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Phyllis Schlafly: Are Mexican Immigrants Assimilating Or Invading?
Too Good Reports ^ | December 2, 2001 | Phyllis Schlafly

Posted on 11/30/2001 7:47:46 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, support for the United States has poured in from around the world, but the response from Mexico has been decidedly lukewarm. A Gallup poll reported that 78 percent of Mexicans oppose contributing troops to a multinational coalition, and we have seen no indication that Mexico will modify its oil policy of acting like a member of OPEC.

While there is no evidence that the 9/11 terrorists entered over the Mexican border, the trial in El Paso of an Iraqi smuggler produced evidence that he alone brought more than 1,000 Middle East illegals into the United States via that route, charging his clients $10,000 to $15,000 each. Border Patrol agents have confirmed the increase in illegal aliens coming from the Middle East across our southern border and the fact that Arabs pay up to $50,000 each for a "coyote" to smuggle them into the United States.

The 9/11 events have temporarily shelved the foolish proposals to grant amnesty to three million Mexicans illegally living in our country. Unfortunately, there is no indication that Mexico has retreated from its longtime goal of opening the U.S. border.

In Chicago on July 27, 1997, then Mexican President Ernesto Zedilla told the National Council of LaRaza, "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders." He announced a Mexican constitutional amendment that purports to allow Mexicans to retain their Mexican nationality even though they become U.S. citizens (which is contrary to the U.S. naturalization oath).

When President Vicente Fox came to the United States this year, he reiterated this line, proclaiming that "the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders" and includes migrants living in the United States. He called for open borders and endorsed Mexico's new dual citizenship law.

Some Mexicans use the term "reconquista," which is Spanish for reconquest, to describe their desire to see California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas acquired by Mexico and named the new country of Aztlan. They are teaching their youth that the United States "stole" those areas from Mexico and that they should be "returned."

The United States acquired the Southwest a century and a half ago in three ways: part by the 1845 annexation agreement with Texas, which was then an independent republic, part ceded by Mexico in the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican-American War, and part by the 1852 Gadsden Purchase.

Mexico's claim to the Southwest originated with the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which drew an imaginary line on the map to divide the Western Hemisphere between Spain and Portugal. Because geography had so many unknowns at that time, Portugal got only Brazil (which is why Brazilians speak Portuguese).

Other countries never recognized this treaty, and Americans consider it ridiculous even to talk about giving the Southwest to Mexico. Most national borders all over the world have come about as the result of war.

Mexicans obviously have no thought of invading the Southwest with troops, so their hope is reconquista by migration, both legal and illegal. According to Mario Obledo, founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund, "California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave."

An amnesty rally in the Los Angeles Sports Arena on June 10, 2000 attracted 25,000 people. In demanding amnesty for illegal Mexican aliens, the speakers proudly announced the names of at least a dozen unions in Los Angeles that are now headed by Mexicans.

Vicente Fox presented Mexico's Congress with a five-year development plan to eliminate the U.S.-Mexican border. He said he plans to serve "the 100 million Mexicans who now live in Mexico and the more than 18 million who live abroad," and to "strengthen our ability to protect and defend the rights of all Mexicans abroad."

Juan Hernandez, appointed by Fox as special liaison to Mexicans abroad, lobbies to get U.S. driver's licenses issued to illegal aliens and defends the Mexican government's issuance of desert survival kits to those sneaking across the border. On ABC's Nightline on June 7, he boasted: "We are betting that the Mexican-American population in the United States ... will think Mexico first."

Fox's five-year plan calls for building a larger consular presence in the United States, and this is already in operation. In U.S. areas with large Hispanic (including illegal) populations, the Mexican consul donates to the local public schools the same textbooks that are used in every elementary school in Mexico, grades 1 through 6.

The books, written in Spanish and including all academic subjects, teach that America "stole" the southwest from Mexico and that Mexico is entitled to take it back. The Mexican government considers these textbooks a symbol of Mexican national pride, guarantees a set to every Mexican child, and makes it a crime for anyone to sell them.

The only reason we learned about this Mexican plan is that one school in Santa Ana, California, decided to sell the books at a book fair and the local Hispanics kicked up a fuss about it. The school apologized to the Hispanics for selling the books, but should have apologized to the students for accepting the books in the first place.

The question we should ask our Mexican immigrant friends is, are you assimilating or invading?

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To: mvscal
Aren't you English?

You call your grandparents "wetbacks" and Americans "Anglos"? You are one confused individual.

261 posted on 11/30/2001 11:21:51 PM PST by madrussian
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To: madrussian
Sure doesn't read that way...nice try.
Read the whole thread, please.
262 posted on 11/30/2001 11:26:24 PM PST by PRND21
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 259 | View Replies]

To: NYCVirago
"Mvscal...because of his race is just a gangbanger to you."

Whoa, whoa -- catch any of mvscal's posts?? You're dead wrong...Don't so quick to assume what anybody's thinking.

263 posted on 11/30/2001 11:26:42 PM PST by F16Fighter
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To: F16Fighter
Whoa, whoa -- catch any of mvscal's posts?? You're dead wrong...Don't so quick to assume what anybody's thinking.

I'm sorry, but I gotta disagree. If Pelham had told mvscal to "go pound sand" or "take a long walk off a short pier", that would have been one thing. But the graffiti reference was over the top -- it was like telling a black person to go eat some watermelons and fried chicken.

264 posted on 11/30/2001 11:38:27 PM PST by NYCVirago
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To: NYCVirago
That jerk you are so busy defending has every insult coming to him and more.

The first day I ever read his screen name, he was calling me a liar, a fake SEAL wannabee and said that I "masturbated to Richard Marchinko [sic] books". At the beginning of this thread he called a freeper "an ignorant and frightened racist" for daring to oppose open borders. At #33 on this thread he said "f*** off you slob" to another freeper.

What amazes me is that the Admin Moderators just clean up his turds, instead of banning him outright for the filth spewing little creep that he is.

265 posted on 11/30/2001 11:45:17 PM PST by Travis McGee
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To: NYCVirago
Boys will sometimes be boys, but the "graffiti" crack was child's play compared to what was spewed by mvscal in the earlier posts.

I'll assume you haven't perused or been privey to all the hateful personal attacking that mvscal was so proudly authored, including posts with foul language that had to be deleted by a Moderator.

And BTW, telling a black person to "go eat some fried chicken or watermelon" is so "over the top" in your opinion enough to provoke what kind of relaliatory action?

266 posted on 11/30/2001 11:56:17 PM PST by F16Fighter
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To: F16Fighter; Travis McGee
If you don't like mvscal's comments, fine. Needless to say, you're entitled to think he's a moron and jerk -- I admittedly missed the deleted comments, so I didn't have the full picture, but that still doesn't justify what I thought was an over-the-top racial insult. Your mileage may vary.

As for what type of retaliatory action is warranted, I don't know what is being suggested here. My retaliatory action consisted of this -- I simply told Pelham what I thought of his comment. You are entitled to tell me that you disagree with my comment, as you have done.

267 posted on 12/01/2001 12:10:59 AM PST by NYCVirago
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To: NYCVirago
(eyeball roll)
268 posted on 12/01/2001 12:21:39 AM PST by F16Fighter
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To: mvscal
Damn! That's a pretty grim future. What historical precedent leads you to that conclusion?

Current trends... the rise in immigration (we've added over 100 million to our population is the last 50 years) will swamp us and multiculturism will lead to balkanization (if you teach an african, an arab, chinese, etc. that his culture is equal to or better than ours, why should he assimilate?).

Small number of rich elite running a totalitarian welfare state?... heck, thats what we've got now. You've got to be rich or politically connected to have much chance of winning all but the most local of political offices and the system is so rotten that the few honest people who get in are corrupted. Gov't growth is leaving the realm of geometric growth and is becoming exponential. History teaches that when you concentrate that much power in gov't hands, you pay the price.

On the bright side, a person interested in history (as I am) should be very entertained by observing how the first empire of the nuclear age falls into ruin. Rosy future or grim one, we're in for some interesting times.

269 posted on 12/01/2001 1:59:06 AM PST by LIBERTARIAN JOE
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To: PatrioticAmerican
It is easy to enslave them as they are usually uneducated and unskilled

It's not that its easy to enslave them, it's the fact that self-ownership (liberty) is an alien concept to them. In the socialist hell-holes they come from, life is a brutal existence in which you struggle every day to eat, provide shelter, and breed. When they come here, all those things are provided for at our expense.

I feel sorry for them, but we don't have the wide open spaces or the wealth to take in the 'huddled masses' anymore. It's time for those people to start reforming their native countries and stop destroying ours.

270 posted on 12/01/2001 2:16:52 AM PST by LIBERTARIAN JOE
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To: Pelham
Sounds about right to me. California is leading the way. And it makes us sooo proud

Californians will be able to blame mass immigration for a lot of your problems, but remember, red davis, rob reiner, boxer, feinstein, etc, etc ain't foreign names. As a smoker and a gunowner, I feel your pain!

271 posted on 12/01/2001 2:23:53 AM PST by LIBERTARIAN JOE
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To: FreeLibertarian
Try using some of your arrogant views on people who've seen relatives raped, murdered, and robbed by these new arrivals. Each of them were "terrorized" by some illegal that's now in jail at our expense. We have enough home grown crimnals that we do not need to import any more much the diseases and constant need for services that require American tax $. You can insinuate that I may be mentally deprived all you want, but I'll stand up for my country and my children instead being a limp wristed, gutless apologist for these invaders.
272 posted on 12/01/2001 7:17:15 AM PST by american spirit
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To: mvscal
The question we should ask our Mexican immigrant friends is, are you assimilating or invading?

Unfortunately, this question has already been answered by the US Government. Our elected ones may be fighting terrorism abroad, but they are welcoming an invasion of illegals here at home.

273 posted on 12/01/2001 7:38:53 AM PST by swampfox98
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To: Pelham
You got it brother. Thank God I live in Ventura, which is the next city over from Oxnard. But I am selling out and moving to Lake Havasu, Ariz. They have destroyed the most beautiful state in America.TRAGIC!!
274 posted on 12/01/2001 8:05:06 AM PST by 1 FELLOW FREEPER
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To: Danielle
Good post #210, Danielle. The one poster who cries "racist" on this thread ignores the real problems that illegals bring to our towns and states. He seems to think that calling us racists will erase the truth and cause us to shrink back into political "correctness". He's wrong.

Our politicians are leaving us to clean up the mess and pay the bills for these invaders, and I for one am sick and tired of it, and write the President and my "elected officials" here in California about it all the time. Unfortunately, our President disagrees with us.

275 posted on 12/01/2001 8:07:55 AM PST by janetgreen
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To: Nea Wood
Dear Nea,
It is too late....California has been destroyed by political indifference and corruption.I fear before it is over, many other states will be ruined as well.
276 posted on 12/01/2001 8:09:46 AM PST by 1 FELLOW FREEPER
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To: kstewskis
Too late my friend. They have taken over entire CITIES and soon COUNTIES!! THEY OWN IT NOW...THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO TAKE BACK.
277 posted on 12/01/2001 8:13:36 AM PST by 1 FELLOW FREEPER
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To: Maalaea
Didn't realize that CM and Huntington Beach had "fallen" also. I spent a lot of time on the beach at Huntington in my youth, fond memories. It makes me so sad to drive through all these towns and see nothing resembling America anymore.
278 posted on 12/01/2001 8:25:20 AM PST by janetgreen
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To: Joseph Warren
"Have you noticed the similarities of the techniques by which large numbers of muslims in America, and hispanics in America criticize our culture profusely, but temper their diatribes with ever-so-slight praise of America?"

The ideals that were america have been undercut and fragmented to the point that Marx himself could get away with praising america today. Immigration is just one of the symptoms, but it is important in that numbers are what our 'democracy' needs to finally assume full control.
279 posted on 12/01/2001 8:27:21 AM PST by gjenkins
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To: Mercuria
280 posted on 12/01/2001 8:29:13 AM PST by t-shirt
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