PDT by muffaletaman
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To: hchutch
I thought that was the story in the book "Executive Orders", not Debt of Honor.
18 posted on 09/19/2001 10:09:27 PM PDT by Sueann
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To: hchutch
He's an exciting fiction writer but if you want nonfiction read the Bible. You'll see where Clancy takes a few wrong turns. There's plenty of prophecy there that will and are coming true.
19 posted on 09/19/2001 10:13:29 PM PDT by nmh
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To: eastforker
God bless you and your son!! My oldest is going to be 18 in Feb, and wants to join the Marines. As a mother it's VERY hard to support him in this, but I'm doing my best. I am surrounded by women who tell me I should just lay a big guilt trip on him so he won't go.

But I think, what if every mother did that? Who would protect this country?

We didn't start this war, but we da&n well are going to end it! I just pray it will be done with a minimal loss of American life.

20 posted on 09/19/2001 10:20:11 PM PDT by Siouxz
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