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McVeigh's Ghost - Top Pentagon Officials Say Iraq Involved in OKC Bombing
US News & World Report/ Fox & Friends ^ | October 23, 2001 | Paul Bedard

Posted on 10/23/2001 12:17:44 PM PDT by OKCSubmariner

Some dismiss it as being akin to Elvis sightings, but a few top Defense officials think Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh was an Iraqi agent. The theory stems from a never-before-reported allegation that McVeigh had allegedly collected Iraqi telephone numbers. Why haven't we heard this before about the case of the executed McVeigh? Conspiracy theorists in the Pentagon think it's part of a coverup.

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KEYWORDS: iraqandalqaeda; okcbombing
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To: MJY1288
We just might see Slick in handcuffs yet

Getta ROPE!

61 posted on 10/23/2001 12:42:30 PM PDT by MamaTexan
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To: Dr. Frank
This is pretty far-out stuff, but it is not impossible. The 1993 WTC bombing had all kinds of funky stuff going on where the FBI knew a bombing was going to happen but failed to stop it. So it would, at least, be hard to prove something along similar lines did not happen in OKC. Also there were reports of neo-Facist groups cheering the 9/11 attacks. I don't know if we will ever know what did happen, but it isn't looney to suspect McVeigh did not do it by himself. Bin Laden-trained terrorists had the embassy bombings under their belt, and they sure seem to know the weaknesses of buildings. Careful planning and expertise are much more likely to be successful than a lone wacko with a truckload of ANFO.

One thing I am pretty sure about is that 747s do not blow themselves up on their own.

62 posted on 10/23/2001 12:42:49 PM PDT by eno_
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To: Dog
Nobody should flame you: you've asked THE germane question. IMO, one possible reason is that they may have had some initial suspicion, but if an Iraqi connection were investigated, it might ultimately be uncovered. At that point you've either got to cover it up (which means curtains if you're caught) or acknowledge it, in which case, President Clinton had no choice but to refight Desert Storm immediately. My read of the Clinton administration was that they ultimately made their tough decisions based on the political outcome. Apparently, it was safer to go with what they "knew" for sure (i.e., Timothy McVeigh and the crazy right wing militias inflamed by the "hate" speech of Newt, Rush and the VRWC). No doubt, OKC was a turning point for Clinton.
63 posted on 10/23/2001 12:43:36 PM PDT by soxfan
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To: american arnie james
64 posted on 10/23/2001 12:43:41 PM PDT by Roger_W_Isom
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To: readyourhistory
Disruptor ahoy!

readyourhistory member since October 21st, 2001

65 posted on 10/23/2001 12:43:57 PM PDT by Xenalyte
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To: PsyOp
Mayber Schippers got US News to listen to him. Maybe he turned them onto it and finally someone in the Pentagon confirmed it. Maybe Schippers finally "blew the lid off", as he said he was about to do.
66 posted on 10/23/2001 12:44:08 PM PDT by Terry Mross
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To: Dog
Why a cover-up?

The OKC bombing was seen initially as a heart-stopping moment to the American people - terrorists in middle America. Remember?

But just as suddenly, we will were all relieved to know that it was a captured, RIGHT-WING male who didn't like the government, and we marvelled at the feel-good news of the nation so seemingly worry-free under Clinton.

It also provided carte blanche to ridicule, humiliate and destroy any anti-government agitators. As a result, the only terrorist threats the FBI/CIA acknowledged and pursued were home-grown, white-skinned ones.

And for years, the media was complicit, warning us of the dangers of extremists on the right who opposed Clinton. Patriotism was a dirty word.

The world of 'fake' ruled our country - Hollywood, celebrities, sports. Bread and circuses.

The media et. al. rallied 'round the president to defend him to his last moments of office, and buried story after story of government corruption in the interim.

Even the story of his public fall from grace was spun by the left (and therefore the media) as a right-wing conspiracy, garnering him sympathy and public poll support even in his shameful acts. Ken Starr was demonized.

The TWA-800 missile attack, similarly, at a critical moment in the presidency (re-election of 1996, just prior to the Olympic games of Atlanta), was re-packaged as an accident. Don't worry, be happy! And you would be lying if you didn't feel relieved when you learned that it was just an 'accident'.

Now we know the truth.

In summary, with all due respect, we all need to


67 posted on 10/23/2001 12:44:38 PM PDT by Stallone
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To: readyourhistory
Hey newbie, try knowing something about anything before you post crap, OK?
68 posted on 10/23/2001 12:44:47 PM PDT by babble-on
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To: MassExodus
George Snufflalufagous admitted on 'This Week with Sam and Cokie' that he went into the Crisis conference room behind the Oval Office after the TWA Flight 800 'Bombing'-Whoops!!
69 posted on 10/23/2001 12:45:42 PM PDT by umbra
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To: OKCSubmariner; Rebelbase
"Hussaini served in Sadam Hussein's Republican Guard prior to the Gulf War and was brought to the US by Clinton along with around 4000 Iraqis after the gulf War"

We imported the enemy to our own country? This is outrageous!"

That's needs a reference. I've read that the Iraqis were imported by Bush Sr. from their Republican Guard. Only one version is going to be correct, unless it was set up by Bush and completed by Slick.

70 posted on 10/23/2001 12:45:48 PM PDT by rdavis84
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To: Southack
And, if this is actually true; I guess it puts a damper on all of the apologists for Arab terrorism who always point to McVeigh as proof that not all terrorists are Arab.
71 posted on 10/23/2001 12:46:23 PM PDT by LibertarianLiz
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To: WhiteGuy
Sadly, I know that to be the case 98% of the time.
72 posted on 10/23/2001 12:46:30 PM PDT by Terry Mross
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To: WhiteGuy
There's no taking it back off.....

You mean I have to sleep with the "foil" on? Then again, that might be THE MOST important time to wear it...

73 posted on 10/23/2001 12:46:35 PM PDT by austinite
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To: Dog
Same reason Iraq had blame in all on U.S. domestic, Iraq gets no heat,Clinton blames in on everyone to the right of him.

I mean look at it in reverse look how much politic capital OKC made for Clinton in the blame leads to Iraq what gain is there for Clinton he tack a hit for intelligences failer and then has to take a risk and do somthing about Iraq.

The OKC bombing being blamed on McVeigh was the prototype of Clinton's "VRWC" copout. It was the answers to Clinton politic "prays", OKC being Iraq is Clinton politic hell.

74 posted on 10/23/2001 12:46:38 PM PDT by tophat9000
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To: OKCSubmariner
Also it is believed Terry Nichols met with Bin Laden operatives of the Abu Sayef terror organization in the Phillipines months before the OKC bombing.

From an earlier post: Fox just reported that the Pentagon has reported finding telephone numbers connecting Tim McVeigh to the same terrorists who pulled off the 9/11 attack.

< tinfoil >

April 19, 1995.

19 hijackers on September 11, 2001,

"In the background is the Jefferson and Lincoln memorial. Each one of these is 19 feet high. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, Thomas Jefferson the 3rd president, and 16 and 3 makes 19 again. What is so deep about this number 19? When you have a 9, you have a womb that is pregnant, and when you have a 1 standing by the 9, it means that there's something secret that has to be unfolded." – Louis Farrakhan, during his Million Man March speech.

We appointed angels to be guardians of Hell, and we assigned their number (19) to disturb the disbelievers, to convince the Christians and Jews (that this is a divine scripture), to strengthen the faith of the faithful, to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers, and to expose those who harbor doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers; they will say, "What did GOD mean by this allegory?" GOD thus sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He. This is a reminder for the people. - Verse 31, Sura 74

< /tinfoil >

75 posted on 10/23/2001 12:46:38 PM PDT by chinche
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To: shezza
76 posted on 10/23/2001 12:46:50 PM PDT by N8VTXNinWV
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To: Dog
What purpose would the Clinton Justice Dept have in not making this connection back then...

That is an excellent question. The immediate theory that leaps to my mind is that "official knowledge" by the Reno Justice Dept. of the Iraq connection would have required Clinton to wage war against those responsible. Possibly this would have meant bombings and assassinations of terrorists, and an invasion of Iraq proper with the ousting of Saddam Hussein.

All this would have meant the end of Clinton's peace initiatives in the Middle East, and thus the end of any chance of Bill Clinton being remembered as the Great Peacemaker that brought Arab and Jew together at the table of brotherhood.

All of this sounds laughable to you and me, but remember the arrogance of Clinton knows no bounds. Clinton wanted desperately to be remembered as the man who brought peace in our time. He was willing to go to any lengths necessary to get it. The above is only a theory, but I believe a plausible one.

77 posted on 10/23/2001 12:47:19 PM PDT by Zack Nguyen
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To: Stallone
From Mogadishu to OKC to TWA 800 to Khobar to East Africa to Egyptair 990 to WTC, OBL has been playing us like a violin for almost a decade.

We ignored or covered up many wake up calls in the past.

It's just a shame that 5,000 or so people had to lose their lives for us to realize that we have been at war for a long time already.

78 posted on 10/23/2001 12:49:07 PM PDT by GEC
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To: sendtoscott
"Bin Laden could release video of himself french-kissing McVeigh and the govt would not change its story..."

And they would have plausible deniability. What with the current technology for falsifying images. Of course, bin Laden having access to such high tech stuff in his cave in Afganistan is a bit of a stretch, but such minor details never stopped the government before.

79 posted on 10/23/2001 12:49:14 PM PDT by Aurelius
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To: OKCSubmariner
Also it is believed Terry Nichols met with Bin Laden operatives of the Abu Sayef terror organization in the Phillipines months before the OKC bombing.

Translation: the government may have to make sure that Terry Nichols gets a death penalty conviction real soon.

McVeigh seems to be doing a fine job of keeping quiet with what he knows, lately...

80 posted on 10/23/2001 12:49:39 PM PDT by CubicleGuy
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