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Inciting and Educating Children Towards Hate, Anti-Semitism Violence in Palestinain Authority
Prime Ministers Office ^ | 5-7-02

Posted on 05/08/2002 6:06:22 AM PDT by SJackson


This report presents disturbing evidence of the Palestinian Authority inciting children and educating them towards hate, anti-Semitism, and carrying out acts of violence and murder.

This phenomena contradicts the basic values of human rights and constitutes a flagrant violation of the International Covenant of Children's Rights, a covenant that prohibits, among others, the inclusion of children under the age of 15 in acts of violence (Paragraph 38). A United Nations committee decided in May 2000 to raise the prohibitive age to 18.

Our goal is firstly to ensure that Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be - fit for children. In order to achieve this, the Palestinian leadership must put an end to the cynical use it makes of children. Only then will there be a chance that one day Palestinian and Israeli children will share their lives together in peace, as opposed to death, killing and terror.

Aliam 2.3.2002

Millions of Palestinian and Israeli children are growing up in a reality of conflict, hate, violence, incitement and bloodshed. Millions of children who will design the pattern of our existence in the next generation. These children have many things in common. They are innocent, tender, have fertile imaginations, and love to play and be mischievous.

But while the Israeli children attend summer camps in which they learned to swim, draw, sing, sculpt, write and play, the Palestinian children spend time in a totally different kind of summer camp; summer camps whose organizers exploit their innocence. They are taught to hate, fight, kill, and destroy. Summer camps in which the popular game is shooting at a cardboard replica of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and US President George Bush.

These children are not to blame. They are only material in the hands of those who are sending them to be terrorists and suicide bombers. They are the victims of the hate, and sometimes, as terrible as it sounds, victims of their parents' beliefs

There is another difference between Israeli children and Palestinian children. Our children are enrolled in an educational system based on values such as: peace, reconciliation, democracy, the sanctity of life, pluralism, openness, and tolerance. Palestinian children, on the other hand, are enrolled in an educational system that includes: blind hatred, a desire to kill Jews, and non-recognition of the State of Israel's right to exist

Aliam 26.2.2002

In a 6th grade Palestinian textbook, "Our beautiful language" we find the "Shahid’s song" encouraging death in war in the role of a shahid:

"I will take my soul into my hands and hurl it into the abyss of death".

This is only one example of the brainwashing that Palestinian children undergo. Brainwashing is imprinted deep in their educational system and demands a far-reaching solution - uprooting the foundations of incitement and hate.


The Palestinian educational system gives the schools a platform for propaganda encouraging terror and mass suicide attacks against Israel

On June 22nd 2001 the Hamas movement in Tulkarm arranged a conference in memory of two suicide bombers, residents of the city. At the ceremony, which took place at the "Eladouya" school, the head of Hamas in Tulkarm, Abas Alsaid, extolled the value of the Jihad against Israel, and the students participated in a march, carrying weapons and dressed as suicide terrorists (Eliam, June 24th 2001).

On a classroom wall of a high school in Ramallah where this photograph was taken (May 25th 2001) there is a poster praising Dia Eltawil, a Hamas activist who blew himself up in a suicide bombing attack at French Hill in Jerusalem (March 27th 2001). On the right is a copy of the poster that the Hamas movement distributed in memory of the terrorist.

This is the Hamas invitation to the conference held at the high school in Tulkarm (Alchia Aljadida, June 21st 2001).


At a conference of the Hamas movement in Gaza (authorized by the Palestinian Authority), Ahmed Yassin declared to hundreds of students: "We will not give up Palestine, Acre, Haifa and Jerusalem"

On July 6th 2001 the Hamas movement convened a conference in a school in the Jabalya refugee camp (in Gaza) with the participation of the Palestinian Legislative Council, the school's administration, teachers and hundreds of students. The Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin presented his ideological doctrine to the junior high school students, as quoted below (according to the Hamas Internet site): "This is the generation of liberation and victory…the Zionist enemy wants to overpower us and make us give up Palestine, Acre, Haifa, Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa mosque, but this will not happen". In a speech to the audience, Saheil Alhinadi, representing the teaching sector on behalf of UNRWA, praised Hamas student activists who carried out suicide attacks against Israel in recent months, emphasizing that: "The road to Palestine passes through the blood of the fallen, and these fallen have written history with parts of their flesh and their bodies".

Arafat presented his political approach towards Hamas to foreign journalists (see the quote in the Al Kuds newspaper on June 30th 2001) in a clear manner. Arafat emphasized that he would not give instructions to arrest Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement activists as demanded by Israel, because the Palestinian Authority "respects these bodies and because there is unity among us".

General view of the Hamas conference held in the school

Students at the conference carrying Hamas flags


Arafat encourages the violent activity of Palestinian children

Arafat is giving Palestinian youth and children a clear message - the Palestinian Authority gives a green light for violent activity against Israel

Act One

On April 6th 2001, Kamal Said comes to Friday morning prayers at the Al Aqsa mosque. After prayers the boy covers his face with a shirt and starts throwing stones at Israeli policemen in the area (Reuters).

Act Two

On April 6th 2001, Kamal Said comes to Friday morning prayers at the Al Aqsa mosque. After prayers the boy covers his face with a shirt and starts throwing stones at Israeli policemen in the area (Reuters).

Act Three

On April 13th 2001 the head of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat, invites Kamal Said to his bureau in Ramallah and gives him words of encouragement (Aliam newspaper, April 14th 2001)


Instructing teachers to educate the children to hate Israel

The Palestinian Ministry of Education is providing clear direction to its high school history teachers to inculcate the view among the students that Zionism is a racist movement similar to Fascism and Nazism. The textbooks ignore the political negotiation channel that is meant to bring an end to the conflict in the region. On the contrary they emphasize the attachment of the Palestinian people to all of "Palestine" in its historical boundaries.

In Chapter 14 called "Zionism" in the instruction book for high school teachers, the Palestinian Ministry of Education defines for its teaching staff the required objectives in teaching this chapter, among which are:

"Objective 5 - The student will understand the reasons why the peoples of the world hate the Jews".

"Objective 7 - The student will discover the connections between imperialist interests and Zionist interests".

"Objective 8 - The student will compare Zionism with imperialism".

"Objective 9 - The student will understand the Zionist danger to Arab security and to Arab revival".

"Objective 11 - The student will propose ways of dealing with Zionist activity that threaten the Arab world".

In the introductory chapter to the textbook, the following goals are defined for Palestinian history teachers: "The student will compare the foundations of Fascism and Nazism to those of Zionism. The student will acquire the following (learning) directives: Zionism is an aggressive, racist movement; the sense of racial superiority is the essence of Zionism, Fascism, and Nazism. The student will acquire the following values and perceptions: Understanding the dangers arising from Zionism and from racial discrimination...assessing the negative impact of Zionism on the Arab's revival and development. The student...will make the connection between Zionism and racial discrimination and will trace the connection between Zionism and terrorist movements in the modern world".


Educating children about the value of the armed struggle

The children's newspaper "Elashbal" (published by the political coordinating mechanism directly subordinate to Arafat) published in its No. 26 edition (March 2001) a song of praise to Arafat which expresses to the children a message of willingness of sacrifice for his sake and to take the path of the armed struggle that Arafat is leading. Below is a translation of the poem "Father Yasser we are with you", written by Halil Hasouna:

Father Yasser Abu Amar
We are with you we are your forgiveness

Hand in hand and in every home

And with the gun we are with you

You have a large heart and with stones we are with you

In spite of what they say and do

And in spite of Mofaz's threats on us

We stand upright with you

And with the gun we are with you

You have a large heart and with stones we are with you

We are for you and we are for your sake

And we are with you O Abu Amar

We stand upright with you

To Jerusalem we are going

Knocking on the door and the window

And with the gun we are with you
You have a large heart and with stones we are with you

History textbooks designed for high school students and approved by the Palestinian Ministry of Education, place the blame on the Jews for the hatred that has developed toward them by the people of the world as a result of the Jews' belief in "the superiority of the Jews over the gentiles" and their "control over the economies of the host nations". Zionism is presented as a movement based on racist values that have caused a national tragedy for the Palestinian nation by the fact of its settlement in "Palestine", and it also constitutes a strategic threat for Arab national security as a whole. The history textbooks do not include any material dealing with the political process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The students are not informed that a peace agreement was signed between the PLO and Israel in September 1993.

"After you have learned, dear student, the characteristics of the Zionist movement and the factors assisting its establishment, you will understand its connection to racial discrimination and to the racist behavior toward the Arab population of the conquered Arab lands."

At the end of the chapter analyzing the Zionist movement and the foundations of the establishment of the State of Israel, high school students are asked to study the quotation in Samri Hiri's book "The theory of Arab national security" (pages 133-137), in order for them to "be aware of the danger of the Jews' presence in Palestine" (p. 124).

"The Zionist danger is expressed in its opposition to Arab national security, and it is thus essential that all efforts should be directed to stopping it as part of consolidating an Arab national security approach...continuing to give Zionist elements an opportunity to widen their interests and to develop their strength at the expense of Arab security, leads to dangerous negative implications, because any expansion of Zionist interests as part of their security conception will necessarily lead to limiting the essential interests of the Arab nation...the nuclear danger constitutes the most serious threat."


Israel does not exist in Palestinian textbooks

In the 6th grade textbook for 2000-2001 studied in Palestinian schools (published by the Palestinian Authority!) the State of Israel does not exist on maps dealing with the study of the geography of "Palestine". The introduction of the book expresses gratitude to some of the international sponsors: "The Ministry of Education and Culture...wishes to thank international bodies and organizations (UNESCO)...and the Italian government who assisted in the professional and financial aspects".


Educating a generation of young Palestinians for armed struggle

Every year in July and August the Palestinian Authority holds summer camps for thousands of youth. In these camps the children and the youth are trained in the use of weapons and absorb extreme nationalist messages against Israel. The anti-Israeli atmosphere is well demonstrated in the summer camp anthem decided upon by the Palestinian Authority. (Alchia Aljadida, July 30th 2001):

We are the youth Palestine is our land
Jerusalem is our goal

Yasser is our leader

We will sacrifice ourselves on his behalf

The youth of Palestine

Trained in weapons

Young people seeking revenge

Loyal to the homeland

Revolution, revolution until victory

Revolution, revolution until victory


The Palestinian Authority does not prevent educating Palestinian children on the values of terror and hate

On May 25th 2001, the Hamas movement held a demonstration in the center of Ramallah. During the course of the demonstration a model of an Israeli bus was burned as an expression of support and encouragement to carry out mass terrorist attacks against Israeli civilian targets. The bus was set aflame by a Hamas activist dressed in robes on which were written "El Kassam brigades, suicidal fighter number 7." Palestinian security forces allowed the demonstration to take place and took no steps against its organizers or against those who participated in it.

In an end-of-year ceremony for kindergartens in Gaza (May 27th 2001), run by the Hamas movement, the children put on a performance whose message was: Praise for the Jihad against Israel and the Jews, a vow to liberate all of Palestine, and encouragement to murder Jews as a "religious commandment." Participating in the ceremony, together with 1,650 children, were Hamas leader Sheik Ahmad Yassin, and a senior official in the movement, Ahmad Bachar, who called upon the kindergarten teachers to continue educating the young generation on the values of "love of Jerusalem, love of Palestine, love of the Jihad, and love of the struggle".

The Palestinian Authority, which is conducting a violent confrontation with clear terrorist patterns, allows the terrorist organizations, including the Fatah, which Arafat heads, to enlist popular support as part of "the armed struggle" and to educate generations on hate for Israel and to murder Jews because they are Jews.


Overt terrorist activity at Al Najah University

The results of the incitement of children towards hate and violence did not take long to appear. In April 2001 the Hamas movement convened a conference in Nablus in the course of which senior members of the movement called for the continuation of the Jihad and praised the suicide attacks against Israel. Dummy models of mortars and anti-tank rocket launchers were presented, expressing the movement's determination to escalate the pattern of armed struggle. Furthermore, Hamas activists openly demonstrated how to prepare explosive devices and how to murder Israelis. These activities encouraging terrorism took place within an academic institution and were authorized by the Palestinian Authority.

Young Fatah members threaten to murder Israelis

On November 6th 2000 the "shabiba" (the organizational framework of the young generation of the Fatah movement) organized a large conference at A-Najah University in Nablus, which dealt with ways of demolishing the Israeli settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria. The "shabiba" activists, many of whom are part of the armed militias that have carried out hundreds of shooting attacks in Judea and Samaria since October, presented an ultimatum to the Israeli settlers in Judea and Samaria to abandon all their settlements by the end of November, and if not, "they will become a target for Palestinian guns". In order to demonstrate the serious nature of the ultimatum, the "shabiba" activists (armed with assault rifles and RPG rocket launchers) conducted a "traditional" ceremony during which they burned the Israeli flag after which they shattered, burned and fired on a small-scale model of an Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria.

Hamas activists in Nablus showing dummy models of a mortar and an anti-tank rocket launcher

Hamas activist shows how to prepare an explosive device

Hamas activists' rally

“Practicing" the murder of an Israeli soldier

Hamas activist shows how to prepare an explosive device at Al Najah University


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KEYWORDS: islamichatred; islamofascism

1 posted on 05/08/2002 6:06:22 AM PDT by SJackson
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To: SJackson
Is it too late to say, "religion of peace?"
2 posted on 05/08/2002 6:14:40 AM PDT by Mike K
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To: SJackson
Great find, SJackson; thanks.
3 posted on 05/08/2002 7:16:16 AM PDT by TopQuark
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To: SJackson
"The Yasser Youth" pledging their loyalty to their most fetid fuhrer!
4 posted on 05/08/2002 7:41:32 AM PDT by sheik yerbouty
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To: SJackson
Nicely put together. I have been posting the PA teachings myself for sometime now. It is a lot like what the Nazis did with the "Hitler Youth". The children would rat on their parents if it was for Der Fuhrer. There is little that can be negotiated with these people IMHO. The majority are murderously hostile to Jews and would view any agreement with Israel only as a way to stockpile weapons and armaments for their delayed war plans. When the Allies came into Germany, they had to hold "re-education" camps for the kids. The soldiers had to repeatedly show films of the concentration camps to the kids to convince them of the monstrosity of what they had done. It took years to prove to these kids that they were responsible for the murder and destruction they had caused. Something like this would be required of these children in the holy land who have been brainwashed in the hate-madrassas.

Quite frankly, that won't ever happen. That is why there is only one way to stop this nonsense in its tracks. The whole of Judea and Samaria must be annexed, the schools shut down, books destroyed, and the exiling of all known combatants.

5 posted on 05/08/2002 9:50:24 AM PDT by Nachum
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