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To: conservativesoutherner
...- we're speaking on one of them now.

Bump your comments. Sometimes I think back to a few years ago before I was connected and couldn't sleep - like now. I remember thinking it was 'cool' that the networks had put up all-night programming like ABC News Now with Aaron Brown, and how far the world had come from signing off with the National Anthem and going to test patterns. Wow, were we ever getting the latest stuff. Not.

As for Rush, I can take him or leave him. If I'm in the car I try to catch him (unless there is something more interesting on C-SPAN Radio). I wouldn't want to sound like I was trying to push Rush out the door, but it would be an interesting thread theme to see who FReepers thought should replace him. Probably has been done. I have no preference, however, Snow and Hannity would love to have the Golden Microphone, I'm sure.

One other thing, I see I have to learn to spell IMPRIMIS. (and a lot of other words)

9 posted on 12/13/2001 12:10:30 AM PST by leadpenny
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To: leadpenny
I have to ask a silly question, because i'm kind of new at this. I understand many of the freeperisms & abbreviated words that I see, but there are a couple whose definitions I keep forgetting. What does it mean to "bump" someone's comments or an author's article? Is it a good thing or a way of saying that you disagree with somebody? Also, what does "ping" mean- i've always assumed that it was a way of expressing dislike for something you've just read? Could you help me out here? When you "bumped" my comments, were you agreeing or diagreeing with me? I pray that my asking this does not make me look like a moron in your eyes.

As far as Rush is concerned, I hope I didn't come off as being anti-Rush -- i'm not. I still think he is the (well-deserved) king of talk radio and I generally listen to him whenever I get a chance. But, it can be a little tiring listening to only one man, and besides a little variety doesn't hurt anyone (we need to support more conservatives than just Limbaugh). Sometimes I enjoy hearing other intelligent and witty conservatives, like Tony Snow or Brit Hume, pounding tables and standing for what's right and true. It makes conservatism more fun (to me).

That's why I always look forward to Snow guest-hosting --he's great. Limbaugh is a good conservative, but he tends to focus on smaller government issues entirely, and doesn't spend much of his energy on discussions about society and family. Tony, on the other hand, is a good conservative across the board (both economically and socially- which I appreciate because i'm an economic conservative and I believe in conservative virtues as well). I think Tony is at his best when he discusses moral concerns like society, culture and family; and his beliefs in God and the right to life.

As far as Sean Hannity is concerned, he won't be guest- hosting anymore because he has his own "national" show now (which is fine by me because i've never been fond of Hannity- he's has too many overbearing qualities and he doesn't know how to make good conservative arguments). I hope that Rush will replace Hannity with Brit Hume- he's fabulous!!!

I agree entirely with your sentiments about the "big three networks"- in short- they suck ('big time', as Dick Cheney would say)! And, yes, I caught the misspelling of IMPRIMIS. I wanted to check out the website to see all the lectures they had to offer, so I typed in IMPRIMUS- to no avail. I finally figured out I must be spelling it wrong. But don't worry, I would have made the same mistake as you(in fact- I did)!

10 posted on 12/13/2001 11:46:56 PM PST by conservativesoutherner
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To: leadpenny; Old Glory; Luke FReeman; All
".....but it would be an interesting thread theme to see who FReepers thought should replace [Rush]."

Rush is "one of a kind". Another conservative voice, like Tony Snow, could quite competently, and eloquently sit in for him at the EIB microphone (and has, many times in the past), but no one could ever replace Rush, or his well-deserved #1 place in broadcast history.

There are none who have ever come close to attracting and consistently holding, the vast audience that he has held for over 12 consecutive years. An audience for which advertisers wet their pants.

Rush was the Conservative AM Talk-Radio pioneer who had the courage to "take all the arrows", and by so doing, paved the way for all the other conservative talk show hosts on radio and TV today.

It makes me laugh to hear some formerly avid listeners ---(the ones whose "liberal" eyes he is responsible for opening --- and uninformed minds he's responsible for educating into what constitutes conservatism) --- now saying that he "bores them".

As if what he is doing is all about "them" and the subjects "they think" he should talk about.

Those who advertise on his show to reach the consistently biggest radio audience in history, would say: "Give me a break!!!"

The fact is, that he doesn't want to "preach to the choir". Did you get that??? "The choir" already knows most of the stuff he "teaches". He teaches it so that "the choir" can go out and teach others.

He wants to reach people who don't yet know that stuff. It's new to them. Isn't that what we want???? We want the sheeple to become informed, don't we???

And before I post this on the thread, I want to mention this little FACT: Rush only talks about the stuff that interests HIM. He doesn't care about what you or anyone else wants him to talk about.

Those capable of critical thought can add and get this right answer: 2 (The biggest radio audience in history) + 2 (The highest advertising dollars) = 4 (People are more interested in the stuff Rush is talking about than any other talk show host. Surely</> he must be doing something right --- wouldn't you say?

It serves no good purpose to denigrate any of the conservative/libertarian voices out there in the media. We need all we can get. God bless their efforts.

I can't wait for Rush to get back into that "Attilla The Hun Chair" behind the "Golden EIB Microphone" tomorrow!!


29 posted on 01/02/2002 4:24:51 PM PST by Matchett-PI
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