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Teen Leadership Conferences 2001 & 2002 by Green Mountain Prevention Projects & others ^ | 4/18/2002 | RWBaral

Posted on 04/18/2002 8:31:43 PM PDT by RWBaral


Here is yet another threat source of medically inaccurate, dishonest and negligent sex ed disinfo being given to school children in both high and middle school grades, courtesy of regional "youth summits." These events are local public school principal & school superintendent sanctioned, often without local Public School Board awareness, at which hundreds of public school children at a time, as young as 13 (7th grade) are shipped off during school hours to be subjected to "sexpert" speakers and workshops. Parents often recieve permission slips that are 100% devoid of what is being presented, or offer deceptive, one sentence cover lines.

Adult monitors-especially parents-are NOT welcome at these events. There is typically NO written handouts of speeches given by such "sexperts" from private sex ed advocacy groups. There are written syllabus at the events, but these are NOT given to parents, as they reveal the true nature of these programs: the promotion of so called "safe sex," sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, unwed teen motherhood, AIDS activism and abortion. These presentations are typically FACT FREE, and the groups involved are often grossly politically and/or monetarily compromised. The individual speakers are IMPOSSIBLE to identify, much less interview about what they said to the children, when later sought out by parents.

Consider the 11th Annual "Teen Leadership Conference", March 15 & 16, 2001, at Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont, sponsored by Green Mountain Prevention Projects and BLue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont: The permission slip said NOTHING about the controversial nature of the speakers and workshops involved. Such as?

"Snakes? Learning to take safe risks: Yvonne Laester, Snake Star: COme and discuss ways to push your limits and take risks safely. This will include meeting some large, friendly snakes!!" (WHAT "safe risks" were discussed I wonder?)

"Teen Pregnancy Peer Panel: Laurie Baliette and the Adolescent Peer Panel, Lund Family Centre-Come meet and listen to a panel of young ppregnant or parenting teens speak about the realities of their choices." (Were the children told about the US Census data that shows the disasterous psycho-social consequences of being an unwed teen mother, or were they just told how "cool" it is?)

"Diversity and Drums: Dew B. Wilde. Challenge your own perceptions of those around you, and dance your stereotypes away with some amazing drumming." (What stereotypes, for instance? Care to take any guesses? And the name-how enlightening and cute!) "The Inhalant Game Show: Adrian COhen, Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs, Vermont Department of Health. (Is this a "prevention" or a "how to" program?) Back by popular demand!! A fun and interactive workshop, participants will learn about inhalants and perhaps win glamorous prizes." (Like what-a bong pipe, perhaps?)

"Sexuality and what it means to accept: Outright Vermont. Come and explore what it is like for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people to live in a culture in which heterosexuality is considered 'normal.'" (Cancelled at the last minute-our local public middle school principal acted to stop the children under his care from attending the "youth summit," after being warned of its content by a local retired teacher, reporting "transportation difficulties.") (Would the children have been told about the overwhelmingly high rates of HIV, AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's), rectal afflictions, suicide, depression, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, promiscuity and relationship instability of the homosexual lifestyle? That the psycho-social problems are found even in pro-homo communities? That science has found no such thing as a "gay gene?" That many escape from the homo lifestyle via conversion therapy? That there is healing in the love of GOD via JESUS? What do you think?)

"AIDS 101: Vermont Cares. Come and learn the basics about AIDS and hear how it has affected the life of someone living with HIV." (Did they tell the children that recent US Centre for Disease Control data shows that 56% of US male AIDS cases are "men who have sex with men? (MSM)" Or that about half of US HIV cases are MSM's? OR that Doctor groups, like the Catholic Medical Association and the Physicians Consortium say that male latex condoms-even if used perfectly all the time-are no more effective than 85% against preventing HIV infection? Or the true horrors of death from AIDS? Were the children recruited to become AIDS activits? Or how noble it is to become HIV positive and "cope" with slowly wasting away from AIDS? WHat do you think?)

"Talkin' Sex: Common concerns and hot topics for middle school students, Hilary Kaufman, PPNNE (Planned Parenthood of Northern New England). Everybody has questions and concerns about sexual maters. Here's your chance to discuss them in a safe anbd comfortable setting." (Wonder what they talked to the kids about? Visit Planned Parenthood's "Teen Wire" website and find out! Wonder what the lady said about the "choices" of pregnancy-like abortion? Or that PP makes millions of dollars yearly from abortions and also selling aborted baby body parts, tissues & bodies? Or the significant known complications of abortion-bleeding, unterine puncture, infections, need for further abortion surgical proceedures to take out missed "products of conception," depression, suicide, substance abuse, breast cancer link, future miscarriages, sterility and death? What do you think?)

"Tai Chi: Presenter to bew announced. An introduction to the personbal powers of self-healing and wellness within the principles of the Chinese art Tai Chi." (If you're a Protestant or Catholic Christian, or Jewish, and you teach your kids to go to GOD for such things, do you think these people took that into consideration?)

"Intro to Yoga: Presenter to be Announced. Come and learn the basics of yoga as you unwind, relax, and rejuvenate your body." (Again, if you teach your child to go to GOD our Creator, as a Protestant or Catholic Christian, or as a Jew, do you think these people gave any consideration to what you teach your child?)

"HIV/AIDS-Facts about risk, Presenter to be announced. Learn to present materials and make appropriate referrals to those at risk." (For kids? Oh, yes-the latest thing here is school trained "peer advisors." Mom & Dad? Forget it! It's to the public school guidance counselor or the Nurse, and then off to whatever confidential reproductive/sexual health services at clandestine government clinics for your teen! In Vermont and Mass., it is happening on a routine basis.)

"Magic! Presenter to be announced. Come learn how to do basic magic and card tricks! You'll definately impress your friends and be the hit of the party!" (Traditional Judeo-Christian values in your home that tell your child delving into "black majic" is forbidden by GOD? Think this workshop is harmless? You aren't in touch with what's happening in today's teen music/pop cultures-Gothic, Punk & Hip Hop! Think these people would be open to teaching the kids about The Ten COmmandments and THe Golden Rule "to impress friends?" Think again.)

AND NOW-MY FAVORITE! (Given to "educators") "Hate Crimes-SIgns to look for in your school: Katherine Hayes, Assistant Attorney Generl (of Vermont State). Come listen to important information on the origins of hate crimes, who commits them and why, and steps students can take to prevent hate in their schools." (THe "educators" are suppose to teach the students to stifle "hate crimes." I spoke to this Vermont State government official by phone. She reported giving 2 one hour sessions to teachers, but not to children. "What did you tell them?", I asked. The lady said, "Teachers should not say things like 'GOD hates fags' and 'homosexuals go to hell'." I KID YOU NOT. What do you think the real purpose of these "hate crime" programs are? Do they tolerate a Biblical or traditional American family view on homosexuality? If you think so, you better check your calendar, cause it's reading 1984!)

The interesting thing here is, if you go to the Green Mountain Prevention Project website, you would presume all their teen conferences would be about drug and alcohol prevention. The website says NOTHING about any "sexpert" related agendas. In fact, the above youth event also had a respectable number of conservative antidrug & alcohol abuse events, some given by cops. I spoke to one by phone, who was 100% on the level & excellent about his topic. Wonder why the Green Mountain Prevention People made such an effort to also have reputable, conservative speakers, and to get Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont to cosponsor the event? Simple-CAMOFLAGUE!

All my efforts to arrange interviews with the "sexpert" speakers of the above event, much less to find out who gave them from the groups noted, have been 100% fruitless. I have repeatedly asked GMPP to arrange interviews for me with specific "sexpert" speakers, to no avail. Maybe you might have better luck: (802)-863-8451,, 109 South Winooski Avenue Suite 201, Burlington, Vermont 05401 USA.

After parent complaints locally about the lack of information revealing the true nature of the above event, the 2002 permission slip was revised. Some of the more outrageous groups were eliminated, but many questions remain, the answers to which I have not been able to obtain...what are these people hiding from parents and taxpayers? Care to take any guesses? Here's this year's "youth summit" event:"

"Harnessing the power of persuasion: media literacy and the coming revolution: ...demonstrate how we can harness media's language of persuasion as a means of promoting effective grassroots social change within our schools, families and communities." (Teach children so called "safe" behaviours? NO, the real purpose is to coopt the children to make them agents of change for radical, non-traditional social movements. Care to guess which ones?)

"Kickin' Assets-Lynda Van Kleek: Director of the Northwest Health Education Resource Centre (of Vermont Department of Education-check out their website and note the large numbers of so called safe sex, promiscuity promition and homosexual acceptance & experimentation "approved" materials for Vermont State public school teachers!) ...She works with schools and groups around the state in developing health curriculum (you should see the samples these people spew out!), including integrating developmental assets into the community..." (Need I say more?)

"In Your Face Guerilla THeatre Youth - Your Way Out! by Gail Mears. a drug and alcohol counselor and a fireball theatre director! She and a great high school theatre group will help us bring forth our voices in powerful and creative ways." (Like on what topics I wonder? Making sure to always use a condom and just do it? Accepting and experimenting with homosexuality? Crusading in the community for what by "bring forth our voices?" With who directing...can you see who?)

"The Snake Star (again!)-Yvonne Laester: aro7und the state of Vermont, teaching about taking safe risks (such as???) and having fun. Yvonne's background is in substance abuse treatment and prevention, which she integratres into the discussion of risks." (How much do you want to bet that sex "risks" and how drugs & alcohol effect them were presented? Wonder what was said? So do I-let me know if you find out!)

"Risky Business: ALcohol, Drugs and Sex. by HIlary Bandtlow. Hilary is with the Education Department of Planned PArenthood of Northern New England. She offers workshops around the state on sexuality." (Again, the nation's "sexperts" A-1 group for making money-on aborting unborn babies and selling their body parts & tissues! Do you think she mentioned abortion? Or the truth about the HIV & STD epidemics? Or that male latex condoms are useless against many STD's? OR that they have a significant failure rate against HIV? Or that unborn babies exhibit clearly human activities as early as 12 weeks gestation? That unborn babies in 2nd & 3rd trimesters show clear scientific evidence of suffering during abortions? Or did she present the basics of the different abortion proceedures, of which the nazi death camp "doctor" Joseph Mengale would be proud of? Or that Planned Parenthood, founded by Margaret Sanger, was organized to reduce the populations of minorities-specifically blacks-in America? Did she tell the kids about all the horrid risks & post effects of abortion? Or did she mention that abortion today is "risk and pain free?" The PP's website, Teen Wire, does!)

Then we have "Listen TO Us: Windham County Teens Lead THe Way" youth conference." (I thought adults were suppose to "lead the way?") This was sponsored by The Alliance for Building Community, held at a local ski resort-Mount Snow, Vermont, on May 14, 2001. "The overarching goal of ABC's Youth Summit: area youth claim a voice in the community decisions that affect them." (Wonder who is telling the children what causes to speak out about?) The front page of the syllabus gave a local address & names of organizers in my town! What my neighbours' relationship was to this youth event, after talking to one by phone, I still don't know.) This event was relatively mild, judging from the syllabus.

However, after complaining to the local Public School Board (which overall did not want to hear about it), and asking for the School Board to form a committee to investigate the matter (which they declined to do), and after speaking for only 10 minutes re this & US CDC sex ed scandals on Town Meeting Night(after which I was rudely cut off and all discussion re this was prevented), and after I asked a School Board Member to testify to what he actually heard at this so called youth summit (he was not allowed to speak by those in charge of the Meeting!), I must emphasize the word, "relatively" harmless. The School BOard Member says that he challenged the initial gathering speakers, after he reminded all that our rights as Americans come from GOD as per the Declaration of Independence, that "we don't need GOD, our rights come from the government." Further, he reports these people told the children that America's Constitution was "written by dead white men." Further, he reports that "a self-professed lesbian danced on stage in front of the children." What action did the local public school board take? NOTHING.

"Teen Parents: the real story. (I would note the word "story.") Presenter: Rose Jones, a young Brattleboro single parent and student at Greenfield Community COllege. A brief look into the lives of teen parents in the Windham County area, filmed by the presenter. Interviews examine how being a young parent effects one's life expecially in terms of staying in school and making ends meet. After the showing of the film, there will be time for discussion." (This film is a must see, I'm sure. Wonder if the children were told that US Census data shows that married women with children fare much better than their counterparts, who are overly prone to poverty, welfare dependency, substance abuse, child abuse, poor education, poor income, their kids ending up as criminals, etc?)

"Sourcing Leadership: Presenter Luz Elena Morey-cofounder/co-director Vermont Wilderness School. WHat is it to be truly and fully alive? How can we, as leaders, act from love and compassion? (Oh, like JESUS, you mean? NO, not here!) Come and experience ancient and modern techniques that source and unfurl these powers from within us. This is a participatory experimental workshop." (Wonder what "powers from within" these children were exposed to? DO you think they have anything to do with traditional Judeo-Christian world views on human nature & the need for GOD's Word & Love in our lives? What do you think?)

AND LASTLY, "Diversity Awareness. Presenters PRISM Gay/Straight Alliance at BUHS. A fun, eye-opening workshop of games and discussion. TOpics include labels, the media, homophobia, and other gay/lesbian issues." (Keep in mind this is a middle school audience! Well, what can I say-here it is! Think they offered any medically accurate facts about the destructive & disease-filled lifestyle of homosexuality? Or about children being able to voice their opinions that homosexuality is morally & Biblicly wrong and medically dangerous?)

I have 2 written statements from two adult monitors who attended the first above event. One gentleman is a retired teacher, the other a health care provider. BOth testify to the outrageous & shocking contents of what these captive audience school children were exposed to. However, when I called the local public school Superintendent's office, and was directed to the "Drug Free Director" (I wondered is that "schools that are drug free" or schools at which drugs are free?" to myself.), the good lady told me she was "unable to substantiate any complaints" made by the retired teacher. Why? Perhaps she just didn't try very hard. Perhaps because too few adult monitors are willing to speak up publicly. Perhaps because it's SOP at many public schools to tell complaining parents they're the only ones. More likey, it's because there in general are NO written records or audio/visual recordings of what these expert lecturers said to the children. An accident? I don't think so.

Do you love your kids? Don't let them attend ANY off school "youth summits" of any kind, EVER. You can not rest there, however, if your child is going to a public school. You must CONSTANTLY monitor what your child is being exposed to and do what you can to prevent inappropriate materials, speakers and groups from infiltrating your kid's public school. Failing that, to protect the health, safety, innocense and very live of your child, you may be obligued to commit SUCCESSION by removing your child from the local public school. Love your children enough to, if necessary, make the sacrifices to either home school or send them to private-secular or religious-schools!

REMEMBER: "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older, he will not depart from it." so GOD Almighty tells us in The Holy Bible. GOD's speed.


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1 posted on 04/18/2002 8:31:43 PM PDT by RWBaral
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To: RWBaral
2 posted on 04/18/2002 9:22:16 PM PDT by RWBaral
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To: RWBaral
Further, check out the Vermont State Dept of Education, Safe & HEalthy Schools, Health Education Resource Centres' "Sexual Health" website. THis lists State "approved" texts, curriculum and videos for public school teachers' use. THe scary thing about this, and not the large number of so called safe sex & homosexual acceptance encouraging materials, is this is put together by supposed "education experts" of the Vermont State Dept of Ed.! RWBaral
3 posted on 04/18/2002 9:53:36 PM PDT by RWBaral
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To: RWBaral
"What did you tell them?", I asked. The lady said, "Teachers should not say things like 'GOD hates fags' and 'homosexuals go to hell'." I KID YOU NOT." You poor, misguided psycho. Why is this teachers response so offensive? GOD hates NO ONE and it is not for anyone BUT GOD to decide who goes to Hell. Nowhere in the Bible does it say "Homosexuals go to Hell." It does say that sodomites will not enter the kindom of Heaven, and their behavior is condemned, but like ALL others, they can be saved if they repent. I pray for you....but even more for your poor, overprotected children.
4 posted on 04/18/2002 10:12:14 PM PDT by PrescottBush
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To: PrescottBush
PrescottBush: What is your problem? I wonder, by your comments, who is "the psycho?" The point is that, the State Attorney General's office is training teachers to prevent "hate crimes" in public schools by "teaching children" to view any Bible-world view that is critical of homosexualism as "hate crime!" Don't you see the danger here? Of course the Bible does not say that "GOD hates fages" or "homosexuals will go to hell" in direct quotes. Anyone familiar with Bible text knows, however, that GOD judged Sodom & Gamorrah for sodomy and that homosexuals, along with other unrepentant sinners, will be eternally separated from GOD, ie hell. However, that's not the point!! The point is now our State govt's are dabbling in "hate crime" prevention, thus "hate speech" prevention, thus "hate thought" control! What is "hate thought" and "hate speech" and "hate crime?" Whatever the government bureaucrats say it is! And we're not talking just the local public school teacher saying, "That's not nice." We're talking the State of Vermont Attorney General prosecuting violators of politically incorrect "unfree speech." The AG that I spoke to gave me those two examples and then ended our conversation. Why? To spread the word that ANY speech that criticises homosexuality is CRIMINAl, ie-you go to jail. DO you understand the implications of this? Who's children should we pity here? Not mine, I can assure you-my child is not in public school. Perhaps YOU are one of the brave, SLEEPING, NOT INVOLVED parents who has their kids in the local public school and just "trusts" the authorities to "do the right thing?" Think again! Thank you for your interest in this post. You should not make personal attacks and insults to authors in your posts. It's not a "hate crime" (yet), it's just "not nice." RWBaral
5 posted on 04/18/2002 11:26:07 PM PDT by RWBaral
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To: RWBaral;PrescottBush
We need to separate school and state. That way, parents who wish their children to be exposed to homosexual propaganda will be free to have all of it they want and those who don't won't. Click on my screen name to see what the NEA's agenda has accomplished.
6 posted on 04/18/2002 11:33:30 PM PDT by LarryLied
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To: RWBaral
This really happened after a school counselor called CPS
and CPS removed the child from school, placed the child
in a foster home, and never bothered to inform the child's mother:

Although she had a boyfriend previously, affidavits show that the first foster home that she was placed in by DSHS forced her to share bed space with a 17 year old admitted female homosexual.4 Evidently the younger child was seduced, initiating her into homosexuality... As part of her "rehabilitation" ...DSHS sent [the child] to Teen's AA.5...DSHS found [the child] to have learning and other cognitive disabilities plus medical and psychological disabilities all of which were exacerbated by alcohol and chemical dependencies.6 But, their approach to helping was somewhat perplexing. Consider that: ...Whatever other treatment the state provided, [the child] was, at 14, curiously sent to regular adult AA.9 It would seem only common sense to send her back to Teen's AA where she would not have been exposed to a candidness that was surely desensitizing and hurtful to a child of such a tender age. At the AA meetings, [the child] was "befriended" by an adult female homosexual who had two similarly oriented adult roommates. Apparently, the AA meetings were having little effect on this adult. Affidavits of witnesses show that she and her roommates frequently threw parties inviting lots of children to participate in the alcohol, drugs and sex available there. [The child] was one of them.


7 posted on 04/18/2002 11:53:33 PM PDT by ppaul
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To: RWBaral
Judgment is coming on this country and on this people. Especially those that claim to be christians...our doing absolutely nothing about this is going to come back and haunt us.


8 posted on 04/19/2002 6:55:43 AM PDT by
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To: RWBaral
Get your kids out of government schools now.

Vote against all school levies.

encourage all parents to do the same.

9 posted on 04/19/2002 6:59:18 AM PDT by WhiteGuy
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To: RWBaral
Look at the "AIDS awareness workshop" that was brought to Chelmsford, MA without parental notification (from the lawsuit against Hot, Sexy, and Safer Productions, 1996):

1) [Landolphi] told the students that they were going to have a 'group sexual experience, with audience participation'; 2) [Landolphi] used profane, lewd, and lascivious language to describe body parts and excretory functions; 3) [Landolphi] advocated and approved oral sex, masturbation, homosexual sexual activity, and condom use during promiscuous premarital sex; 4) [Landolphi] simulated masturbation; 5) [Landolphi] characterized the loose pants worn by one minor as 'erection wear'; 6) [Landolphi] referred to being in 'deep sh--' after anal sex; 7) [Landolphi] had a male minor lick an oversized condom with her, after which she had a female minor pull it over the male minor's entire head and blow it up; 8) [Landolphi] encouraged a male minor to display his 'orgasm face' with her for the camera; 9) [Landolphi] informed a male minor that he was not having enough orgasms; 10) [Landolphi] closely inspected a minor and told him he had a 'nice butt'; and 11) [Landolphi] made [Landolphi] made eighteen references to orgasms, six references to male genitals, and eight references to female genitals.(30)

Paper here. I've heard the audio tape that the court heard and this doesn't even begin to convey the obscenity of the presentation. For example, this paragraph left out her graphic description of female masturbation over a mirror on the floor.

See how CNN covered the story:

Supreme Court upholds sex education program

March 4, 1996

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Supreme Court decisions issued Monday uphold a Massachusetts high school's sex education program, permit workers in an Iowa case to pray at work and support prosecutors using the seizure of property as a crime-fighting tool.

Justices ruled against a company sued for the effects of toxic Agent Orange.

Sex education

Without comment, the court refused to hear an appeal by parents and two former students at a Massachusetts high school who objected to what they considered an "indecent" [you gotta love the scare quotes] program on sex education and AIDS.

The court left intact a ruling that said the 90-minute program featured at a school assembly did not violate religious freedom or parents' right to rear their children as they see fit.

The action ends the two families' federal court attempt to collect $3.5 million from Chelmsford, Massachusetts, school officials and Suzi Landolphi, owner of the Hot, Sexy and Safer production company. A state lawsuit still is pending.

10 posted on 04/19/2002 7:20:42 AM PDT by Aquinasfan
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To: RWBaral
Looks like someone may need to sneak a camera into one of these events.
11 posted on 04/19/2002 10:21:39 AM PDT by Bob J
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To: Bob J
I'd do it, but my chest and facial hair would definitely give me away.
12 posted on 04/19/2002 10:23:25 AM PDT by Registered
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To: RWBaral

A few flags for you, too friend...

13 posted on 04/19/2002 11:02:35 AM PDT by Caipirabob
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To: EdReform
14 posted on 04/19/2002 12:09:24 PM PDT by ppaul
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To: PrescottBush
You do realize that homosexuals are sodomites and sexual outlaws as defined in the bible and are condemned to hell as such. So your statement about it not saying "Homosexuals are going to hell" in the Bible is incorrect.
15 posted on 04/19/2002 12:12:23 PM PDT by Khepera
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To: Aquinasfan; LarryLied
Thanks for bringing out some of the practices in Mass. Somewhere in my 'archives' I have more info on Mass 'educational' practices, where 'retreats' actually physically molested children [in a way I cannot - and would not - describe.] Anyone revealing those practices [like the tape you mentioned] were subject to prosecution.

I'm not surprised that such practices have spread to Vermont - America's first communist state.

The bottom line is - however - that such practices could not continue if parents fought to shut them down. The truth is that Mass and Vermont have separated themselves from the American mainstream [and NY and Cal not far behind], and need to be dealt with.

Given the horrors of Senator Jeffords and Senator Leahey, I'm thinking of making a bumper sticker calling from the removal of Vermont from the Union.

16 posted on 04/20/2002 6:23:16 AM PDT by B Ireland
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To: B Ireland
calling from the removal = 'calling for the removal'...
17 posted on 04/20/2002 6:26:37 AM PDT by B Ireland
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To: B Ireland
I would call for a SUCCESSION movement for Vermont State to leave the American Union, but then the citizenry of Vermont State would have to mount a SUCCESSION movement to leave the government of the State of Vermont! Oh well, just a thought...
18 posted on 04/20/2002 11:16:40 AM PDT by RWBaral
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To: RWBaral
It greives me that the home of the American Revolution [Mass] and the home of freedom fighters [Vermont's Green Mtn Boys] have yielded to the tyrant and the libertine.

The communists have done their job well.

You are right to bring up the poor patriots in those states - outnumbered by the ignorant and the sodomite - but a cancer needs to be cut from the body, and Mass and Vt have become a cancer...

Vt is responsible for the Senate overthrowing the Constitution and transferring the power of the presidency to Tom Daschle... I cannot forgive them that treason.

[I think the word you are looking for is 'secession'... probably not your fault - did you attend public schools? If you did, they only taught you how to waste your life and knuckle under to the tyrant. They did NOT teach you what Godless cruds they really are. If all our free rights come from God, and they teach there is no God, then from whom do our rights come from? ....(hint: government)]

19 posted on 04/20/2002 1:35:51 PM PDT by B Ireland
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To: B Ireland
Pardon my mis-spelling, "secession!" Even when I went to public school several decades ago, the push was on that there is no GOD. I knew then that those who were teaching such things were fools. "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no GOD." TOday, most people don't know they have become fools.
20 posted on 04/20/2002 1:56:20 PM PDT by RWBaral
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