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'YOU'LL KNOW HIM WHEN YOU SEE HIM!" A tribute to Eagle Award winner, Jeff Head.
4/4/02 | AuntB

Posted on 04/04/2002 11:51:20 AM PST by AuntB

A Tribute to my friend Jeff Head, Free Republic’s Eagle Award-FREEPER OF THE YEAR

It had only been a few minutes earlier that I hugged blackie, Barb, GrandmaC, redrock and his precious family and headed north out of the narrow canyon, glancing in the rear view mirror at the tiny community of Jarbidge, Nevada. The sun was low in the west, bouncing glistening sparks off the tips of junipers and the winding creek that the narrow dirt road followed. It had been a long three days, my car, gear and my body was covered with a quarter inch of Nevada Dust. and I was distressed that I could not stay for the long anticipated events of the next day, July 4, 2000.

Redrock and the others had already cleared passage through the mountain of dirt and rock that the US Forest Service had dumped to block the S. Canyon Road, the only other road out of the isolated community besides the one I found myself navigating. A “staging ground” and campsite had been set up just over the border of Idaho and I could not resist stopping to meet any other Free Republic members who may have been there.

Remove from your imagination any notion of an organized “camp ground”. This was a big field donated by a local rancher for the gathering. I threw my vehicle into 4 wheel drive and started across the field, which was mostly ruts and foot tall grass. The first group informed me they thought some freepers were…”over that way”. I prayed that I didn’t run over an “endangered” field rat.

I encountered a group deep in conversation, a likely place for a bunch of freepers. After asking if any one there was with Free Republic, a charming man extended his hand, introducing himself as “cc2k”. Leaning against a bumper, with his back to me was a cowboy hat clad man who turned and said, “Who are you?” When he spoke, and I saw his face, I knew it was Jeff Head. Sometimes you meet a soul that you have known forever and you recognize him when you meet him. Then I was back on the road headed west for home for the 800 mile journey.

Jeff and the others finished clearing the South Canyon Road, moved the Liberty Rock, cleaned the outhouses on Independence day. I listened to the live radio reports and knew that all was well. Jarbidge was in good hands.

I never expected to see Jeff Head and my other new friends again. Once was privilege enough. And our work was done. Or so it seemed at the time. In April of 200l, the federal government cut irrigation water off to 1400 farmers in the Klamath Basin. Now, the battle was to be fought in my back yard and once again Free Republic’s incredible resources would be used. The Bucket Brigade was a successful milestone with nearly 20,000 attending in that small community. Many were from FreeRepublic.....MadameAxe, Robert Drobot, forester, Marsh2, Washington_Minuteman, Conservative and many more answered the call.

The residents of the basin were doing all they knew to do to restore some sanity to this process, but finally in desperation, some of them decided to “let the water flow” on July 13. We had a rally that day and I had already arrived home when late that night I got a phone call. It was Jeff Head. He was on his way to the head gates. The farmers were no longer alone.

I arrived in Klamath Falls about 6:00 a.m. the next morning after federal agents had surprised the dozen there trying to protect the water and were now standing armed guard to keep the farmers from obtaining their water. Though tired from the 14 hour drive all night long, Jeff greeted me with that wonderful smile, shaded by his weathered cowboy hat.

All the contributions Jeff made to the community of the Klamath Basin and others cannot be listed here. Until I met some of the fine, brave Americans like Jeff Head, who truly care about their fellow man, and the creatures of the earth as well. I would not have believed such good people existed. The last time Jeff and I met was the big rally at the Klamath County Fairgrounds in August. It had been an exhausting summer for us all. This time he brought his son Jared, who was a delight. These children don’t have to be concerned with not having a good role model and are proud of this Western gentleman they call “Dad”. I situated myself at the front of the building with signs to locate the other freepers soon to arrive. And arrive they did…. in numbers.....nunya bidness, amom, Bump in the night, clamper1797, 68-69TonkinGuilfYatchClub and more. Someone asked me if Jeff was there and I told them, he’s down on the bottom level with some other people. “Look for a cowboy hat with a braided leather hat band.....oh,nevermind, you’ll know him when you see him!.” And they did.

Sometimes, when we are in trouble, good people show up to help. Next time you find yourself in one of those situations, look around. My friend Jeff will be up front…HELPING. I can’t begin to explain it, but you’ll know him when you see him.

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21 posted on 04/04/2002 12:26:51 PM PST by Just another Joe
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To: AuntB
What a nice tribute! Warm. I have had the pleasure of bumping into this fine man, known as Jeff Head, in Kentucky a few years back and know exactly what you mean when you say, " You'll know him when you see him!". :^) Nice job, Auntie, really neat.
22 posted on 04/04/2002 12:28:58 PM PST by Republic
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub;Jeff Head
So Very proud of you Jeff!!!!
23 posted on 04/04/2002 12:29:24 PM PST by Snow Bunny
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To: HiJinx; redrock; ALL
I'm glad you are here, HiJinx!! Here's a little song for you. I STILL cry every time I see it!! And remember...DON'T EVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The Man Who Set the Water Free Written by Alex Schireman (age 13)

I read it in the papers I saw it on T.V.

The story ‘bout the man Who set the water free

It wasn’t Bunker Hill wasn’t Custer’s last stand

It wasn’t Gettysburg It was only one man

It happened ‘cross the mountains In Klamath County

I’m Proud of the man Who set the water free

My Grandpa was a farmer There’s some farmer left in me

‘cause I’m proud of the man Who set the water free

It wasn’t rocket science Didn’t take a Hercules

He saw the lake was full And he set the water free

It wasn’t Waco, Texas Not another Ruby Ridge

No guns or FBI It wasn’t that big

Nobody got killed Not even sucker fish

He overrode the computers And put water in the ditch

He wasn’t the Lone Ranger He wasn’t Robin Hood

He didn’t wait for lawyers To tell him that he could

I don’t know where he is I may never know his name

But I’ll raise my glass And toast him just the same

He’d never be convicted By a jury of his peers

They’d want to shake his hand And give him three cheers

When I have grandkids I’ll bounce ‘em on my knee

And tell ‘em of the man Who set the water free

Now God gave us choices God gave us brains

I don’t blame God ‘cause we didn’t get the rain

God made sucker fish They’re part of his plan

But God made farmers And gave ‘em two hands

Hands to work the ground Hands to sow the seeds

Hands to open up the gates And let the water go free

When the Judgement Day comes I hope there’s an override....

On those pearly gates to Heaven And that man floats right inside....

He didn’t build an ark Didn’t part the Red Sea

But I’m proud of the man Who set the water free

I read it in the papers I saw it on T.V.

The story ‘bout the man Who set the water free

It wasn’t Valley Forge Wasn’t Custer’s Last stand

Not the Alamo in Texas But I’m proud of that man

It happened on the lake In Klamath County.....

I’m proud of the man Who set the water free

My Grandpa was a farmer There’s some farmer left in me----

‘cause I’m proud of the man Who set the water free!

Regarding the price for the CD, we think that $10 seems more in line with rural communities' economics. ($8.00 for the CD, $2.00 for shipping and handling) Requests should be mailed to Alex Schireman, 5490 Rogue Valley Highway, Central Point, OR 97502. Once we've recouped our costs, we are committed to donating half the profits to a reputable charitable organization associated with providing relief to the Klamath Basin farmers and their families.

24 posted on 04/04/2002 12:32:29 PM PST by AuntB
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To: AuntB;Jeff Head;Jim Robinson
Thank you all so much, FReepers are the best!

God bless you all !!!

Congratulations and well deserved!

(( hug ))

25 posted on 04/04/2002 12:33:25 PM PST by Snow Bunny
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To: Republic
OOOO!!! And Rummy won, Republic!! Do we know how to pick 'em or what!!
26 posted on 04/04/2002 12:34:30 PM PST by AuntB
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To: AuntB
I'll be out of town on the 13th (actually off the continent) but will be there in spirit.
27 posted on 04/04/2002 12:35:31 PM PST by sasquatch
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To: Just another Joe
Very well done, indeed!
28 posted on 04/04/2002 12:36:04 PM PST by BluesDuke
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To: Grampa Dave
Gramps!!! Thanks for always being there!!
29 posted on 04/04/2002 12:36:42 PM PST by AuntB
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To: AuntB
What can I say other than bump?
30 posted on 04/04/2002 12:40:12 PM PST by Some hope remaining.
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To: sasquatch
Hi!! I'm so glad you popped in. I regret, but I may not be able to make it either! Someday, we will run into each other.
31 posted on 04/04/2002 12:42:16 PM PST by AuntB
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To: AuntB
Oh sweet B, we DO know how to pick um! The best of the best. It is good to know that some things never change....cream really does rise to the top. (Of course, when speaking of land grabbing governmental pimps, sludge does too! LOL)
32 posted on 04/04/2002 12:46:14 PM PST by Republic
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To: AuntB
"Are you going to be able to make it to the big concert on the 13th?"

I wish I could but my Coast Guard Auxiliary duties have to come 1st.
You know how us old tin can sailors are.
If we're not fighting FOR water, we're destined to help protect it from any terrorist threats.
33 posted on 04/04/2002 12:46:51 PM PST by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub
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To: AuntB
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man from a woman who deserves her own tribute. There are so many FReepers -- all the names you listed and more -- that give me hope in a world gone mad. Someday, somewhere it would be a dream come true for me to meet some of you. Until then, my world is better because I know you are out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you all.
34 posted on 04/04/2002 12:47:06 PM PST by EverOnward
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub
May your hole in the water stay water tight!

The non swabbies will be confused about this remark! Stay dry!

35 posted on 04/04/2002 12:50:54 PM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: EverOnward
Thank YOU!!! You've always been there through all this....and it's not over, not by a long shot.
36 posted on 04/04/2002 12:52:20 PM PST by AuntB
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To: AuntB; nunya bidness; 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub; MadameAxe; B4Ranch; Phil V., cc2k; Grampa Dave...
My goodness AuntB, that was a lot of words about yours truly.

I will say this. I will never forget those evenings at Jarbidge and at Klamath. Particularly the 1st one at Klamath.

I knew in my soul that the federal officers would be back with a vengence after the two were run off ... indeed their suburbans were driving by and watching us all night. Despite the long drive, I stayed up all night trying to convince those good people to wake more people up and get them there before morning and prepare as best I could for what was coming. We didn't know how it would turn out, and it certainly could have been grim. I thank God in Heaven that it has turned out thus far as it did.

It wasn't the good Lord's will I suppose to have more people there to face those officers when they came, and it worked out for the best anyway. When those 50+ officers with their weapons took those headgates back, it aroused the people even more and led to the events we are experiencing now.

Meeting all of those people, including yourself and your husband (not to mention washington_Minuteman, nunya bidness, B4Ranch, Phil V. 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub, farmfriend, Rocky, Bill, Jim, Barron, Barbara, and so many others who answered the call, too numerous to name).

Piping that water around the feds the next day, taking to some of the officers at the fence, having the donkey and the goats invade the federal "compound", standing guard duty at the pump up by the lake at night, the Klamath Calvary ride, seeing Barron go over the fence followed by so many more, helping with the relief convoy and the stop one of them made in Boise, the big Rally in August, posting live reports to FR over the cell phone, having SO many folks on FR who could not be there rise to the occassion and spread the word all over this nation ... no, it was an experience that almost had to be lived to truly appreciate the experience.

Just the same, I am glad I was given the words to record it all in an effort to passs it on at the site:

The Stand at Klamath Falls - The Full Account

Including all of those pictures taken by my son, Jared, who has been my faithful saddle partner throughout The March for Liberty, The 50 Million Round march, Jarbidge and Klamath.

By the way, I updated the site with my feelings regarding the events of last Friday, march 29th, when they opened the headgates. I included the report from the Elko Free Daily Press.

So, thank you for the kind words AuntB you dear woman. Thank you more for being there yourself at Jarbidge and Klamath along with so many others who are truly the ones deserving of recognition. You are the tru inspriations and I am humbled and proud at the same time to know you and yours. I just came over from Emmett to help some friends.

You tell that cantancerous old hubby of yours howdy for me.

Well, though I really try and just do what I know is right, and try and avoid any lime light ... I've also never been accused of being found short for words. Now, I've gone on way too long here.

God bless and stay well.

37 posted on 04/04/2002 12:55:32 PM PST by Jeff Head
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To: Bob J, Lurkernomore!; Ms. Antifeminazi; dittomom; seeking the truth; ironjack; interesting times...
38 posted on 04/04/2002 12:56:13 PM PST by diotima
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To: AuntB
Great stuff "B", good job; Jeff is the best !!
39 posted on 04/04/2002 12:58:39 PM PST by blackie
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To: Jeff Head
Hah!!! Did I make ya blush????? Well, sweetie, I'm just being a gracious loser....something I've had plenty of experience at!!! We'll meet again.
40 posted on 04/04/2002 12:59:14 PM PST by AuntB
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