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URGENT Action Alert -- Counter MMMers in Missouri on Right to Carry!
email | 5/16/2002 | compiled from a couple different sources

Posted on 05/16/2002 11:14:14 AM PDT by john in missouri

Missouri Action Alert for Right-To-Carry!


NOW is the time! THIS IS IT to get a bill on the Governor's desk!

Please forward this to ALL pro-gun people you know in Missouri.

Anti-gunners are on the march! Your help needed to counter their offensive!

[Currently Missouri remains one of only SIX States in the Union where concealed carry is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. Well, unless you're a JUDGE or member of another very such very limited privileged class -- in which case you can legally carry as many concealed firearms as you can stuff into your pockets -- NO license, NO training, no NOTHING.

STATE LAW CONSIDERS YOU A *FELON* FOR NOTHING WORSE THAN TAKING STEPS TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FROM VIOLENT CRIMINALS. Open carry, while legal in much of our state, is not a viable option for the vast, vast majority of citizens.

And there are cities where ALL forms of carrying are absolutely prohibited -- this in direct contradiction to the Missouri Constitution.]

Now's the time to call at LEAST a Senate office or two --(I just did it, and it DIDN'T HURT A BIT!!)

Greg Jeffery, Legislative Chairman of the Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri, is "on the floor" of the Missouri Senate and has been there for 3 days now. Greg is the #1 contact with grass roots gun rights in Jefferson City today.

Here is his message:


Be Polite. Be Polite Be Polite, but be firm.

Here is your LAST CHANCE this year to impact License to Carry in Missouri.

Tell them to PASS HB1344 NOW!

Tell them to PASS License to Carry NOW!

Tell them that 11 years is long enough-pass this much needed legislation NOW!

It seems, the perception by some Senators is Jefferson City right now is that KMOX radio in St. Louis is airing some BAD information about License to Carry and the Senators are getting calls from the GUN HATERS.

We must counter-act this last minute effort by the Million Mom March, HCI, VPC, The Brady Buch, Missourians Against Handgun Violence, The "Clergy Coalition" etc etc. All of the Gun Haters are calling AGAINST License to Carry, so we MUST pour our calls in NOW.

Be Polite, Be Polite, but be firm.

You must say: Pass HB 1344 in the Senate NOW!!

We only have until 6pm Friday night!

Call me or email me with any questions:

Gil Pyles 314.346.8629 cell 314.232.6051 office 636.240.1366 home Email: gil.pyles[AT-SIGN]

TALKING POINTS (to be used when adressing MO senators) The Senate may soon take up and debate SCS HCS HB 1344/1944.

The major bill under consideration (SCS HCS HB 1344/1944), as passed by > the Senate Committee, contains full license-to-carry provisions as recently approved by the Missouri House and would allow citizens with licenses to carry concealed firearms on their person. The Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri would like to inform you of our support for passage of this bill.

You can help make passage of this necessary reform possible by doing the following:

VOTE FOR FINAL PASSAGE of full license-to-carry without a referendum as soon as possible and encourage your fellow senators to do the same.

Thank you for your support on this important issue.


Be Polite!

Sen Bill Kenney... 573-751-7050... tell Kenney licensed carry of firearms IS an IMPORTANT issue that needs to be heard AND PASSED THIS YEAR.

Sen Harold Caskey... 573-751-4116... ASK Sen Caskey to do everything in his power to make sure full license to carry is passed and put on the governor's desk as he promised to do two years ago at the rally.

Sen Peter Kinder... 573-751-2455... Tell Sen Kinder that licensed carry of firearms IS an IMPORTANT issue that needs to be heard AND PASSED THIS YEAR.


Here is the list of MO. Senators from the Senate web site:

Particularly, the senators with the designator + below are the next people to directly approach with a call, fax, e-mail for encouragement in voting for this piece of legislation. We need to get the vote of one additional (R) or (D) senator when this vote does occur. BUT CALL AS MANY AS YOU CAN, even the non "+" ones!!

Party/ Capitol
Senator District Office Capitol Phone
Roseann Bentley R-30 219 (573)751-4145
Mary Bland D-9 334 (573)751-2770
Harold L. Caskey D-31 320 (573)751-4116
John Cauthorn R-18 427 (573)751-6858
Doyle Childers R-29 225 (573)751-2058
Maida Coleman D-5 421 (573)751-2606
Ronnie DePasco D-11 321 (573)751-3074
Pat Dougherty D-4 330 (573)751-3599
Bill Foster R-25 328 (573)751-3859
Michael Gibbons R-15 226 (573)751-2853
Wayne Goode D-13 333 (573)751-2420
Charles Gross R-23 419 (573)751-8635
Ted House D-2 227 (573)751-8437
Ken Jacob D-19 420 (573)751-2131
Sidney Johnson D-34 332 (573)751-3750
Harry Kennedy D-3 425 (573)751-2126
Bill Kenney R-8 323 (573)751-7050
Peter Kinder R-27 326 (573)751-2455
David Klarich R-26 331 (573)751-1073
David Klindt R-12 434 (573)751-1415
John Loudon R-7 329 (573)751-9763
James L. Mathewson D-21 319 (573)751-4771
Edward E. Quick D-17 331A (573)751-4524
Larry Rohrbach R-6 221 (573)751-2780
John T. Russell R-33 416 (573)751-4166
John D. Schneider D-14 422 (573)751-4106
Betty Sims R-24 428 (573)751-7147
Marvin Singleton R-32 426 (573)751-2306
Danny Staples D-20 418 (573)751-3534
Sarah Steelman R-16 433 (573)751-4068
Steve Stoll D-22 429 (573)751-1492
Morris Westfall R-28 220 (573)751-3645
Harry Wiggins D-10 423 (573)751-2788
Anita Yeckel R-1 431 (573)751-2887

Call them Thursday AND Friday and let your voice be heard!

Keep asking them, "Is it passed yet?" Be a fighter for freedom!

PS - you can listen to LIVE Missouri Senate debate (and House debate, too, should that become relevant) at:

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Yes, I know of the noises that have consistently come from the Governor's office as to a veto. But, fact is... we don't really know for sure what Holden will do if a bill succeeds in landing on his desk.

Besides, why should this anti-self-defense governor have a free ride? If Holden and the Democrats are going to kill right-to-carry yet again, the dastardly deed needs to be done right out in the open for all to see. Only then can this governor be held accountable for his anti-rights, anti-self-defense actions.

1 posted on 05/16/2002 11:14:14 AM PDT by john in missouri
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To: john in missouri
A little bit of extra commentary here --

Holden is currently pushing (and seems likely to continue to push) this big stadium bill that's going to take $100 of our tax dollars, which as far as I can tell, the voters of Missouri don't want their money spent on.

Secondly, I'm not sure how his financial shenanigans are going to play out, but there seem to be quite a few people who recognize the governor's role in the state's financial problems.

He's burning up political capital right and left, and needs to conserve it wherever he can. He may just choose to cut his losses on the right-to-carry and conserve his political capital for some of these other issues.

And bear in mind: This is an election year. Not for Holden, but for his party in the legislature.

Besides, where else do the (misinformed) folks who politically support gun control have to go besides Holden? NOWHERE.

It's not like anybody else is going to get the Demo nomination for Governor when his term is up; and it's not like gun control fanatics are going to vote for a Republican who openly advocates gun rights.

Holden's supporters will still vote for him even if he fails to veto this bill -- but if he does veto, he'll have additional opposition from ticked-off citizens to deal with. Besides, based on the experience of every other state that has passed right-to-carry, there will be NO problems following afterward, and the media and everybody else will see that.

So Holden really has nothing to lose, in spite of what his spokespeople have said, by letting a right to carry bill slip into law.

2 posted on 05/16/2002 11:33:59 AM PDT by john in missouri
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To: john in missouri
Holden is currently pushing (and seems likely to continue to push) this big stadium bill that's going to take $100 of our tax dollars

Sorry, that should've been $100 million of our tax dollars.

3 posted on 05/16/2002 11:35:05 AM PDT by john in missouri
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To: john in missouri
Just called Caskey's office. He supports CCW and works for it but is a politician and has to be reminded that if there is going to be horse trading done, the trades better go our way. The soccer moms will not remember in November, but I will. Who knows what Holden will do, but to the extent that he has not already cut his own throat, a veto of CCW will finish him off.
4 posted on 05/16/2002 12:24:53 PM PDT by Rifleman
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To: Rifleman
From what I've seen of this governor so far, he would be doing us all a favor if he decided to take a long walk off of the short political pier.
5 posted on 05/16/2002 8:57:55 PM PDT by john in missouri
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To: Rifleman
6 posted on 05/17/2002 9:01:23 AM PDT by john in missouri
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To: john in missouri
I've been in MO for 6 years now, and I have never seen such stupid people in my life (not the common folk) the politicians, they tax for a failed "road" bill, and continue to do it (BTW they keep getting voted into office) there is no tax shortfall there is a over-spending problem, 100 million for a stadium with a "income shortfall" is this as stupid as it appears to me?
7 posted on 05/27/2002 10:33:02 AM PDT by SERE_DOC
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100 million for a stadium with a "income shortfall" is this as stupid as it appears to me?

I can only give you my personal opinion, which is... *I* think so...

BTW as you may have guessed, right-to-carry failed again this year. Both the Democrats in the House and the Republicans in the Senate played the dangle-the-worm game, which supporters of right to carry are getting pretty d*** tired of. There are too many who want to play political games for their own benefit, and too few who actually give a flip about the people. Basically what they do is fart around and pretend they're going to pass something to keep supporters of right to carry pacified, but then never pass anything, to keep the opponents happy.

Like I say, there are a lot of people who wonder why they are being prohibited from their right to self-defense in this state who are starting to get real tired of the game. Hopefully this will show in November.

8 posted on 05/27/2002 6:10:53 PM PDT by john in missouri
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